A Lonely Senior Year

-Final Chapter-

I walked into Creative Writing Two more uncomfortable than usual. Maybe it was because last night I told Chase that I would never get back together with and it will never be the same. Yeah, maybe that's it.

He won't look at me, which is weird because he at least gives me a friendly glance. He's writing something in his notebook and has an exspression on his face that is unreadable. I sit at my seat, which is parrelel to his and pull out my own notebook. I can't think of anything to write so I stare into space thinking about nothing and everything, if that's possible.

"Hello kids, how are you doing today?" Mr. Fiori walked into the room.

Various answers of" fine" and "ok" came from my fellow classmates.

"Alright, well let's get started,"Mr. Fiori went through all the class rituals and handed out the assignment of the day, Haikus. Poems that have five sylables on the top, seven in the middle, and five on the bottom. We were to write five of them. I couldn't think of anything so I sat and thought and watched Chase as he continued to write page upon page, of whatever he was doing.

"Well class we have aboutn five more minutes left. As always anyone is welcome to share anything that they have written for class or out of class. The class remained quiet for a minute until Chase finally put his pencil down and raised his hand. Mr. Fiori looked about as taken aback as I felt. "Yes,Chase. What will you be reading for us today, a poem, a screen-play, or a story?"

Chase cleared his throaghtand walked behind the podium," Actually it's sort of a memoir."

Austin spun around in his chair and looked me, his dark hair in his face," Hey isn't that the guy that cheated on you last year?"

"Yeah, he is. And aren't you the guy that asked me out and then blew me off without even calling me?" I snapped.

Austin looked embarresed and quickly faced the front.

"Well memoirs are good too! Go ahead and read Mr. Matthews,"Mr. Fiori sat back in his seat.

"OK,"Chase took a deep breath and started to read," About five years ago I met an amazing girl named Zoey Brooks. As soon as she came to PCA we became friends. I don't know if she knew it but for the longest time I had a humongous crush on her which made me do a couple of crazy things. Such as trying to lead with her in a play I wrote, trying to get matched up with her for a dance, and many, many other things I'd rather not write down."

I stared at Chase in disbeleif no knowing whether I wanted to cry or slap him for telling everyone our story, but all I could do was listen.

"Eventually in the middle of my sophmore year I told her, that I loved her, and to my excitment and surprise she returned the feeling. So we started dating. I was ecstatic. I was going out with the girl of my dreams who also happened to be my best friend. We were together constantly and had such a passion for each other. But then the next year, things became a little rockier, we fought a lot, and spent more of our time a part. I also met a girl that was a lot different than Zoey that I shouldn't have met and ended up kissing her for some stupid reason. She made me realize that no one compares to Zoey and even though we have our rocky periods, I could search the entire world and not find a girl that even remotely resembles her. The day I kissed another girl was the day I lost my girlfriend. And the day I lost my girlfriend was the day I lost my best friend. And I am nothing without my best friend."

The bell rang and Chase slowly walked back to his seat. I stood their frozen with a tingly feeling running down my spine. I touched my hand to my cheek and felt tears that I hadn't even noticed lurking there. Not knowing what to do, I gathered my belongings and stuffed them into my bag. Chase did the same and didn't say a word. He started to walk out the door but I stopped him. "Hey."

"Yeah?" he whispered.

"That story up there, you meant it?"

"Every word."

"Chase I-"

"I understand, Zoey you don't have to talk to me if you don't want to. I just wanted to be honest."

"I miss you."I finished trying not to look at him so he couldn't see the tears.

"I miss you too."

"That was stupid. That fight. Lauren. Everything. I should have just talked to you. I was just being stubborn and I miss you and I love you and let's not fight again," I blurted.

"I agree," Chase moved closer to me and gently wiped my tears off my face."Zoey Brooks, will you be my best friend again?" he asked.

I just looked into his eyes.Just then I realized how stupid we had both been with our petty little fights and me being a mute and not aknowledging his many, many apologies until mid-senior year, meaning time was almost run out. Interupting my thoughts, Chase took both of my hands and pulled me into a soft, gentle kiss.

We slowly pulled away and walked together out of the class room. I didn't knowour future, but I didn't need to know. I was just happy that the mess was cleaned up and I had re-gained my best friend.

A/N:So... it's over. FINALLY! I didnt really like my ending but I'll let you guys decide.Keep in mind thiswasmy very first story that I actually finished.I have another story if you want to read it. It's called Aloha Means Hello And Good-Bye.