Title: Our Kingdoms

Authoress: Meine Welt

Disclaimer: D.N. Angel does not belong to me. Nor does "Oh, Mistress Mine." That's William Shakespeare's.

Warnings: Yaoi. OOCness

Summary: Rules are made to be followed, yet at the same time, are made to broken. People are like rules. Made to follow, lead, be lost, and be broken. Yaoi. AU.

Things to know: This is an AU. This means it's an alternative universe. This story also contains yaoi. Please don't read if you don't like yaoi. You can not say you have not been warned. One more thing, this DarkxSatoshi with mentions of KradxDaisuke. Don't kill me because I like this pairing. Flames are used to burn bad dubs…

Satoshi fastened the fur-lined cape around his shoulders, studying his attire in the mirror. It looked decent enough. After all, today was his inauguration day. It had taken the blunette a month and a half to get over Dark's death enough to start talking again, but even now, Satoshi would admit that he still missed his other half greatly. Turning slowly, Satoshi crossed the room to the high windows that gave a beautiful view of the courtyard. Down below, he could see much of Frigus as well as the royal families from Atrum, Solis, and Accendo had gathered. Queen Emiko seemed to be fussing about Daisuke's hair while Krad looked on, knowing better than to get on the bad side of the Queen. Dark's parents stood to one side, watching the scene unfold with a sad smile on their faces. Mirain stood to their left, staring solemnly at the ground. Satoshi allowed his eyes to drift from the scene below to a far corner of the courtyard, where a stone slab had been erected in the honour of Atrum's lost prince. The body had never been found, even after weeks of combing the frozen cost. Satoshi forcefully blinked back tears as a knock sounded on the door. A maid poked her head in and the blunette stared at her reflection in the mirror.

"They're ready for you Milord." Satoshi nodded and turned away from the window. All he could do know was struggle to move on.


Queen Risa of Mercadia was often described by her people as being slightly 'overly-materialistic.' Now, being materialistic was one thing, but being over-materialistic was a completely different thing in itself. For example, everything you have must be perfect, and hopefully better than that of everyone else's. Many speculated that was why she had yet to find her 'dream man.' But it was none of their business anyway. On this fine spring day, Risa had decided to take a stroll along the docks and see how the fishing was going. Fishing was the major producer of money in Mercadia, seeing as the country was located on an island in the middle of the sea and the variety of fish nearby. Her heels clicked against the wood planks as she walked along, studying the fishermen who were just pulling in, or just shoving off. Glancing further down the dock, she noticed a small crowd of people gathered around something. Eager to see what it was, she quickened her footsteps.

"What is it?" Risa asked as she reached the group. Many people parted to grant her access to the centre, where a young man lay, damp dark hair spread out beneath him, eyes closed. Risa felt her breath catch in her throat as she mentally declared that this man was the most handsome she had ever laid eyes on. She looked him up and down quickly, her eyes coming to rest on a small crystal pendant that lay on his chest. He must be an important person to have such a trinket, she decided. As she crouched beside him, the man stirred and amethyst coloured eyes opened slowly. Risa smiled warmly.

"Good morning," she chirped in an almost annoying sort of way, "I'm Queen Risa, of Mercadia. Who are you?" The dark eyes blinked at her slowly, as if trying to comprehend what she had said. Then his mouth moved.

"I don't know."

---Present Day---

The bard leaned back in his chair, closing his book with a snap and a sigh. He gave a glance around the room, noticing all the eager eyes still on him, as if waiting for him to continue. He licked his lips and picked up his pint of ale, downing half of it in one gulp. Telling stories like this always did make his throat dry. A small tug on his tunic brought him back to the tavern room and his warm brown eyes landed on a little girl by his chair.

"What happens next?" the girl asked softly. The whole room seemed to hold its breath.

"I don't know," the bard answered, giving a shrug of his shoulders. "Only three books were found in the ruins of Solis' library. It took me a while to get a hold of them and now I just go around reading what I know." The girl's eyes dimmed in sadness.

"You mean there's no more to the story?" she asked. The bard laughed a deep laugh.

"I never said that!" he said, "I simply said that at the time, there were only three books found. There might be more books, seeing as they're still digging through those ruins, but I doubt it. I probably would have heard." The girl seemed to wilt in disappointment, and the bard felt his heart go out to her. Putting one of his large hands on top of her head, he smiled genuinely at her.

"Tell you what," he said, "I'll sing you one last song. How's that?" The girl nodded happily. The bard grinned and cleared his throat, before opening his mouth and singing in a rich baritone:

"O mistress mine, where are you roaming?

O stay and hear, your true love's coming

That can sing both high and low.

Trip no further, pretty sweeting,

Journeys end in lovers' meeting

Ev'ry wise man's son doth know.

What is love? 'tis not hereafter

Present mirth hath present laughter,

What's to come is still unsure.

In delay there lies no plenty

Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty

Youth's a stuff will not endure."

MW- How sad. It's over. I'm actually kind of proud of myself for finishing this. Thanks to The Oblivious Captain Anna, Ihni, Needlasch (are you aware how hard your name is to spell? DX), BandHallNinja-chan, Weinerdog of Death and Doom, and cobaltstar for reviewing! Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and has supported this story from it's beginning to the end! And now, I bid you Buona Notte, Adieu, Oyasumnsai, Goeienag, CháoHyvää Yötä, Iyi Geceler and Good Night! (no, I only speak 4 of those 8 languages. Learning a 5th though...)

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