Fifth Period

Fifth Period

Author's Note: This actually happened in my 5th period class! Except for the throwing out the window thing and the make out session.

"Ok, class! Settle down! Settle down!" The instructor clapped her hands, and immediately the noise and clamor died down. "I'm going to leave for a few minutes and today, I want you to do page 333-334 in your math textbook. Alrighty, then! Get started." The instructor left, not knowing what he was getting herself into.

"Aw hell!" 14 year-old Seifer Almasy pouted. "This sux ass!"

"Suck your own ass, Almasy!" Zell threw a paper airplane which landed in the older blonde's hair.

"Calm down you two!" Quistis hissed as she tried to concentrate on her homework.

"Why don't you! You can't even get yourself a decent boyfriend!" Seifer threw a paper wad at Quistis' head, which was promptly ducked.

"Why should she need a boyfriend, when she has me!?" Selphie smacked Seifer from behind with her textbook. "And don't throw things at my Quisty!!!"

"Fuckin' lesbian!!!" Irvine laughed. Quistis threw him out the window.

Quistis blushed when she realized it was four stories up. "Oops!…Well hell! He deserved it for insulting Sephy!"

"He sure did!" Selphie bounced over and kissed Quistis on the lips, and when they broke off she batted her eyelashes seductively. "That was really heroic, Quisty…"

Quistis blushed even deeper.

"Aw sick!" Seifer turned and threw up, and Squall decked him.

"Damn homophobes…" The loner muttered.

"AFFIRMATIVE!" Fujin growled.

"Oh Fujin!" Rinoa said starry-eyed. "You sound so-SEXY!!!"

Fujin blushed even deeper than Quistis (if that was even possible!!!) and looked at her sneakers. "ER…"

"Hey Nida. Whatcha doing tonight, ya know?" Rajin asked.

"Nothin'" Nida muttered.

"Like to go out sometime, ya know?"


"WHAT IS THIS!!!" Xu was on her feet screaming. "MAKE OUT SESSION!!!???"

"Well…" Squall glanced over at Selphie and Quistis kissing each other hungrily, and were now on the ground touching each other through their clothes. "It seems so…"

"ARGH!!!" Xu marched over to the couple and picked up Quistis by her shirt collar. "YOU! What HAVE I taught you!?"

"Um…" Quistis said. "Never eat the cafeteria's mystery meat?"

"ARGH!!! YOU'RE HOPELESS!!!" Xu threw her to the floor and marched back toward her desk.

"Well, you DID start blowing chunks!!!" Quistis called.

AN: The End. That sucked. I know!