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Chapter One:

Memories from the Past, Consequences to Come

'What's up with Inuyasha?'

~ In Keada's village ~

In Keada's hut we find Sango, Miroku, Shippou, and a very annoyed Inuyasha.

"Where the hell is Kagome."

"Be patient Inuyasha, she said she would be back before sundown" said Shippou with his mouth full of candy.

"Who asked you brat"

"Don't call me that, I'm telling"

"Oi, brat, no you don't." Sango sighed and sat up straight.

"Inuyasha don't start, you know how it will end."

"Yea, well, it's worth it" Inuyasha said getting up, rushing at Shippou.

"Ahhhhh" Shippou screamed before he ran out the door, followed by Inuyasha.

"Get back here"

"No, help me." Sango sat back against the wall of the hut and blew air up into her bangs to get them out of her eyes. She looked toward the unconscious Monk beside her.

Serves him right

She thought as she looked back out the hut at the fighting pair.

It'sbeen 5 years since Kagome came through the well. I would have thought that it would have taken longer to find all the shards of the shikon, but they were coming to the end of their journey. Naraku had already been defeated but there were still shards out there that needed to be collected. Kagome still carries the nearly completed jewel around her neck, she had tried to tell Inuyasha that as soon as it was completed that she would hand it over to him but some where along the way he had changed his mind about wishing to be a full Demon. We all decided that we would let Kagome wish what she will on the jewel when ever the time came. I have to be honest that we are all scared that when the wish is made that the well might close. Not only close but we fear that it will drag Kagome back with it. We would all be heart broken, most of all Shippou. During the time he's spent with Kagome he has come to think of her as his mother figure. I have also come to think of her as a sister, even Miroku thinks of her as a sister now and plus Inuyasha would rip him apart if he touched her. To bad for me I'm still open.

Sango let out a deep sigh as she thought about everything that happened in the past week.

Naraku had been powerful but in the end we won. Miroku's wind tunnel disappeared along with Naraku. I can remember him sitting around just staring at his hand, he couldn't believe it was over. Of course he went back to his perverted self all too soon for my liking.

Sango gave a soft smile at the thought. Kirara came in from outside apparently she had had enough of the two fighting, as she came over and sat in Sango's lap. "Meow?"

"I know girl they just don't learn, do they?" "Meow." She turned her head back up to the pair, not really seeing them.

We all came out of the fight with a gain and a loss or at least some of us did.

A tear came to her eye. "Meow?"

"It's ok, just remembering." Kirara eyed her for a second then snuggled her head back underneath her tail. Sango set her hand softly on Kirara's back, as her eyes became glazed over.

Inuyasha, by defeating Naraku made his sword stronger. Kagome is now known as a great miko and the village respects her, even though she doesn't wear the formal miko's outfit. Miroku's wind tunnel was destroyed and for me, my brother is at peace but . . . I will miss him so much. He was my only family, now what do I have. I . . . have my friends, which over the time spent together has became my family. So, I'm not totally lost.

She was brought back to reality by a movement to her right. As she saw Miroku start to sit up she wiped the tear away.

"My Sango, why do you fight me"

"Perverted Monk!"

"Now dear Sango you know I'm only showing affection"

" I'm watching you Houshi" She said as she looked forward again.

" It's been a week since we defeated Naraku but do you get the feeling we're missing something. I mean, all seems normal but it's just strange… you know? Not always running off to fight, the only action we get now is watching them two." Miroku said nodding his head toward Inuyasha and Shippou still running around outside. Sango shifted her gaze to look at him.

"Yea, I know what you mean."

( It's strange the way he can go from being a pervert to wise in a moment, don't you think)

"It feels odd not doing anything, so I guess I understand what you're getting at" Sango said facing the doorway once again. "It's like I don't know what to do with myself."

"Sango, I…" Before he could finish Shippou came running in, Inuyasha not far behind. "Aahh" Shippou screamed jumping up on Miroku's shoulder. Inuyasha came in the hut looking to both sides until his gaze landed on Miroku. Shippou sank down behind his shoulder hiding, keeping only his eyes visible. When Inuyasha spotted him he jumped in front of Miroku.

"Ok brat, come out here!" Inuyasha said while flexing his claws. Shippou started to shake as he watched Inuyasha.


"Inuyasha, just leave him be."

"Sango stay out of this." Shippou ran for the door, jumping over Inuyasha's head. Inuyasha turned on his heel running for the door. Sango and Miroku were both surprised to see him stop abruptly and take a step back.

"Oh shit" Inuyasha said turning to run back into the hut.


Before he could turn around he went crashing to the floor.

"Shiiiit!" Dust went flying everywhere. Miroku and Sango turned to each other wide eyed. Kirara got up out of Sango's lap and walked right over Inuyasha like he wasn't there. Sango stood up with her hand over her mouth trying to hide her giggles but Miroku stood and started out right laughing which made Sango laugh. They both stepped over Inuyasha out onto the evening grass. Inuyasha lifted his head spitting out dirt and grass. "Stupid wench, what didya do that for?" Instantly he stood up and glared at her as Kagome came down the path, her cheeks heated with anger.

"Why do you think you baka. I leave for one day and I still come back and see you chasing poor Shippou. Inuyasha, what do I have to do? Huh?" Inuyasha mumbled something under his breath but no one heard. Inuyasha flopped down on the outer wall of the hut and crossed his arms into his sleeves, turning his head to the side.


"Aw, Inuyasha at least she only sat you once." said Miroku patting Inuyasha on the shoulder. Inuyasha brushed his hand away as he stood up to go back into the hut. "Inuyasha don't be so ornery, you know you shouldn't chase Shippou." Kagome said a few feet behind him. Inuyasha stopped and turned about to say something when a familiar smell crossed his nose. Kagome noticed when he lifted his head to sniff the air. "Inuyasha, what is it?"

"Nothing, stay here." He ran past her as he said this.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome shouted at Inuyasha's back.

"Stay" He shouted back as he disappeared into the forest. Kagome turned around and headed for the hut once again.

"And I thought he was the dog, telling me to stay." She said as she set her yellow pack down along with Shippou. "Shippou, I will be back soon, ok?"

"Ok." Shippou instantly went digging in the bag for his candy she had promised him. As she walked out the hut Sango and Miroku were standing there staring at her.

"Kagome you aren't going after him are you?" Kagome got even with her before answering.

"I'll be fine Sango, I have been here for three years." She paused for a second. "I know how to handle Inuyasha." Kagome said giving Sango a wink. Sango smiled and waved her off. Kagome walked off in the direction Inuyasha had went. After she disappeared Miroku turned to Sango. You think he ran off to see you know who again. Sango's smile instantly turned into a frown. I have no doubt that he did. She dropped her head then turned it back up toward the sky as the last rays of the sun started to disappear.

"Why didn't you tell her."

"Its better she find out the hard way," she paused and looked at Miroku with sad eyes. "Cause, would you want to tell her that the one that she's been in love with for years is sneaking off to be with his undead girlfriend." Miroku frowned and thought for a sec and saw an angered Kagome.

"No, I would not. What do you think she will do?" Miroku asked looking back to Sango. "I don't know." Kirara came up and rubbed against her leg. "Meow." Sango looked down and let out a sigh. "She might run back to the well or even just run off." Sango said bending down to pick up Kirara. Holding Kirara in the crook of her arm, she looked back up at Miroku. "I can't be sure what she will do, but I do know that she will come back. She wont leave us, not without saying goodbye. I know that for sure." Sango turned slowly to go back to the hut. Miroku following silently behind. Right before she stepped through the huts entrance Miroku grabbed her arm.

"Sango? She will be back, don't worry."

"I don't worry about Kagome, she knows her way. I fear that something may happen. I can't explain it, its just a feeling I have. Weird huh?" Sango said letting her head fall. "Sango, I…"

"HEY, WHERE'S THE CANDY" Shippou screamed from inside the hut. Sango looked up and walked in shaking her head. Miroku followed with a pout.

Why me, why me?

He thought walking in after Sango.