It's been a year since the destruction of all vampires. Blade had changed his legal name, and got a place and settled down.

He was glad to have ended his personal war with the vampires. Every once in a while in his past years he had craved for a normal life. When he first met Karen, he just thought of her as an annoyance. But as time progressed he thought of her more as a friend. But then he sent her away to protect her.

He sometimes contacted her for supplies for biological weapons. She was always happy to see him, but he held his feelings for her in.

He looked at the sun setting and thought it might be nice to pay her a visit. He grabbed his sunglasses and his trench coat and walked out the door.

Karen looked at the clock. Her shift was almost over. She'd been working at a hospital in the medicine department. She hadn't heard from Blade in years. She missed him. She heard about all the vampires dying and assumed he died too because he was a hybrid.

She clocked out and headed home. The streets were empty. Though the threat of vampires were gone. She still feared the familiars of those vampires who have died.

Somebody grabbed her from behind. Instead of staying still, she fought back. She elbowed him in the gut and he let go. She spun around and punched him but he grabbed her fist. She looked at her attacker and took a step back.

"Blade?" she managed to get out.