Monday, 8 November, 1993 Washington DC

Dana Scully, MD, ME, enjoyed the crisp November Washington DC weather as she walked from the Metro station to the J Edgar Hoover Building. While she was affixing her still relatively new FBI Special Agent credentials, she paused to wonder whose Cheerios she fouled to draw the current assignment she was burdened with. Sure, she was relatively new to the Bureau, but she was one of the youngest forensic pathologists in the country. She half expected to be running a lab of criminalists by this time, instead of sharing a basement office with Special Agent Fox "Spooky" Mulder.

Scully was sent to basically debunk Mulder's X-Files. Mulder was a genius, no doubt, and had a stellar history in the FBI's Behavioral Sciences division. All of Mulder's past successes went out the window, though, when he started talking about little green men. Scully had a theory that Mulder's fascination with extra-terrestrials stems from his rationalization on what happened to his sister, who was abducted at a very young age. Flying around the stars on a flying saucer was no doubt easier to palate than what a trained agent like Mulder knows deep down what likely happened to his younger sister.

When Scully entered the cluttered basement office, Mulder greeted her with, "Special Agent Scully, what do you know about Brigadier General Anthony Nelson, USAF?"

Scully answered, "And good morning to you Special Agent Mulder, Anthony Nelson was an astronaut who flew everything from Mercury Capsules to the Space Shuttle. My father actually met him when his Carrier recovered Nelson's Apollo capsule after a successful Moon mission. Last I heard General Nelson was stationed in Europe."

Mulder added, "Brigadier General Nelson is currently overseeing the dismantling of Russian ICBMs under the cover of Air Attache to the US Embassy in Moscow. The Air Force is considering giving him a second star and sending him back home as the ranking officer at the Kennedy Space Center, being a very modern Major General. With the promotion comes a routine FBI background check, and I volunteered us for the detail."

Scully was puzzled, "Why? Background checks are fairly routine, and are usually done in the regional offices… wait, don't tell me you have an X File on General Nelson."

Mulder gave Scully her answer by taking out an old FBI file and explaining, "A quarter of a century ago, Special Agent Arthur Dales started this file on then Major Anthony Nelson. From what I read, a Colonel Alfred Bellows reported rather unusual occurrences centering around Major Nelson."

The name Alfred Bellows did pique Scully's interest. Dr. Bellows literally wrote the book on military psychiatry. Scully took a closer look on the file. It was dated September 1968, and had the names of Major Anthony Nelson USAF and Major Roger Healey, CE, AUS on the cover. It was also stamped Top Secret. Leafing through it, Scully noticed that it was not in the traditional style of FBI reports, rather it was in narrative form.

Mulder commented, "You can read the file on the plane. We're off to Disneyworld."

Scully thought to ask why Disneyworld, but even after he short time with Mulder, she knew better. Instead, she took the file and grabbed the overnight bag she kept ready in the office for just such instances.