Summary: Just a brief one shot on a B/F relationship in Season 7.

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Mad World

There's a secret love going on inside this house. If you looked close enough, past all of the playful, though sarcastic banter, past the wolf's grin showing pleasure in the other's pain, and past the instances where they ignore each other completely, you could catch them watching each other, sneaking glances with their soft, love-lighted eyes.

You wouldn't believe it, though. Even if you did happen to catch the blonde escape from her crowded room at night and make her way, over and under each sleeping soldier, into the guest bedroom, where her counterpart had been stationed, you wouldn't believe it.

Even if her partner was asleep, she would slip inside the near empty bedroom, for Willow had cautiously made the sleeping arrangements, and climb atop the bed, waiting for a response from her sometimes unresponsive equal.

The brunette would stir, if asleep, or shuffle around beneath the sheets until she had melded her body into a position where the other slayer could meld right into her.

If ever guilty about their brief trysts, both would mark their time together as instinct, or 'Slayer Connection'.

Although they hid the feelings that they had once shown for each other from the people around them, they did not want to hide. They wanted to be found. It was wrong to feel happy when they were around each other. It felt foreign, though heavenly, feeling that warm body sleeping beside her.

They wanted to be guilty.

But who would be guilty? In a mad world where evil loves light and night loves day, who would be guilty?





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