A girl pressed her forehead against the cold window of the school, scanning War Drum Flats. All she saw was a few clumps of sage brush, but none of the beautiful horses she was looking for. Samantha, or Sam as she liked to be called, was glad this was the last day of school. School was letting out for a week for spring break and she couldn't wait to use the extra time to work on halter training her filly, Tempest, and her mom Dark Sunshine, who was calmer now Tempest was here. She would also get to ride Ace often and look for Phantom. It had been a few weeks since Sam had last seen him and she was beginning to get concerned. It's probably fine, she reassured herself; he has been a wild stallion for many years now.

"Sam? Sam? Earth to Sam." Called a voice interrupting her thoughts.

"Huh?" She said to the blond haired girl next to her, who was her best friend. "I'm sorry, I was thinking about other things."

"Yah, probably that wild horse, right?" Jen replied grinning.

"Phantom." Sam corrected, smiling back.

"So, what are you going to do this week all by yourself?"

Sam considered this. This week, her family had wanted to go to the fair several towns away. It was somewhat of a tradition for them. Last time there was a fair, she hadn't been able to go since Tempest was about to be born them, so she was looking forward to this one. Then Brynna had received a letter from the HARP (horse and rider protection) people, telling her a new horse had been donated to the program and they had decided to send her to this branch. The letter didn't really say much about the horse though.

Though she had been looking forward to this weeklong fair, she had decided that she would stay home to make sure that the horse got settled in. Also, someone had to take care of the animals.

"Well, I can't wait to see Tempest more." Sam said, returning to Jen's question. "School lasts way too long if you ask me."

Jen nodded then paused. "Well, I like learning scienceā€¦"

Sam raised her eyebrows skeptically.

"You know I like science, Sam. Though I know what you mean. Time for a break. You can't totally hate school though. I know you like taking pictures for the paper."

Sam nodded. "True, though I wish there were more opportunities to take horse pictures for the school paper. Though now, I can take as many horse pictures as I want." She said, thinking about the camera that she had bought. She bought it herself, so it wasn't as advanced as the schools cameras, but in Sam's eyes it was perfect.

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