Sam put her hand above her eyes, trying to block out the sun so that she could see who the other rider was. She then realized there was not just one rider, but two, though she could still not see who they were.

Ace whinnied to the other horses, who immediately whinnied back. The two riders paused for a moment, seeming to be talking. Then, they turned and trotted in Sam's direction.

As they came closer, Sam could see that the horses were both Palominos, which told her they were probably the people either from Jen Kenworthy's family or from Rachel, a snotty rich girl whose family owned the Kenwothry's ranch, since both had Palominos.

Sam hoped it was the first. Rachel or anyone else in her family never missed a chance to be unkind.

It turned out to be both. Jen and Rachel. Sam frowned as the two girls approached. Jen didn't like Rachel either.

"Sam!" Jen called when they got within hearing distance. Sam asked Ace to walk over to the two. Rachel halted and took out a piece of paper, but Jen continued over. Jen's eyes widened as she got closer. "Sam? Did you fall off? You have dust all over you?"

"Yah, I'm ok though, I'll explain later." Sam replied. "What are you doing?"

Jen rolled her eyes. "Rachel found this old map she thinks will lead to jewels, gold, gems, or whatever. No one seemed to think she should go for a ride by herself, though I can't imagine why…" She added, joking. "So I volunteered. Silly needed a ride and I thought we might run into you. I'm glad we did. She was just telling me about what she wants to buy with the treasure she's going to find. So what happened to you?"

Sam quickly explained.

"New Moon?" Jen repeated when Sam had finished. "Well, I guess it's nice to know he finally has a herd. Are you sure you're ok?"

Sam nodded. "Definitely."

"Jen." A voice whined from behind Jen. "Are you finished talking yet?" Asked Rachel.

"I Guess Rachel." Jen said, sighing. "See you later Sam."

"Want me to come?" Sam asked. As much as she did not like being within a hundred yards of Rachel, Jen probably needed company.

"That'd be great if you wouldn't mind." Jen said, her face brightening. Sam smiled back.

"Whatever." Rachel said, obviously not wanting her say to go unheard. "This way." She said, pointing east.

Author's Note: Sorry this is a short chapter. The next will be better.