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Last Time…

I'll go get some water!" Shigure said jumping up.

"No! You've helped enough already! We're not pouring cold water on him!" Hatori said grabbing his arm.

"No, no, no! You misunderstand! I wasn't going to splash it on him! I was going to put his fingers in the water!"

"You've got to be joking," said Hatori and Yuki at the same time.

"That's not very nice Shigure!" said Kagura pouting and going to hug Kyo who was still nudging Ritsu.

"Oh, alright!" said Shigure as he went and sat on the couch, arms folded sticking his lip out as far as it could possibly go.

"Shigure...You look like a five year old," said Yuki. "And so do you, Kyo!"

He was shocked to say the least when he got no reply. Kyo was too mesmerized by the act of poking Ritsu's unconscious body.

"What are you doing that is quite so fascinating?" asked Haru.

"I'uno"said Kyo not once looking away. Everyone anime style sweat dropped.

This Time…

"He has very delicate skin, Kyo! Stop it before he bruises!!!" cried Shigure. (bruises like a banana!!! Heh heh heh…). But Kyo was far too absorbed into his new found hobby of Ritsu pokin'. Soon this would go on to be the sport of kings…and elementary school kids across the world.

Kyo didn't stop poking Ritsu, and no one could get him to stop. So they all decided to do something else in the meantime.

"So…whadda you wanna do?" asked Haru.

"I dunno…wadda you wanna do?" asked Ayame.

Alright…so you know when you're riding a bus and you overhear the two little kids behind you start doing this? And you know they're just bored and they're only, like, seven years old. But you hear them start at it and you just start seeing red? Then after a half an hour of "wadda you wanna do?'s" you just want to reach around and slap them? Maybe I'm just weird and you have no idea what I'm talking about, but that's okay…I know what I'm talking about.

After an hour of this childish banter, it wasn't an outside observer who finally got off. No…it was Haru.

"Will you shut the frig' up and just tell me what you want to do?!" Haru yelled at Ayame. Ayame started tearing up and hugging Yuki the rat closer to his chest. Then he was just all out crying. He ran upstairs quickly, clutching his stuffed friend for all he was worth. (cue card: sadly awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…)

Everything just stopped. Soon Tohru, Kisa, Kagura, and Momiji started tearing up for their beloved Aya. I'm sure Ritsu would have cried if he had been conscious. As it was, he is currently being turned into a banana.

"Haru make Aya sad…" Kisa said stating the obvious. A single tear made its way down her cheek. (cue card: awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…sadly)

"Just go make it better…" Hatori said, pushing Haru towards the door.

"sigh Fine," Haru said, slouching up the stairs.

"he better make it all better," Shigure said, pouting.

Upstairs with Ayame and Haru

Haru could hear choked sobbing noises coming from Yuki's room. He knelt outside the door and called for Aya.

"Ayame…I'm very sorry for exploding on you…"

"No you're not!" Aya sobbed through the door.

"Yes, I am. What can I do to prove that?"

"sniff sniff Will you order a pizza with me?" Ayame asked sounding hopefull.

"if tha's what it takes to get you out of that room then sure…I'll order a pizza with you." Haru waited on baited breath for the answer. The door slid open slowly, revealing a red-eyed Ayame. He (Aya) broke out into a grin and pulled Hatsuharu into a bone crushing hug.

"This is a joyous occasion! Come! We must follow the time honored tradition of ordering a pizza at a sleepover party! This will be the greatest Christmas-a-palooza, EVER!!!!!!" Still holding the very confused cow he rushed downstairs.

"Friends! Come gather 'round!"

But no one gathered 'round. At least…not to Ayame. Everyone was surrounding Ritsu's unmoving form.

"Should someone call a doctor?" Kagura asked sounding almost worried.

"I AM a doctor…" Hatori said while checking Ritsu's pulse.

Suddenly Ritsu's eyes popped open and then…!

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