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"Blade would never do that," Karen countered.

"I'm telling you that he tried to feed on you," Dean said.

"No he wasn't, I cured him," Karen said defiantly hoping to trick him. Dean called her on her bluff.

"No, you didn't. And the Daystar virus didn't get rid of his vampire side. He's still an animal on the inside."

"Blade wouldn't hurt me. He wasn't trying to feed on me, we were doing something else," Karen said shyly.

Dean approached her and laid a hand on her arm gently. "I know what I saw, and I won't have him hurt you. You are much too pretty to have to be dealt with roughly," he said soothingly into her ear. "You are a queen and should be treated as such."

Karen looked away shyly. The guy was hitting on her. And it was kinda working. He seemed so kind and caring, but she knew better deep down. Blade had taught her to look past people's masks. Her fingers wandered to her lips where Blade had kissed her only hours before. Did he only kiss her to feed on her? She didn't really know. Blade had many sides to him, and he had never really opened up to her.

Tears filled her eyes at the thought of Blade betraying her. "Blade would never hurt me," she whispered.

Dean embraced Karen and held her. "I'll make sure that he never does." He had already planted the seed of doubt into her mind. Now, he just needed her to fall for him. He pulled back and looked at her.

She really was a beauty. She had mid-length black curly hair, and beautiful brown eyes. From what he calculated when he hugged her, she had a nice physique. He would enjoy taking her to his bed when the time came.

"Karen, I have to go now. But stay here and rest. I know that you have a lot to process right now, but everything is going to be okay." Dean kissed her forehead lightly and left the room.

Karen sat down on the bed and pondered. Where was Blade? She knew he would be disappointed if she stayed there and did nothing. When she was with him, he taught her how to assess a situation and find a solution quickly. She needed more answers before condemning Blade and damnit and she was going to get them.

Blade had no idea how long he had been chained up. Again he wondered if Karen was alright. What was Dean doing to her? Was he torturing her?

Dean entered the dungeon.

"How is my favorite Daywalker?" he teased. Blade growled at him.

"You should be nicer to me since I didn't hurt Karen," Dean snapped. "She is such a lovely woman. Have you ever noticed how nice her curves are or how soft her skin is? She is such a beauty to behold. I wonder what she was doing with a brute like you."

"Keep talking. You're only fueling my drive to get out of here. And when I do, you're going to die first," Blade declared.

"'When'? You must mean 'if'. You know, I'm not going to feed you. Your thirst is going to grow. And then one day, Karen is going to visit you. I wonder if you'll be able to control yourself, or are you going to release that animal side of yours?"

Blade's face remained calm. Karen and him had already been through a similar situation. He knew how to control his Thirst.

"Threaten me all you want, but you'll never break me or her. Karen's much stronger than you give her credit for," Blade countered. Dean just smirked.

"Yes, that is true, but like all women, she has a weakness. And her weakness is you. She would be devastated if you ever hurt her. She is very emotional, just like all women. It will be fun breaking her and getting her to submit to me. I wonder what it would be like to have her writhing under me screaming my name in pleasure. She looks like she would be a very good lay."

"You better not touch her!" Blade threatened.

"Or you'll do what? Maybe I'll put a camera in the bedroom and have you watch the video of me taking her. And trust me, she'll love every minute of it. I'll touch her when I want to, and when she wants me to," Dean taunted.

He could see that Blade was growing angrier by the second. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to tend to Karen. She is so fragile, and I don't want her to break. Not yet, atleast." He smiled evilly. He exited the dungeon, leaving Blade alone in darkness.

Blade hoped that Karen would still have faith in him. He was going to get them both out of here.


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