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Senior Year

I sighed as my dad drove Dustin and me into Pacific Coast Academy. So much has happened over the past few years at my school since I first met everyone. I've definately changed. I fought my parents but they made me come back. They said I need to have a high quality education, plus I need to work out my problems with my friends. Which is funny because, how can you work out problems when you don't have any friends to work them out with?

"Ok we're here," My dad said enthusiasticly.

"Whoopee we're here," I said with sarcasm sounded a little like Dana.

"It'll be fine, Zoe," Dustin tried to assure me.

"Listen to your brother, hon. Don't worry about what happened last year. Just focus on this year," Dad told me.

"Ok, I guess," I replied as Dustin and got our suitcases out of the trunk.

"Bye kids," Dad said as he hugged both of us. I didn't want to let go.

"Bye, Dad," I almost cried. Then he got in the car and drove off with a wave.

"Zoey-" Dustin put his hand on my shoulder.

"I'll be fine," I said and briskly walked to my dorm, Brenner Hall. This year I was in room 320 by myself. I suppose Dana and Nicole have room 101 like usual. Well actually who knows, I mean they proboly aren't talking either. I took the stair all the way up to the third floor. 320. I opened the door. Sure enough there was only one bed like we had requested. I set my suitcase on the bed and started unpacking. My phone rang.


"Zoey, it's Dustin. I'm outside my dorm and I am kinda lost. I've never been in the high school dorm!"

Oh that's right, Dustin wasa freshmen now. All of a sudden the old me started to creep out. "Sure, Dustin I'll meet outside, ok?"

"Ok," he said.

Then I hung up and walked back to the guys dorm. I saw Dustin from the distance and some guy standing outside the entrance. As I walked closer and closer the guy started to lookmore and morefamilar. Poofy brown hair, crooked smile, sky blue eyes. I walked up to them."Dustin..." myvoice trailed off.

"Hey Zoey," the guy said.

A large, cold pang stabbed my stomach. It was Chase. "Um... I have to go now," and then I walked away faster than I have ever walked in my entire life. Into my dorm. Up the stairs. In my room. My room was safe. Out there where there was chances of seeing everyone was not. My phone rang again. It was Dustin. I didn't bother answering it. He was going to apoligize and then try to get me to talk to Chase. But he could just forget about that. Cause that was not going to happen. No way.

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