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Laying in bed that night she could not believe it, she just could NOT believe it! Chris Jericho had invited herself, Stephanie McMahon, to his house for the holidays…. HE invited HER to HIS house! She smiled up at the ceiling. Would would've ever thought it. Two hated enemies, two of the worst rivals, starting to hang out, starting to act civil around each other, accepting each other into the others lives, starting to fall….. in love.

Christmas morning arrived, some of Stephanie's friends and family came to visit her at her new home as a sort of holiday house warming. Afterthey left for the airport, Stephanie went across the street to Chris's house. She knocked on the door.

"Welcome to el casa de Chris!" Chris opened the door with a bow.

Stephanie laughed, "Oh shut up." She went inside and looked around. It was much more decorated since the last time she was here. She had to admit, when itcame to the holidays, Chris really went out.

"Here, I know it's not much, but, I wanted to get you something for the holidays..." Chris said quietly as he handed her a small package.

"Oh, Chris." Stephanie gasped and took it to open. "Aw, my favorite perfume, white sands!" She took out the white bottle and put some on. "How did you know?"

"Isensed it." Chris shrugged and tapped his nose, which made Stephanie grin.

"Well it was very kind of you, thank you."

Chris sat down in front of the coffee table, "Can Ioffer you a drink? I've got Christmasy snacks here."

"Oh Chris." Stephanie smirked with amusment at the Christmas cookiesand candies on the table before them.

"You do know that Rudolph is on right?"

"Oh yeah, let's watch it!" Stephanie beamed and turned on the television with the remote.

Chris checked theguide, "Oohh, Grinch is after this."

"Jim Carrey?"

"Nah, cartoon."

"Excellent!" Stephanie rubbed her hands together and it made Chris laugh. After a few hours, Stephanie decided to take her leave. "I'd better go and get ready for the party tonight."

"Alright, I guess I should do the same."

"Yeah. Oh and Chris?"



"For what, inviting you over..?"

"Well for that, but, well... for everything." She kissed him on the cheek and walked off down the sidewalk. Chris blinked as he watched her go, then smiled to himself as he closed the door.

Once again, Lance Storm was holding the festivities at his place…. he's got a big house… but anyways, the boys were there, Christian, Big Show, Dean Malenko, even some of Lance's non wrestling friends were there, just people from the neighborhood that everybody knew, even though they weren't famous celebrities like their party host. Finally Chris Jericho showed up, making a grand spectacle of an entrance like always.

"Ladies, never fear, the man Canada called to melt the snow and ice has arrived."

"Yeah, rub it in my face AGAIN will you, Mr. Voted Canada's Hottest Bachelor." Lance smirked at the doorway.

"Alright then." Chris leaned against the frame arrogantly and cleared his throat as he pointed with a thumbs up, "And now, presenting the hottest thing since branding irons in the panhandle, yours truly, the one, the only, myself, Chris… Jericho…!"

"Wow, and I really mean that, wow." Lance applauded sarcastically. "Now will you please get your ass in the house so I can close the door?"

"Ah, smart man. Save money on your heating bill by inviting me over to warm the premise."

"Yeah, that's gotta be it." Lance rolled his eyes. "The only hot thing in here is the hot air that's coming from your mouth."

"My heat's gotta come from somewhere boy." Chris winked with a wave as he walked into the house. Lance just shook his head and closed the door.

"Hey boys." Chris waved to some of the neighbors. He was dressed in a semi formal suit, black slacks and a dark gray sports jacket, a nice button collared white undershirt, and a plain leather belt. He was wearing a red Santa hat witha leaf of holly attached to the white trimas well, he had to have something festive on his body. "And so we meet again." Chris smirked as he put his hands into his pockets. "You thought you'd seen the last of me now did you." He chuckled and wore a spunky sinister expression as he began to stalk over his prey. "But I've come back, back for MORE, my sweet!" Chris bent down and began to inhale the snacks on the trays in the kitchen, Homer Simpson style. He scarfed them down and savored them. "Mmm, orderves." He took some and looked around, before sneaking out of the kitchen into the main reception hall.

"And now may I present to you, our final guest for this evening, the lovely newcomer, Stephanie McMahon." Lance announced and everyone applauded.

"Holy…!" Chris's jaw dropped, crumbs of the food falling onto the floor… don't worry, the hired butler will get to that….

Stephanie entered gracefully, nodding humbly at the other guests. She was wearing a beautiful red dress with black fir trim on the collar, it was sleeveless and very tight, it had a cut on the side to reveal some leg. She looked absolutely breathtaking. Finally she made her way over to Chris.

"Hon, we've really gotta greet each other with a handshake or a hug or something a lot nicer." She giggled.

"You're… just…. so…."

"Gorgeous? Oh yeah I know, tell me about it."

"Alright." Chris nodded. "You're the hottest thing since, well, me…"

"So I've heard." Stephanie smirked smugly. "Anyway though Chris, in all seriousness?" She smiled softly up at him. "I really thank you for inviting me to Lance's holiday party."

"Well sure. I mean, you're in the neighborhood now, you're like our family."

"Wow think of it, Chris Jericho accepting me into his family."

"Yeah really, nobody would've ever imagined in a hundred years."

"A hundred thousand even."

"Alright come on, nobody can live THAT long." Chris raised an eyebrow.

"You left a cap right open for me on that you know." Steph winked.

"I know… but you didn't take it."

Steph looked away with a smile, "Yeah… I know."

"So, you want something to drink?"


"Alright." Chris walked over to get them both a glass of hot cider. He took a deep breath, he couldn't believe it, when he used to be around her, he got so sick to his stomach he just yelled and threw caps at her. Now he feels so warm and fuzzy around her that his stomach feels like it's floating full of butterflies. "I just can't believe it…."

"You've got a nice place Lance, it's very kind of you to do this for everyone." Stephanie was saying.

"Thank you. Well, I think the neighborhood should get together, you know, be like a family and stuff."

"I know exactly what you mean Lance."

"Well I've got to check on Dean Malenko, he's a nut when it comes to an open wine bar, excuse me." Lance walked off.

"Sure." Stephanie smiled with a slight chuckle. She sighed happily as she looked around. She just didn't imagine she would ever be here, at a party, in the same room, civily, with Chris Jericho. Whenever she saw him it would make her want to vomit, she just insulted him and couldn't stand to breathe what he expelled. Now when she was near him it was so soft and cuddly, her stomach felt sick, but in a good way, like…. "Love sick…" She smiled as she saw Chris come back towards her. "For Chris Jericho…"

"Here I got you some cinimon apple." He handed the cup to her.

"Thanks." She took a drink. "You know I'm really having a good time, it's so nice of Lance to throw this party, and it's even nicer for you to invite me."

"Yeah, you've mentioned that." Chris smirked.

"I know." She went up against him, shocking him a bit. "I just want you to know…"

"Oh… well, I know." Chris gulped and began to turn red in the face. This was hot.

"Chris?" Stephanie looked up at him. "You're no relapsing your fever are you?" Chris just shook a bit as he swallowed.

"Hey, now you CAN'T tell me you don't see that." Big Show pointed from through the hall.

"What?" Christian asked.

"Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon!"

"Whoa, you're serious!" Christian gasped and blinked down at his eggnog. "Huh…"

"Chris?" Stephanie asked after a while of dancing to Christmas music.


"I'm getting a little tired, do you think you could walk me home?"

Chris looked at his watch, it was only 11, "It is a bit late, I should go home too." Chris led Stephanie to Lance. "Lance my boy, thanks for a great time!"

"Leaving already?" Lance asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired. I had a little get together with my family before coming here."

"I understand." Lance nodded to Stephanie. "But it was great having you guys, you both take care now."

"Thanks, Happy Holidays." Chris smiled as he grabbed his coat and took Stephanie outside. They walked down the driveway, it was already late and dark, so it was cold out and Steph shivered a bit. "Here, I brought this just in case." Chris wrapped his coat around her.

"Thanks… but you should keep warm too you know."

"Bah I'm fine, I've got you here with me."

"And what does that supposed to mean?"

"Oh." Chris gulped, catching himself. "Just that, you're… my personal nurse, is all."

"Hmm, really." Stephanie made an amused face. "You know, Chris..."


"Moving out here, being all alone so far from my family, I didn't expect to make so many friends and have a happy holiday... But you changed that, coming here and seeing you at first made me regret my decision... But then once I got closer to you, I realized that I made the right choice." Stephanie stopped and started at him with a smile. "Chris when I first came here I had a house... now I have a home... and, well... a family. Thank you."

Chris blinked and smiled back, "Well... you're welcome." Stephanie grinned back up at him and they continued walking, Chris putting a hand over her shoulder.

Finally they arrived on her porch. "Thanks for walking me home, I don't really know the streets yet."

"Sure, and it's good not to be alone."

"Yeah, I know." Stephanie opened the door. "Uh, well, I guess… you wanna come in or something?"

"Sure, um I guess." Chris shrugged and walked in. "Oh?" He looked at her tree where the presents she bought for her family had been. "Looks like a friend forgot one."

"Don't worry." Stephanie walked over and picked it up. "I haven't forgotten it. Here."

"Huh?" Chris gasped wide eyed. "You mean that this is for ME?"

"Uh huh." Stephanie nodded.

"Wow, well thank you."

"Mhm… open it."

Chris opened the package eagerly and took it out with an oddly confused look on his face, "Uh, hey Stephy…. I don't think this will fit on me, it's kinda small, and well, not my gender."

"Oh darn you're right…" Stephanie gasped in shock and sighed as she took out the frilly lingerie. "It is something for a thin girl to wear… somebody like, oh I dunno…. Me."

"You?" Chris blinked in shock.

"Yeah, wanna try it on?"

"No." Chris shook his head quietly and Stephanie began to sink, she had really put herself out there, she thought... "I wanna take it off."

"Chris." Stephanie looked up quicly and blushed.

"My little sexy nurse."

"Your little personal sexy nurse."

"And you're all mine."

"I'm all yours…?"

"I will never let you go, or let anyone else have you."

"Chris…" She ran her fingernail down the center of his hot chest.

"Will you go out with me Stephanie….?"

"Chris Jericho… asking Stephanie McMahon out on a date…"

"It is Christmas after all."

"The critics will blame the alcohol you know." Stephanie winked.

"I don't care what the critics say." Chris brought her in close to him. "All I care that the tabloids read is that Chris Jericho is going out with Stephanie McMahon. Two hated enemies, two of the worst rivals…"

"Are now in love."


"And ever?"

"And I don't care who knows it, I don't care who knows that I love you… always." Chris looked into her eyes, but then glanced up and saw the mistletoe. Steph followed his gaze. "Merry Christmas Stephanie McMahon."

"Merry Christmas, Chris Jericho." Stephanie smiled and they kissed passionately, deeply, lovingly, before shed led him upstairs to the bedroom. "Oh." She stopped him half way up the steps. "And, when we're doing it, I just don't want to have to see more of your dental work again…"

"Will you shut up already with that?" Chris laughed angrily, causing Stephanie to giggle back playfully.

Lance Storm was walking to drop of Stephanie McMahon's purse she'd forgotten. He looked at Chris's house and noticed it was dark, he looked up at Stephanie's window, seeing the flickering shadows of love in the light against the drawn curtains. Lance looked down and saw Dot and Blaze sleeping close together on the porch.

"You guys watch this until they finish up there." Lance whispered and set down the purse by the two lovebirds…. love dogs rather. He went to go and he took one last look, nodding to himself with a victorious smile. "My work here, is done…"And with that, he vanished in the darkness as he headed back home down the street…. Stephanie and Chris were together, and it was all thanks to him...