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Chapter 5: We deserve each other...

Nessa blinked. She couldn't believe what was happening. So much, so fast.

"I think I would." She smiled. "I've been stuck here all day. It will be nice to get out."

"Alright then, shall we?" He took the back of her chair and wheeled her out of the apartment.

"Ok, so in this book it says that there are countless other worlds outside of Oz." Elphaba pointed to the page, "We just need to figure out which one you came from." Donna nodded in agreement.

"Right, so we should look for Wisconsin." She answered, "Or America."

"What?" Elphaba was confused, "Does the place you're from have two names?"

"Not really. Wisconsin is the State we live in, America is the country." Donna explained. "Like this is Oz right?" Elphaba nodded, "But you said that we're in the Province of Gillikin. It's basically the same thing."

"Oh, alright. So I guess we should get started." Elphaba looked over the book. "Here! America!" She stammered excitedly shifting the book over to Donna.

"Yea, that's it." Donna inspected the map that went along with the description. It was a little out dated, some of the states only came out as territories but the general space was the same. "Does it say anything about how to get there? Or how we got here?"

"All it says is that you have to go through the air." Elphaba sighed in frustration, "I guess that explains the van and the tornado."

Boq and Eric were walking back to the dorm when they encountered Hyde and Fiyero.

"Foreman! Have you seen Donna and that green chick?" Hyde asked, "Fiyero thinks they're going to get us home."

"Hyde, I haven't seen Donna for more than twenty minutes since we got here." Eric's voice was getting all high and squeaky like it usually did when he got excited or nervous, "She's been all, girly with that Elphaba. It's weird man!"

As they were talking Elphaba and Donna came from the other direction.

"What are those four doing?" Elphaba said as they saw the boys from behind.

"I don't know but watch this!" Donna ran up and jumped onto Eric's back pushing him to the ground.

"Donna!" He shouted, wrestling with her, "What are you doing?" She let up and stood up brushing her self off.

"I haven't seen you all day." She shrugged, "I wanted to say hello."

"That was some hello." Fiyero commented, "Hey, Elphie." He said awkwardly.

"Hi," she cleared her throat. "Um, Yea, so we figured out how to get them home."

"You did?" Hyde said, "You're sure?"

"Oh yea, it's pretty good." Donna said, "But we need to find every one. Has anyone seen the others?"

"No." Hyde and Eric answered at the same time.

"Oh!" Elphaba said, "I saw Fez this morning. He was looking for Nessa."

"He was what?" Boq said, feeling protective of Nessarose.

"He was looking for Nessa." Elphaba repeated slowly, not understanding Boq's concern.

"Who was looking for Nessa?" Fiyero jumped as Galinda came up behind him silently.

"Fez." Donna answered, and then looked at Jackie, "What are you wearing?" Donna was of course referring to the Ozian style pink dress Jackie now wore.

"Isn't it fabulouscious!" Jackie squealed, she had quickly picked up on Galinda's style of speaking, "Galinda picked it out."

"You look like Little Bo Peep barfed up a dress." Donna retorted

"Donna, you don't know anything about fashion!" Jackie replied angrily.

"This argument sounds so familiar!" Elphaba laughed glancing at Galinda.

"Well, it seems that you two have that in common Elphie!" Galinda agreed in a giggle, "You don't have any fashion sense either."

"While I would love to stand around all day insulting Jackie," Hyde broke up the girls, "We have a much bigger issue at hand."

"And what issue is that?" Jackie said, not even fazed by Hyde's remark.

"What issue is that?" Donna said, "Some poor girl in a wheelchair is being harassed by Fez."

"Some poor girl in a wheelchair who had a BOYFRIEND!" Boq reminded everyone, as though they had forgotten.

"Thank you for pointing that out Bic!" Galinda, always a diplomat smiled, and the munchkin blushed.

"It's Boq." He mumbled under his breath.

"Where's Michael?" Jackie looked around, "I haven't seen him all day!" As she spoke Kelso and Avaric ran over covered in soot. She turned and saw them, "Oh no!"

"Fiyero! Boq!" Avaric ran over to his friends, "Kelso taught me how to set off fireworks! You should see it! It's amazing!"

"Michael!" Jackie shouted, "You said you got rid of those!"

"I did Jackie." He replied obviously lying, "But somehow, instead of the dump, they ended up in the van! I don't know how it happened. Anyway, it's great because now that I'm friends with Avaric, I have someone to share my passion of blowing up stuff with." Jackie gave him a sour look.

"Smooth, Kelso." Hyde nodded.

"Thanks man! She totally bought it!" Kelso gave a thumbs up sign.

"I'm right here your moron!" She smacked his head.

"Anyway," Donna interrupted, "I think we need to find Fez and Nessarose."

"That is definitely a good idea." Elphaba agreed, "We should split up. It'll be faster that way."

"Split up! Good," Kelso said, "I'll go with Avaric."

"No Michael." Jackie held him back as he tried to walk away, "You'll go with Galinda, I'll go with Avaric."

"Fine" He mumbled.

They split off into pairs, although different from the ones they had been spending time with. Eric went with Elphaba, Donna with Fiyero, and Hyde with Boq.

Fez and Nessa were sitting on a blanket under a tree having a picnic. Fez had lifted Nessa out of her chair and her feet were just exposed showing her sparkling shoes.

"Those are beautiful," Fez commented pointing to them,

"Thank you." She blushed, "My father gave them to me on my first day here. I wear them almost always."

"My parents did something like that." Fez smiled, "When I first left for America they promised me that when I returned home I could have my own heard of goats."

"Oh," Nessa replied awkwardly, "You're going to be a goat hearder?"

"No." He answered, "I thought I was, but now after my American experience I know that I want to be a dancer."

"So everyone else is from Wisconsin, but you said you're not. Where are you from?" Nessa asked him.

"Well, I was born in a little villageā€¦"

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