The Green Meadow was a place where many loved to visit. The sun shone merrily there against the clear sky, the grass there was greener than anywhere, and the lakes gave water fresher than any other place. The air was fresh, and breezy. Everyone who had been there would definitely tell that the Green Meadow was a very beautiful place to be.

A flock of pink-wool sheep and grey-furred goats were seen grazing the grasses peacefully, seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. At one glance, there was nothing strange about them, until closer observation was made. The sheep had grenades fixed on their backs, but neither looked bothered with them, as if it was natural. The goats were armored, with gleaming yellow horns that curved reaching their backs. All of them stood within a distance from each other so that they would be able to eat quietly without disturbing the other.

Across the wide paddock, many small peculiar-looking creatures were seen chasing each other, shouting merrily as they did. Some resembled monkeys but with green furs, some looked like birds, reptiles, dinosaurs…even plants were moving about. Over the lake, a flock of graceful white swans were swimming, and some were seen flying about. A trio of white seal with red Mohawk was seen shooting small jets of water to a slumbering green serpent, coiled lazily in the middle of the lake. The serpent, ten times the size of the seals, did not seem to be bothered at all with the disturbance, but was seen occasionally attempting to swat the seals away with its long tail. A rather larger-than-life frog was sitting on top of a stone, croaking silently.

Not far from the lake was a small hill, and there stood a very strange creature. It was a centaur, with head, arms and upper torso of a man joined with the body of a palomino. Smooth violet spheres embedded its brown-furred torso. The centaur wore grey steel head and shoulder guards, similar to that of a knight. It stood there, straight-backed and proud, and was watching over the creatures in the meadow with calm alert, making sure that no harm would befall any of them. Not that it usually happened; the Green Meadow was a peaceful place, and always had been. It was why many liked to be there. And the centaur had taken upon itself to make sure that it would remain that way.

Yes, the Green Meadow was a peaceful place. Until today.


A loud primordial roar suddenly echoed throughout the lush green land, severely disrupting the peacefulness that reigned there previously. All the creatures froze; the roar sounded too malevolent to be ignored. The earth suddenly shook, and from a distance, everybody saw a fearsome gigantic dinosaur with night blue scales approaching. Another loud roar was heard, evidently coming from the sudden intruder. The monster's bulky arms both ended with heads; one metallic and another was a skull. From it's behind two hulking tails swished maliciously, destroying trees, stones, flowers and everything else that came into contact with it.


Everyone saw the brute act and scampered all about in panic. Some of the creatures who were unfortunately close enough from the monster had fallen victim to a stream of blue energy beam that erupted from the jaws of the skull and the metallic head attached at its arms. An odd thing then happened; those who were victimized by the gruesome attack did not just drop on the grounds and bled to death, but they simply exploded into nothingness. In place of their solid selves were replaced by swirls of data particles which rose towards the sky before vanishing into thin air.

The centaur immediately galloped towards the crowd, worried and incensed at the same time. "It's Deltamon! Everyone… return to the village immediately!" The centaur reached the lake and called for the serpent, which had awoken from its slumber. "Seadramon, watch over the little ones! I'll hold him!"

The serpent, Seadramon already had its long neck hoisted upwards and saw the incoming danger. It quickly beckoned for the seals and the lone frog to ride on its back as the swans had all taken off towards the sky upon hearing the first roar. Seadramon then looked intently at the centaur.

"I'll do that, Centarumon! But you alone cannot handle Deltamon; he's much too powerful."

"Don't worry about me. Just make sure that all the villagers are safe!"

With the command issued, the one known as Centarumon galloped towards Deltamon courageously. Suddenly his speed increased and Seadramon could only see a brown blur moving so fast for the serpent to follow. Shaking its head, Seadramon quickly rose towards the sky and glided towards a village located near a thick forest growing at the foot of some tall hills. The swans were circling the air above the village, acting as a beacon for the other land-based creatures to see. Some had reached the village safely while some, Seadramon saw, were too slow to keep up with their much quicker companions. Seadramon glided down and picked up a tired-looking plant-reptile hybrid and a black-scaled tyrannosaurus miniature before speeding towards the village.

"Running away? But the party's just starting!"

All the while, Deltamon saw what was happening and sneered. His eyes gleamed with evilness as he thrust both his scaly arms towards Seadramon. Opening his maw, a flash of blue erupted just as the maws of the metallic head and the skull too, gleamed with blue light. Deltamon positioned his arms so that the lights shining from the three mouths would form a triangle. Three beams of intense blue energy shot out from the maws and joined as one before heading towards Seadramon. Seadramon saw the incoming doom and retaliated by releasing a stream of ice towards the beam. Momentarily, Seadramon was successful as the ice stream froze the attack. However the effect was only temporary, before Deltamon's attack triumphed and melted the ice. Seadramon and the occupants onboard were engulfed with the attack, and to Centarumon's horror, were immediately slain.

"Butcher!" Centarumon shouted angrily and galloped towards Deltamon. A black cannon materialized within his hands. "You murderer! You'll pay for what you did to Seadramon!"

"Don't worry," Deltamon growled back with a deep, evil voice. "You'll join your snake friend in due time."

Centarumon whipped his cannon towards Deltamon as he approached the monster. His eyes, hidden by the helmet's visor, flashed with anger. "Not if I can help it! The deaths of Seadramon and the others shall not go un-avenged!" he shouted as he took aim. "Hunting Cannon!"

A cannonball made of violet energy shot out from the cannon and slammed against the skull-hand of Deltamon's left arm. To Centarumon's horror, the attack merely bounced away from the skull, leaving only a blackened scorch mark on the otherwise ivory skull.

"You call that an attack?" Deltamon snorted derisively. He raised his skull-hand and examined it before sneering. "Pathetic. I'll teach you how to make a real attack now, shall I? It's evident now; the one who'll be joining snakey is you! Triplex Forces! "

"Hunting Cannon!"

Centarumon's all-out attempt to block the attack however was thwarted by Deltamon's powerful beams. Yet Centarumon did not give up; he continued to fire his attack relentlessly, with only revenge and the desire to protect his fellow villagers in mind. Deltamon's attack was about to consume him wholly but Centarumon's cannonballs did so little in slowing it down. There was no hope for Centarumon to survive. He would need help. All the while, he did not realize a strange white glow emanating from his human torso, where a man's heart was located. A glowing white sphere was released, but Centarumon was too intent on blocking Deltamon's attack he still had not noticed it. The white sphere glided away from Centarumon and soared towards the sky when it suddenly vanished.

"This is it!" Centarumon said helplessly as Deltamon's attack was merely inches away from him. "It's hopeless. I can't stop him."

He lowered his cannon and took one last breath, but instead of being consumed by Deltamon's attack a rather strong gust of wind pushed him away, and Deltamon's attack missed the target as Centarumon toppled on the ground just beside the place where the grasses were brutally grazed by the intense attack. Centarumon heaved a relieved breath, glad to be still alive. He wondered of what had just happened.

Deltamon apparently, was not pleased as well. "Who dares to interrupt me?" he growled menacingly.

"That'll be me, Deltamon!" a perky feminine voice answered from the sky. "Heads up!"

Both Deltamon and Centarumon looked up, to see a soft pinkish glow glimmering from a gorgeous fairy, which had a curvy body of a female human and the wings of a butterfly. She was dressed in a skimpy violet outfit and boots. Her long hair was a darker violet shade and fell down her back. Her eyes were obscured by a shining metallic visor. "I am Fairymon!" she announced. "And your end days are here, Deltamon!"

Deltamon snorted. "A pretty little fairy like you shouldn't talk like that." He aimed his arms up and attempted to release an attack towards Fairymon when suddenly something blasted on his back, tails and head. A burning sensation crept all over his body.

Fairymon smirked. "You should have watched your back. Perfect timing, Youkomon!"

The brutal dinosaur turned around instantly. There, several meters away from him was a nine-tailed fox with blue fur. There was a cool elegance radiated by the way Youkomon held herself. Her nine tails were erect, and the tips were burning with red flames.

"Fox Tail Inferno!"

The flames on Youkomon's tails were blasted onto Deltamon, but this time around the dinosaur monster was prepared for attack. He managed to evade some of the fireballs, while swatting some others away with his metallic and skull hands. Youkomon appeared to be annoyed by this. She rushed forward and the flames on her tails spread out all over her body. She jumped and curled herself, forming a fiery specter of a dragon. The dragon glided with top-speed towards Deltamon and pushed him away. But this only served to aggravate Deltamon more than actually doing him any physical harm. Deltamon roared angrily and punched away the flame dragon, which reverted back into Youkomon. Youkomon slid on the grounds and regained her poise. She glared at Deltamon with silent fury.

"Ah… that has never happened before," Fairymon noted. She flew down towards Deltamon and caught his eyes. "Hey big guy, get a load of this! Hurricane Wind! "

Fairymon spread her arms wide and harnessed the power of the wind at her fingertips. She then released a wave of pink-colored hurricane towards Deltamon. The attack overwhelmed Deltamon, but to her annoyance, the blue dinosaur looked as if he was bored by the attack,

"Pah! Your effort is merely laughable at best, fairy!" Deltamon said mockingly.

"Don't underestimate me, you beast!" Fairymon cried angrily. "Behold my second attack, Tempest Twist!" Fairymon flipped herself upside down and twisted herself with great speed that soon she herself was enveloped with pink energy winds. She delivered a flurry of kicks and punches towards Deltamon, but Deltamon did not even respond to her assaults.

"Are you finished?" Deltamon growled.

Fairymon realized that she was beaten and quickly flew away towards her companion. She threw a worried look towards Youkomon. Youkomon nodded at Fairymon and with a flick of her head, she silently beckoned Fairymon to seek cover behind her.

Deltamon thought that he was about to claim victory over his three opponents, when he saw Youkomon sneering at him.

"Well, if our Champion forms do not seem to work against you, then perhaps we should digivolve even further," Youkomon said loudly and contemptuously, her piercing eyes focused on Deltamon intently. "Our Ultimate forms have been known to rival the brute strength of a MetalTyrannomon; a mere Champion such as Deltamon should require not much effort from us. Fairymon, ready!"

Fairymon looked confused. "Huh? Since when…" she said, but was stopped by one of Youkomon's many tails.

Deltamon looked disgruntled. He stared at Youkomon, who looked confident. Her words disturbed him. A MetalTyrannomon was powerful, Deltamon had heard of him. If his opponents could beat a MetalTyrannomon… it might not worth the effort to let the fight drag.

"Very well," Deltamon growled angrily. "I'll leave, for now. But I'll come back soon when I'm stronger than a MetalTyrannomon. Perhaps then, we can fight again. Oh and by the way, today's fight was rather amusing," he added cynically before turning to leave them.

Fairymon and Youkomon waited until Deltamon was completely out of sight before both of them glimmered with pink and yellow lights respectively. Both then shrunk in size. Fairymon changed into a green-skinned reptile and plant hybrid, with large flower petals growing from the sides of her head. Youkomon too had changed; she was now a cream-furred Labrador dog with magenta ears and tails.

Centarumon, who had been watching the fight from a distance, was bewildered upon the sudden transformations. He then heard shouts and saw from the village, two human girls were approaching him. One, a dark-skinned girl with long, dark brown curly hair and dressed in a white shirt and light blue pinafore, was running at top speed, a worried expression plastered on her face. The other was a tall, willowy girl with a fair complexion in a light green shirt and olive-colored skirt. She flicked her straight black hair towards her back and began picking up her paces.

"Two human girls?" Centarumon wondered. "Are they the DigiDestined?"

"Floramon!" the dark girl shouted, sounding very relieved. She picked up the plant-reptile hybrid and hugged her mightily. "I'm so glad that you are safe! I was so worried when we saw that big blue monster!"

"Aack…I…can't…breathe!" Floramon gasped, her face turning blue.

"Oh, sorry," the curly-haired girl said sheepishly and released Floramon. "But I was so worried…"

"Oh, calm down, you," the willowy girl snapped as she walked past the girl and towards the Labrador. "I think they did just fine against that dinosaur Digimon. But you should've been able to beat him, Labramon. As Youkomon, you've never lost a battle before."

"Deltamon is far stronger than any other Digimon we have faced before," Labramon said. "I have to resort in tricking him in thinking that we can advance even further than Champion level to just scare him off for the time being, as we couldn't beat him by strength."

"But what if that Deltamon returns?" the fairer girl demanded. She narrowed her small, dark eyes and crossed her arms. "How can we stop him then?"

The curly-haired girl cast her friend a look, filled with apprehension reflected in her large dark brown eyes. "We're going to need help, that's for sure. I think we need a third DigiWira…"




Chapter 01 – DigiWira



"Seven twenty-five? Oh no! I'm gonna be late!"

A young teen was running at the sides of a rather busy road. Every few seconds his grey eyes kept falling at his watch, worn on his left wrist. A panicked expression was evident on his face. Wiping his dark hair that was sticking over his sweaty forehead, he increased his pace and pulled the straps of his schoolbag which were flung over both shoulders. Though the morning sunlight was not particularly warm, his white shirt was already drenched with sweat, and his white shoes was already dirtied by dusts and some puddles he had accidentally stepped on.

He widened his pace and leaped over an open drain, but before he could continue running a soft whimper caught his ears. It was a meowing sound, coming from inside the dry drain, and it caught the boy's attention. A cat? he wondered. Taking a deep breath, he crouched down and peered inside the drain. Indeed, beneath the closed part of the drain, was a white kitten, its furs blackened by soil. Its eyes twinkled inside the dark drain, seemingly pleading at him, and the boy realized that it was trapped inside the drain. The cuts on the kitten's legs suggested that it had fallen inside the drain by accident, and had no way of getting out.

The boy glanced at his watch again. "Seven twenty-nine…" He saw the rooftops of the school, strikingly red brown against the morning blue sky. The school was just around the block, behind two rows of shop houses, and he would still be able to make it if he made a dash for it. One more minute was enough, but…


The kitten's pleading sound made up his mind as the ringing of the school bell was heard in the background. Setting his schoolbag down, he climbed down the rather shallow drain. The drain reached his shoulders when he was fully inside. Then he reached out for the kitten, and managed to grab its tiny body. The kitten, sensing that it was about to be saved, grasped its paws on the boy's hand a little too eagerly, causing a little bleeding on the boy's finger. The boy winced as he took the kitten, drawing it close to him.

"Well, if this is how you say thanks to me…" the boy said with mock-frown towards the kitten. The kitten purred as it licked the place where it had accidentally scratched the boy. The boy giggled and placed the kitten back on the sidewalk beside the drain. But as he was getting out of the drain, a faint twinkle beneath the closed drain caught his attention. Curious, he peered back inside the drain and reached out for whatever that was twinkling. His hand caught something spherical in shape, and he drew his hand back outside.

"What's this?" he pondered. On his palm was a curious-looking white sphere that seemed a little bit soiled, but otherwise, looked nice. For a moment the sphere let out a twinkle and the boy had to blink twice to make sure that he was not imagining it. At the sidewalk, the kitten purred in delight. The teenage boy looked at the kitten. "So this is the reason why you fell into the drain, I think?" he asked. The kitten meowed. "I take that as a yes. So, you want it?" He held the sphere towards the kitten. The kitten recoiled in disgust. "No? Well, it's mine now." He pocketed the sphere into the pocket of his earth green trousers and climbed up the drain.

Looking at his watch, he sighed. "I'm late now, no thanks to you," he said to the kitten. "Take care now. Hope I'll see you again on my way back, maybe I can get you something to eat."

The kitten meowed softly as the boy began to trudge his steps slowly. There was no point in running anymore, he was already late. Today was Monday and the school usually held an assembly to sing the national songs and to hear out the headmaster's speech before going to class.

Upon reaching the gate, he saw that the main gate was closed. The only gate open now was the smaller gate, and blocking the entrance was a willowy girl wearing a dark green skirt and blazer, with a light green shirt inside. She wore a tie, and was holding a notebook and a pen. He approached the smaller gate with dread; that girl was a prefect assigned to collect names for students who arrived late to school.

He sighed, recognizing the girl by reputation; this was the second assistant of the head prefect, and she was known to be very serious.

"So, what's your reason?" the girl asked, not even bothering to look up from her notebook.

"Uh… my sister usually sent me to school but she couldn't do so today so I had to walk. And on my way, I helped a kitten to get out from a drain while on my way here…" the boy said, and smiled sheepishly to the girl.

The girl looked up from her notebook. Her obsidian eyes narrowed as she observed him. "Best excuse I've ever heard…and I've never seen you late before, but you're late nevertheless."

"Can you just let me in this day, please? I've never been late before," the boy said pleadingly.

"Look," the prefect said seriously. She gestured towards a bench located inside the school. There sat four boys. "They are late as well, but they came in before you. If I let you off, then I'll have to let them off too, and I can't do that. Your name and class, please." She placed the tip of her pen on her notebook and looked at the boy expectantly.

The boy sighed in defeat. "Adam Ariff, Form Two Alpha."

The prefect wrote it down. "Alpha, huh? This is the first time I've ever written somebody from Alpha being late."

"Can I come in, now?" Adam asked wearily and took a glance at the nametag the prefect was wearing. Assistant Head Prefect - Chang Liu Ying.

The prefect scrutinized him with a frown. "Ok…but since this is your first time, I'll suggest that you make a good impression to the disciplinary teacher by tucking in your shirt properly and maybe tidy up your hair a little. Maybe he won't be asking you to pick up the trash like the other four, which have been late for four times now. J.D. and his pathetic gang…" The prefect shook her head a little and let Adam in. "Oh, and today's Monday, you should be wearing a tie."

"Well, uh…thanks for the tip," Adam said as he walked in. He felt compelled to hate the prefect when she first decided not to let him off, but then it was her duty as a prefect and she was being nice enough to give Adam tips. Adam soon saw the reason why. The other students who came in late, Adam noticed that out of the four, three had their shirts un-tucked. One of them, a bespectacled student, looked totally out of place, with his shirt a little too tucked in and his tie too short to Adam's liking. The four of them, all Form Three students, however, were rather notorious for skipping school, bullying other students and once, Adam had heard that the ringleader of the foursome, J.D., was caught trying to copy during his Form Two final examination. Adam didn't recognize the other two – who were both just a tad shorter than J.D, but burlier.

J.D. caught his eyes and smirked lopsidedly, as if mocking him for being late too, but he didn't say anything.

Adam quickly tucked in his shirt properly and took out his tie from his bag, making sure that they were not overly done as the bespectacled boy. He decided not to join the group; instead he sat alone by the fountain built near the gate. However just as he was about to sit down the disciplinary teacher, Mr. Gurmit Singh, came towards them, looking stern with his massive stature, glaring eyes and thick graying mustache and beard. He headed straight towards the bench where J.D. and his gang were seating, not noticing Adam at all.

"Not you four again! You know the drills; one hour, the soccer field, and I want the rubbish bag full when I come by to inspect you, and…what!" the middle-aged man barked, when the bespectacled boy pointed towards Adam with an excited look on his face. Mr. Singh turned and saw him. He frowned. "What are you doing here? Are you late too? I've never seen you before…first time?"

Adam nodded meekly.

"Hmm…you have your tie, your shirt's tucked, your hair is quite neat," Mr. Singh assessed. "For first timers we usually have an hour detention after school. Come to Three Alpha classroom after school ends. You may go now, but don't try to escape detention, will you? Believe me; I shall know if you do."

"I won't," Adam promised. "Thank you, Mr. Singh."

Mr. Singh studied Adam for a moment before nodding, "Polite boy. Well, you may join the assembly now, they are about to sing the songs."

As Adam hurriedly walk over towards the line where he was supposed to be in, he heard unsatisfied shouts coming from the other boys.

"No fair! I've got my shirt tucked in and ties intact too!"

"Kenny, forget it! Detention sucks anyway!" That was J.D.'s voice.

"Quiet!" Adam winced when he heard Mr. Singh bellowed towards the other four students, relieved that he was let off with only an hour detention after school instead of picking up rubbishes at the soccer field. The national anthem theme blared over the speakers as Adam slid into the line in his class, standing behind a plump boy wearing a black songkok who sat beside him in class. Luckily as all the students were standing; his sudden presence was not so obvious.

"Kak Lisha is so going to hear about this from me tonight!" he muttered vehemently before joining in singing the first line of the national anthem.



The rest of the day went about normally for Adam. The bell signifying the end of the school day soon rang and all students sighed in relieved; some barely concealed their excited squeals. Their last lesson was Math, and Mrs. Elena Kwan, their Math teacher was very strict. The whole double-period they had for Math was spent fully on learning formulas, discussing usually asked in PMR and Mrs. Kwan was the kind of teacher who wanted to make sure that her students knew what she was teaching, and to find out just that she picked students at random and asked them to answer a question which she would write on the spot at the blackboard. Luckily for Adam, that day Mrs. Kwan did not pick him – as he had recited a formula from the Math textbook correctly at the beginning of the lesson.

"Don't forget class, as usual I want you to answer ALL the questions for today's lesson in your workbook, and the first ten questions from your textbook! You will hand in your exercise books tomorrow morning, and I clearly know that tomorrow's first period is Math. Well, see you tomorrow."

As she walked out of the classroom briskly, students could be heard complaining. Adam groaned too, Math was not his strongest subject and usually he would have to wait for his older sister to get back from work to ask her for help.

"So, you're having detention with Mr. Singh now?" The songkok-wearing boy who sat beside Adam, asked him sympathetically.

Adam groaned. "Don't remind me, Hakim."

Hakim patted him on the shoulder. "Well, I can ask my mom to come an hour later, if you want." Adam usually went back home with Hakim, who had insisted that as they were living nearby, his mother could easily drop him off at the apartment where he was staying before heading towards their own house somewhere further than the apartment complex. And of course, Hakim's slightly overprotective parents were not the ones who would let their kids walk to school.

"No need for that, Hakim. But thanks," Adam assured his friend.

"You sure? It's no problem, you know."

"Yes. Really, I've walked home everyday before you insisted for me to hitch a ride with you, you know."

Hakim laughed. "Yeah…I guess so. So, see you tomorrow then. Bye!" He patted Adam's shoulder again before exiting the classroom.

Adam was now the only one in the classroom. He gathered his stuff and closed the door of his classroom, making way for the classroom where the disciplinary teacher had said he would be for the detention. He increased his pace as he reached the corridor, eager to arrive at the designated classroom early to make a good impression. He arrived there and saw Mr. Singh correcting some papers inside. He knocked the door and the elderly man looked up.

"Come in." He beckoned for him to seat anywhere inside the empty classroom. "You have one hour, and I trust that you're given some homework? You may do them now."

Adam nodded and took a seat. He decided to do Math first, leaving those he did not know for later. For half an hour he did his homework in silence, before his concentration was broken by the sound of giggles coming from the corridor. He looked up and saw a three girls walking by, laughing and joking with each other. He recognized them; they were rather popular in the school and one of them, the girl with dark skin and curly hair, was his classmate. Gayathri Nadarajah, Belinda Foo and Wardina Fadlullah were all very pretty girls, and Adam soon found himself staring at the girl with shiny dark shoulder-length hair, wearing the baju kurung uniform.

And apparently, one of them realized that Adam was staring at their friend. Gayathri, Adam's classmate, waved at him with a broad grin before leaning in to whisper at the ear of the girl who was wearing the baju kurung uniform. Adam could have sworn that Gayathri was saying, "Dina, Adam's staring at you," because just right then, Wardina turned to look at him while the other girls giggled. She smiled at Adam embarrassedly, and Adam blushed. Suddenly, the Math workbook seemed to be a lot more interesting. Mr. Singh cleared his throat loudly and quickly, the three girls walked away, with Gayathri and Belinda giggling loudly while Wardina followed them in silent.

"You may go," Mr. Singh said, after thirty more minutes had passed. Adam thanked the teacher gratefully and left the classroom.

Upon exiting the school, he remembered about the kitten he had rescued in the morning. He quickly walked towards the shop-houses area to look for it. The first thing he thought of checking was the drains where the kitten was found earlier. It was not there.

"You're not here…I guess I don't have to buy you food like I've promised," Adam said. "Well, I better get going then."

He walked along the sidewalks with a relatively good mood. Looking left and right, he crossed the road to get to the other side when something on the middle of the road caught his attention. Flies were seen surrounding a lump of dirty fur over a black stain of the road…Adam gasped and rushed forward with a horrible suspicion. He got closer and felt his heart wrenched upon seeing a dead kitten there; it was the same kitten he had rescued. It was now sprawled there, lifeless. Its dirty fur was caked with dry blood. Adam felt his eyes sting upon looking at the dead kitten.

Quickly he took out a plastic bag from his schoolbag and picked up the kitten, covering his hands with it before doing so. He placed the kitten inside the plastic bag and walked to the other side of the road hurriedly. For the next twenty minutes after, his mind was filled with nothing but the kitten. He would bury the kitten at the playground inside the apartment complex where he was staying.

Upon reaching his home Adam changed quickly, barely noticing a bag of food and a note on the dinner table. He threw his school uniform and changed into a simple white T-shirt and a pair of three-quarters blue pants. He took the dead kitten to the playgrounds and managed to locate an abandoned shovel, left perhaps by the gardener. Using it Adam dug a hole and buried the kitten before giving it a small prayer. Feeling as if he had done what he supposed to, Adam returned back to his apartment and this time around he saw the bag of food and a note.

Adam. I got back home for lunch and saw that you're not here yet, so I thought maybe you're still at school. Sorry about this morning, I'll make it up to you in the weekends, ok? In the bag is your favorite food – nasi lemak with the spicy sambal sotong like you've always having when we eat outside. I've bought two packets just in case you are hungry. I'll be back at 7 with dinner. Love – Kak Lisha.

After eating, Adam's mood improved. He went to his room and took out the white sphere he had found and examined it intently. But a minute passed and he was bored. His eyes fell on the computer in the living room and he grinned. He had only little homework and there was nothing else to do, so why not surf the web to kill some time? He switched on the computer and waited for a moment until everything was loaded before clicking for the browser. However, something wrong happened when a window appeared.

Do you believe in destiny?

"Strange," Adam said. "I don't remember we have a chat program. Hmm…maybe Kak Lisha has installed it last night. I wonder who this is."

He typed, "Yes, I suppose."

Do you believe in helping those who are in need?

"What a weird question to ask. Of course," he typed.

We need your help.

Adam guffawed. "Huh? I don't even know you."

Will you help us?

It soon dawned to Adam that something was wrong. "I would if I know you," he typed. "You're not a computer hacker, are you?"

No. Hold out the DigiSphere and press the Enter button on your keyboard if you are willing to help us.

"DigiSphere? What's that?" Adam wondered.

The one that is lying on your computer table, hold it out to your monitor and press Enter.

Adam's eyes fell on the white sphere which he had placed just beside the keyboard. It glowed again briefly, making Adam wonder whether he had imagined it or it had really glowed for a second. "Hey, how do you know about it? I've found it just this morning."

You finding the DigiSphere means that you have found your calling; your destiny. You have been chosen. Hold out the DigiSphere and press Enter.

"This is getting really freaky. I must be crazy for doing this…but…" Adam pressed the Enter button and suddenly the monitor flashed with bright white light. The light engulfed Adam and began to pull Adam inside.

"AHHHH! What are you?" he screamed as he tried resisting the pulling force, but it was too strong for him. He suddenly felt his body weight dropped several kilograms before to his horror; his head was being sucked in the monitor. "AHHHH! I must be dreaming! Alien invasion! AHHHH Help!" His foot was uprooted from the floor before he was sucked wholly into the flickering monitor. After Adam's scream died out, the computer mysteriously went into hibernating mode.



"How long he's been knocked out?"

"For quite some time now…it was lucky I've found him and brought him here."

After for some time which he could not guess, Adam was awoken by the sounds of two voices, one of them sounded familiar but he could not really remember where he had heard it. At first, he saw only black, and almost panicked. Then he realized that he was closing his eyes, his eyelids felt rather heavy. He was lying down on a rather hard surface, and his body felt sore all over.

"He practically fell out from the sky, unlike you two…"

Still having his eyes closed, Adam thought about what the two voices were saying. Did he really have just fallen out from the sky? What had happened to him? He remembered the computer monitor acting up strangely and how he was absorbed…and then, he remembered nothing. And why was there something heavy on his chest? He stirred slightly.

"Oh look, he's waking up. I really can't believe it's him. I mean, I saw him everyday in class. He looks so cute sleeping like this… cute like a baby…"

This was a third voice, and sounded very familiar to Adam. He recognized the slightly ringing voice anywhere. His eyes shot open, and the first thing he saw was a pair of big, blue eyes belonging to a very weird creature with purple fur, looking like a cat with wings, which was currently perched on his chest.

"Hello, friend!" it chirped merrily. "I am TobuCatmon, and I'm the one who has called you."

"Uh…" Adam took a moment to register what TobuCatmon had said, before he realized something really strange. "AHH!" he yelled, jolting up immediately, throwing TobuCatmon off his chest. The bat-cat however floated in midair and observed him calmly. "What are you? Where am I? Did you just speak?"

"Did I just speak? What kind of a question is that?" TobuCatmon said indignantly. "Of course I can speak. I'm talking to you, am I not?"

"But…but…you're an animal! Animals can't speak," Adam said weakly. "Can they?"

"I am NOT an animal! I am a Digimon!"

A giggle was heard from his side, and Adam recognized it anywhere. Indeed, as he turned sideways the profiles of a petite, pretty girl with dark skin and curly brown hair came into view. She was wearing a pink T-Shirt and a red skirt.

"Hey, Adam," the girl waved with a grin. "Surprise!"

"Gayathri?" Adam asked feebly, recognizing his classmate. He calmed down slightly and looked around, noting the strange exotic plants growing around him. He was inside a ceiling-less building constructed from glimmering beige stones. He was lying on the floor at present. "Where am I?"

"You're in the Digital World, home of the Digimon, which is short for digital monsters. As of now, you're in our, err…base of operations, yeah I suppose that's the word…you're at the Forest Sanctum," Gayathri answered helpfully.

"Digital World? Digimon?" Adam repeated confusedly. "I've never heard of those words before. Am I dreaming?"

"Nope. Afraid not. Everything around here is very real. But don't worry," Gayathri knelt close to Adam and helped him up. "I was confused myself when I first came here. But you'll get used to it soon. It's really a great experience. Oh yes…let me introduce you to my pretty partner-in-crime…my Digimon partner Floramon!" Gayathri beckoned towards the wall, where a bizarre green creature looking like a reptile and a plant at the same time approached Adam, and held out her scaly, vine-like hands.

"Pleasure to meet you, Adam," Floramon said perkily. Adam took her hand dubiously and nodded in return. Floramon shook his hand a little too excitedly before letting it go.

He turned to face TobuCatmon, who was watching him. "So she's Floramon, and you are TobuCatmon?" Adam said inquiringly. TobuCatmon smiled and nodded, pleased that Adam was starting to understand. "Uh…are you related or something? You both have your names ending with –mon." TobuCatmon face-faulted instantly and fell onto the floor facedown. Adam winced and helped the Digimon up.

"No, I am not related to Floramon. All Digimon have their names ending with –mon."

"Ok…this is still too weird to believe…" Adam said. "What are Digimon, and Digital World?"

"Digimon are living creatures created from the technologies given by the computers from your world Adam, with some magic from a world known as the Dream World. With technology, magic, hopes and dreams, Digimon are born and the Digital World is created as a world of Digimon. This happens centuries ago for Digimon, but from your world's perspective it had been only since the first computer was created."

Adam took in the information wholly, not bothering to try to understand it. "So…why am I brought here?"

TobuCatmon beamed and floated towards Adam's eye level. "You have been chosen to lead the DigiWira team against evil Digimon that threatens the peacefulness of the Digital World."

Adam shook his head slowly in confusion, trying to really digest the information being given to him. Seeing Adam becoming silent, TobuCatmon took that as a cue for him to resume what he was talking about earlier.

"Currently there are two DigiWira. It seems like you've already known Gayathri…and the other," TobuCatmon looked around. "And where is Liu Ying? Ah…there you are; what are you doing sulking at the corner? Come and meet your new teammate, and leader."

The name sounded awfully familiar to Adam, and to his surprise he saw another face he knew. It was a willowy girl with long black hair falling down her back, dressed in a simple yellow T-shirt and blue jeans. She was the prefect who had detained Adam earlier in the morning. Liu Ying nodded at him unsmilingly before going towards the wall. She leaned against it and crossed her arms. With her was a rather normal-looking dog.

"Hey?" Adam waved weakly. Liu Ying ignored him, but the dog approached Adam. Adam reeled slightly and the dog stopped.

"Greetings, Adam. I am Labramon, Digimon partner of Liu Ying," she said politely and bowed her head a little. She then looked at Adam carefully, noticing Adam's nervousness around her. "Do not worry, I won't bite you."

"No, I don't think you will. It's just that…I'm not supposed to touch dogs," Adam said hurriedly. "Unless they are dry," he added.

"Oh, how come?" Labramon asked interestedly. "I assure you that I am clean."

"Nothing against you…it's a religious obligation," Adam said slowly.

"Oh. Well, I can respect that. However, I should remind you that I am not a dog, though I may look like one. I am a Digimon," Labramon said with a knowing smile. "But it is nice to meet you anyway. I'm afraid I have to ask this, but where is your partner Digimon?"

"My partner?" Adam asked confusedly. He then realized something; Liu Ying and Labramon were partners, and so were Gayathri and Floramon. "Oh…am I getting one too?" he asked.

"Only chosen children, the DigiDestined, are able to enter the Digital World, and all DigiDestined have Digimon partners. You have to be a DigiDestined, or specifically, a DigiWira, to be able to come here in the first place. Perhaps you haven't found your partner," TobuCatmon explained.


"Yes, Adam. Like the word wira which means warrior in your native language, so is the task you shall have to carry. A DigiWira is capable of infusing their Digimon partners with great strength, enabling them to digivolve whenever necessary to thwart all evil. So we shall have to look for a partner for you."

"I really don't have a choice now, do I?" Adam said slowly. "Not that I don't want to be a … DigiWira, but everything's happening so fast." He dug into his pocket and took out the white sphere, showing them to those around him. "I got a message telling me that I'd learn about my destiny. Somehow I think this sphere…a DigiSphere, holds the answer."

TobuCatmon beamed upon looking at the DigiSphere and quickly indicated Liu Ying and Gayathri to come closer. Both girls then took out yellow and pink spheres from their pockets, respectively, and showed them to Adam. Adam's eyes widened upon noting the similarities between his white sphere and the other two.

"Excellent! We now have the White, Yellow and Pink DigiSpheres. Three makes a team. Excellent! Now all we need is to find you a partner Digimon. Liu Ying and Gayathri, when they first came here, they only have the DigiSpheres. But when they've met their partners, they received something else which made them official DigiWira. Girls, your D3s, please."

Both girls then took out two identical devices. It was slightly oval-shaped, with a digital screen. Liu Ying's was white with yellow lining, while Gayathri's was white with magenta lining.

"When you meet your partner, Adam, you will get a D3 Digivice as well, and become officially, a DigiWira," TobuCatmon said encouragingly.

"So what do you say, Adam? It'll be great to have you in the team." Gayathri said brightly. "What do you think, Liu Ying?"

Liu Ying scoffed. "We'll see what he can do first, both as a DigiWira and as a leader. Until then, I'll reserve my judgment."

Adam considered for a while before slowly, he nodded, though still looking pretty much unsure of his own decision. "I don't know much yet about Digimon or the Digital World… but if this is my calling, then I'll do what I must. Although, I still have a lot of question…"

He was interrupted when suddenly an orange miniature of a tyrannosaurus rex barged into the sanctum, breathless and panicky.

"Your questions will have to wait, Adam," TobuCatmon said, suddenly looking concerned. "What is it, Agumon?" he asked the t-rex.

"TobuCatmon, Deltamon has invaded Green Meadow once again. Apparently he was angry for being tricked yesterday; somebody had informed him that the partners of the DigiWira have never achieved Ultimate level!"

"What?" Both Liu Ying and Labramon shouted, "Who could have told him? Oh, never mind that," Liu Ying said angrily. "Labramon, Gayathri, Floramon, come on." Without waiting for any reply the tall girl and her partner rushed off the Forest Sanctum.

Gayathri and Floramon were about to run off, but before doing so, Gayathri turned back to face Adam. "Will you help us?" she asked with a hopeful look.

Adam nodded grimly. "I don't know how, but I'll do what I can."

Adam then followed Gayathri and Floramon out of the sanctum, leaving a beaming TobuCatmon alone.

"Finally…the team is completed. Three DigiWira, I wonder which Digimon will be Adam's partner?"



Adam followed the two girls and their partners ran across a lush green paddock before his eyes widened fearfully. Straight ahead, terrorizing a small village was a hulking blue dinosaur, spitting out intense blue beams mercilessly. Cries of help were heard but the monster ignored the pleas. Adam then saw a peculiar creature of the myth fighting the monster bravely, despite the differences of their size. The creature, a humanly torso joined to the body of a palomino, was fighting the monster without caring for his own safety, trying to buy some time for the other smaller Digimon to evacuate the village.

"Centarumon needs our help to fight Deltamon, Labramon," Liu Ying said intensely. She took out her D3 Digivice and held it towards Labramon. And to Adam's surprise, the Digivice glowed with bright yellow, and Labramon underwent a transformation.

"Labramon…Digivolve to……Youkomon!"

Adam could not believe his eyes! It was amazing; in a matter of seconds, Labramon had morphed into an elegant nine-tailed fox with blue fur. The nine tails of the fox's were lit with red flames. A cool, poised aura was seen in Youkomon's twinkling dark eyes.

"Wow, Labramon! Is that really you?" Adam said in amazement, Liu Ying could not help but to smile a little on Adam's shock.

"Adam, if you're that amazed in seeing Labramon's Digivolution, wait till you check out Floramon's Champion form," Gayathri said with a smirk. "You'll love it." She whipped out her pink D3 Digivice and pointed it towards Floramon. "Floramon, do it."

"Floramon…Digivolve to……Fairymon!"

This time around, the young boy's eyes were transfixed on the beautiful fairy with butterfly wings. Fairymon grinned upon seeing Adam's reaction and flaunted her curves while in midair.

"Ok, that's enough staring for now," Gayathri snapped and closed Adam's eyes with her hands. "She's too skimpily clothed for young boys like you to see."

"We should be going now, Fairymon," Youkomon said sternly. "Liu Ying, Gayathri, Adam…take cover behind the trees now, will you?"

The two Champion Digimon then rushed towards Deltamon and launched their attacks. Adam watched in awe as Youkomon transformed into a glowering fiery dragon specter as she slammed herself onto Deltamon. The fox's assault caught the monster's attention, but before he could retaliate Fairymon released a hurricane which diverted Deltamon's attention towards the fairy.

"I hope they'll delete Deltamon today," Liu Ying said scathingly as Youkomon and Fairymon teamed up with Centarumon against Deltamon.

"Huh? What do you mean by delete?" Adam asked distractedly as he was watching the battle.

Liu Ying regarded him with a careful look. "To delete means to kill, it's the same thing. The Digimon usually refer killing as deleting."

Adam blanched slightly. "How can you say that so casually? Killing is a horrible thing. Isn't there any other way?"

"Killing ruthlessly is horrible, but look at Deltamon," Liu Ying said irritably. "He had killed many Digimon yesterday when he first invaded this place. If we don't kill him now, he'd just continue to terrorize other places and kill many other innocent Digimon."

"But still…isn't there any other way? Can't we try talking to him?"

Liu Ying's eyes flared in anger, her gaze turned cold. "Fine. I'd love to see you try. In the meantime, I'm going to try getting closer to the battle field, Gayathri, deal with him. He's really starting to annoy me." With that Liu Ying stalked off, from tree to tree until she vanished from Adam and Gayathri's sights.

"What's her problem?" Adam grunted.

Gayathri laid a hand on Adam's shoulder. "Maybe… Liu Ying's right about the whole deleting stuff."

"What makes you say that?"

"Look…I've only been a DigiWira for three months, and you, well…uh…Liu Ying, she's been a DigiWira for half a year already. She has a lot of experience, and I think with you suddenly questioning her actions…and with you being here all of a sudden to take up the role of leader, despite she's being the most experienced…well, I think she's bound to be irritated, because she knows how to sort out the good and bad Digimon."

Adam nodded slowly. "Doesn't give her the right to blow her temper off me though."

Gayathri smiled. "Maybe so…but she's a good friend. I've learned a lot from her, especially in this whole Digimon stuff. You can too. Do you know that she even keeps in touch with many DigiDestined around Asia and the world, including the most famous team of all – the Japanese DigiDestined team?"

"WHA-- There are more of us?" Adam asked, shocked to hear the news.

"See? You still have a lot to learn," Gayathri said. "My advice; try to befriend her. It took me a while too to do that when I started out; we weren't really friends when I became a DigiWira but after a while we learned to tolerate each other, and eventually, became friends."

"Ok," Adam agreed. "So…do you think we should keep an eye on her?"

"Absolutely, come on."



So far, Youkomon and Fairymon demonstrated excellent teamwork in battling Deltamon, but neither could actually inflict any real damage on the monstrous beast. Fairymon's wind attack was useless against the heavy, hulking Deltamon as she could not throw him about with the power of the wind. She had to resort in distracting Deltamon, causing the dinosaur to be steadfastly annoyed by her. Youkomon's fire seemed to be able to do some small damage, but Deltamon's leathery hide was strong enough to resist Youkomon's flames.

Centarumon had joined the duo as well, trying his best to aid the two feminine Digimon. He was visibly injured after a fight with Deltamon prior to the arrival of Youkomon and Fairymon. Still, he courageously stampeded towards Deltamon whenever Fairymon or Youkomon was overwhelmed by an attack, thumping his hoofs onto Deltamon's belly. It only caused the dinosaur to burp loudly, and it would have been comical if not given the graveness of the situation. When Deltamon slapped Youkomon away with his bulky tails, Centarumon immediately rushed to her aid, breaking her fall by attempting to catch her. He however, was too weakened to be able to support Youkomon's weight.

Yet he was not willing to give up. Bruised and battered, Centarumon was still willing to fight, to protect the villagers. He whipped out his cannon and released his signature attack towards Deltamon, galloping towards the monster to get a clear shot.

"Hunting Cannon!"

The attack connected to Deltamon's back, slowly penetrating his thick hide and actually caused him to bleed. The brute dinosaur roared angrily. "You annoy me, fool! Be gone!" He raised his arm and delivered a very forceful punch onto the smaller Digimon, sending him flying towards the forest.

Centarumon crashed onto the trees, uprooting a couple of them. His vision blurred as he felt the lasts of his power being drained. Turning sideways he saw two human children staring at him, wide-eyed in shock. He then noticed something strange; his body felt lighter than before. The human kids were larger than him. It was weird, as he had just seen the girl the day before; she was not as big as she was this day.

A horrible suspicion crept inside Centarumon's mind. Centarumon…was he even Centarumon now?



"You've dedigivolved!" Gayathri knelt by the large hamster. "The battle must have drained your powers!"

"Whoa…" Adam said. He did not understand most of what had just happened, but got a little gist of it. The formerly-intimidating centaur was now only an orange-furred oversized hamster with bat wings sprouting from the sides of his head. Dedigivolved? Regression...?

"Oh no!" the hamster groaned. "I'm Patamon again!" He flapped his batwings again and began to fly out, before a voice stopped him.

"Where are you going, Patamon?" Adam asked.

"I have to do something. I'm the protector for the villagers there. I can't just sit back here…the villagers, the Digimon who are fighting Deltamon, they are going to need my help. I may be only a Rookie Digimon now, but that won't stop me!" Patamon said bravely. He then left the two children and flew slowly, but surely, towards Deltamon, who was busy fighting off Youkomon and Fairymon.

Adam grew worried for the little Rookie. He looked at Gayathri. "Aren't we going to stop him? That little guy is going to be killed by that bad dinosaur!"

Gayathri hesitated, before shaking her head sadly. "I'd tell you that we ought to stop him…but some Digimon, like Patamon…they just won't give up until the very end. Liu Ying and I learned that not too long ago."

"So you're saying that we should just let him go and be killed by Deltamon?" Adam asked, not caring that his harsh tone had caused Gayathri to wince. His thought drifted back to the dead kitten which he had buried just before venturing to the Digital World. "I've seen enough death for one day."

"Adam, no!" Gayathri cried out, but it was too late. Adam had stepped out from the safety of the forest, and was chasing after Patamon.



Liu Ying saw Adam running out as she crept beside the worried Gayathri. "What is he doing? He doesn't even have a partner to protect him. What in the world is he thinking?" she demanded, but her dark eyes reflected her worry as well. "That fool…"

"He's said that he's seen enough death for one day…" Gayathri whispered.

"I don't understand," Liu Ying said, narrowing her eyebrows.

"Liu Ying, what should we do?" Gayathri asked, shaking.

"I don't know…" Liu Ying replied helplessly. She cast a look outside. "If we go out there we'll only serve as targets for Deltamon to use against her partners. I hope our partners will protect him."

Gayathri watched Adam and Patamon ran off. "Liu Ying, do you think that maybe they are..."

Liu Ying gazed towards Adam and Patamon, catching on what Gayathri was insinuating. "Maybe..."



In the meantime, Patamon flew quietly up towards Deltamon's head from behind. The massive dinosaur did not even realize that he was there. He then decided to make his presence known, a plan already hatched in his mind.

"Hey, you! Look behind!" he yelled, and took a deep breath, filling his oral cavity with air as much as possible.

Deltamon heard a squeaky, yet challenging voice, calling out to him from behind and turned away. Patamon quickly seized this time to launch his attack.

"Boom Bubble, Pah!"

Patamon had shot out a bubble of concentrated air right towards Deltamon's left eye. Deltamon roared as his vision acuity decreased, and pain seared from his left eye towards his whole head. He felt dizzy instantly. Patamon launched another attack, aiming for Deltamon's right eye, but Deltamon now knew better.

"You stupid guinea-pig just never learn your lesson! I'll kill you now!" Deltamon roared and smacked the little hamster with his skull-arm. Patamon was sent plunging backwards, and to the hamster's surprise, he was caught by somebody. It was the boy.

"Ooof! Gotcha!" Adam grunted.

"You!" Patamon cried in surprise. "What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here! Deltamon would just…"

"Oh, and Deltamon has already seen the boy, and he's gonna make a good lunch out of him!" Deltamon boomed loudly with an evil sneer. "A human boy! This is a pleasant surprise…I've never devoured on a human before, but no matter. Variety is good!"

"Run! I'll stop him!" Patamon yelled and jumped out from Adam's arms.

It was then something that neither Adam nor Patamon could fathom occurred. The White DigiSphere inside Adam's pocket flew out and released a brilliant flash of white light which forced everyone to cover their eyes. Patamon felt invigorated by the light and power surged within his tiny body. Then, with another flash of white light Patamon had transformed once again to Centarumon.

"I'm back in my Champion form!" Centarumon said, awed. He then eyed Adam with a curious wonder. "Could he be…"

"ROAAAAHHHH!" Deltamon roared loudly, the pain on his left eye increased in multifold due to the brilliance of the light.

Youkomon and Fairymon however, did not seem to be bothered by the light. In fact, the light seemed to have returned their strength back. Quickly they went into position, preparing to attack Deltamon at any moment notice.

"Centarumon, take Adam to safety!" Youkomon shouted.

"We'll distract him," Fairymon added.

Centarumon observed Adam a little longer. "Adam…" He had now known the boy's name. Could he be my partner? He thought. The boy was without a partner before, unlike the two human girls.

"Quickly Adam, on my back," Centarumon said. "I need to get you to safety."


The light dissipated and Deltamon's visions cleared. He roared angrily upon seeing Adam and Centarumon.

"Pretty fancy light trick there, boy…but that won't be able to save you for long!"

Adam gulped. "You don't have to tell me twice," he said and quickly got on Centarumon's back. Settling himself down on Centarumon's back, he grabbed Centarumon's human torso. "Ok, I'm ready. Go, Centarumon."

The way Adam said that to him made Centarumon felt that even if the boy might not be his partner, Centarumon would still gladly obey the boy. The boy was brave enough to come and protect him. Centarumon would be willing to do anything to make sure the boy would be safe from Deltamon's wrath. He made a start to gallop back towards the forest when suddenly his body glimmered with a myriad of light.

The environment around them suddenly changed; Deltamon, Youkomon and Fairymon had suddenly vanished from Centarumon's sight. The forest, the meadow and the village were gone too. Around Centarumon and Adam there was an only white, with swirls of red and black lights materializing around them. Centarumon then felt a sudden surge of strange new power erupting from within the very core of his life. His body grew twice as large and the furs on his palomino body were replaced by smooth black scales. His human torso too lost its hair, the smooth skin replaced by white and blue scales. The helmet Centarumon wore was lifted upwards, revealing a rather humanly face, with some horse-like characteristics. The brown eyes glimmered with dark crimson as the face turned to resemble that of a dragon. His nose elongated ever so slightly to form a draconic snout, and a horn crafted to resemble a thunderbolt erupted from it. Gleaming, bulky red armor began to materialize on Centarumon's body and wrists. A large red bow appeared on his hand, and a hilt of arrows appeared around the waist of his humanly torso. Long, crimson mane of hair grew out from his hind, forming an elegant looking tail. The lights then dissipated and everything around them formerly – the Digimon, the meadow, the village and the forest – reappeared.

Adam was awed beyond belief. All the while he had witnessed Centarumon underwent an awesome transformation. Suddenly a bright glow descended from out of nowhere and onto Adam's palm. A D3 Digivice appeared from the glow, and it was still warm when it landed on Adam's palm. It was pale blue in color, with glittering silver linings.

"A D3 like Gayathri's and Liu Ying's! I'm a DigiWira…and Centarumon is my partner!" he gasped with elatedness. "Centarumon…?"

"I am Sagittarimon now, dear friend," the former-Centarumon replied with a deeper, regal voice compared to Centarumon's rough tone. "Adam, hold on to me closely. How do you feel that we end this battle quickly?"

"You can do that?" Adam asked, amazed and assured of the confidence in Sagittarimon's voice. He held onto Sagittarimon's gleaming blue scaled human torso and said, "Go ahead, then."

Sagittarimon turned around; his new form impressively stood until the level of Deltamon's shoulders. Suddenly on his side, Youkomon appeared beside him, seemingly from out of thin air. On his other side, Fairymon descended from the sky.

"Cool! A new partner," Fairymon commented.

"Pah. New armor, same old body! I'll still beat you!" Deltamon shouted, unimpressed, though Sagittarimon did look more intimidating than Centarumon ever did. "Triplex Force!"

"Let's attack him together," Youkomon said quickly. She lit her nine tails with crimson flames and aimed for the metallic head-hand. "Fox Tail Inferno!"

"Hurricane Wind!" Fairymon joined in, sending a twister of pink hurricane gale straight towards the skull-hand.

The two attacks collided with the beams released from the skull and the metal-head. Youkomon's nine fireballs blasted onto the beam released by the metal-head one by one, weakening its force until three entered the mouth of the metal-head. The metal-head then exploded! Fairymon too, demonstrated a unique level of control of her wind power. She engulfed the beam unleashed by the skull-head with her hurricane, and slowly but surely, she began to redirect the path of the beam back towards the skull-head. The skull-head slowly cracked and combusted as well!

Sagittarimon saw the incoming beam, originating from Deltamon's head. He took out an arrow from the holder and fixed it at his bow. "Judgment Arrow!"

As he shot the gleaming black arrow towards Deltamon's mouth, the arrow suddenly sparked with brilliant white, black and red electric sparks as it zoomed straight towards the beam; splitting it cleanly into two before shooting right through Deltamon's opened maw, piercing the thick leathery hide around the nape and shot out towards the clear afternoon sky.

The effect was immediate. Deltamon fell backwards, and his head was slowly decomposing into data particles which floated up towards the sky. After his head vanished, his whole body, arms and tails soon followed; they combusted into data all at once. The effect was dazzling. For a moment, the light blue sky was showered with dark blue data particles, which all soon floated higher and higher before disappearing into thin air.

For a moment, Adam was transfixed on Sagittarimon; he had just witnessed a killing a few seconds ago. The effect was not as gory as depicted in television, there was no blood involved at all, but still…

"Adam," Sagittarimon said slowly. "I hope you understand that Deltamon's deletion was necessary."

"I know. Liu Ying's right; this is necessary," Adam replied. His face was pale ever so slightly. "I'm just going to have to let all these sink in for a while."

"This is righteous, Adam," Youkomon said. "Deltamon did not deserve mercy, after the brutal killings he had committed."

"He was a classic bad guy, through and through," Fairymon said consolingly. "The Digital World's a better place without him."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Adam said with a smile as he slid down the smooth armor of Sagittarimon. From a distance he saw Gayathri and Liu Ying coming towards them. Youkomon and Fairymon instantly dedigivolved into their Rookie forms, while Sagittarimon remained as he was.

"Wow, Adam," Gayathri said breathlessly. "We saw everything. I mean, WOW! You and Sagittarimon…I knew it."

"Huh? Knew what?" Adam asked.

"That you two would be partners. The way you chased Patamon just now…" Gayathri answered smilingly.

Liu Ying stepped forward and looked at Adam. She was a little taller than the boy, which made her glare looked much more intimidating. "So, I think you now know what we're up against."

Adam nodded. "Yeah, I guess so. You were right, Liu Ying. Sometimes, perhaps…deleting evil Digimon is the only way."

And for the first time, Adam saw the willowy girl gave him a genuine smile. Liu Ying extended her hand; all hostility she had exhibited earlier had seemingly vanished with a blink of the eye. Adam took her hand gingerly and smiled back.

"Welcome to the team, leader."



In a flash of blinding white light, Adam saw that he was back at his apartment, in front of his computer. His D3 and DigiSphere were there on the computer table. At the monitor, a small window appeared and TobuCatmon's face covered the whole window wholly.

"This is how we'll be communicating from now on," the cat-bat said. "Your D3 will glow whenever your help is needed once again. I suppose that with Deltamon's gone we can expect a few days of peace in the Digital World. Until then, I will see you later." The window was closed.

After the battle, he, Liu Ying, Gayathri and their partners accompanied Sagittarimon to his village. Part of the village was in ruins, as a result of Deltamon's assault. While Labramon and Floramon both would be following their DigiWira partners back home, Sagittarimon had requested to stay behind, at least temporarily. He would need to attend to other matters. With his new powers and strength he and the villagers would rebuild their village, Sagittarimon knew that he now had other obligation, as a partner of a DigiWira. He would have to elect a new leader for the village to take his place, as his loyalty now was to Adam. Adam wished them luck on rebuilding the village before they parted ways.

They then returned to the Forest Sanctum where TobuCatmon was waiting for them. He then produced a battered old TV set, which to Adam's amusement and wonder, would be their way home. Following Gayathri and Liu Ying's demonstration, Adam held his D3 in front of the TV and felt himself being absorbed by it. In a moment, he was back, at his home, safe and sound.

Suddenly the apartment's door opened and in walked an attractive young woman dressed in a smart brown suit and a matching long beige skirt. She wore a stylishly done lime yellow scarfwhich covered her hair and part of her body. Her face was lightly made up.

"Hi, Adam," she greeted. Then she frowned upon looking at Adam, the boy's shirt and jeans were slightly dirty, and from the looks of it, Adam's skin was rather glossy, due to sweat that had accumulated from morning until evening. "Had a nice time playing today, I see. Did you get my note?"

"Oh…hi, Kak Lisha!" Adam greeted his older sister back with a wide smile. "Back so soon? It's only…" his eyes trailed at the clock, hung on the wall near the computer. "Six thirty? Wow, how time flies."

Alisha Ariff smiled affectionately towards her younger brother as she took off her slippers before closing the door. She was carrying two plastic bags with foods inside. She placed the bags on the dinner table and turned to look at her brother. "So what have you been doing this day?"

"Well…" Adam grinned as he remembered that eventful day. "I've made some new friends today. We really had fun."

Author's Notes:

Here it is finally, a Malaysian DigiDestined story. I hope you enjoyed reading the pilot chapter.

This chapter may require some explanations.

1. While the name Adam is also a common American/English name, in Malaysia there are many Malaysian Malay boys having the name Adam as well, but with a slightly different pronunciation. In Malaysia, it is pronounced as Ah-'dum' (with 'dum' rhymes with rum and mum).

2. Liu Ying is described as being willowy. In a certain Chinese dialect, Liu means willow. Ying is a common Chinese name for females, and depending on the name preceding it, males as well.

3. Gayathri (gah-ya-tree) is also a rather common name given to Indian girls.

4. Malaysian school-goers are required to wear school uniform to school, which have been described in the story.

5. All Asians usually have dark hair and eyes, but since this is a Digimon story and characters are known to have impossible hair and eye colors, I'm varying the color of hairs and eyes between the characters (logically, although with some French ancestry, neither TK nor Matt could ever hope of inheriting the blond-hair-blue-eyes genes.) But I'll stick with the darker shades, around black, brown and grey.

6. Wira means hero in Malay. Wira Digital can be translated as Digital Heroes. The term DigiWira is something I've come up from the same thing.

7. Songkok is a black headgear worn by Malay males, usually during the festive Eid-Ul-Fitr season or more commonly, to attend prayers at the mosque or going to religious meetings / classes. Wearing a songkok to school is acceptable, though most students prefer not to wear it. The songkok is not an obligatory garment as it is related more to the Malay culture rather than the religion (Islam).

8. Baju kurung is a traditional female Malay costume, consisting a long-sleeved wear and a long skirt. Nowadays, females of other races wear them as well. It is acceptable for females to wear baju kurung practically anywhere.

9. Nasi lemak is a famous local delicacy in Malaysia – consists usually of rice cooked with coconut milk, served with fried groundnuts and anchovies, sliced cucumbers, hard-boiled egg / fried egg, and spicy squid or anchovies with gravy made from chili paste, garlic, ginger and sugar blended together. Sambal sotong is a usual condiment accompanying nasi lemak; it is squid in spicy gravy.

10. Kak is short of 'kakak' which means older sister. Malays usually refer to their older sisters with Kak, followed by the name, or more commonly, by a shortened, endeared form of their name. In this story, Adam's sister's name is Alisha, and Adam addresses her as Kak Lisha (Older sister Lisha). The term is also used broadly by people of all races to address any Malay females older than them, but not quite old enough to merit the title 'Aunty'. :D

11. The school life depicted in this chapter is a rather typical Monday school day.

12. The PMR is the initials for the Lower Secondary Assessment Examination, taken at the end of Form Three to guide the students on what subjects to take the following year of education.

13. Adam's hesitance to touch Labramon (a dog Digimon) is explained due to the reason he has given. Later, however, he'll be able to differentiate a real dog and a dog-based Digimon.

14. Lastly, something about the Digimon – I prefer the name Fairymon rather than Kazemon, hence the usage of the original name, but the attacks are of the dubbed ones.

15. I recommend going to Wikipedia and type the word 'Malaysia' if anybody is interested. :)

Chapter last edited: 27th March 2008