Surrogate Angel - Part 1

Author: Alexandra Lucier

Disclaimer: All the angels in this story belong to Martha Williamson


"They're a cute couple." Gloria remarked as she and Monica watched a young couple from a park bench. The couple strode by happily hand-in-hand and chatted meaninglessly about anything and everything. Unseen, Monica and Gloria smiled contentedly as they watched. "Yes, they are." Monica agreed with her charge, still not taking her eyes off of the humans. They seemed wonderfully happy and content with their life. Of course, Monica and Gloria were angels, and so they knew from experience that everything is not always what it seemed. They were what angels call caseworkers (angels who met and helped people with life-typical problems). Monica was Gloria's supervisor, which meant she helped her with assignments and simply overlooked her job. Sometimes she still had assignments of her own though.

"Their names are Abby and Mike Tucker." Monica informed her pupil quietly, still watching the young couple as they began to depart down the park path. "Abby has a doctor's appointment this afternoon and you have to be there as the doctor." Monica explained, finally glancing over at her trainee meaningfully. Gloria nodded and rolled her eyes when her supervisor turned away again. She knew she was going to get a case sometime today. She was just waiting for Monica to give her an assignment.

"Maybe she's pregnant." Gloria suggested with an excited smile as she stared after Abby and Mike. Monica shrugged and thought about this momentarily. "Maybe." She agreed slightly, even though something inside was telling her that wasn't what it was. "I don't know much about this assignment, Gloria, only that they have been trying to have a baby for a long time now and you are supposed to be at the doctor's office in an hour."