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This is a rather short epilogue, but I'm both eager to start another one, and not give away too many secrets to this one. I like how it turned out, though like many of you, I wanted to see Sirius with "nappies".

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The Epilogue

Twelve Years Later

Through the drifting mist off the lake, Hogwarts came into view. Small little boats quietly traveled across the still water holding the wide-eyed first years. With Hagrid in command, he held his lantern high and proud, trying to make a good impression of authority on all the new students that were frightened beyond their wits.

They reached the docking rocks and one by one, they piled out of the little boats and followed closely behind Hagrid with eyes as big as saucers.

"Fers' years, this way. Keep up!" The loud heavy voice bellowed on this darkened night.

The big, overgrown half-giant led them to the big doors where Headmistress McGonagall welcomed them with a small firm lip that tried its best into a grin. Her eyes fell over the new hopeful students, thinking to herself of all the new generations of wizards and witches that were going to occupy her school.

As the students followed the Headmistress into a small room, they were explained about the sorting hat and what it was going to do for them. They were told, in detail, about their houses they would be put into and how they'd come about. Most of the wizarding families had already explained it to their children, but for the new muggle family wizards, they listened carefully, absorbing every minute detail.

The students filed into the great lavish hall, following the witch with the green robes and tattered old hat, which she set upon a stool before the rest of the staff table.

Like usual, Severus Snape leered menacingly at the new hopefuls, curving his lip into a disgusted grimace. His shoulder length greasy hair and dark eyes stood out from the rest of the staff, that there was no denying the legend of Snape. He was still as dark and mean, but now at least, he sat in his cushy job as the Defense against the Dark Arts Professor.

"As I call your name, come up and take a seat." The Headmistress announced and unrolled a long scroll with names in alphabetical listing. "Adams, Clara!"

A meek and sky redhead came forward and slipped up onto the stool, trying not to focus on all the sets of eyes that were set on her.

The sorting hat fluttered its loose seams and started to decided where to put the young girl, "A quiet one, you are. Not too much to go out there with, when it comes to throwing yourself into danger. Though, loyal you will be, Hufflepuff is where I place you!"

The room erupted with the first one finished and the Hufflepuff table proudly welcomed its newest house member, patting the young shy girl on the back. She took a seat on the end and turned to the front of the room, to see who was going to be next.

"Black, Adara!" McGonagall yelled, trying to suppress a small smile and not to look the least bit bias to the new, yet familiar face.

A few small whispers amongst the other students began, having known that Harry Potter was this young girls' godfather. A couple of blonde haired boys craned their necks from the Ravenclaw table to better see who was coming forward.

Emerging from the crowd of first years, a pretty young girl with long black curls, sharp features and deep blue eyes made her way to the chair. She fixed her robes that may have wrinkled upon walking through the crowd and lifted her chin proudly to take her seat. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes tightly as the hat was placed on her head.

The aged sorting hat perked up and began its thinking, "Oh, another challenge! Hmm, you are a combination of two very great minds. One comes from a long family of Slytherins, only to have been the first in his family to be sorted into Gryffindor. And then, your mix of one so bright, there was no doubt where to put her. This is easy to say: GRYFFINDOR!" the hat shouted, lifting off her head with joy as it wiggled its brim.

The young girl hopped off her seat and looked up at the Headmistress with a smile from ear to ear, like you would a close family relative.

McGonagall winked at her and nodded, "Just like your parents, Adara, Gryffindors!"