Memories of the Forgotten One

This is the story of the life and death of Kazuma's grandfather. How did he feel about being locked away? Did his parents react to him the same way as Kyo's did? What about the other zodiac members? It's all here. Please review! By the way, I researched all the names and zodiac animal personality traits, because since I am using so many new characters, I want them to be accurate and meaningful. Kazuki can mean either peace or first of a new generation.

It was a rainy Saturday when Kimiko Sohma, the wife of Osamu Sohma, gave birth to a son. But when Kimiko held her new son in her arms, he turned into a cat. She screamed.

"It is the curse of the cat," said Osamu, sounding horrified. He and Kimiko both knew of the curse of the cat, as they lived "inside," and they had known that a new cat was due to be born around this time, but never had they suspected that their child would have to bear this curse.

Kimiko didn't know what to think. Her son was this thing , not even human, but it was still her son. I must accept him, she told herself, but at the same time, she feared that she would be unable to. She and her husband both knew that there was a much more terrible side affect of the curse that would start to happen seven days after the cat was born. It would turn into a monster if it didn't wear special beads.

The cat was also said to bring bad luck. There were stories of the previous cats, of the terrible things they had brought down upon their families. Kimiko told herself not to be so superstitious, that she must accept her son. "Let's name him Kazuki," she said wearily.

She also feared Daiki, the head of the Sohma family. He was a very harsh person, filled with anger, especially towards the zodiac members and the cat. What if Daiki came after her family?

Kazuki turned back into a child and began to cry.