Chapter 80 – The Heirs of Grademon, Part II


SkullSatamon advanced towards them, laughing. "It all ends here, DigiWira. You've lost your powers while I remain an Ultimate. All of you are really at my mercy." He declared that with arrogance, and it wasn't misplaced – he had indeed won. He swung his staff; the orb perched on top of the staff glinted ominously. "And I have no mercy."

The ominous threat disturbed the DigiWira, but they kept a brave front.

"We may have lost our digivolution powers," said Adam, hands glowing with light orbs as they all got up. "But we still have our powers!"

"Yeah, that's right," said JD, clapping Adam's back before glaring towards SkullSatamon. "We can still fight!"

Similarly, JD's began flaring with flames and crackling psionic bolts. Liu Ying's hands glimmered with sparkling golden stars, Gayathri's emitted soft pink strands of wind that spiraled around her body while Manny's gurgled with pure water and concentrated thunderbolts.

"This is going to be interesting," snorted SkullSatamon contemptuously, "Five measly human adolescents against me? An Ultimate Digimon, whose power is at the pinnacle of the Ultimate level? An Ultimate, who has beaten Megas before? Don't make me laugh. Even Grademon had difficulties in battling me, and he too had been a powerful Ultimate. Despite still having your powers, you can't even hope to beat me."

"If you think we care with all those facts, you're wasting your stinking breath," retorted JD.

Adam glanced across his shoulder to assess their partners' conditions. As their eyes met, Patamon glowed and digivolved into Centarumon, while the others remained as Rookies. Nonetheless they were all as determined as their partners. Adam wondered how long the Rookies would be able to stand up against an Ultimate such as SkullSatamon. With their special powers, granted by their DigiSpheres, the DigiWira were only on par with average Champions.

"We're ready," said Centarumon.

"All of us," added Labramon, as the other Rookies nodded. All had their eyes set for the incoming battle.

They had reached this far; battling SkullSatamon was the only thing they could do now. They had successfully stripped SkullSatamon off his Class 3 Mega level, and that was already an accomplishment, despite losing their Wira forms in the process. They still had their powers – they had to make the most out of it.

SkullSatamon sneered. "Very well. We'll see how much good your powers do you."

To the DigiWira's alarm SkullSatamon faded into an afterimage as the real SkullSatamon appeared before Adam, suspended in the air with his staff brought up high, ready to strike. The orb on the staff glowed – he would not survive the blow.

"ADAM!" Centarumon aimed his cannon. "HUNTING CANNON!"

SkullSatamon snorted and slapped the bolt of light away, but the attack gave time for Adam to teleport to safety. Undaunted, the demon then charged towards the other four DigiWira, swinging his staff in frenzy. He was blasted halfway by a torrent of flames and streaks of thunderbolt from JD and Manny, but the two attacks did little to really stop him for long. SkullSatamon flexed his skeletal body inward before pushing back the attacks against the two boys, knocking them off their feet and sending them flying.

"Have a nice flight," the demon said callously.

"JD! Manny! Hang on!"

Liu Ying extended her hands forward and the two boys were suspended in midair. She lowered her hands and the boys descended slowly, but gasped when SkullSatamon made his way towards her. She was forced to let go of the boys – they landed with a thud – to raise a telekinetic barrier. It was conjured just in time as SkullSatamon's staff connected with it. The barrier crackled before deflecting a portion of the blow back towards him, while the other half sent Liu Ying, JD and Manny rolling over the ground.

Seeing their partners in danger, the Rookies charged to prevent SkullSatamon from harming their partners. Agumon let out fireballs that bounced away from SkullSatamon harmlessly. Penguinmon and Muchomon both soared towards the demon master, unleashing their Endless Slaps, but they were slapped away instead. Labramon let out a spiraling wave of energy out of her mouth alongside a howl, her move mirrored by Salamon who had the same attack. Floramon and Lalamon targeted pollens and seeds onto the demon's eye sockets, while Gatomon attempted to use her hypnotic power on the demon.

"Wretched fools!" A burst of dark aura was let out from his body and all the Rookies were sent flying. A second later, volleys of energy orbs hit him from behind. SkullSatamon turned.

Centarumon loaded his cannon, staring at him coldly. "Bullying Rookies? How about taking on someone your own size?"

"Since you asked so nicely…" SkullSatamon streaked towards Centarumon and Adam. "I'm inclined to oblige."

"Now, Adam!"

Adam extended his arms heavenward and showers of light came from the dark night sky. From the lights, boulders rained upon SkullSatamon as the piles of destroyed buildings around the park slowly vanished in swirls of light – Adam was teleporting the ruins of the destroyed buildings onto SkullSatamon! Unlike his fellow DigiWira he had no means of blasting his enemies outright and had to rely on strategy, and SkullSatamon wasn't allowing him time to use his combustion power – he had to rely on basic teleportation power which he had mastered.

SkullSatamon laughed and swung his staff with rapid ease, deftly destroying or deflecting the boulders away, much to Adam's dismay.

"This isn't working," he grunted.

"No Adam, continue doing that!" shouted Liu Ying. "I have an idea."

Adam nodded and did as his fellow DigiWira had wished. He then saw the boulders hung in stasis, before moving in a manner that suggested them as having minds of their own. From the corner of his eyes he saw Liu Ying's arms flailing, as if she was dancing. The boulders orbited SkullSatamon before simultaneously crushing upon him from multiple directions. The demon staggered.

"Neat," said JD, impressed. "Now's my turn!" He charged up his psionic power into his right fist and slammed it onto the ground. From the fist the power was channeled in one straight line towards where SkullSatamon was standing, digging a trench along the way, before bursting with energy which caused SkullSatamon losing his balance. "How do you like that, numbskull?"

"Now's my chance!" Gayathri zipped towards the staggering demon, utilizing her super-speed to circle around SkullSatamon over and over again. All the while, the pink strands that she released with her run intensified until the winds began to pick up around the demon, akin to a mild tornado. The pink tornado engulfed SkullSatamon as Gayathri retreated, raising him from the ground.

SkullSatamon roared and tore the hurricane strands into pink dusts. "Admirable attempt, but…" He leaped towards Gayathri.

Not relenting, Gayathri released her supersonic scream that halted the demon in midair. That gave her the chance to retreat to safety.

SkullSatamon shook off the scream. "Interesting battle exercises," he said, spinning his staff. "Let's take it up a notch!"

"What's he trying to do?" Gayathri wondered, watching as the spinning staff began to glow with dark aura.

Manny's eyes widened when SkullSatamon sent the spinning staff flying towards the Petronas Twin Towers. He trailed the direction it was taking. "He's gonna destroy the bridge!"

The spinning staff crashed against the supports that held the sky bridge between the two towers. The bridge began to lose hold as they slipped against the two buildings. Horrible creaks and whines echoed before the bridge bent over from the twin towers. Then it started to fall, looming over the shopping complex that was built at the base in between the two towers.

SkullSatamon zipped away, appearing right under the falling bridge, supporting it as he descended towards the ground. For one who lacked muscle mass, SkullSatamon's strength was a surprise to all DigiWira – and he knew it too. He cocked his head towards Adam, cackled, before unleashing dark fireballs from the sockets of his eyes, forcing Adam to teleport away. At that same exact moment, he threw the bridge all the way towards not the DigiWira, but the honorary DigiWira and JD's siblings who had no special powers.

"Oh no!" shrieked Gayathri. "Everyone! RUN!!"

It was no use. The bridge's massive structure would easily crush any of them despite how far they managed to run. Its shadow engulfed them; shaking them right through the core and making their knees go weak. They stumbled on the grounds and stared up at the looming bridge with fear.

"ADAM!" shouted Alisha fearfully. Her eyes searched wildly for her brother, knowing that only he could teleport them away to safety. "HELP!"

Kak Lisha...! Upon his name being called, Adam reappeared, but SkullSatamon continued to overwhelm him with fireballs, disrupting Adam's concentration so that he wouldn't be able to use his teleportation power to disrupt the bridge or to teleport other people away. Teleporting himself was second nature, but to teleport others required him to concentrate – and SkullSatamon knew that too. Several fireballs nearly grazed him – one actually caught his shirt on the shoulder before it was repelled by the light orbs Adam unleashed upon his retreat.

"Help yourself before you even think of helping others, boy!" SkullSatamon tossed more fireballs towards Adam when he reappeared, forcing Adam to vanish once again.

Liu Ying screamed and extended her hands, calling desperately for her telekinesis to halt the bridge's descent. She fell to her knees instantly, her body shaking as the bridge's descent was slowed. It hung merely ten meters away from the honoraries and allies, and despite being suspended telekinetically gravity became Liu Ying's worst enemy as it negated her power by slowly pulling the bridge closer to its victims.

Liu Ying pressed her hands on her temples. Her face contorted in pain. "It's too heavy!"

"Hang on! I'll help!" From within the bridge's shadow, Jackie assisted Liu Ying with his own telekinesis, but he could only halt the bridge's descent momentarily. It was too large and heavy for him and Liu Ying to shift away.

"Gayathri! Use your wind power," urged Manny. "Maybe you can help Liu Ying and Jackie push it away."

"I'm on it." Gayathri whispered for the winds and a gale formed around the bridge. She gasped; the bridge was too rigid for her to push away with the winds. Liu Ying's and Jackie's telekinesis were holding it in stasis; she couldn't use her wind power to push it away as that would only nullify what Liu Ying and Jackie were trying to do. Thus she was forced to change the current, making them pushing upwards so that it would further support the bridge. After several seconds, she staggered and fell to her knees as well.

"Gayathri!!" Floramon exclaimed in worry.

"I'm alright," grunted Gayathri. She took a deep breath and willed out everything she had to stop the bridge's descent. Her wind power worked in suspending the bridge completely, but not without straining her to her limit.

JD and Manny ran towards the suspended bridge and tried thrusting their hands through the wind current. The wind shoved their hands away – it was too strong. In the meantime there was no way for their trapped allies to escape as well – Jade tried pushing his way through the current but was knocked away back into the shadows.

"Gayathri, you have to withdraw your power!" said Manny, alarmed. "They can't escape with the winds propelling the bridge up and…" He stopped, noticing that the bridge was slowly descending, despite having telekinesis and wind power to hold it in place.

"But if I let go…" Blood trickled down Gayathri's right nostril, a sign of power strain.

"What should we do..." Manny whispered.

JD, swearing under his breaths as he shifted his gazes between Adam and Centarumon – both were overwhelmed by SkullSatamon's rapid fireballs – and his siblings and friends who were trapped under the looming bridge. His fist flared, fueled by his anger. "I can punch the bridge away."

"No, you might destroy it to pieces," stopped Manny. "And the destroyed pieces would crash on them. Don't act rashly."

"Then what the hell are we going to do?!" shouted JD in frustration.

"Gayathri, let go!" shouted Jackie from underneath the looming, suspended bridge. The digital man rolled on his back and his hands shot up towards the bridge. "I'll use all my power to hold it! Trust me!"

Gayathri let go and collapsed, still conscious but had weakened greatly. JD bent down and began helping Dina out; the distance between the bridge and the ground only allowed a man no taller than JD to walk out without having to bend their body, but as all of them had fallen on their knees and consumed in fear, they could only crawl out. Manny helped Abu while JD grabbed hold on Alisha after Dina was safely pulled out. The bridge whined and descended even lower.

Jackie fell on his back, but quickly shoved both hands up. Veins sprouted out from his arms, signing just how much power he was using. Cold beads of sweat dampened his face as he pushed his power to the limit. The distance between the bridge and the ground was no taller than a regular teen's height. He saw that Jade and Jas were forced to lie on their chests in their attempts to move out.

"Jackie, hang on!" JD and Alisha both grabbed Jas's hands while Manny and Abu held Jade's. "Just a few more…"

"There's no time!" cried Jackie, and instantly all of them were blasted away by an invisible force.

"No…" Blood trickled out of Liu Ying's nostrils. She lost her hold on the bridge and saw it crashing down just as JD, Manny and the others were sent flying. The close distance between the bridge and the ground resulted in the bridge's structure remaining intact after the crash, but it was now on the ground instead of over it. She didn't see Jackie coming out. "No…"

"NOOOO!! JACKIE!!" JD pushed himself up and ran towards the wrecked bridge. He charged his fist and attempted pushing it away. However, the bridge wasn't wrecked due to its fall being halted, which made it difficult for JD to move it – all the blond teen succeeded in doing was to destroy the thick the bridge's glass windows when his fist connected with its solid steel structure.

"Jackie…" Manny closed his eyes, his body shook with grief.

"This can't be happening," gasped Gayathri. "Not Jackie…"

Stunned, Liu Ying was the first who cried; she was the closest to the digital human. He had been there for her during the months when she was the only DigiWira. She couldn't take this – first TobuCatmon, now Jackie. Her vision blurred as her breaths slowly became labored in sorrow. She clasped her hand over her mouth, looked down and gazed on her tears dropping on the ground.

The crash had attracted Adam and Centarumon, and a wave of sorrow washed over Adam. He realized instantly what had happened. He paled. "No…"

"Oh, yes," said SkullSatamon, stopping his attack. "That meddling digital human is deleted. Looks like I'm making progress."

"Progress?" Adam whispered, his brows furrowed, angered at the demon's nonchalance. He had stopped teleporting away, now standing rigidly as he stared at SkullSatamon. The fireballs launched his way instantly combusted into data particles when they got too close to him and Centarumon.

"Adam...?" Centarumon cast a worried look over his human partner.

SkullSatamon stared at Adam with wonder, a flicker of worry evident from the glow in his eye sockets.

Adam's gray irises darkened. "Progress? You sick monster…I've had enough of your game! You are going down!"

Despite his eyes blackening, the opposite took place all over his body. Pure white light coated all over his body, shining brighter with every passing second. Amidst the dark night, with no other light source other than the moon and the stars, the glittering Adam was like a beacon in the dark. The light slowly expanding, enveloping SkullSatamon, Centarumon and all the other Digimon, DigiWira and humans nearby.

The other DigiWira and their friends raised their arms to block the light, but the light was nothing but soothing when it washed over them.

SkullSatamon screamed – the white light was burning with holy radiance as it engulfed him. His body shook in pain.

Adam let out a soft sigh, and the lights exploded – sending a wave of focused combustion power upon SkullSatamon. The demon was blasted away in a series of explosions that sent him flying as far as the twin towers, crashing against the right tower. The light faded, but never left Adam.

SkullSatamon shook himself from the tower where he had crashed upon – his hulking body had left a mark on the tower. He landed on the ground before heading towards the DigiWira. Despite what just happened, he laughed.

"Ha! You can't delete me with that light power of yours! Not without ascending to darkness..."

"I won't succumb to my emotions, it's not gonna help anyone," said Adam. With one fluid motion of his hands, the aura around Adam transformed into a shrieking firebird – this was his power of light, transformed into its truest form of energy. The burning light was channeled to his hands as he held them together at the side of his body. "I'm gonna do this instead! HAAAA!!"

With a cry akin to a battle cry, Adam brought his hands forward and unleashed the focused light in form of a glowing, screeching firebird.

SkullSatamon braced himself to receive the attack, but soon realized that it wasn't directed towards him. The firebird engulfed Centarumon – who happened to be in the path between him and Adam. The holy-charged firebird engulfed Centarumon, and it disturbed SkullSatamon when a transformation took place.

Centarumon, slide digivolve to….Sagittarimon!

The regular Sagittarimon stood on his hind legs before thumping his front hooves soundly, releasing meteorites that crashed upon SkullSatamon. Not allowing the demon a chance to recover, the Armor Digimon released an elemental-charged arrow that grazed his skeletal shoulder. SkullSatamon pushed forward and Sagittarimon, now as big as SkullSatamon, tackled the demon by slamming his hooves on the demon's ribcage. Yet SkullSatamon remained standing, and a sound punch sent Sagittarimon flying. The draconic centaur landed on all fours and sent more flaming meteors towards the demon.

The other four DigiWira gazed at their leader, amazed of what Adam had just done. The lights Adam had released earlier still remained on them.

"Whoa!" said Gayathri, amazed, inspecting the glow. "It's like the Deistic Aurora…but a bit different."

"He never fails to pull out a miracle from his belt," said Manny with a small smile.

"I feel energized," said Liu Ying, brows furrowed. "This is so strange…"

"Not that strange," said JD, remembering the first time he had seen Adam snap – it was when he and Adam were at the Dark Ocean, fighting against Dragomon. "That's what you get when you've pushed him to the edge…" He balled his hands into fists, and the white glow that coated him shifted into flaring red. He smirked. "Guys, try summoning your own powers, see what happens."

Similarly, on the other three DigiWira the pearly glow shifted into calm blue, sparkling gold and soft pink. The DigiWira focused their inner powers and the aura around them shifted into a dragon, a merman, a nine-tailed fox and a sprite with butterfly wings. They withdraw their hands to one side, mirroring what Adam had done to energize their partners.

Agumon digivolve to… Flarelizamon!

Penguinmon digivolve to… Depthmon!

Labramon digivolve to… Youkomon!

Floramon digivolve to…. Fairymon!

"Yeah!!" JD roared, thrusting his still-flaring fist up. "Get him!"

The five Champions circled around SkullSatamon and released their attacks all at once. Flarelizamon summoned flaming pillars from the ground where SkullSatamon stood. The demon hissed in pain as flames shot through his body, but a burst of dark aura from his body and the flames were quenched. Before long, water pellets slammed the demon from the sides. SkullSatamon glanced to his side and snarled towards Depthmon, and with one flick of his arm he sent the armored Digimon flying with a wave of dark aura.

"Pathetic," snarled SkullSatamon. "You all are merely Champions."


Seeing Flarelizamon and Depthmon shoved away, Fairymon and Youkomon combined their attacks instead. The flaming tornado trapped SkullSatamon, burning upon him ferociously.

Obviously irritated, SkullSatamon shook the flaming tornado off – he was an Ultimate and his strength was greater. "That was somewhat impressive, but still…NAIL BONE!!"

To the Champions' surprise, the demon streaked towards them with unbeatable speed. His bone staff slammed against each Champion, knocking the winds out of them. The five Champions fell onto the ground, sprawled haphazardly from the blow they had received.

SkullSatamon basked on the horrified looks the five DigiWira had. "This is the end!"

"No, it's not," whispered Adam, closing his eyes as the white aura that he was emitting flared into a firebird once again. "Sagittarimon, digivolve!"

The white firebird aura flew out from Adam towards Sagittarimon. It caught the fallen centaur and his whole body sparkled. Sagittarimon's eyes snapped open and he rose to his feet once again, spirals of white and gold coating his armor.

"Impossible!" SkullSatamon roared, as the lights from Sagittarimon began to burst, blinding his sight.

Sagittarimon, Golden Armor Mode Change to…. Sagittarimon Radiant Mode!!

The Ultimate-powered Sagittarimon, his pearly armor shining like sunlight, tackled SkullSatamon from the back, giving time for the other partners to recover.

The centaur's transformation invigorated the other DigiWira and partners. Immediately JD, Manny, Liu Ying and Gayathri followed Adam's suit.

This time around, however, something different happened.

The red dragon and blue merman coalesced together into a dark purple aura that struck both Flarelizamon and Depthmon, while the golden kitsune and the pink sprite were focused into an orange wave of light that engulfed Youkomon and Fairymon. The four Champions then morphed into motes of lights that streaked straight towards the heavens.

Flarelizamon… Depthmon…. DNA digivolve to… Reichmon!!

Youkomon… Fairymon…. DNA digivolve to… Lilymon!!

The girls – having used all their powers – slumped onto the boys who caught them. JD supported Liu Ying while Manny carefully balanced Gayathri. Their weights however forced them to sit on the ground. Before them, Adam stood still for a moment before the light faded. Adam fell on his knees.

"We've given all we've got, you guys," said Adam, his voice low. He then crawled towards the other DigiWira, going behind and in between JD and Manny. All of them could no longer use their powers to defend themselves; what they had had been used to power up their Digimon all the way to their Ultimate and Golden Armored levels. "It's now up to you three."

The two Ultimates flew in a zigzag motion towards SkullSatamon, whom Sagittarimon had released from his hold. SkullSatamon knocked his bone staff upon Sagittarimon, but this time around it was met with Sagittarimon's sturdy bow. A struggle of power ensued between the two opposing forces.

"Manticore Firestorm!"

"Flower Cannon!"

A fiery Chimera and a green energy orb crashed over SkullSatamon's back just as Sagittarimon withdrew his bow. Seeing SkullSatamon falling, he positioned an arrow to the bow string.

"Celestial Judgment Arrow!"

Despite being knocked by Reichmon and Lilymon's attacks, the demon was still able to knock the arrow sent his way with his staff. Yet another arrow he hadn't foreseen struck through the shaft and pulled the staff away from his grasp. Before he could grab it, Lilymon seized it with her vines and threw it up towards the sky, where Reichmon's burning spear split it to two equal halves. The destroyed weapon degenerated into data.

"We've destroyed his weapon!" Sagittarimon exclaimed. "Now let's bring him down together! Celestial Judgment Arrow!"

"Flower Cannon!"

"Manticore Firestorm!"



SkullSatamon snarled at the surprising intensity the three attacks had as they pushed against him – it wasn't so easy for him to repel those attacks as he had done previously, for the three attacks were all full-fledged Ultimate-powered attacks. The dark matter he was letting out was only protecting him from being blasted by the attacks instead of nullifying them. Reichmon, Lilymon and Sagittarimon Radiant Mode were nowhere as powerful as the Ultimate forms of the Wira Digital; something, however, was fueling them to greater heights.

He cast a look towards the DigiWira, remembering how they used their powers to make their partners digivolve. Partner Digimon could not digivolve without the aid of their partners' Digivices, yet his foes were able to do so. They're more powerful now because they are fueled by the DigiWira's raw powers, he realized, feeling the attacks slowly corroding the dark aura he had conjured. The lightning white arrow especially, being holy-charged, was a bane to his dark power.

And they've destroyed my bone staff, he thought. Even Grademon's swords weren't able to do so. These three Ultimates are dangerous.

He channeled more power from the glowing orb inside his ribcage – where the powers he had collected from the generals – into his bony hands. Dark aura rippled more intensely and he pushed forward. It consumed the three separate attacks, compressing them until they dissipated into data before spreading out towards the three Ultimates. The darkness consumed the three Ultimates and they were blasted away by series of explosions.

SkullSatamon smirked; watching with great satisfaction as the three crashed onto the ground. But the satisfaction was short-lived, for the light that glowed from the orb inside his ribcage slowly began to fade.

Dread struck him.

I'm losing power. If this battle goes on, I'll be at a serious disadvantage!

SkullSatamon composed himself; despite having to rely on his own power now, he was still stronger than many Ultimates. Grademon had a hard time battling him when they went one on one three centuries ago. His battle experience was peerless. He was even successful in beating Megas with his speed and concentrated dark mater. These three Ultimates before him….what are they, he thought. Two DNA digivolved and one Golden Armored – they weren't even real Ultimates, relying on humans to give them power. He laughed.

They can never beat me. What am I so worried about?



The three Ultimates scrambled back up and stood protectively before their DigiWira partners. Liu Ying and Gayathri both looked severely weakened, and the three boys wouldn't leave their teammates behind. Adam was very pale; it was obvious that he too was drained of his power.

Sagittarimon knew perfectly why: his partner had used all his remaining strength to independently digivolve Sagittarimon while the others were able to share their powers to invoke their partners' DNA digivolution. He knew that Adam couldn't teleport all five of them, and he would not teleport himself away and leave his friends behind. The others were at a safe distance, but the Ultimates wouldn't count on SkullSatamon to not make the other humans his targets. Their partners, however, were the Ultimates' primary concern, for they were at the midst of the battlefield.

"It's now up to you three…"

Sagittarimon, Reichmon and Lilymon all heard the empathic voice and froze. The voice was soft but filled with hope and trust towards them.

"We have to finish this battle fast!" said Sagittarimon. But how? SkullSatamon is still more powerful than any of us. What…wait….why is he looking so concerned of that fading orb inside his ribcage?

"That demon is still so powerful!" grunted Reichmon.

"So let's just try again!" Lilymon's joined hands morphed into glinting steel cannon.

"Got those words out of my mouth," Reichmon grunted again, energizing his black spear with greenish thunderbolts.

"No, wait! We're getting nowhere if we blindly send our attacks on him," Sagittarimon said. Reichmon and Lilymon looked at him. "See that orb inside SkullSatamon's ribcage?"

"Yeah. So?" Reichmon demanded.

"Did any of you notice that the glow in it decreasing? Half of that black orb was light yellow when we first fought him," pointed out Sagittarimon. "Now the glow's only a quarter of the orb."

"You mean…he is losing power?" said Lilymon, her voice hopeful.

Perhaps, thought Sagittarimon, wondering whether Lilymon was right. "There's no way to be absolutely sure, but he sure looked worried just now," said Sagittarimon. "We're now in our Ultimate forms because of our partners' powers. We can't afford to waste any of our remaining powers sending him attacks as individuals – SkullSatamon's more powerful than any of us."

"We know that," said Reichmon irritably. "So what do you want we do? Merge our powers?"

Sagittarimon's eyes widened. He recalled the stories he had heard when he was young, told by the elderly of his village. Several times, a story was brought up: a legendary power said to be created when Megas were a rarity.

"Actually, yes. YES! Thanks for the idea Reichmon – you've reminded me of something. We can merge our powers to win this fight."

Lilymon blinked. "How are we going to do that? As Aldiyamon you have the ability to merge our powers because of Adam's empathy. I don't suppose you have that power too?"

"I don't," said Sagittarimon excitedly. "But I have a good enough substitute. It's just so lucky that I'm a vaccine, you're a data and Reichmon's a virus. The DigiSpheres really didn't make mistake when they determined our Ultimate levels." He cast a look towards SkullSatamon, whose dark mater slowly was spreading out from his body.

"I don't understand," grunted Reichmon. "Why's that important all of a sudden?"

"No time to explain. Just follow my lead. Think of what you really want and focus your desire to your heart."

With that said, Sagittarimon glowed brilliantly with white aura until he appeared to be encased in a glimmering white aura.

"That shouldn't be too hard!" Reichmon held his spear with both hands and did what Sagittarimon had instructed. "All we want is to rid our two worlds of SkullSatamon!" Reichmon sparked with violet light before he shifted into what looked like an amethyst statue carved to perfection in his shape.

"We want to protect those who are important to us," whispered Lilymon, and she emitted orange lights before transforming into a chartreuse effigy.

The three crystallized Ultimates immediately melted into three motes of white, violet and chartreuse lights, soaring towards the dark heavens. Their voices echoed grandiosely, causing fear to those who crossed their paths as the three lights formed an arch, before looming down like shooting stars towards their intended target.

"Trinity Burst!"

The three lights merged into one shining silver streak of light that zapped straight towards SkullSatamon. A phoenix emerged from the silver streak, crying out a singsong requiem before blasting through the demon in a flash, so quick like a lightning strike, before emerging back as the three Ultimates behind the demon. SkullSatamon shrieked before his voice died out in horror – the dead silence that ensued was pierced by a resounding crack.

"This is the end for you, SkullSatamon!" Sagittarimon declared, and dedigivolved into Patamon. Similarly, Reichmon and Lilymon reverted to their Rookie selves.

"NOO!!" SkullSatamon convulsed horribly. The orb within his ribcage exploded into torrents of yellow lights, which in turn brutally dislodged each and every bone on his being. The bones scattered all around the grounds before dissolving into data. The skull was the last to go before it too burst into data particles.

SkullSatamon's voice died down as his data particles vanished into the darkness.



A long silence ensued. The five DigiWira were too shocked that they couldn't speak. When their partners joined them, squealing in delight of the defeat of their ultimate enemy, they still couldn't believe it just yet. Too much had happened; they couldn't help but be skeptical. SkullSatamon was their biggest enemy, the one who had remained hidden all these while, orchestrating everything, going against them and his own followers. When their Digimon partners pounced on them, too happy for their final victory, they only caught the squealing Rookies numbly, their joyous cries went directly through their heads. It was only when the honoraries ran towards them, waving and shouting, the truth sank in.

A grin broke on Adam's face first. He truly believed that SkullSatamon was gone this time, for his empathic power didn't get the strange vibes he had perceived when they thought Reapermon was beaten. They had truly won. His heart leaped with joy as he slung an arm each around JD and Manny. A merry laughter came out from his grin.

"Guys! We did it!!" He drew the still-shell-shocked JD and Manny closer, his eyes caught Liu Ying and Gayathri's whose heads were rested on the other two boys' laps. "We really did it!"

JD frowned, looking around him suspiciously before tilting his head to meet his cousin's eyes. "We thought so earlier, but he still came back."

"No, Josh," Adam giggled. "He's really gone. Really! I don't feel any dark vibe. I felt it earlier after we've beaten Reapermon, but now…it's gone. SkullSatamon's gone for sure."

"Really?" rasped Gayathri, still sounding weakened. "Because I can't take any more fighting. I'm too beat!"

"Really," assured Adam. He didn't care how many times he had to assure his friends that SkullSatamon was gone. He could repeat it a hundred times if they wanted. He inclined his head up, trying to address Patamon who was at his customary resting place – on Adam's head. "Patamon, what did you guys do to SkullSatamon? It was really neat!"

"That was the Trinity Burst," said Patamon. "It is a power that first came to being when Mega levels were an absolute rarity. Long time ago, it was said that a WarGrowlmon, a Taomon and a Rapidmon called upon this power to defeat their greatest enemy, a Gulfmon, who we all know is a Mega. The three good Digimon couldn't beat Gulfmon no matter how hard they tried, until they invoked the Trinity Burst and used it to defeat Gulfmon. It was then that they realized that the power could be called upon by three Ultimates, provided that the triad is constituted of a Vaccine, a Data and a Virus. WarGrowlmon, the leader, is a virus; Taomon is a data while Rapidmon is a vaccine. And so were we – Sagittarimon is a vaccine, Reichmon's a virus and Lilymon's a data."

"We've never seen you guys use the Trinity Burst before," said Liu Ying.

"Come to think of it, did our partners ever fight side by side in their Ultimate forms?" Manny pondered. "I can't remember."

"That's because we received the power to become Wira Digital, which are even more powerful than our Ultimate forms. Our DNA digivolved forms and Patamon's Golden Armored form became a back up," Labramon pointed out.

Patamon nodded vigorously. "You're right. We never had to use the Trinity Burst before. The thought of using it just came to me when Reichmon suggested merging our powers. Cool, isn't it? The Trinity Burst has the power of a Mega Digimon – there was no way SkullSatamon could beat that. He might be strong, but he was still an Ultimate, and he was up against three Ultimates."

"We did it, eh?" JD said, looking down at Liu Ying. He grinned at her. "We did it."

"Victory…" whispered Liu Ying. She didn't sound elated at all. Tears brimmed on her eyes. "At what price? Jackie…he's…"

"He's not dead," said a disembodied voice.

Everyone stiffened, but it was Adam who gasped in recognition. He had heard the voice before, and couldn't believe his ears when he heard it again. While JD and Manny promptly raised their hands, charging their powers, Adam looked around him, searching for the voice's owner. He then noticed his friends' reactions and gripped their shoulders to assure them.

The White, Pink and Yellow DigiSpheres flew out from their wielders and hovered mysteriously before the DigiWira. They glowed, and from the White DigiSphere an image was projected out. The DigiWira stared in awe at the golden knight that stood before them, whose twin swords gleamed and rich blue cape billowed to his ankles, rippling softly amidst the cool winds of the night. The image solidified and soon the knight no longer looked ghostly. The DigiSpheres then returned to their masters.

"Who are you?" demanded JD harshly, thinking that they were in danger once again. The golden knight before them truly looked imposing, and he stood too close to them to JD's liking.

"Josh, its okay," Adam assured. "Everyone, this is Grademon!"

Murmurs of surprise followed Adam's revelation.

"Hello again, Adam. And to you too, everyone," said Grademon, addressing the others, his voice still echoic. "I'm glad that you still remembered me Adam."

"Of course I do, Grademon," said Adam earnestly. "But…what are you doing here? Don't get me wrong, I just thought…well…"

Grademon chuckled. "Me being here means that you have beaten SkullSatamon. Congratulations, my heirs." He gazed warmly towards Liu Ying. "You'll be happy to know that your mentor, Jackie, is not dead." He cast a look towards the bridge and raised one hand towards it, before slowly raising it. The bridge was lifted telekinetically. And with a flourish flick of his other hand, golden light orbs swirled from under the bridge. A golden flash appeared beside them and they saw an unconscious Jackie, cocooned by a coat of blue light.

"Jackie!" Liu Ying struggled to sit up and turned to look at Jackie. "What…what happened to him?"

"He's inside a telekinetic cocoon," informed Grademon. The knight was silent for a moment, before adding, "Before the bridge crashed upon him, he managed to wrap himself inside a cocoon formed by his telekinetic power. Hadn't he managed to do so, he would be…deleted. Fortunately that wasn't the case, and now, he's very much alive. Unconscious, but alive."

Liu Ying let out a relieved sigh. "Thank goodness." She wiped her tears and allowed JD to help her sitting up properly.

"Grademon, I still don't get how you managed to be here," said Adam. "SkullSatamon told me that you used the Shield of Waja to trap him. The shield could only be used for evil intentions; if it's used for good the one using it would be destroyed."

"You are well informed, Adam. Any technique from the Nine Negations Dark Arts can corrupt a Digimon's data. A villainous Digimon's data was already corrupted to a certain degree, thus they would not be affected – their 'evilness' would override the corruption. However, good Digimon's data is pure – the corruption would take place within the Digimon's essence of life, destroying them completely. My mentor, Ancient Wisemon, managed to seal a portion of my Digi-Soul inside the White DigiSphere in his bid to save me, but it was already too late. Essentially, I am gone, but a part of me strongly wanted to see SkullSatamon defeated for good. I suppose that's what caused me to come back – I have vowed to be able to see the day when SkullSatamon is defeated for good. That part of my spirit was kept inside the White DigiSphere, and it is that part of my Digi-Soul which is what you are seeing now."

"So does that mean that you…are still dead?" Adam asked.

"I am dead," answered Grademon without missing a beat. "But now that I'm here, I better take a good look on each of my heirs." The golden knight gazed on each DigiWira. It was hard to determine what he was feeling for his face was completely masked, but the glint from his blue eyes seemed to suggest that he was smiling with joy and pride.

"See anything you like?" cracked JD. Everyone – including the honoraries who were now with them – laughed.

All except Adam, who gazed towards Grademon curiously. He had a feeling that Grademon was not telling them everything. He could sense that from his power.

Grademon chuckled. "There's no word I can use to convey how proud I am with all of you. The DigiSpheres couldn't have chosen better candidates," he said. His gaze lingered on JD and Manny. "Despite the Red and Blue DigiSpheres initially being in the hands of evil, I'm glad to see that everything has worked out for the best." His gaze trailed towards the honorary partners, particularly towards Salamon and Gatomon. His gaze held.

"It's us, Grademon," said Salamon. "The Saintly Siblings?"

"Of course he didn't recognize us, brother," chided Gatomon. "We were Angewomon and MagnaAngemon when he knew us."

"Alas, I did sense something familiar about you two," chuckled Grademon. "It's so good to see you again, my friends, and I see that you now have fulfilled your own destiny."

"I don't suppose you recognize me?" Lalamon asked. Grademon looked at her questioningly, before his eyes lighted.

"Rosemon," he said, sounding somewhat amused. "We meet again. You I did not expect to see. And…" He halted, the light in his eyes dimmed. "I know of what happened to Ophanimon and D'Arcmon. My sincerest condolences, Rosemon."

"They would have wanted to meet you too," said Lalamon solemnly.

Silence. Gayathri and Dina shared a sad look, remembering their loss. They sighed, knowing that no force in the world could bring back the dead. Merely three weeks had passed since Bel and D'Arcmon's demises, and the wound the two girls shared was still fresh. The emotional grief was kept at bay when their attentions were fixated on the evil Digimon's invasion, but when some semblances of normalcy came back, the impact of her death was renewed. Dina let out a soft gasp as tears brimmed within her eyes, and Alisha quickly drew her close for comfort.

"You…you are familiar," Grademon intoned, gazing towards the Muchomon. "Have we met?"

Opie chuckled nervously. "I think the correct question is, have we fought? And the answer is yes." Opie clicked his beak. "I was the Avian Shine Silphymon." He made special care to emphasize on the 'was', as it meant that he was no longer evil on his own accord.

Grademon nodded. "And now you're a partner. Who would have thought? To who are you partnered with?" He gazed towards Jade and Jas, for Abu and Alisha were clearly the partners to the Saintly Siblings and it was very obvious that Lalamon was partnered to Dina from the way the girl held her on her lap. Then he looked back at the orange penguin questioningly.

"My partner is Manny's sister," said Opie proudly. "She's still very young so she had to stay with her parents. I followed her brother here to help with the fight." He gazed towards Manny. "It was what Debbie – that's her name – wanted me to do."

"In exchange for a large bowl of mushroom soup," added Penguinmon with a snicker. Opie received the comment with good humor.

"Fate does work in a mysterious way," said Grademon. "I'm glad to see that you have found your true path."

"Yeah, well…it's a good thing you didn't delete me back then," replied Opie nervously.

Grademon chuckled before looking back at the DigiWira. The five teens were examining their broken Digivices.

"We might have won," said JD, "but we're also out from the loop. I don't think we can always do what we did today to digivolve our partners. That was way too draining."

"You don't have to," said Grademon.

"Can you fix them?" asked Liu Ying hopefully.

"I might be able to do something about it," answered the golden knight. "Hold up your Digivices."

Excited, the DigiWira did as they were told. A wave of golden light escaped Grademon's extended hand, and they were absorbed by the Digivices. The DigiWira watched in anticipation as the Digivices let out buzzes before they glowed with gold light and hovered from their hands.

Before their eyes, the broken Juara Digivices slowly shifted into five brand-new D4 Digivices, with color patterns akin to the ones the Juara Digivices had. Then the devices landed softly on the DigiWira's outstretched hands.

"With the exception of the shade of blue," said Manny, taking out Debbie's D4 Digivice from his pocket. Debbie's was white with a light blue trim, while Manny's was white with a dark blue trim, lined with gold at each side of the trim. "Mine looks exactly like Debbie's!"

"Regular Digivices?" Liu Ying pondered, examining her new Digivice. Her long brows furrowed slightly. "Does this mean that we can't Juara Access anymore?"

"I'm afraid not," said Grademon slowly. "The first Juara Digivice, which belonged to Adam, was created by Ophanimon using the Ivory Gem. When Adam replenished the powers of the other four Digivices, the power of the Ivory Gem was channeled to them, thus upgrading them into Juara Digivices as well."

Grademon paused, gazing down upon the five teens that stood before him before continuing. "When you summoned the Omega Purification, the Ivory Gem's power was used to its utmost limit in order to force Reapermon into devolving. That wiped out its power completely and thus your Juara Digivices were broken."

The DigiWira took a moment to process what Grademon had just told them.

"Wait a minute," said Manny. "We might have lost the ability to Juara Access, but what about the regular Digital Access? We used our old D3 Digivices and DigiSpheres to do so."

Grademon took longer than expected to answer Manny's question. "Yes," he said finally, his voice sounded somewhat strange. It was as if he was carefully choosing his words. "Theoretically, you should be able to Digital Access as well as channeling powers for your partners to digivolve to their highest achieved level."

Adam frowned. He had picked up Grademon's hesitance via his empathy. Grademon's rich blue eyes met his gaze momentarily, but the knight did not offer any explanation. Adam decided not to ask just yet; Grademon seemed to be waiting for the right time to reveal something important to them rather than holding them back altogether.

"So that means I can't become Satriamon Juara Mode again," said JD, frowning. "Aw, nuts! We just became Satriamon Juara Mode today! I'm still just getting the hang of it and now I'd never be able to!" JD sounded like he was joking, but nobody missed the hidden regretful tone underneath.

Liu Ying sighed. "I'll miss achieving Mega level too," she said. "But in exchange of constant peace…I think that's a fair exchange. We've beaten SkullSatamon for good. The Darkshadow Brethren and the Four Terrors are all gone as well. That means that we won't have to worry about our world getting attacked anymore."

"We finally can have some peace," whispered Gayathri.

"We've paid quite a heavy price for it," intoned Manny, somewhat melancholic.

"Yeah. Not being able to Juara Access anymore," muttered JD.

"I wasn't talking about that." Manny gestured around them – of the destroyed city of Kuala Lumpur. Remnants of skyscrapers scattered around them, some missing chunks and portions while others were obliterated completely. Even the two national landmarks had suffered – the KL Tower was obliterated while the Petronas Twin Towers, while still standing, had most of their windows destroyed and now had two glaring holes where the bridge was once connected at.

"Oh…" JD's ears burned in embarrassment.

"KL is never going to be the same again," said Adam softly.

"These damages no doubt will cost the country a lot. I have a feeling the tax's probably going to be raised to compensate for the restoration works," said Abu, sighing resolutely.

Adam gazed at the empty spot within the clusters of skyscrapers. "Part of it was my fault…" he said softly, referring to how Aldiyamon Ruin Mode caused the KL Tower to collapse in his fit of rage while battling Seraphimon Chaos Mode.

"There's a way to get around this matter," said Grademon, with a hint of anxiousness in his voice.

"There is?"

"Yes. Adam, can you tell me what powers the White DigiSphere has given you?"

"Huh?" The question was unexpected, but Adam could sense that it was important. "Basically it's teleportation and empathy. Teleportation's evolved to summoning, purifying, combustion…" Adam's voice trailed away as he smiled.

"And restoration," finished Grademon, not sharing Adam's enthusiasm.

"You mean Adam can use his power to restore everything back to normal?" Patamon asked uncertainly.

"Adam can't do it alone. It will take all five of you, but bear this in mind, my heirs." Grademon was silent for a moment, his blue eyes gazing each DigiWira. It was as if he was dreading what he was about to inform them. "It will take every ounce of the powers from your five DigiSpheres to restore your city to its former glory. Their powers have already been depleted somewhat from your use on combat and on your Digital and Juara Accessing. Adam, do you remember the time when your White DigiSphere's power is depleted once?"

"Yes…that was after battling the Puaka Generals," murmured Adam slowly. "TobuCatmon said that the White DigiSphere had used all of its power to bring me back to life."

"Essentially, the White DigiSphere used all of its power to reconfigure you back – your data was thoroughly scattered, and a human's constitution is vastly different from Digimon. It was lucky that the event took place in the Digital World, Adam, where you are data. Had it happened here…"

Adam felt a chill. "Luckily it didn't."

"You will have to make a choice now, my heirs," said Grademon, his tone grew solemn. "Your battles against the reincarnations of the Seven Great Demon Lords, the Four Terrors and Reapermon have depleted a great amount of power from your DigiSpheres. Three hundred years ago, when I empowered your DigiSpheres I have never thought that you would be needing powers greater than Ultimates to combat whatever evil that you would have to face. In fact, I didn't even foresee my DigiSpheres being used by others until it dawned to me that I could not defeat SkullSatamon. Nonetheless, the DigiSpheres and the Ivory Gem managed to power you enough to achieve Mega level. The Ivory Gem is now destroyed, so has its counterpart the Obsidian Gem which was in the possession of Lucemon – which I suspected he'd used to digivolve his fellow Darkshadow Brethren into the Demon Lords."

"The powers your DigiSpheres have right now are sufficient to see you through several more battles, if they arise," said Grademon. "If there is none, then you will be able to keep the powers the DigiSpheres have bestowed you. Or…"

Grademon paused. Adam gazed up at him. "Or what, Grademon?" He had a feeling that he wasn't going to like the answer.

"Or you can use what powers you have left to restore your city to its former glory. It is going to be a difficult process and it will wipe out all the remaining powers inside your DigiSpheres. Should you choose to restore your city, you will no longer have your powers after the restoration process is completed. You will also lose the ability to merge with your partners to become the Wira Digital."

Grademon paused, gazing at each and every DigiWira. "The decision is up to you."

The news felt like a final ultimatum for all of them. They exchanged looks, and all had the same look on their faces.

"I think I can speak for all five of us," said Adam slowly, able to sense what his fellow DigiWira were thinking. "Our powers mean a lot to us, but restoring the city is more important." Memories crossed his mind and his voice broke slightly. To compose the sorrow he was feeling not only from himself, but from his friends, Adam had to close his eyes momentarily. Both JD and Liu Ying gave an assuring grip on each of his shoulder. He opened his eyes, gazed up towards the golden knight before him, and nodded. "Our powers for the city. We'll do it. It's the right thing to do."

"We're doing the right thing," said Liu Ying, assuring the team leader.

I know, Adam replied silently.

"I'm gonna miss becoming Puspamon," whispered Gayathri, a tear trickling down her cheek. She shared a pained look with Floramon.

"It's been a blast," said Floramon with a low, composed voice. "But you guys have to do this. We understand."

"We will support whatever decision you choose," said Labramon.

"Although we've spent only about three months in our Wira forms…" Liu Ying said, her eyes fixed on each of her teammate and partners. "I feel that we've been Wira Digital for a long time. Xianamon…I feel that she's a part of me now."

"And she still is," said Grademon, gently. "Aldiyamon, Xianamon, Puspamon, Samudramon and Satriamon will always be a part of you all. No one can deny that from you." As he said so, five figures appeared out of thin air, but none was as opaque as Grademon. Semi-translucent, they were the Wira Digital in their Ultimate forms. The DigiWira gasped.

"Samudramon…" Manny said, eyes widened.

"So this is how we look like when we're Wira Digital!" said Penguinmon, looking upon Samudramon from top to bottom, his beak partially opened in awe. Samudramon merely smiled back at the blue-feathered penguin, looking somewhat amused.

"She's really beautiful, isn't she Floramon?" said Gayathri, beckoning towards Puspamon.

"I can see why that Astamon was so smitten with us," agreed Floramon. Puspamon made a sashaying gesture towards them before curtsying gracefully. The DigiWira duo smiled wistfully.

"I never realized we were that big, Agumon," said JD, looking up at the towering form of Satriamon.

"He is amazing…" Agumon followed his partner's gaze. Satriamon inclined his head towards them, and let out a very familiar lopsided grin.

"That looks good on ya," JD told Satriamon, giving the dragon-man a thumbs-up.

Liu Ying and Labramon were both speechless. For the first time they were witnessing the elegant sorceress who was standing before them, her long black hair fluttering against the cool night breeze. "Is this really goodbye?" Liu Ying asked Xianamon. Xianamon smiled gently and shook her head. She gestured towards Liu Ying and Labramon, then towards herself by placing her palms over her chest before giving them a small nod and a gentle smile. The duo understood what Xianamon was implying and smiled, although their eyes were damp as well.

"She's right, Ying," said Labramon. "She is us, and we are her. It's never goodbye for us."

Adam and Patamon stared towards Aldiyamon, who returned their gaze. A few seconds passed in silence between the three of them. Adam thought that Aldiyamon looked magnificent up close; he couldn't believe that it was he and Patamon who had formed this angelic knight. A couple of bad memories suddenly came back to his mind, of the births of the angel's Fury Mode and Ruin Mode, both due to Adam's inability to control his rage. Suddenly he felt so ashamed of being in the presence of this exalted being; what could this angel think of him now?

"Say something, Adam," urged Patamon.

"Well…" Adam said, as Aldiyamon merely smiled at him. He felt a bit comforted, but the shame still lingered. "I really wanna say I'm sorry, actually."

The smile on the angelic knight's face faltered. He tilted his head ever so slightly, as if asking 'why'.

"Because of me, you first suffered a corrupted digivolution, getting deleted, and…" Adam stopped, when Aldiyamon knelt before them and held one finger on Adam's mouth. Adam felt a hint of warmth radiating from the angel's semi-opaque finger that hung just a fraction of a centimeter before his lips. Aldiyamon shook his head, and the smile returned.

You are me, and I am you. Adam let out a soft gasp upon hearing a noble voice speaking towards him, before realizing that it was Aldiyamon who had spoken. The angel sounded different from how Adam had remembered. Aldiyamon smiled as he conveyed his thoughts to Adam empathically. We did what we thought was best, for the sake of those we love. You have a very good heart, Adam. You are the heart of this angel before you. I'm proud to be born from you and I have never blamed you for what has happened between us.

"Thank you…Aldiyamon…" Adam whispered. Patamon looked at him quizzically.

The angel stood back up regally. It's time for us to part, Adam. Take good care of yourself and your friends. You have won a great battle…you deserve this rest.

"Will I see you again, Aldiyamon?" asked Adam, a tear escaped his eyes.

Only in your dreams, my young friend, replied Aldiyamon with earnest. The words, if intoned differently, could mean that Aldiyamon was being sarcastic, but coming from the angel's thoughts they sounded truthful and assuring. Then he saw the most remarkable thing, when a line of glittering silver trailed down under Aldiyamon's silver visor as the angel turned away. Only in your dreams… The angel's voice echoed in Adam's mind as he vanished into thin air. The same thing happened to the other four Wira Digital.

"DigiWira," said Grademon, calling for their attentions. "As Labramon has said, you are them and they are you. A part of you shall always remain as Wira Digital."

The DigiWira stood up. Liu Ying and Gayathri were both supported by JD and Manny.

"We're ready," said Adam towards his team. "Let's do this. Let's restore our home."

"Then raise your DigiSpheres towards the sky, my heirs, and wish for your city to be restored."

Slowly the five DigiWira did as Grademon had instructed. The Red, Yellow, Blue and Pink DigiSpheres flared to life and sent out beams of light towards the White DigiSphere. The White DigiSphere glowed like a radiant star as it released light orbs of five different colors. The orbs swirled around them before slowly radiating around the park.

"Look," whispered Gayathri in amazement, as the orbs restored the park's destroyed trees and public amenities first.

"The buildings…" Liu Ying saw the boulders that were scattered around the park vanishing, and slowly the buildings that were destroyed during the battles that took place there reappeared, restored to their former glories. The wrecked sky bridge disappeared and emerged at its former place, in between of the two twin towers as the supports that held it were magically reconstructed. The broken windows were next in being restored and in a flash of light the national landmark reverted to its glorious form, momentarily shining amidst the dark night.

The five DigiSpheres shone even brighter and a light wave burst forth, covering all corners around them. Everything soon happened in rapid pace as destroyed skyscrapers reappeared one after another. The collapsed KL Tower reappeared in a blink of the eye. Empathically and telepathically Adam sensed and saw that their hometown too was restored back to their former state. The school was back, so was the municipal council and the business centers – three places that had suffered the worst blows from the Darkshadow Brethren and the Four Terrors' attacks. He could hear the joyous cries of the people, before the cries slowly faded into nothingness. The foreign emotions were gone too.

Adam sighed, realizing what this had meant. He had rued his ability to perceive emotions, but now that it was gone he found that he was also going to miss it. He had lost his powers.

The golden wave returned back to them, replenishing their lost strengths and healing all the injuries they had sustained. At the same time, the unconscious Jackie let out a soft gasp as he woke up, looking around him with bewilderment.

The light faded into Grademon. Five identical clear DigiSpheres landed softly onto the grassy ground.

Grademon bent down and collected the five powerless spheres. He gazed towards the DigiWira and announced softly, "It is done."

Adam's brows knitted together as he tried teleporting, but he remained at his place. He tried perceiving the emotions of those around him, but heard nothing but his own self in his mind. Then he looked at JD, trying to sense whether their psychic rapport was still there. He could sense sadness, but that was only because he could see his cousin's expression – sadness was written clearly there on his face. He sighed.

JD flicked his palm, trying to summon his flames. Nothing happened. He sighed, his frustration barely hidden, and met Adam's gaze. His eyes seemed to speak volumes of the emotions that weren't there on his hardened face. You okay? He seemed to ask Adam. Adam could only nod as he shifted his gaze towards the others.

Manny attempted releasing water from the in-betweens of his fingers. His hand remained dry. He saw Adam looking at him and his mouth quirked slightly, wanting to smile but hadn't the strength to do so.

Liu Ying gazed towards a nearby brick and made a slow 'come-here' gesture with her palm. The brick never moved. She made a slow waving gesture – Adam recognized it as a way for her to conjure the telekinetic barrier – but no golden sheen came out from her palm. She didn't meet his gaze, casting a sad look where nobody was around.

Gayathri closed her eyes, trying to listen to the winds, but apparently she heard nothing. Adam doubted that she would attempt screaming or running and he was right. Gayathri only looked like she was going to cry, but was able to compose herself quickly with Floramon and Dina's help.

"We've lost our powers." Finally, Liu Ying said it out loud. She cast a look around her, noting the condition of the buildings around her, and the park where they were at.

"It's as if no battle has ever happened here," murmured Manny.

"It's worth it," said Gayathri, her voice so soft that she sounded like she was convincing herself more than to actually state something. "It's worth it… it's worth it."

"I'm gonna miss our powers," whispered Adam.

"So am I," said JD, squeezing his cousin's shoulder.

A glow emitted from Grademon's hand, and the DigiSpheres were transformed into five rings with different colored bands of white, red, blue, yellow and pink, polished to perfection. The clear spherical stones fixated on those rings however were identical – they were the reduced forms of the DigiSpheres.

"Take these, my heirs…my friends," the knight amended, handing the rings to the downcast teens. He waited as the DigiWira wore those rings. "These rings might not give you the powers you once had, but with these you will always have something to remind you of your brave efforts in protecting two worlds from evil. Always keep them safe."

"We will," said Adam. "Thank you."

"No. Thank you," said Grademon, as his solid form began to fade.

Seeing Grademon fading, the DigiWira were instantly alarmed. "Grademon!"

"Do not worry, my friends. This is not goodbye." Grademon waved his hand and disappeared out of sight. "Till we meet again, heroes of two worlds."

On his place, there was a DigiEgg, colored yellow with dark blue stripes. The DigiWira let out a soft chuckle as Adam picked up the DigiEgg.

"Until we meet again, Grademon," he whispered with a wistful smile. The DigiEgg vanished in a stream of light that entered Adam's D4 Digivice. Adam's Digivice then let out a beep and the screen showed a digitalized image of the DigiEgg it absorbed.

"Looks like someone close to you will receive that DigiEgg, Adam," said Liu Ying.

"Huh? Why did you say that?"

"Because you were the ones who kept the DigiEggs that hatched into the Saintly Siblings. They ended up being Kak Lisha and Dr. Abu's partners."

"Oh…" Adam traced the pixilated DigiEgg thoughtfully. He wondered of who would receive the egg – he and his sister had no other direct relatives. For the past couple of months JD's family was the closest to him, but if the egg was meant to be Jade's or Jas's wouldn't it be with them now instead of with him? Then he shrugged, figuring that he'd find out sooner or later.

"Speaking of reconfigured Digimon, Grademon's not the only one. Look!"

Gayathri pointed towards a green spark that was perched on top of a higher ground close to them. Exchanging looks, the five DigiWira and Dina went towards it and saw that it was an emerald green DigiEgg, decorated with golden stars. Drawn by instinct, Adam knelt before it and placed his palms on the smooth surface of the egg. The DigiEgg let out a warm glow and Adam felt a tingling sensation as an image of a grand female angel flashed in his mind for a brief second. He blinked and stared at his ring. Then the DigiEgg too vanished in a stream of light, and Adam's Digivice displayed a second digitalized DigiEgg image beside it. His smile grew wide – he knew whose DigiEgg was this.

"Hey, stop hogging the eggs, bro," JD said, half-protesting, half-amused.

"Whose DigiEgg is that?" Manny asked curiously.

"It's Ophanimon's. I'm sure of it."

"How do you know?" Patamon asked.

Adam was about to say that he saw Ophanimon's image crossing his mind briefly when he touched the DigiEgg, but Liu Ying beaten him to it. "Now that Adam mentioned it, Grademon's egg had the color scheme similar to him. This DigiEgg is obviously Ophanimon if we go by the same reasoning – Ophanimon had emerald armor and golden wings if I recall correctly."

Adam decided not to counter her explanation – that sounded much more logical than saying that he saw Ophanimon's visage in his head. He stared at his ring once again with wonder. Could it be?

"Oh," said Gayathri, a grin nearly split her face into two. "It's only logic that Adam would get Ophanimon's DigiEgg, because Ophanimon was somehow partnered to Adam's brother, who had passed away…" She caught herself, but Adam waved his hand dismissively, urging her to continue, "…and Rosemon, she was with Ophanimon at that mountain Adam went, and they were friends, and Rosemon's now Dina's partner…" A conspiratorial grin appeared on her face before she finally declared, "When you two have kids in future, your kids will get those DigiEggs!"

Adam and Dina instantly turned crimson. The others around them laughed.

As they laughed, JD inclined his head sideways – he thought he saw something blinking, as if calling for his attention. Curious, he withdrew from the crowd quietly and jogged towards the source of the blink, and saw a crimson-colored DigiEgg with violet hearts. He frowned; trying to think of whose DigiEgg this would belong too.

Then it occurred to him as he looked around. Isn't this the place where I killed her?

He stared down at the DigiEgg with disbelief, touching it with mounting hesitation. The DigiEgg warmed to his touch and vanished in a streak of red light inside his Digivice. JD quickly unclipped his Digivice from his belt and stared at the pixilated crimson egg on the device's screen. Persiamon?

"She saved Puspamon," Agumon said quietly from his side. JD merely looked at the raptor with a questioning gaze. "We saw how she looked like when we impaled the Dragon Fist Claw Explosion on her. She really looked, and sounded, sorry, although she never said it out loud. By switching place with Puspamon she'd weakened Reapermon instead of strengthening him. Whether she'd wanted to or not, she had indirectly done us a favor." Agumon sighed. "Perhaps…this is her second chance to live."

Gayathri's words rang in JD's mind. His face turned grim; the thought did not bode well with him. "So you're saying my kid's gonna end up with Persiamon as their partner?"

"Persiamon, maybe," agreed Agumon, "but not the Virago General. She's gone for good. The Digimon inside this egg is a new Digimon – she's as innocent as all other unborn Digimon."

"So SkullSatamon's gonna be reborn too?"

"Maybe, but most probably not," said Agumon. "It's always harder for evil Digimon to be reconfigured rather than the good ones, because their data are corrupted. Good Digimon, or any wild ones, have uncorrupted data, but that doesn't guarantee them getting reconfigured after their deletion. Even when I was deleted, when I was ChaosGallantmon…" Agumon shuddered. "Hadn't it been for Aldiyamon's data-reassembling ability I wouldn't be here now. My data was too corrupted."

"No thanks to her," said JD, eyes trailing towards the pixilated egg on his Digivice's display. He took a deep breath, remembering that the Virago General was truly dead. "So you're saying there's no guarantee of Digimon getting reconfigured?"

Agumon nodded. "The process is a mysterious one; even the five Guardian Beasts won't be able to give you a perfect answer. We'll never know for sure too, because reconfigured Digimon usually will not remember of what they were in their past lives. Even if SkullSatamon, the other Darkshadows or the Terrors are reconfigured, they won't know who they were."

"But you and Patamon remember everything."

"Because we're not just any Digimon, Josh, we're partners to the chosen. We'll be around as long as you live. We'll only truly die when you guys have passed away."

JD grimaced. "Let's not talk about that right now," he said. "We survived this day. I'm kinda looking forward to live my days."

"Josh!" Adam called. "Why are you there?"

JD clipped his Digivice back to his belt, but decided to hold back his own discovery till later. They already had enough surprises for one day. He rejoined his friends.

"Look," said Patamon, as a ray of light appeared from the horizon.

Everyone followed the Digimon's gaze and watched the rising sun of dawn. Warmth replaced cold as the sunlight shone over their faces. Without any reason, all of them began to cheer happily as they witnessed the beautiful phenomenon. The light then washed upon the DigiWira's new rings, and for a moment the shrunken DigiSpheres on them glowed radiantly. Then the glow faded, but the DigiWira's smiles remained as they exchanged looks with each other. Relieved, content and happiness were clearly written on their faces, and they weren't misplaced. They had accomplished what they were destined for. They had defeated the villains and they emerged alive. No more battles. Their sacrifice was not in vain, for they had truly won.

They had finally gained peace, and with peace they no longer needed their powers.

A new day had come.



As the DigiWira enjoyed their victory, darkness transpired at the Digital World.

"It's been one whole day already, and still no sign of him. Don't you think that that's long enough?"

Two figures watched the setting sun from the sky. Darkness began to claim the Digital World. Seconds passed and the three moons of the Digital World began making their presences known.

"Yes…yes, that should be long enough. He should've been back by now if he's won. Frankly, I hope those Wira Digital trashed him until he's nothing more than digital dusts!"

Mystimon sighed. "Never thought that we'd root for those kids instead of the Master."

"Ex-master," corrected Jetsilphymon. "And I'd rather have those kids win the battle instead of SkullSatamon. At least that'll ensure that we continue on living without having to worry of him killing us for the sake of getting our data."

"That was underhanded, even for him," agreed Mystimon. "We all served him for so long, and this was what he'd planned out for all of us? All these while, he'd actually rooted for the DigiWira to finish us off. He told us to free the generals one by one…must be because he was afraid of a power overdose or something. I don't know whether it's just dumb luck or what when we saw him digivolving, or else we wouldn't have believed GranDracmon when he told us about it."

Jetsilphymon grunted. "Stop your jabbering. C'mon. Let's head to Onyx Pyramid."

"Onyx Pyramid? WHY?" Mystimon gaped. "That's the place where he'd gone to. From there he'd gone to the Wira's world. Don't you think that if he's still alive he'd be there already?"

"If he's still alive we'd be dead by now," said Jetsilphymon. "Besides, weren't it you who suggested that we've waited long enough?"

"Okay…but I don't like it."

"Shut up and follow me."

The two Digimon headed west where a thick lush jungle could be seen. As they were approaching, they saw the glints given by a massive black step pyramid. They flew all the way to the top and landed by the entrance to the main chamber.

"Looks like no one's home," said Mystimon nervously.

"Duh! All of them got themselves killed already. Let's go in."

They walked inside, Jetsilphymon leading Mystimon, in silence, passing through the main chamber where the Darkshadows used to lounge at while discussing their plans to thwart the Wira Digital. Jetsilphymon grabbed one of the torches from the walls as they saw staircases leading down.

"Hey, where are we going?"



"Just shut up and follow me. I just wanted to be sure of something. We can go if it's not here."

"Okay, Jetsilphymon. You're the boss."

They crossed several chambers before arriving at a closed door. Jetsilphymon pushed the thick door open and a loud creak was heard. A wave of dust invaded the two Digimon and they coughed. Inside the chamber they saw scattered books, tables and bookcases. Grunting, Jetsilphymon waved the torch slowly, illuminating parts of the library as she searched. She halted when the scanty light washed over a scroll hung on the corner of the wall.

"Isn't that…?" Mystimon gasped with awe.

"I was right. It's still here." Jetsilphymon gingerly stepped towards the scroll and used the torch to read it. She then turned to look towards Mystimon. "Luckily that 'Master' of ours didn't take this with him to the Wira's world. He probably expected to come back here to learn the other arts after learning the Gateway technique."

"So you're here to look for the Nine Negations Dark Arts?" Mystimon realized. "But…it's…too much for us to take."

"For now, maybe, but what's the rush? It's not like we're going to fight anyone. We'll just take this scroll…" Jetsilphymon took the scroll down and rolled it before handing it towards Mystimon. "And we'll go someplace safe, and learn everything there is to know from this famous Nine Negations. You saw how powerful the generals have become after learning two or three arts described by the scroll. Imagine how strong we'll become when we manage to learn all nine arts? Even Lucemon and Persiamon didn't achieve such accomplishment."

"We…?" Mystimon took the scroll, somewhat dazed at his accomplice's plan.

"Oh, so you rather learn this all alone?" Jetsilphymon said sharply.

"No! Of course not! It's just…" Mystimon gazed at Jetsilphymon with wonder before looking down at the dusty floor. "I actually thought that you wanted this all by yourself."

Jetsilphymon snorted. "And why, pray tell, would I force you to come along, if I wanted the Nine Negations by myself?" She smacked her wizard companion on the head. "Seriously, how dumb can you be, Mystimon? We've always watched each other's backs all these times, right? That's not gonna change now, especially when we're the only two survivors of SkullSatamon's forces. All the entombed servants are gone, the Generals are gone, and that backstabber's gone too. Good riddance!"


"And besides, two heads are better than one, aren't they? Let's face it; both of us aren't the brightest of Digimon around. Weren't you expelled from the digital kindergarten?"

"You didn't have to bring that up…"

"I was trying to make a point. So, together, we'll help each other out to master all the arts described here."

"Okay!" said Mystimon enthusiastically. "So…what should we do first?"

Jetsilphymon propped a finger under her chin, thinking. "Maybe the Power Propeller…it'll help us to reach Mega level. The rest will be easy after we're both Megas."

"Megas?" Mystimon said dreamily. "I wonder what I'll become. How long will it take for us to learn it?"

Jetsilphymon shrugged. "Dunno. Shouldn't be too long though for us to at least get a grasp on three or four of the arts. I'd say eight to ten years for us to properly digivolve to Mega."

"That's good enough. So after we master all the arts, what should we do?"

Jetsilphymon smiled deviously. "By that time, we're gonna be two of the most powerful Digimon around. We'll take over the Digital World as its empress and emperor!"

"Wow!" Mystimon crowed. "Hey, does that mean that you and I… OWWWW!!" He pressed his hand on his swelling right cheek, where Jetsilphymon had slapped him.

"In your dreams, you dumb oaf!" Jetsilphymon walked out of the library in a huff.

Mystimon stared at her retreating back dreamily. "Empress and emperor…empress and emperor…empress Jetsilphymon and emperor Mystimon…"


"Eep! Coming, Jetsilphymon!"

Though they didn't know it then, in a distant future they would rise up to be two of the most fearsome overlords the Digital World had ever known. But that was still so far ahead and they still had a lot to learn. For now, they were just Mystimon and Jetsilphymon, former servants of SkullSatamon. And that was how they were going to be for the next few years to come, before they finally reached their Mega levels…



The not too distant future…

A hulking dinosaur in heavy red armor trampled the road of the city of Kuala Lumpur as alarms blared all over the city. The city was partially deserted – this wasn't new to the people, who upon the Digimon's appearance into their city, had smartly retreated to safer grounds. They would remain there until this threat had been eliminated.

The dinosaur roared, angry and irritated of the furious sound, and thus loaded the cannon on its right arm towards one of the building.

A crimson orb slammed on its body instead. The dinosaur grunted and was pushed back, but otherwise was unhurt. It grunted and looked up, its glowing red eyes flaring amidst the midday. It was forced to squint; the attacker had chosen an exact spot where the afternoon sun was shining to hover at. It would be difficult to gaze directly at the attacker.

"Ah, ah, ah, RiseGreymon," said the attacker. It was a birdman, lightly armored over his chest. His steel visor glinted amidst the sunlight, and his disheveled dark red hair fluttered due to the soft breeze. From the waist and below he had an eagle's pair of strong feathered legs, ending with formidable talons. "Why don't you go back to wherever you came from?" the Silphymon suggested.

RiseGreymon roared and pointed its cannon towards Silphymon. "Trident…"

A howl was heard as a streak of yellow knocked RiseGreymon's cannon sideways. The streak of light zipped away in a zigzag pattern between two buildings, heading skyward until it landed on the rooftop of a building not too far from where Silphymon was hovering. The streak solidified and revealed a fox-like creature within it. The fox had white fur on the face with dark brown lining, and cream fur coated its body. What was most peculiar on this fox's appearance however was its tail – instead of a typical long fluffy tail this fox's tail came in a form of a sharply accented, S-shaped, blue metallic blade. It let out a low grunt. "He's really strong." Its voice clearly indicated that it was a male.

"What do you expect of those from the Greymon line?" said Silphymon dryly. "We're gonna need another Ultimate for this, Reppamon."

"I know, but I don't see him around him just yet," said the fox – Reppamon. "Why don't you just go Mega and deal with him?"

"The idea is to make you two stronger, not me," replied Silphymon. "The threats are getting more frequent and I can't always bail you two out."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Reppamon said. "I wish he'd just hurry up."

From a distance, on top of particularly tall building, there stood two teens wearing peculiarly patented sunglasses, which made them looked urbanely stylish. One was a girl in two low pigtails. She had on a purple top, a denim jacket and a pair of white jeans. Beside her was a tall, wiry male with closely cropped black hair, clad in white buttons-down and khakis.

The girl pressed a finger on a small button at the right side of her glasses' ear piece. "Is he going to come here?"

"Ganesh is on his way to Ops, Debbie," replied a disembodied voice. "But until he's there you and Meng will have to keep RiseGreymon at bay."

"Maybe I should just let Opie go Mega," said Debbie. "He can take care of RiseGreymon quickly."

"Do so only if the RiseGreymon's uncontrollable," instructed the voice. "Apollomon and Dianamon seem to have found abundant supplies of willing brutes to send to our world and the frequency of the attacks have risen as of late. You and Opie can't take care of everything by yourselves. For now, tell Opie and Reppamon to hold RiseGreymon at bay. Lead it to an abandoned warehouse which is nearby, I'm sending you the digital map to your sunglasses."

"Okay," said Debbie. "Meng, you're good with maps. You read it."

Liu Meng nodded and examined the map. He turned to his left and pointed one hand forward. "The warehouse is just a few blocks away, south. Luckily we're already at the outskirt of KL."

"OPIE!" Debbie cried, waving her hand. "Lead RiseGreymon to the abandoned warehouse district!"

"Right!" Silphymon nodded.

"Debbie, Meng, good news. Ganesh's here. I'm teleporting him to your location now."

No sooner than the voice had spoken, a white streak of light appeared before Debbie and Liu Meng. The light dissipated quickly and a dark-skinned boy with curly brown hair, wearing a pair of sunglasses similar to Debbie and Liu Meng, stepped out. Beside him was a green-furred monkey in a leopard-skin toga, holding a slingshot.

"I was thinking that you won't show up," said Liu Meng.

"Sorry," said Ganesh, chuckling nervously. "You know my sister..."

"No time to waste," said Debbie. "That RiseGreymon's a tough one."

"Right." Ganesh took out a D4-Digivice and pointed it towards the monkey beside him. "Ready, Monmon?"

"Yep. Let me have it!" The monkey declared. A wave of green light escaped the Digivice and engulfed Monmon, transforming him to a taller, humanoid simian.

Monmon digivolve to…Apemon!

"REPPAMON!" Liu Meng shouted. "Ganesh and Apemon are here! Get ready for a DNA digivolution!"

"Go on," said Silphymon towards Reppamon. "I'll distract RiseGreymon until you two are one."

Reppamon nodded, and streaked towards his partner. "Finally!"

Liu Meng and Ganesh pointed their D4 Digivices towards Reppamon and Apemon. "DNA digivolve!"

Wave of yellow light washed over Reppamon and green light showered over Apemon. They morphed into two motes of light that coalesced around each other.



DNA digivolve to….

The two motes merged, creating an explosion of purple light. An echoic, neighing sound was heard and they all saw a quadruped figure with wings flying out from the light. It was a magnificent creature – a horse with brown fur on its torso, green fur lined with gold on his face and a pair of shining white wings. A formidable crimson horn jutted out from its forehead and orange fluffy tail swished back and forth from its back. It was a unicorn or a Pegasus, depending on one's interpretation. However, the teens simply knew it as…




A gurgling laugh came from an adorable baby boy who was balanced on a young man's lap. The man was seated before a console, observing the battle closely on a holographic screen, but the baby's crows pulled his attention from the battle. He gazed lovingly at the baby and tickled the baby's chin.

"This is when it's going to be interesting," he whispered to the baby. "Watch Papa and his DigiWira save the day."

The baby cooed and as if understanding his father's words, leaned back to his father's body. "That's my good boy," said the father, pressing his palm lightly on the baby's small body. Suddenly his sharp gray eyes caught two blurs that were hopping from the floor, bouncing on top of one another, before they landed on the console table. "Whoa there, Fufumon, SnowBotamon! Get down from there before you hurt yourself!"

The two Fresh-level Digimon turned to look at the young man with their black eyes, chattering baby language back at him. But they did stop right before reaching the glowing holographic screen, which attracted their attention in the first place. The baby giggled and gurgled back towards the two Digimon, his arms flailing.

The man looked down at his son, raising an eyebrow up. "What are you three talking about, hmm? Are you talking about me?" His son merely cooed in return, revealing a toothless grin. He shook his head and stood up, scooping Fufumon and SnowBotamon as well before walking towards a baby playpen. He released the two restless Digimon inside the playpen, ignoring their indignant protests, and then laid down his son as gently as he could.

"Now you three play nice," the man said, and took his seat before the console again, watching the battle between Silphymon, Qilinmon and the recent threat he'd identified as RiseGreymon.



Silphymon and Qilinmon managed to force RiseGreymon into heading towards the city's abandoned district. The people had been advised to vacate at the area months ago, ever since the first Digimon threat reappeared after ten years of peace. The district was the first place attacked and since the place was totally leveled by the first threat, it was agreed that should any Digimon threat reappeared elsewhere they would be brought to the destroyed district where no harm could come to the people of the city. The people had been warned that a grand restoration such as what happened after the epic battle with one known as Reapermon was no longer an option. The legendary Wira Digital team had retired after losing their powers in restoring the city.

"Knowledge of the Swift!" Summoned Qilinmon, his whole body shimmered with golden light before he streaked back and forth towards RiseGreymon.

RiseGreymon let out a primordial roar; its body was heavily blistered by Qilinmon's attack. It attempted to claw on Qilinmon when the winged unicorn was close enough but Qilinmon was able to evade it. Before it could launch an attack, a spectral blast hit its head from the sky, further irritating it to no end. It was a wild one, not well-versed in the strategy of a battle which its two foes were implementing against it. Silphymon's attack however didn't do much against it other than pushing it back several steps, crashing on an abandoned construction site.

Three streaks of light appeared on top of a building farthest from the battle site. Debbie, Liu Meng and Ganesh emerged from lights.

"Guys, you better wrap this up soon," said the disembodied voice. "RiseGreymon is a strong Ultimate. Its armor is able to withstand many attacks. The longer it's around the more damages it'll inflict. We can't wait. Tell Opie to digivolve and together with Qilinmon deliver the finishing blows before things get worse."

Debbie nodded, and took out her Digivice. "Opie! Go Mega now!"

Silphymon, mega digivolve to… Valkyrimon!

"On three," said Valkyrimon, raising his sword up. "Three!! FERAL SWORD!"

An icy wolf aura was projected from the birdman's sword. It howled and loomed towards RiseGreymon, who made the mistake of looking up. RiseGreymon was partially covered with frostbites due to the chilling effect of the wolf. It could barely move, which left it open for another attack which would come its way straight from its front.

Qilinmon withdrew several meters back and flapped his wings. "Reformation Wave!" Streams of white light showered upon RiseGreymon, and combined with Valkyrimon's sword attack, the force proved to be too much for RiseGreymon to deal. It let out a pained howl before bursting into data.

"Alright guys, good job. Prepare for teleportation back to Ops."



The young man who had been watching the battle via the holographic screen set his eyes on a peculiar metallic helmet which was placed on its holder beside his chair. He took the helmet and carefully wore it before placing his hand on a palm reader on the console. The palm reader let out a faint white light upon recognizing his palm and fingerprints, and the spherical gem on the ring that he wore on the middle finger momentarily lit up. He closed his eyes and concentrated, blocking out the excited squeals coming from the playpen.

At the far corner of the dimly lit chamber where the man was at, an oval platform whirred to life. The platform released a silvery glow towards the roof, before bluish white light orbs materialized out of thin air. Several figures emerged in swirls of light orbs. The light dimmed and Debbie, Liu Meng and Ganesh stepped down from the podium. Beside Debbie was Opie, back in his Muchomon form. Trotting behind Ganesh was Monmon, while perched on Liu Meng's right shoulder was a white pipe fox with curious-looking blue eyes – a Digimon called Kudamon.

"Welcome back," said the man as he pulled his hand out from the palm reader. He then proceeded by removing the helmet and placed it back on its customary place on the console. As the teens stepped down from the podium he rose from his seat and swept back his flattened dark hair.

The teens removed their sunglasses. "That dino has got to be the toughest Ultimate we've ever fought," Debbie began.

"Imagine having to call on a Mega to wipe the floor on that guy!" Opie added in disbelief.

"It's been known to happen," said the man calmly. "But this is indeed the first time they sent you a really strong Ultimate to deal with. Something's up. If I know Apollomon and Dianamon, which I actually do, they're only testing you to see how far you're able to deal with Digimon threats." The man's face darkened a little. "They were never this strong ten years ago," he added as an afterthought.

"You know them, Abang Adam?" asked Liu Meng, puzzled.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact I do, Meng," said Adam – now a young man of twenty four. "So does your sister, Ganesh's sister, Debbie's brother, and my brother."

"Whoa! No way!" exclaimed Ganesh.

"Apollomon and Dianamon were merely Champions when we first encountered them. They caused some troubles but nothing we couldn't handle. Your sister's Fairymon and Dianamon's Champion form once had a rather vicious rivalry if I recalled correctly; any encounter they had would usually result in a catfight." Adam nodded at Ganesh, smirking at the surprised look on the dark-skinned teen's face. "They kind of faded out from view when the real dangers arose and we've never seen them around after SkullSatamon was thwarted for good. Looks like they've been staying low all these times, waiting for a perfect moment to strike."

"You've never told us about this before," said Debbie.

"I didn't know that they were the same Digimon only until two nights ago, when Seraphimon and I went scouting at the Digital World." Adam grimaced a little. "Even the other first generation DigiWira don't know about this, except for my wife of course, I took Rosemon along as well. My brother would flip if he finds out about this."

Liu Meng snickered. "Oh, I bet he will. But he and my sister went out for a movie two nights ago, after he came back from his tour," the wiry teen supplied.

"I know about that date. I plan to use that as reason if your sister and future brother-in-law ask me about it."

"My sister and brother-in-law won't like this one bit either," pointed out Ganesh.

"Your sister's eight-and-a-half months pregnant and your brother-in-law has been putting out lots of hours at the office," returned Adam dryly.

Debbie giggled. "Abang feels that he really needs to show Uncle Nadarajah that he's fit to run NVG Telecommunications Corps. But don't worry; he'll come for the reunion. I reminded him just this morning. Kak Gayathri reminded him too. Seriously, the older he gets the more forgetful he becomes," the brown-haired girl said with a huff.

"Oh. Ok then. That's good."

"I told him you'd fire me if he didn't show up. You should've seen his face."

Adam raised an eyebrow, amused. He faintly remembered Debbie as a six-year-old when they were first introduced. Now, the girl had grown to a full blown teenager of sixteen, whom Adam had no doubt would turn the heads of every guy who walked past her. As the most experienced of the second-generation DigiWira team with the strongest Digimon partner, it was agreed unanimously that Debbie was the leader of the coalition.

Liu Meng was Liu Ying's 16-year-old brother. When he was eleven a DigiEgg appeared at the Chang's household, intended for him. The egg eventually became Kudamon, and due to the peace that reigned the Digital World and their country, Kudamon never digivolved farther until three months ago when the second-generation team was inducted. Looking at him, one could say that Liu Meng was exactly a male carbon-copy to Liu Ying. His partner's Champion form also somewhat mirrored Youkomon – both Reppamon and Youkomon were foxes.

Ganesh was the youngest – the 15-year-old adopted brother to Gayathri. Ganesh's biological mother had passed away due to cancer when he was five, which forced Ganesh to stay at an orphanage. During that time Gayathri had paid heed to her friend Willis's advice on coping with the death of a loved one. She had gone to visit that very same orphanage and was smitten instantly by Ganesh, whom upon their first meeting had latched on her like a lifeline. The people at the orphanage had informed Gayathri that Ganesh hadn't spoken to anyone after his mother's passing; Gayathri was the first person he had spoken to, for he recognized her as a famed DigiWira. She visited the boy often and finally persuaded her parents to officially adopt the boy. A year later, during an excursion at the Digital World, Gayathri and Ganesh encountered Monmon who was chased by a wild Tyrannomon. The rampant Champion proved to be too fierce for Fairymon alone, and it was then that Monmon digivolved to Apemon. Tyrannomon was successfully thwarted and Monmon ended up as Ganesh's partner.

A sharp excited squeal was heard, snapping Adam out of his thoughts. Immediately Debbie darted towards the playpen and lifted up the baby boy from it. She held him close to her. "How are you, Zad-Zad? Did you see us fight that evil monster? Oooh, you did?" She spoke to little Aizad as if he understood what she was saying. Aizad merely let out a jumbled baby-speech befitting the five-months-old baby he was. Debbie didn't seem to mind, only proceeding to kiss the baby's soft cheeks.

"Here's what Aizad is thinking: why is this auntie speaking to me like I don't understand a word she said?" Liu Meng said with a chuckle.

"Actually, I think Aizad really doesn't understand, he is too young," Kudamon pointed out.

"Not the point, Kudamon," said Liu Meng, exasperated. "The point here is that Debbie doesn't have to make that babyish voice she makes."

"But why not?" Kudamon asked naively, confused.

"Um…never mind."

Debbie stuck out her tongue towards Liu Meng, while waving Aizad's tiny fist towards the boy. "Ignore him, Zad-Zad. He's just jealous I'm paying more attention to you than him." The baby actually blew raspberries towards Liu Meng, which caused a round of laughter from everyone inside the dimly-lit area.

"Maybe he does understand what you guys are saying," said Monmon, scratching his head as he watched the exchange with interest.

"I can't wait till my nieces are born," said Ganesh.

"Careful with what you wish for," cautioned Adam. "One baby is already a handful – though I love every moment of it. I can't imagine two baby girls…" He paused, noticing Debbie playing with his son, while Ganesh and Liu Meng were lounging at the sofas with their partners. Something instantly clicked in his mind.

He pointed an accusing finger to three teens. "Oh, no you're not! You had me fooled there. Debbie, give me my son back. And then all three of you march right back upstairs and resume your shift. It's…" He glanced towards the clock, "almost 3PM. I can't imagine poor Halina and Leo doing the entire shift by themselves this holiday season."

"Aww, he caught us." Debbie handed Aizad back to Adam. The three teens then went to the coat hanger and took three aprons and caps that were hung there before exiting the chamber in a stumble, slipping them on as they headed up.

Adam chuckled and secured little Aizad over his right shoulder. He looked back towards the playpen. "Fufumon, SnowBotamon, come along now. I don't trust you two to stay here at Ops."

While waiting for the two Fresh Digimon to catch up with them, Adam took a moment to look around the Ops. It was the new DigiWira team's base of operation, fondly referred only as Ops by the team he was now mentoring. The Ops was constructed with Manny and Jackie's helps, modified from the basement of the Wira Digiport above.

Jackie had retired from his position as computer instructor at their school when he'd received the order from the Guardian Beasts to instruct the Indonesian Digidestined team just a couple of months after SkullSatamon's defeat. However, their mentor always made a point to make frequent visits, and for a couple of years he had been instrumental in helping Adam incorporate some of the Digital World technology in the advanced computers and equipments Adam had devised in the Ops. Manny had lent a hand with most of the programming – he and Adam were almost at equal ground when it came to computers now – being roommates while in university – while Jackie had helped him in realizing several incongruous ideas Adam had for his DigiWira team.

The computers, for instance, had been secretly linked up with the satellites for Adam to receive visualizations. With a live personal telecast, Adam was able to watch the battle and guide his team to fight efficiently. The holographic screen was Jackie's brainchild – he claimed to have salvaged it from an ancient base of operations for a particular group of digital humans which, save for one member, had been killed by a group of renegade Digimon known as the Dark Masters eons ago.

With Jackie and Manny's helps, three devices that would have won Adam Nobel Prizes were created to further aid the new DigiWira team: the Cerebro, the teleporter and the sunglasses.

Sometime after the final battle with SkullSatamon, he had realized that their powers were not really gone, but they were as good as, suppressed to the point of near-absence into the rings Grademon had given them. Adam had hoped to find a way to augment what little power of empathy and teleportation that the White DigiSphere-ring possessed to a point that he could teleport his team to battle sites, to increase efficiency as well as help preserve their privacy from the media. Jackie had thought that such device could probably be created, and when Adam and Manny had completed the rough work by modifying a common biker's helmet, Jackie then took the helmet to the Digital World, alongside some notes and thoughts that he had asked Adam put in beforehand. Jackie returned not too long after with a brand new, workable, Cerebro – named after the device from his favorite show when he was younger. However, while the Cerebro did increase his empathic ability, he realized that he could not control the finer aspects of his teleportation any longer. The teleportation process that resulted from Adam's amplified empathy was too random, bordering on dangerous. Jackie suggested a second machine to correct this flaw.

The platform which now stood at one of the corner was constructed in the same manner as the Cerebro helmet, and once again Jackie had insisted that Adam included his hopes, thoughts and other details about how he wanted the new teleporter device to work, before taking them all to the Digital World. He returned with a workable teleporter, which Adam could use to teleport anything, or anyone, to any place he had set in mind. However, another flaw was found: while the teleporter efficiently teleported anything to wherever Adam wanted, it could not summon it back. Jackie had explained that it was the best he could do as the ring's power is still very limited. A third device was needed to rectify the problem.

He realized that this particular problem was actually easier to get around with. They simply created microchips which would emit a specific energy signature that the teleporter and the computers at Ops would recognize, and wrote a program to act as a reverse to the teleportation process. They tried their theory by embedding a prototype microchip with a test-subject, teleported it away, and were successful in summoning the test-subject back, as well as everything else within an arms-radius from the chip. All was well, until Adam realized that the teens would probably lose the microchips if they were asked to keep them – they were very small. Once again, Jackie stepped in and Adam diligently wrote what he had in mind. The digital man returned with stylish sunglasses with the chips embedded within the frames. He had also added extra functions on the sunglasses, so that they also served as communication devices, the Digimon Analyzer, as well as with the capability to download support programs from the Ops mainframe by using special material that could only be found in the Digital World as the sunglasses' lenses. The special sunglasses were also a great help in preserving the DigiWira's identities when they had to move in public. And they look good in them too.

Adam sighed. Their own cover was blown and it took nearly a year and with the then-reigning Sultan of Malaysia's ordinance for them to regain their lost privacies. But the damage had been done; wherever they went people would recognize them due to their pictures being published in tabloids and the internet. They had remained as private and secretive as possible, only granting interviews when all of them were available (and if they were in the mood for it). The offers for product endorsements, modeling, acting and many others were accepted sparingly.

However, Adam also appreciated the fame for some of the perks it gave him. For instance, he was able to get the name Wira Digiport trademarked before anybody else thought about it. It was his pride and joy, second only to his son, built from the money he had earned by working as a freelance webmaster in his sister's stead during his university years as well as from the product endorsements he had done, and also with financial help from his sister, brother-in-law and JD. It was opened just short after his graduation, and within a year he was able to pay them back, for the Wira Digiport proved to be a big hit and a profitable business. With no debts hanging on his belt and a stable income in his hands, Adam surprised everyone when he took a bold move at the age of 22 and proposed to Dina. Skipping engagement, they got married straightaway, and exactly nine months later their bundle of joy – Muhammad Aizad Daniel – was born, named after Adam's deceased older brother and after Adam's sworn big brother.

Aizad fussed slightly, apparently bored, before keeping himself busy by nibbling on the collar of Adam's black dress shirt. Adam chuckled lightly and held one finger at his son. The baby promptly abandoned his father's shirt collar and seized the finger with his tiny fingers, trying to work on putting it inside his mouth. Adam gazed down at the infant, wondering how someone so little had him so wrapped up in those tiny fingers of his. This little miracle of his was also blessed with the partnership of not one, but two Digimon: Fufumon and SnowBotamon, both hatched from the DigiEggs he had found after the battle with SkullSatamon.

They exited the Ops and walked up the stairs, where pictures decorated the walls along the corridor of stone stairs. The pictures depicted most of the DigiWira, individually or separate shots, as well as snapshots of important events in their lives – birthdays, holidays, accomplishments, graduations and marriages, among many others. At the end of the flight of stairs was a book cabinet. Upon reaching there Adam stretched up to pull one of the book from the case. A soft rumbling sound followed as the book case rotated half way, revealing a well-lit chamber at the other side of the revolving bookcase. This was the private rec-room, connecting the kitchen and the dining area outside.

The case returned to their original state after they exited the hidden entrance.

"There you are!" A beautiful woman in a chef attire stood up from the sofa.

"Look, there's Mama!" Adam took his son's tiny wrist and waved towards Dina, his wife of two years. "Hi, beautiful," he said, leaning down towards Dina for a peck on the cheek. He thought fleetingly of how they were about the same height when they were 14. Now his wife just reached his chin.

To his surprise Dina held his chin, shifting it slightly so that their lips locked instead.

Aizad let out a protest of being squeezed in the middle of his parents, and made his point by lightly thumping on both his parents. Adam and Dina laughed and withdrew away.

"Well, thank you," said Dina to her husband and son. "Although I don't think I'm beautiful now. I smell of all sort of food." She made a face. "I will be, though, for our reunion dinner tonight."

Aizad squealed, finally free from being sandwiched. "Our baby says that he thinks his mother is always beautiful," informed Adam.

"Oh?" Dina leaned down to the baby and tickled his cheek. The baby crowed with delight at his mother's light touch. "Is he? Well, Zad, can you tell Papa that Mama thinks that he is the most-handsomest guy around and that she's glad that he's decided to marry her?"

Adam smirked. "I heard that."

Dina smiled back as she gazed at her husband and son. "Are you sure it's okay with you to watch over our boy, b?" Dina asked, using the affectionate nickname she had given him. The 'b' is from 'hubby'; she had used that nickname for Adam ever since they were married.

"D, don't you know me by now? You can ask me to become a househusband to watch over Zad and I still won't mind." In return, Adam nicknamed his wife 'd', simply short for Dina.

Dina laughed. "I better get going before things in the kitchen get even more chaotic. Come to think of it, I think we need another chef for this holiday season." Dina had graduated with a degree of culinary arts and was now the head chef at the Wira Digiport. Hadn't it been for his active lifestyle – mentoring the new DigiWira and playing squash, tennis and badminton during his free time – Adam had no doubt that he would put on a lot of weight – his wife's cooking was marvelous. Even his sister and the other DigiWira had unanimously agreed to that one fact.

"Really?" Adam considered it. "I'll put an ad in the newspaper right away."

"You will? Thank you so much, b. Love you." This time around, she stood on her toes and kissed his cheek lightly.

"Love you too. Have fun cooking. Say bye to Mama, Zad." He waved his son's hand towards Dina before exiting the rec-room, ending up at the café's counter, leaving Fufumon and SnowBotamon inside the rec-room.

From there, he observed everything that was going on in his café. The café was almost packed, and most of his patrons were teens, half of them had Digimon partners of their own. He saw the three DigiWira he was mentoring – Debbie, Liu Meng and Ganesh – moving from one table to another, entertaining the patrons whom were mostly their schoolmates. He also saw two non-Digidestined teens he had taken in to work as backups whenever the DigiWira were needed in a battle. Halina and Leo both understood the nature of their jobs and so far, whenever the DigiWira were needed for their actual job, the two were able to run the café efficiently. Debbie, Liu Meng and Ganesh didn't actually need the job, but worked there as a favor for him, as well as to have extra money for their partners' mountain-high appetites with the Digimon battles they were partaking, so their jobs at the Wira Digiport were more on for them to earn pocket moneys. Halina and Leo however were his full-fledged employees, as well as five others who would step in for the evening shift.

The Wira Digiport was established with the concept of a safe haven for teens to hang out, like a youth center, in mind. Ever since it was opened three years ago, it had always attracted a lot of teens for various reasons. Adam and Dina had selected the foods that teens and Digimon loved eating, and some others were stuffs that Dina would come up with, so the menu was never really the same everyday. In the morning and evenings they were also able to strike deals with vendors who wanted to have their foods added to the Wira Digiport's menus, so that added more to the variety of the menu. It was a symbiotic relationship – those vendors benefited with guaranteed businesses and the Wira Digiport profited.

The café also boasted high-speed wireless internet connection, so those with laptops could easily bring their laptops to the café and took advantage of the free wireless service – provided they'd ordered something. Sights of college students with their laptops, buried in their assignments, were somewhat a normalcy. Those without laptops would be able to use the computers provided in the 'Cyberspace' section – a cybercafé linked up with the Wira Digiport. Widescreen TVs were placed on all corners of the café, usually airing music videos or sport events that would sure to draw in crowds.

There was a small podium at the farthest left corner of the café, where anyone who'd brave enough to have their musical talents recognized could perform, and if they were good Adam would pay them to perform. This made Adam and the Wira Digiport well-known names for those who were eager to break-in the music industry, especially when it was no secret that Adam was the younger brother of the very famous Josh Daniel.

However, none could deny that the Wira Digiport's main attraction was the fact that it was owned by one of the legendary Wira Digital, and the occasional appearances of the other four Wira Digital. Many simply hung out in hope of meeting JD, Manny, Liu Ying or Gayathri, as Adam they had met almost everyday. There was a sketch of the five Wira Digital which Adam had bought and hung on one of the walls, and he had made it a point to look for articles about them as well as the pictures of the products they endorsed to decorate the café – and as a result he'd receive the money due to the café's endorsement of the products.

The café's counter was currently being manned by Halina, and she smiled upon noticing Adam and Aizad. Returning the bespectacled young woman's smile, Adam sat Aizad on the counter, careful not to let go for Aizad was still too young to sit independently.

The baby suddenly shook excitedly, crowing in delight, his round gray eyes staring towards the café's entrance. Adam followed his son's gaze and saw a statuesque man in a red cap and trendy sunglasses who had just entered the establishment. The man was moving somewhat suspiciously, looking around him with careful assessment, as if not wanting to be recognized. He wasn't really out of the ordinary – he was dressed in a red unbuttoned shirt with a black tank top underneath, and a pair of jeans. Blond hair that reached his nape escaped the cap. The man saw that he was being watched, grinned lopsidedly and strode to them.

"Oh…my…God…" They heard Halina whispered in shock. Her hold on the cash machine slipped, resulting in a loud bang that attracted the attraction of the whole patrons. The man with a cap flinched slightly, while Halina sheepishly apologized and looked down, her cheeks visibly reddened.

Poor Halina. She really has it bad, Adam thought with a smile, as the man sat at the tall bar stools at the other side of the counter. He tickled baby Aizad on the cheek. The baby giggled, flailing his hands excitedly towards his uncle-cum-godfather.

"Hey, Josh," whispered Adam. "Ten seconds before people begin to realize that you're here."

"Adam," acknowledged JD, nodding. "I figured. But I had to try." He tapped his cap and sunglasses, and grinned as he seized Aizad from Adam, kissing the baby on the brows. "How's my little godson? Uncle Josh misses you so much, you know?" JD was Aizad's godfather – he had insisted to become one after Adam announced Dina's pregnancy.

"You're blowing your own cover," Adam pointed out, as two boys approached JD from the back.

"Excuse me, Abang," said one boy politely. He was holding a notepad and a pen, looking at JD hopefully. "Are you Josh Daniel the famous singer?"

"Of course he is," the other boy whispered urgently, elbowing the first boy. "It's so obvious."

JD handed back Aizad to Adam, pulled out his sunglasses and grinned at the two boys. "That's me," he admitted, eyeing the notepad. "Can I help you boys?"

"Wow! It's really you!" squealed the first boy in delight. "Can…can I have your autograph?"

"Say please," chided the other boy. "Forgive my brother, Abang Josh. But we really love your songs and…and it's his birthday. I guess he's a bit too excited to be able to meet you."

JD considered the smaller of the two boys before taking out a marker pen Adam handed out deftly to him, pulled out his red cap, signed it before putting the cap on the smaller boy's head. "There you go. Happy birthday!"

The two boys looked like they could have fainted there and then. "Wow, thank you, Abang!" They scurried away excitedly towards a table, where they were rapidly explaining what had just happened to their parents.

Adam took a moment to gaze at his sworn older brother. JD hadn't really changed much since the first time he had met him, except that there was a matured look on his face. He had grown really tall, at 6'3". His hair was kept just past his nape, stylishly messed up, complimenting the handsome, devil-may-care look which he'd always cultivated since school. Now at 26, JD was an accomplished singer and songwriter, mostly in rock, pop and acoustic genres. He had a massive fan base at Malaysia, his homeland Australia, as well as New Zealand, and was pretty much known in the South East Asia region. His albums were always bestsellers, topping the charts for the three aforementioned countries. There were talks of him expanding his horizon to Europe and the United States, but nothing was set to stone just yet and JD was not in a hurry. His light-tanned skin and impressive physique bore evidence of how he was also an avid active sports enthusiast, with racing and motocross topping his list of interests. In what free time he had, he'd also modeled in various fashion events, for his looks, height and physical form was in high demand. Despite that, he had unwittingly broken many hearts when at the top of his career he'd announced that he already had a steady girlfriend – a law student – with whom he'd been going out with since secondary school.

As of today, JD had just completed his two months long concert tour to the three countries. The tour also gave him the opportunity to visit Jade, who was doing his surgical program at New Zealand, as well as his folks who had settled back at Australia following his father's retirement. Jasmine however remained at Malaysia, for she was currently engaged to Anding.

Having earned a nationality status due to his contribution to the country, JD was now back in Malaysia, currently hiding from the public to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

"You've just blown your cover big time," snickered Adam, noticing excited whispers ensuing from the other patrons who had witnessed JD signing an autograph for the two boys.

"Ah, so there's no need for this anymore." JD took out his Digivice and released Agumon from it.

"I told you it won't work, Josh," said Agumon, brushing digital dusts from his body. "You're just too well known." The raptor cast a look around the establishment, noticing a couple of teens standing up. "Ensue more fans in ten, nine, eight…"

"That's why I'm gonna kidnap this little cutie pie while I'm here," said JD, and seized little Aizad quickly. "With him I can say that I'm busy doting on my favorite godson."

"Kidnap?" Adam asked, amused. "What's the ransom?"

"Whatever that Dina's come up with today, on the house," said JD, smirking.

"Don't forget me too! I need proper meal!" Agumon requested. "I'm getting tired of fat-rich, nutrition-poor foods from the tours…" JD glared at him. "Shutting up now."

"Well, I think you're gonna love today's special then: seafood pasta." Agumon brightened up instantly. He gestured towards Halina, who was gaping at JD. "Just tell Halina what you want."

"Two seafood pastas! I'll get on with it!" Halina offered quickly, and nearly stumbled down her seat in the process.

Adam considered her. "Okay. Go ahead. I'll man the counter." His eyes gazed the entrance as a woman in a smart business suit and skirt entered. The woman was willowy, her black hair tied in a stylish bun with several strands framing her elegant face. Beside her was a cream-furred canine Digimon. "Well, well, look who's here."

JD turned and grinned widely. "Ying! Over here!"

"Hey, Labramon!" Agumon called, his claws balancing the excited Fufumon and SnowBotamon who had bolted out from the rec-room upon hearing their favorite 'Uncle Agumon' coming. Patamon and Lalamon were both surprisingly very strict when it came to their digi-children. Adam just hoped that Agumon would not mention of Patamon and Lalamon's notable absence.

25-year-old Liu Ying saw them, smiled, and joined them at the counter. "I thought I'd meet you here," she told JD. She swept one look around the café and waved at her younger brother before turning back towards them. "I called your apartment but nobody picked up the phone, and your cell was off. Luckily your Digivice signal is up."

"I'm on holiday," said JD. "If I switched on my cell my agent would be calling me nonstop for interviews, offers, you get the drift."

Liu Ying merely laughed and kissed Aizad's soft chubby cheeks.

Adam took a moment to reflect on this other close friend of his. Liu Ying now was on her way to become a lawyer, which wasn't really surprising due to her strong sense of justice. Out of all the DigiWira members, only she and JD weren't married yet, although they had discussed about it. Their relationship was known nation-wide, as she sometimes accompanied JD in functions where JD was involved or invited in. In fact, her and JD marrying was one of the nation's anticipated marriages, after Adam and Dina tied the knot two years ago, followed by Manny and Gayathri just a year after. Everyone saw the pattern and the speculations begun. Liu Ying and JD agreed that they weren't rushing in tying the knot. Liu Ying still had one semester to go before graduating. JD still had several obligations related to his line of work that he needed to clear before even considering a long break, let alone marriage. And the two of them had been attending some courses together on marriage life – something Liu Ying insisted on doing because she wanted to do it right. JD simply went along with whatever she wanted – he preferred quizzing Adam and Manny about it.

"Looks like I'm early," said the lawyer-to-be. "I don't see Manny and Gayathri, and Kak Lisha and Abang Abu."

"I think they'll be here soon," said JD, checking his watch. "Manny told me an hour ago that he's already on his way home to fetch Gayathri. They should be on their way now."

No sooner than said, the said couple entered the establishment, further drawing the patrons' attention. It wasn't often that all FIVE legendary DigiWira were gathered together. Manny was still in his business attire but without the tie. He was assisting Gayathri, who was heavily pregnant with their twin girls. Penguinmon and Floramon followed behind them closely. Gayathri seemed exhausted, but at the same time, in her flowery maternity gown Gayathri seemed to glow with a motherhood aura. Adam recalled Dina exuding the same glow when she was carrying their son.

"Hey, you guys came!" JD hollered, while securing his godson on his right shoulder. Aizad fussed, not appreciating his uncle's loudness, and made his point by slapping one damp hand on his uncle's unshaven stubble. "Ugh…is that drool?" JD questioned, laughing lightly. "Whoa there lil' guy, okay, okay…I'm sorry." Aizad stopped, crowing happily at his uncle's reaction.

Adam simply grinned before shifting his glance towards his other fellow DigiWira. He was about to greet them before JD beat him to it.

"Hi, big and puffy version of Gayathri," he cracked. Liu Ying lightly slapped his shoulder.

"I just want to go to the hospital right now and deliver Emmy and Geeta," said Gayathri, not bothered at all with JD's comment. She smiled brightly at the sight of Aizad. "Hey, handsome guy. In a week or two you'll be big brother to two little sisters." She planted a kiss on the baby's chubby cheek. The baby took the opportunity to grab a fistful of Gayathri's long curly hair, causing her to yelp with amusement. Adam quickly tried untangling her hair.

"This seems to be his new game lately," said Adam. Gayathri waved her hand dismissively, not minding the baby's little stunt at all.

"You've finally picked up names for them?" asked Liu Ying, smiling. Gayathri remained standing for she was too heavy to lift herself on the bar stool.

"Well, they are going to pop out soon and I want to be able to call them by names," said Gayathri, matter-of-factly.

"No, no. What I meant was, you've settled on Emmy and Geeta?"

"Yes. Actually the names are Emmelinda and Geeta Devi. Manny just wants one of the girl to have her name starting with the letter E like his name, and I want a girl to have her name starting with G, and at the same time I wanted one of them to carry Bel's name…I can't name her Belinda though because I agreed with Dina that we both will name our girls something that resembled Bel's name," said Gayathri, her bubbly tone turned thoughtful at the mention of her deceased best friend. She shook her head. "Manny and I spent a couple of nights figuring out what name that we can put, since my mother insisted that I named one of the girls with an Indian name to remind them of their heritage."

Manny merely let out a contented smile when the others' gaze shifted towards him. He looked like he hadn't enough sleep, but at the same time there was a certain glow evident in his face. Adam couldn't figure out what it was, but he thought that the glow somewhat mirrored the motherhood glow Gayathri was exuding.

Fatherhood glow? Adam thought. I wonder whether I looked like that when Dina was carrying Zad.

Gayathri suddenly let out a low grunt and bent down, clutching her protruded belly. Seeing that, Manny swiftly darted towards a table, spoke with the patrons, before pulling a vacant chair from the table.

"Here, honey. Sit down," Manny instructed. Gayathri did as she was told.

"Are you alright?" asked Liu Ying, alarmed.

"One baby kicking is hard enough, imagine two of them," said Gayathri with a tired smile. "It's been keeping me up all night. I really wish I can just go to the hospital and deliver them now instead of waiting around for two more weeks."

"Oh…" Liu Ying suddenly sent a fleeting uncomfortable look towards JD, before waving towards her brother. "Meng, is there any empty seat?"

"I'm on it!" Liu Meng called, scurrying to search for it.

"How's the office treating you?" JD asked Manny. "Heard that you've been working pretty hard lately?"

"Well, yeah. But I'll live…" Manny said.

Adam grinned. In merely two years and with a limited work experience (but an extensive curriculum vitae), Manny had soared the ranks in his father-in-law's NVG Telecommunications Corps. He had started out as a telecommunications engineer right after graduating, then was promoted to executive engineer position just after several few months following his overall excellent performance. At the same time, Gayathri was learning the ropes to manage the corporation as her father had reached retirement age, but found herself overwhelmed with the prospect of leading a famous company. Nonetheless she persevered with helps from Anding and Manny, though it was obvious that she wasn't enjoying herself. Her marriage with Manny however provided the excellent excuse for her to gracefully pull out of the CEO post – by handing the post to her husband. No one would question her decision, especially when she announced that she was pregnant with twins four months after their marriage. Her staunch support for Manny to become the company's CEO was met with practically no objection from the company's board of directors. After all, Gayathri and Manny were both renowned heroes – who'd want to get on their bad sides?

Manny had been shocked of her decision because the news came to him as a complete surprise – the news of him becoming CEO and the fact that he was going to be a father. Nonetheless, he dutifully accepted his post, and Adam knew that Manny would do great. After all, Manny had been a great help around the Ops. Over the years, he and Manny had grown pretty much as close as it was between him and JD, further set to stone when the two of them ended up as roommates when they were both enrolled in the same university. JD – who had decided that higher education was not for him when he'd leaped to stardom at the age of 18 – had been positively jealous and thrilled at the same time.

"You better," Gayathri told her husband, "because I'm planning to become a full-time housewife to care for our girls, and for the two DigiEggs that appeared eight months ago at our home."

"I know, honey," said Manny, smiling. "You've told me that for the twentieth times already."

"It's because you're so forgetful lately. All you know is work, work, work," Gayathri retorted, pouting, "I was wondering whether you'd forgotten about me and our girls."

Manny raised an eyebrow. Adam, JD and Liu Ying exchanged amused smirks – Gayathri was prone for some mild mood changes ever since she had gotten pregnant. It's the hormones, they go haywire during pregnancies, Dina had told him when he asked her about it. Adam thought of how lucky he had been – Dina had an easy time with Aizad.

"Gayathri-akka! Manny-ana!" Ganesh called out for them, addressing them politely while maintaining his casualness with his older sister and brother-in-law. "One table's ready for you!"

"Great!" she called back brightly, her mood changed again. She quickly headed for the vacant table and just as quickly ordered something which Ganesh jotted diligently.

Manny just looked blankly at Adam. Adam grinned. "You better go sit with her, before her mood changes again."

"Don't I know it," said Manny with a small smile, before joining his wife.

"Hey, Adam," said Penguinmon. "I don't see Patamon anywhere. Where's that guy?"

Adam groaned inwardly. He had hoped to dodge Agumon asking him about it. He didn't expect the question coming from Penguinmon.

"Seraphimon and Rosemon are at the Digital World." His gaze spread to include JD and Liu Ying. "A village ran into some trouble with Apollomon and Dianamon this morning. They went there to investigate."

JD and Liu Ying immediately shot him dark looks. "Adam…"

"Hey, no chewing on me! I've told them to not take part in the fight. They're just there to assess the damage and help the villagers out. They should be back by dinner time." JD and Liu Ying still gave him dubious looks. "You know I can't go to the Digital World by myself ever since I started mentoring the new team," he pointed out. "That's why I sent Seraphimon and Rosemon. The Saints are with them as well. They'll be fine."

"Okay…" JD still looked unconvinced. "You want Agumon to go and help them? Gallantmon packs quite a firepower you know."

"There's no need. They've just sent a message to me this afternoon. Everything's fine. They'll be back just in time for the reunion."

JD was going to say something else before baby Aizad slowly nuzzled at the corner of his neck and yawned. That distracted him. "Uh oh. It's his bedtime?"

"He's been up for about four hours since his last nap. You want to hold him or do you want me to take him?" Adam asked, glad of the change of topic.

"Nah, it's fine. I can hold him."

"You sure? He kinda drools when he sleeps."

Amused, JD simply rubbed the back of the baby he was holding. "Just warn me when he does."

"I saw the news about today's battle." Liu Ying cast a look towards the second generation DigiWira. "How did they do?"

Adam beamed. "Great, actually. They remind me of us during our early days. Debbie and Opie are quite a combination since Opie can already reach Mega, but I can't have the team to rely on them alone, so right now I'm focusing on Liu Meng and Ganesh to learn harnessing their power as DigiWira. It's only a matter of time before their DNA-digivolved partner reaches Mega level too, but then again, their Ultimate, Qilinmon, is one of those Digimon who is more powerful than its level suggested."

Liu Ying nodded, once again observing her brother. Liu Meng was whispering something to Debbie, and Debbie laughed. A light crease appeared on her forehead. "I've been meaning to ask you this, since you see them almost everyday and I can never get a straight answer from Meng. Is there something going on between those two?"

Adam smirked. "Perhaps. I do know that Debbie and Ganesh are like siblings, since their older siblings are married to each other. She and Liu Meng though…the sparks are there. Why?"

Liu Ying smiled. "It just got me thinking: you and Josh are brothers," she began, now referring to her boyfriend by a more affectionate name instead of the nickname, "and when Josh and I are married, us three DigiWira are going to be a family. If my brother and Manny's sister end up as an item, won't that actually bind all five of us as a family?"

"You know…I've just realized that," said Adam, thinking of what Liu Ying had just said, "but even if it doesn't work out for those two, we're still one big, happy, DigiWira family."

JD nudged his girlfriend, chuckling. "Looks like someone's eager to start a family." Baby Aizad had already dozed off, comfortable in his uncle's protective hold, his small mouth partially opened. Liu Ying merely gazed at her boyfriend concomitantly; her eyes looked thoughtful as she took in JD with the sleeping baby Aizad. A small smile formed on her face.

"There's a baby cot inside the rec room," said Adam. "You can put him there if you want."

"I better," agreed JD. "Don't want the lil' guy to wake up."

After putting Aizad to sleep, Liu Ying and JD joined Manny and Gayathri at their table while Adam manned the counter. He was kept busy when several patrons paid their bills, some of them engaged in idle chitchat with him before bidding him farewell. Then Adam saw that he had more familiar visitors, as two children bustled into the establishment, followed closely by their two partners, a lion cub called Leormon and a bear cub known as Bearmon.

"Uncle Adam! Uncle Adam!" shouted the two children excitedly.

Uncle… Adam thought fondly, remembering how he had loss his parents and brother when he was young. Now he was a part of a very big family.

"Apin, Ally, hi!" Adam smiled at his nephew and niece as they scrambled up the bar stools. "Where are your parents?"

"Umi's with baby Ari," said nine-year-old Abu Zaid Ariffin – better known as Apin, referring to their mother and baby sister, Siti Nur Arianna.

"Abi's parking the car," added six-year-old Siti Nur Aleza – or Ally as she preferred, referring to their father.

Adam smiled back at his parents' namesakes. Alisha and Abu had gotten married in August following the DigiWira's victory, and in less than a year they welcomed their first born. While pregnant with Apin, a DigiEgg had materialized inside their household, hatched when Apin was born, and was now Apin's Digimon partner Leormon. The same thing happened when Alisha was pregnant with Ally three years later – the DigiEgg that accompanied Ally while she was still inside her mother's womb had grown to be the Bearmon that was accompanying her now. Just a month after Aizad was born, the couple welcomed their third child Ari and her partner, currently a Fresh known as Conomon.

He saw his sister and brother-in-law entering the establishment. His sister was holding a pink bundle in her arms while his brother-in-law carried a small basket of baby supplies, with Conomon perched on top of the blanketed supplies. Alisha and Abu both saw him and headed towards the counter, greeting him midway. He returned it with a grin.

"Adam, can we put Ari in the cot? She's sleeping already and I don't want to wake her," said Alisha, gesturing to the pink bundle she was holding. An infant with tufts of dark hair was sleeping there peacefully.

"Sure, Kak Lisha. Zad's sleeping too. The cot's big enough for both of them."

Alisha headed towards the rec-room while Abu entertained their other two boisterous children.

Abu looked even more distinguished, being the head orthopedics specialist at a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur, while Alisha was still as beautiful as ever, now working as a freelance webmaster as well as doing a thesis for her simultaneous Masters and PhD program. Salamon and Gatomon were nowhere in sight – they had regained their permanent forms of MagnaAngemon and Angewomon a few years ago, and were currently at the Digital World alongside Seraphimon and Rosemon to help out with the victims of Apollomon and Dianamon.

"We interrupt our program with the latest breaking news."

A series of groans ensued from the teens who had been watching a movie from the widescreen TVs, which were now showing a familiar, middle-aged woman in dark red suit and a pair of smart glasses holding a microphone.

"Just one hour after the latest threat is thwarted by the newest DigiWira team, another Digimon has invaded Kuala Lumpur. The people have evacuated and we are now waiting for the DigiWira to take care of this…giant walking shrub…for lack of better words."

The groans were silenced when the scene shifted to downtown Kuala Lumpur, where a Blossomon was seen sending out spiraling shuriken towards the buildings all around it.

This is new; a second threat in one day. Apollomon and Dianamon must be getting restless.

Debbie, Ganesh and Liu Meng instantly piled up the trays they were holding on Leo, who let out an exasperated sigh. They retreated to the back of the counter, towards the door to the rec-room which would lead them down to Ops. Adam signaled for Halina to man the counter and slipped out of sight as well. The older DigiWira understandably gave him a thumbs-up. Alisha wished him luck as she exited the rec-room, before stopping Apin and Leormon from following him. As he closed the door, he heard Apin complaining that he and Leormon were big enough to fight the bad Digimon.

Adam smiled. His friends knew that the reason he chose to mentor the new DigiWira was closely linked to the fact that he couldn't let go of that special part of his life just yet. The same was true for all of them, but Adam was in the most perfect position to actively assist the new DigiWira. After all…

Once a DigiWira, always a DigiWira.






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The epilogue is inspired from my newest fandom, PR Jungle Fury as well as loads others. Note that Adam's now mentoring three DigiWira, as well as taking active part in the background while at the same time owning a café with the DigiWira working under him – similar situation in JF where RJ mentors the rangers as well as owning a pizza parlor. The sunglasses are another JF tribute, while the Cerebro is a nod to the X-Men, which is also the inspiration for the DigiWira's special powers. The Ops is more or less based on PR Ninja Storm's Ninja Ops. More nods are explained in my blog.

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