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Recap: A tear fell down her cheek and she knew what she would wish for./It was then, as the last word fell from her lips, then when the blue light of the jewel surrounded her, that he turned to her./The jewels power swallowed her, taking the image of him and slowly erasing it from her view. And in seconds, he was gone.

Final Chapter:

Wishing For Happiness

I wish…

Just as Sazue had told her, the moment the words had left her mouth she had found herself at the bottom of the well with all her memories intact. The jewel was gone and she was finally back home, except, it wasn't home anymore.

She laid there at the bottom of the well for what seemed like forever. Her heart broken, torn to pieces by the hand fate had dealt her. When she finally pulled herself from the well she was a twenty year old miko with demon energy coursing through her veins and mated to a youkai she would never see again. Fate was so cruel.

Her mother greeted her cheerfully, happy to have her home after so long. Her brother had grown handsomely from that little boy she remembered into a fine young man. She had missed their aging. She had missed her grandfathers passing. But nothing stung worse than the pain of missing Sesshoumaru. It had only been moments and she missed everything about him.

But that was three years ago…

Now she sat outside in the warm summers air with jean shorts and a white tank top. A sketchbook in her hand for the memories of the past, and a camera at her side for the memories to come.

Looking up, a little girl played across the way and she randomly picked up her camera. She did that a lot these days. Watching the girl a moment came back to her, a time during those months she had spent with Sesshoumaru.

She remembered asking him what he would name his child if he ever received an heir. This was one of many random questions she had asked him trying to figure him out. Though she repeated this one often simply because she liked his answer. The answer to this one in particular always made her smile. He always said the same thing.

"I would name them Sanyu."

He would say this after a moment of consideration, though she knew he hadn't really needed to think about it. The answer never changed. It hadn't mattered how she phrased it or whether it was a boy or girl, his answer had been unchangeable. After a while, realizing that the meaning of the word was unknown to her, she asked him why.

He would say…

"It means 'Happiness'."

He had thought it fitting since she had tried so hard to bring happiness into his life. She smiled at the memory, one of her favorites. Though at times it depressed her.

The girl turned to her, just as she snapped the picture, and smiled at her from across the way. She liked taking pictures of her because she was so photogenic. Always energetic and smiling.

The girls name…was Sanyu.

The exact name her father had blessed her with over three years ago. Kagome loved her white hair that hung to her waist, her golden eyes that never seemed to miss a thing.

She loved that little girl with every fiber of her being.

But as she ran toward her, everything about her reminded her of him. And a tear escaped her eye only to be quickly wiped away before Sanyu jumped into her arms.

The sun was beginning to fade from the summer day and she could hear her mother calling Sanyu back to the house for her bath. With a sloppy kiss that left more drool than kiss on her cheek, she smiled as she watched her little legs skip their way eagerly back to the house.

Sighing, finally alone, she cried as she did every afternoon. Sesshoumaru had been wrong, she had enough of him inside her to feel the Destined Mate's pull. And it was slowly eating away at her, had been for three years. She didn't know how long she sat there, but the sun had faded almost completely. Only the light orange hues were left to color the yard in front of her, to fall upon the road that ran by the front of the house right outside the gate. She watched the last few leaves from that fall scatter across the gravel. Finally wiping her tears aside she gathered her things and turned to the house.

She didn't know what made her stop. There were no footsteps behind her to draw her attention. Her name falling from someone's lips wouldn't have stopped her. She didn't reply to her name much these days when spoken by strangers. Besides she heard her name often from him, in her mind she would imagine it. It was her imagination again. Her longing tormenting her.

Not bothering to turn around she kept walking.

"Kagome." She stopped in her tracks. The voice was low and light. A whisper on the wind. It held a type of wistful note to it that reflected her own sorrow. No, she decided, that wasn't her imagination. Even in her dreams she couldn't get the tone right.

Slowly she turned, just knowing it was a trick her mind was playing on her. She kept her eyes to the ground as she turned and first took in the black leather shoes. The dark faded jeans that were pressed beyond what casual wear should have been, the simple black t-shirt that hugged broad shoulders that narrowed to a trim waist. She finally landed on his face. The hair was all wrong, it was short, cut modernly. But the color was right. There were no markings on his face, his tail gone, then she noticed the beaded necklace he had on that resembled the one she kept on Sanyu and herself. He hadn't took a step farther than the inside of the gate, unsure.

"I told you I would find you." Until then she hadn't been sure. Until that moment when the words fell from his perfect lips and his gold eyes rose to meet hers, she couldn't let herself hope. But as he looked up at her everything in her arms clattered to the ground. The camera rolling through the dirt as pages were swept from her sketchbook.

She took a single step toward him at first until she was at a full run sprinting across the yard. She lunged into his arms, their strength that she had missed so much instantly surrounding her. Her eyes watered as he leaned down, burying his nose against her neck to breath her in. His lips brushed the mating mark on her neck, the only mark her beads wouldn't hide, and she shivered at the touch she had missed so much.

"Just like night." He whispered, his lips burning her as he spoke against her neck. "Calm, peaceful, subdued, everything your not." With tears pouring down her face, she laughed. She had tormented herself for years with the memory of him. She pleaded every day to feel him again, hear him, knowing it wasn't possible. How long must he have waited? How long had he searched?

"Too long." He whispered. "Its been too long." She couldn't speak, she could only nod in agreement. Finally, she shifted through everything in her mind to find the words, something that would show exactly how she felt, but instead when she opened her mouth she said the first thing that came to her mind.

"Don't ever ignore my existence again." A smile pulled at his lips as he looked down at her.

"Not ever again." He promised, cupping her face in his hands.

"Mommy?" Just then Sanyu peaked around the corner through the door, already in the long t-shirt she called sleeping clothes. Kagome waved her over and her little legs moved hesitantly. Her gold eyes darting from him to her.

"Your crying." Kagome smiled and brushed her tears away. She glanced back up at him to see he was staring at Sanyu intently.

"Sanyu." She said taking her small hand in hers. "This is Sesshoumaru, your…"

"My daddy." She finished for her. Kagome smiled as Sanyu raised her nose to the air. Sesshoumaru looked at her, the question obvious in his eyes. Kagome just smiled with a light nod. He instantly went down on his knee eyeing the girl in front of him. Gold met gold and she realized just how much they were alike. Everything about Sanyu was his. She was perfect, no dog ears, no tail, but everything else was all his. From her gold eyes to the very way she acted.

He raised a hand to her cheek and she snatched it out of thin air.

"You smell like him…" She said pausing to lift his hand to her face. "Kinda." She added scrunching her nose up like the way she did when she was figuring something out. She watched as Sanyu brought his wrist up to her nose. Her eyes lightened as soon as she caught his scent. She moved forward and Kagome's heart soared as she instantly fell forward into his arms. He held her tight against his chest breathing in her hair. His eyes rose up to catch hers and she could see the pride there. He had waited so long for her only to find that he had a daughter waiting for him as well.

Fate had pushed them together, torn them apart and left them broken. She hadn't known, but she had hoped that one day he would find her. Just as she had wished.

I wish…

She had wished a lot of things in that instant. Everything flowing through her mind only for her to turn it down. She had wished for him to live through her loss. She had wished for him to be able to continue forward without her. Neither of those seemed right. Hadn't been phrased right. So she had let her mind wander for those few moments, searching. Until she found what she was looking for.

I wish for him to find 'Happiness' again.

And as she watched him lift his daughter up in his arms, he looked at her with those eyes she had missed more than anything else in the world. He opened his arm to her and she instantly moved to his side, his arm surrounding her with its warmth. Wrapping her arms around them both she looked up at them and he smiled down at her. As she watched Sanyu bury her nose against his throat much like he had always done to her, she would say he had found happiness again.

He had found Sanyu.