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Chris Jericho looked around proudly at the completed work that lay before himself.

"There, it's all finished." He looked at the calendar. "Huh. Much sooner than usual." He blinked but then smirked as he arrogantly rubbed his nose in his trademark cocky manner, "Well now that I've got so much free time away from wrestling, it's no wonder I got my Christmas shopping done BEFORE December 23rd, ha, ha! Boy do I hate those crowds." His watch beeped. "Uh oh." He looked at it. "I'm late!"

He ran out of the bedroom, all of the raped gifts on his bed. He grabbed his coat, threw it on and raced out the door. He ran smiling down to his car at the end of the driveway. He drove off heading to one of his best friends houses. Fozzy had been on the road very much lately now with Chris having so much free time off of wrestling, but he still kept in touch with all of his old friends. He still missed them very much, he loved wrestling and though he knew he made the right choice to give it up for Fozzy, he still sorely missed being in the ring and performing for the fans. Chris drove down the freeway listening to the radio, of course to a station that played "Enemy". He was on his way to a Christmas get together where he was going to get together with some of his old wrestling friends who lived in the Florida area. Chris loved the holiday season and everything about it, from the fun, the parties with friends and family, shopping for gifts, the snow (when he'd go to other places like New York, when's the last time there was snow in Florida) the decorations and pretty lights, there was absolutely nothing that was going to ruin this.

"This is going to be the best Christmas ever!" Chris beamed happily as he pulled up to his friends house. "Not to sound too cliche."

Chris grabbed the gifts for the friends he'd brought off the passenger seat and closed the door, walking up the sidewalk from the car. There were already some of the others there, he recognized their cars along the road as he walked up to the big beautiful house.

He knocked on the door and the host opened it, "Chris, welcome! Glad you could make it!"

"Hey there Lance!" Chris hugged one of his longtime best friends Lance Storm. "Glad to be here, thanks for having me."

"Sure, come in, make yourself at home!"

"Alright then, where's the beer and cable? I'm kicking off my clothes and putting my feet up!"

"Ha, not so fast there wise guy, we have more company than you."

"Oh yeah I know. So who all is here so far?"

"Just a few of the boys, you know, Christian, Big Show, Dean Malenko was in town visiting some of his family and he popped by."

"Ah no kidding." Chris beamed, he hadn't seen Dean in ages.

"Only a few more until our party list is complete. Go mingle, I've got things to do." Lance shooed the boy off and left as Chris walked into the main hall to set down the gifts, then made his way into the kitchen.

"Got some nice looking food in here." Chris looked down at the plate, hungrily wanting to sample them before they made their holiday party debut. Chris looked around sneakily, he could hear the boys talking and Lance answering the door, so he knew it was safe. "Madame orderve, meet Sir stomach!" Chris lifted one and opened his mouth.

"Alright folks, our party guests are complete, let's all meet in the den." Lance's voice was heard as Chris popped the food into his mouth and dusted off his hands. Lance walked in the door to the crowd followed by the final company, "May I introduce to you, Florida's most recent resident, the lovely miss…."

"A girl?" Chris nearly choked.

"Stephanie McMahon!"

Everyone clapped but Chris nearly spit out his food, coughing for air at what he just said, but he was serious, there she stood, looking magnificent and blushing.

"Thank you." She bowed at the warm welcome, not even noticing the bleach pale blonde.

Chris slumped and was sullen at the news, "This is gonna be the worst Christmas ever…."

A/N: Well that's the start, welcome to the neighborhood Stephanie McMahon! lol. So… this is my holiday fic idea then, well the start of it at least. Will this be the worst Christmas ever for Chris, or maybe even the best? From shopping for gifts, to cold falling weather, to travel at airports, to crowds from stores to streets, flu shots and fun all rapped into one, and more that I can't tell you about. All to come up in future chapters, that is, IF you're interested to read more…!