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Hiya everyone! Ok, this is the prequel to Once. There will be a sequel...I just haven't thought of it yet. I hope y'all enjoy this one as well. Anyway, enough talking. Here's the story!

How had it come to this? Why was he running again? The car's engine sounded wrong, too smooth and soft. The night sounded loud and rough. Loud drum beats sounded from two hearts. Her's and his. He shifted slightly, making his position even more uncomfortable, to look at her.

If she was afraid, she didn't show it. She sat straight and confidently. The car's speed ruffled her long red hair. She looked beautiful and strong. Her eyes flickered to him for just an instant. An understanding passed between them. They both knew they could die.

The mobile suit was a cold, metalic blue. He looked at her, not wanting to say goodbye, not wanting to leave her. Her eyes were a strange metalic grey. They were the exact opposite of her warm red hair. The rain pounded outside, almost drowning out the sound of the gunshots.

He threw himself on top of her, forcing her behind a control booth. She screamed as the gunshots struck just above their heads. When he fired back she grew even whiter. She hadn't screamed for herself, she screamed for him. His heart pounded in his throat, he wouldn't allow her to get hurt.

As Rey ran after his rifle, he held out his hand to her. She stared at him for several seconds, then her small, soft hand grabbed his larger, rough one. They ran together, their hearts and breaths in perfect time. The suit started up. She stood beside him, a traitor, but willing to accept it for him.

Shinn and Rey gave chase. His heart pounded painfully against his ribs. He didn't have a chance in this battle. He didn't have the firepower to protect her. She stood firm, watching two of her friends fight to kill her. When Shinn became a demon, she buried her small head in his shoulder. No, he couldn't let her die!

When the white hot sword pierced the cockpit, he unbuckeled the restraints and wrapped himself around her. Pain consumed him, her shrieks rang in his ears. His blood mingled with the cold ocean water. They sank through the water, and still he held her. He would protect her until the end, because he loved her.