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"Another ship had to have done it. If it was more pirates they would have boarded the ship find her, grant it she'd still be in danger but she'd be alive. And if it were the navy they would have boarded to check for contraband."

Jack and Will thought on it for a little bit and were slightly heartened by this thought.


Five days later James was standing with Cassandra in front of Will's blacksmith shop. "I hope this doesn't sound intruding but I don't think it wise for you to stay here alone."

"Your concern is well placed but a little to great." Cassandra said with a gentle smile.

"Will you marry me?" Cassandra stared at James for a moment and said…

Two weeks later Cassandra is running the blacksmith shop and there is still no word from Will or Elizabeth.

"She's not in Tortuga." Said Jack coming back onto the Pearl.

"Elizabeth and I had better get back to Port Royal. Cassandra could be back there if she was picked up by the Royal Navy." Said Will.

"Then do ya think you could tell me once ye find out?" asked Jack. "Of course we will." Said Elizabeth patting Jack's arm.

"Alright we'd best be gettin you two home." Said Jack with that Jack went to take the wheel.

"The last time I saw Jack so depressed there wasn't any more rum left on the Pearl." Said Elizabeth.

"He is depressed isn't he?" asked Will.

"Well hopefully Cassandra is home." Said Elizabeth with a sigh.

"Hopefully." Said Will watching Jack.

- Few Days Later

"Oh Cassandra I'm so glad you are alright." Said Elizabeth hugging Cassandra.

"You had us all worried, especially Jack." Said Will.

"Oh that's new a pirate that cares for someone else." Said Cassandra.

" Be nice Cassandra he was two seconds way from ripping the Caribbean up looking for you." Said Elizabeth.

"He wants to know how you are." Said Will.

"Well you can give him this said Cassandra handing a card to Will.

"A wedding invitation?" exclaimed Will.

"What?" asked Elizabeth in shock taking the card from Will.

"James proposed to me and I told him yes." Cassandra said calmly

"When?" asked Elizabeth in disbelief.

"Five days ago. But the wedding is in three weeks."

"WHAT !" yelled Will and Elizabeth at the same time.

"The wedding is in three weeks, and Elizabeth you are my maid of honor." Said Cassandra nonchalantly.

"Elizabeth you deal with this. I can't deal with this right now and I have to take this to Jack." Said Will walking out of the shop.


"WHAT ?" yelled Jack throwing the card down, "She puts us through all that bloody 'ell and now she's getting married!"

"Calm down Jack."

"I will NOT calm down! I am going to go and beat some bloody sense into her head!" yelled Jack stomping to the ship's steering wheel.

"How?" asked Will. Jack turned to Will, "I don't know but I'm Captain Jack Sparrow I'll think of something." Said Jack with one of his famous grins.

Jack started towards the wheel again, "She's not gold Jack you can't just take her." Said Will.

"Why not?"

"Jack she's a human being besides whatever you said really got her mad." Said Will.

Jack sighed and sat down next to a rum barrel, "Yoho yoho a pirates life for me." Moaned Jack.

The next three weeks flew by and Elizabeth and Cassandra are waiting for the wedding procession to start. "Jack is really sorry, you know that right?" asked Elizabeth. "I guess but he hasn't shown himself for the last three weeks." Said Cassandra. "Well he's not exactly wanted here." Said Elizabeth. "It didn't stop him before." "Cassandra give Jack a break whatever happened let it go before you do something you will regret Jack really cares about you." Before Cassandra had a chance to say something the music played.

In the courtyard where Norrington was promoted, during the ceremony.

"If there are no objections then…" the preacher stopped when something white and liquidy fell onto his baldhead. Cassandra put her hands over her mouth trying not to laugh when she realized it was dropping from a parrot sitting on the archway.

Someone sounding a lot like Will called, "Sounds like the bird objects!" Which caused a ripple of laughter through the guest.

Cassandra looked at the bird and handed her bouquet to James saying, "Hold this." Cassandra grabbed her dress and ran out to the balcony. In the distance there was a ship Cassandra smiled. James came to the balcony followed by several guest. Cassandra stripped down to her undergarments (which still covers most her body). Cassandra took off her veil and tossed it on her pile of dress, several women had 'fainted'.

Cassandra shyly walked up to James and placed the ring in his hand, "I'm sorry."

Then Cassandra walked to the edge of he balcony and waved good-bye, "Good-bye dear friends I am off to start my new days as a pirate." Cassandra said with a bow and Cassandra jumped off into the ocean. Cassandra swam to the Pearl and was pulled aboard and handed a blanket.

"Jack Sparrow." Said Cassandra nodding to the man who walked up to you.

" Captain Jack Sparrow." He said with one of his grins.

"As you wish Captain." Laughed Cassandra.

"Come on." Jack took her hand and led Cassandra led her to the wheel. He started teaching Cassandra how to steer.

Cassandra started singing, "Danananana…"

"And really bad eggs." finished Jack smiling.