Revenge of the Robots

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Sry just had 2 say that, anyways the timeline of RvB is strict, so this is right after episode 69 if u are wondering.

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Time of day?????


Place: Blood gulch of doom Red base

Donut was stroking Griffs hand, and hoping he would get better soon. Sarge had just woken up, muttering something about "hurting me a lot more than it should hurt him". It was at this time, that the fic takes place.

Sarge: "What the?"

10 Pelican Dropships landed outside Red base. A large squad of Halo marines poured out and assembled outside of the base. One of the marines stepped forward to Sarge

Marine: "Sir! Your order for a large quantity of Marines has arrived. Sorry were about a thousand years late sir, we got a bit lost in battle creak."

Sarge: "I don't remember ordering a large quantity of marines……"

(Flash back)

Sheila was driving up to the red base. The warthog had once again been shot by the tank. Donut was complaining about his "lightish red armor" while Sarge was on the radio

Sarge: "Red command! I need an obscenely large quantity of easily replaceable marines at my command!"

Guy at red command: "Ok, your shipment of Marines is on its way. Is there anything else you would like to order?"

Sarge: "Yes…I would like to order a coffin for Griff."

Guy at red command: "One of your soldiers is dead?"

Sarge: "Not yet…hehehe"

It was at this point that Donut killed Tex and Church/Lopez ran over screaming

(End Flash Back)

Sarge: "Oh now I remember. It's a good thing you came. Do you have that coffin for Griff?"


Sarge: "Damn it! Wait here a minute." Sarge walked into red base, putting ammo into his shotgun. Afterwards there were several gunshots, followed by Sarge cursing about protective orange armor. After the small and normal murder attempt Sarge walked out with Griff and Donut

Sarge: "Look here boys, the only form of life lower than you, marines. Easily replaceable and they die SO EASILY!" As soon as Sarge said this, one of the Marines performed, the one grenade salute, in which he threw a grenade, which bounced of a wall, and rolled under a cluster of soldiers. The explosion killed 5 men.

Griff: "Wow sir, you treated the warthog better than me. And now your saying that these people are lower than me?"

Sarge: "Of course not Griff. Your life is much less valuable than theirs."

Griff: "You just said they were the lowest form of life on the planet."

Sarge: "I mean intelligent life form."

Donut: "Wait does that mean that I am still 2nd in command or the Marines are?"

Sarge: "What are you talking about Simmons is 2nd in command."

Griff: "But Simmons knocked you out, stole the warthog, and joined the blues."

Sarge: "Your right. Simmons is now the third in command. That leaves that Church guy to be 2nd."

Griff: "The enemy is the 2nd in command?"

Sarge: "Who would you prefer to be 2nd in command? You? Your 508th in command."

Griff: "508?"

Sarge: "We have 500 marines here."

Marine: "495 after that 1 grenade salute."

Another marine performed a one grenade salute killing 6 more marines.

Marines: "489 sir."

Sarge: "Well then Griff u are 997th in command."

Griff : "997th?"

Sarge: "The enemies Marines are ahead of you."

Griff: "Wait the enemy has Marines?"

Sarge: "I ordered some for Blue team in case the tank couldn't kill you. Its always nice to have a plan B."


Church: "what the?"

Marine: "SIR! We are the 500 marines sent to serve under your command."

Simmons: "Oh sweet we get marines! That is kick ass"

Church: "Wait you didn't place this order?"

Simmons: "nope wasn't me."

Church: "hm….. new guy can you hold the base with 200 marines while I am gone?"

Simmons: "um, yah why?"

Church: "I am going to take the warthog and show these marines to our other blue base. That base needs defenses too you know."

Simmons: "Oh I can hold my own here, I mean its not like red team has their own order of 500 replaceable marines."


Sarge: "Ok, we are going to charge blue base and get the warthog back."

Griff: "Sir we lost 11 of our Marines, they still have 500 we don't stand a chance."

Sarge: "Not if we get the element of surprise."

Griff: "So you are going to take 500 marines….and SNEAK into the enemy base."

Sarge: "Exactly! Besides we have Donuts scooter thing."

Griff: "And they have a Tank."


Griff: "Maybe your just the only INSANE one Sarge."

Donut: "Ok Sarge, the Marines are ready to shoot whatever you tell them to shoot."

Sarge: "So if I tell them to shoot Griff….."

Griff: "Then again snaking into the enemy base is a good idea."

Sarge: "CHARGE!"

Griff: "You call running through the middle of the Cannon sneaking? Jeeze how did I get stuck in this army?"

Well that's chapter 1. Its sort of the introduction. Sry it is so short. The parody shall begin next chapter I think. READ AND REVIEW!

Oh bit of a spoiler here, does anyone know how to say "Execute Order 66" In Spanish?