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How Bad Could It Be?

Chapter One

/no...effing...way.../ Yuki thought. Shigure's practical joke phase was annoying, yes, but this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

It seemed Shigure was preparing for his middle age crisis a little early. He was preparing for it by pulling some of the same practical jokes he had done in high scool. You hanging on to old memories?Well...It wasn't just the same jokes...he added some new ones as well...needless to say that caused a lot of problems...That brings us back to the story...

2 days prior

Ayame has woken up and he is prancing around his house. He opens up his cupboard to get some coffee. As he reaches for it, a roach, no, 3 roaches pop out. Ayame does a high pitched girly scream and jumps onto his kitchen table. He curls up into a little ball and rocks back and forth. Finally he pulls out a cell phone.

"Shigure? Shigure! Help me! I have an infestation! They're so ugly! it's horrible! Why me!"

"Chill out a second would you? You know they make special shampoos for that..."

"Not that kind of infestation!ROACHES!Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! They're every! They're so gross!"

Shigure tried and failed to hold back a laugh.

1:30 that morning

A luaghing Shigure climbs through Ayam's kitchen window, carrying a large box. He manages to stop laughing long enough to open the box. Inside, a bunch of slimy, disgusting roaches are crawling all over each other.

" Now go my children! Multiply and let Aya's screams be heard throught the night air!" he whispered erupting in another wave of giggles. When he finally stopped he strategically placed the roaches throughout the house.

Back to where we were at the beginning...

"I can't believe you, Shigure!" Yuki yelled ",I know I don't really like him, but the extermination is going to cost a fortune! And why can't he stay in your room!"

"Yuki, Yuki, Yuki...He can't stay in my room because even our dear Tohru can't clean my room...It's scientifically impossible...She's tried multiple times to do it, but a few hours later it goes back to the way it was...It's a mystery!"

"Why not the baka neko's room!"

"We all know that given the chance to kill my beloved in his sleep, Kyo would do it. So that only leaves you...unless you want him to stay in Tohru's room. I'm sure he wouldn't mind..."

"Fine! He can stay with me!"

"Good! He should be over in a little while..."

/I'm going to kill Shigure.../

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