A Second Chance

Love's Tragedy

Chapter One By Crow Skywalker


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Author's Notes *Important* – Okay, this story starts out Medieval like, and happens to be sort of a prologue for the real story. Sure it starts out like a real fic, but the real story takes place in the present time, where there'll be Digimon and such. I'm thinking about calling it "A Second Chance", but y'never know...I might think of something better later. Anyway, for now, all I can tell you is that Love's Tragedy takes place long ago, and ends sort of like Romeo and Juliet, mainly about Taichi and Yamato, but also includes other couples. A Second Chance will take place in the future, as in today...or somewhere around there..when they will be reborn, but have no memories of the past, and will once again have to find where their hearts lay.

Pairings/Warnings – Be warned now, this fic contains yaoi and yuri couples, along with death, sadness, romance, the normal stuff from me. The pairings will be the following, so if you don't aprove, no loss for me: Taito, Kensuke, Mira, Jyoshirou, Kensuke, Takori (Note: Takori, not, I repeat, not Takari), and Hiyako. If you think you're hot stuff and read this just to flame, don't think I'm going to give a shit. Flaming doesn't bother me, and in fact, it only helps me write. Anyway, think you can handle it? Continue reading ^^


A long time ago in a far off land, the people lived in peace and harmony for there was no technology, no new age things, and it was still said that the world was flat. Places were left unexplored, treasures left for the courageous ones, and land was yet to be conquered. The land was at peace, just as the people of the time were. But this newfound tale has little to do with this, only with the family and religious beliefs.

Taichi Yagami was born to an average family of a mother, father, and younger sister. The family was nor rich or poor, but could afford the necessities that they needed. While Taichi's mother was a housewife, just as every other wife in that time, his father was a highly respected priest, which made the house rules even tighter. Taichi had just only reached sixteen when his father had dumped his family responsibilities on his only son, and spent more and more time at the church. Taichi was forced to watch his family slowly fall apart.

It was a poor and rainy day when his father finally returned home, an unusual smile forming across his face as he held a small envelope in his right hand. The Yagami's very seldom received any mail, so it was only natural that they be curious about it. They immediately gathered around, his father awaiting their full attention.

"Come closer, my children. For this is a great day in the history of the Yagami's." He smiled, and Taichi frowned slightly. His father was up to something, and whatever it was, it wasn't good.

"Oh, Father, what ever is it?" Hikari, Taichi's younger sister exclaimed.

"Dear child," Her father stated, eyes softening, "This letter will effect you the most."

Hikari smiled brightly. "Please tell me!"

He continued to smile. "There's no need to even open it, for I shall break the news to you myself."

The young girl clapped her hands together excitedly as the curiosity grew, as did Taichi's own. Whatever was his father up to? Hikari had always been his favorite child, having bought her the finest dresses and gowns since she was the age of six, while all Taichi received was work.

"'Tis been requested by King Ishida himself, that you, my dear Hikari, marry his oldest son Yamato Ishida." Stated Mr. Yagami, his face hardening. "And you will accept."

All bouncyness left Hikari and her mouth opened in shock. This had been the last thing she could have thought of. "But Father!"

"No buts." He almost spat. "The marriage is set, and you shall become his wife. It will bring us good fortune and money, don't you understand?"

By now young Hikari was in tears. She was going to be forced to marry someone she didn't even know, just because the person had riches beyond belief?

"Father," Taichi stepped up to his father, trying to keep his outrage hidden. "She's only fifteen! Hardly at an age to marry, not alone a Prince!"

His father glared at him. "And Prince Yamato is sixteen, being at a legal age to marry in this country."

"So you're willing to give up your only daughter, just to be part of royalty?" Spat Taichi, glowering at the man he had to call father. Father..the word sickened him

Mr. Yagami's hand whipped across Taichi's face, and Taichi fell back on the floor. "You will not speak that way with me!" He roared, glaring at his two children, then at his wife who cowered in the corner. "The devil shall have you all, but the Prince shall have my daughter, and I shall have the riches." With that, he stalked out of the room, leaving the three of them in silence.

Hikari finally broke down crying, quickly leaving the room and heading to her own. Mrs. Yagami sat in the corner, quietly crying to herself, her hands covering her face. Taichi silently sat up, rubbing at the red mark his father had left on his face. How could he do this? Betray his own family? Worst of all, Hikari. The church may be with him, but the devil has surely got him...

Outside, a large crack of thunder shook the house, and a flash of lightning lighted up the sky. It had truly been a poor day, indeed.


Yamato Ishida had been born of the higher class, being the Prince of the small country his father ruled. Being the first born son, he was destined to rule in his father's footsteps, just as his father before him. His mother and father had worked hard to give him everything he ever wanted, as well as teach him the high life. It had been a few months earlier, when he had hit his sixteenth birthday, did his father call him into his throne room to have a quiet talk with him.

Bowing slightly, he faced his mighty father before him. "You called, Father?"

The King nodded, smiling slightly at the young Prince's manners, which his Lady had taught the boy herself. "Yes. I wished to speak to you, man to man."

Yamato stood, nodding. "Speak as you wish."

"As you know, my son, you've reached your sixteenth year, which now means you're a man." He paused slightly, and Yamato listened contently. "And at the legal age of this kingdom to marry."

Yamato raised an eyebrow. "But Father, I have not met any women who suit me."

"That's why you're here, Yamato. I'm getting old, and I need to know that my kingdom is in good hands, and will not fall when I die. Therefore, I have picked your bride to be."

Yamato's eyes opened wide. "But Father! Shall I really marry some person I don't even know?"

King Ishida nodded silently. "Its for the best that you marry immediately, and carry on the Ishida name. Besides, I'm sure you've heard of her. Her father is the town's only priest, and she is known for her beauty. Her name is Hikari Yagami."

Yamato frowned. "Sorry to say that I've never heard of her. But perhaps I may meet this beauty before we are to marry?"

The King nodded. "It has already been arranged. Lady Hikari shall be joining us for dinner, as well as her family."

"Very well, may I go get ready?"

He nodded approvingly. "You are dismissed."

With that, Yamato spun on his heals and left. He didn't think much of this marriage set up, but what could he do? He had to please his father, no matter what, and if that meant marrying someone he didn't love, then so be it. If he wasn't happy, at least his father would be.

Passing by a window, he stopped to look out at the town beneath them. The people walked freely after the tremendous storm they had encountered the night before, and even the birds chirped and flew through the fresh air. Sighing, he let his muscles relax a little, letting his guard down. The outside world never ceased to amaze him, for the people and animals were free to do as they pleased, while he had his boundaries of the castle.

Somewhere out there..my true heart lies, if only I could have found it before now. For now, it is too late, and I am made to marry the Lady Hikari. But surely this is not right. I cannot spend the rest of my life with a person whom I do not love...can't father see that? But if it is his wish, then I shall fulfill it.

He continued to walk down the grand hall.

I have a dinner to prepare for.


"Lady Hikari, could you please hold still?" Asked the young lady clad in pink from head to toe as she tried her best to fix Hikari's hair.

"But Mrs. Mimi –"

"Please, Lady Hikari, call me Mimi." Stated the older teen, continuing to braid Hikari's hair, which wasn't all that easy because the poor girl wouldn't stop squirming.

"Okay, Mimi, it is, but I do not wish for any help! In fact, I don't even want to go!" Protest the girl, once again, trying to pull away without getting her hair pulled out.

"Sorry Lady Hikari, but your father ordered me to dress you fine, as you are to meet the prince for dinner. Do you wish to disgrace your family before you even get married?"

"That's just it! I don't want to be married! I'm still a kid! My father is forcing me to marry some guy that I don't even know!"

"I know it must be hard on you, Lady Hikari, " Started Mimi, pulling back on Hikari's shoulders and trying to get the girl to stay still, "But Prince Yamato is a fine young man, not alone a Prince. He will surly make you happy. Besides, the castle is a fine place also, with many rooms and lots of things to do. Trust me, I've been there before many times."

"Do you yank on Prince Yamato's hair also?" Muttered Hikari between clenched teeth.

"Oh, no. I am not at the rank to do much with Yamato, but I have met him now and them. A real handsome fellow, has manners too. Although he is very busy lately, with more responsibilities being dropped on him as the days go by. I doubt he ever gets any free time to have some fun, but I bet you could help change that."

Hikari slumped back in the chair, silently studying herself in the mirror in front of them as Mimi busily brushed and twisted her hair. Her father hadn't spoke to anyone since the night before, when he had told of the marriage, but this Mimi girl, who didn't seem much older than Hikari, had shown up at the door and had practically let herself in. She had insisted that Mr. Yagami had sent for her, being the best at clothing and styles, and she was here to make Hikari presentable before the Prince.

Hikari frowned silently. Why did father do this to me? Why did he set this marriage up? It's not what I want! Any guy who would marry before he even knows me is not worth it! Besides...I've always dreamed of finding my one true love, the one who felt every emotion I did and knows how I feel, and running away with him. My dreams...ruined.

"Have you ever fallen in love before?" Questioned Hikari, snapping out of it.

Mimi stopped what she was doing for a second, then quickly resumed, nodding slightly.

"What's it feel like?"

Mimi smiled slightly to herself, keeping her mind to her work. "Hmm..."

Hikari sat up, ready to listen.

"Well, falling in love is something you can't help, but you have to hope that it's the right person, or your heart will end up broken. Its a careful choice, that only you can make. But if it's the right person, you'll know for sure because your heart stops at the very sight of them, and you can't keep your eyes off of them, and you'd do anything for the person."

"Really?" Hikari brightened. "Have you been in love? Have you found your special person yet?"

Mimi smiled again, lightly patting Hikari on the head. "So full of questions, aren't you?"

Hikari nodded. "I just want to know..."

Mimi nodded. "I know how you feel. I used to doubt that I'd ever find my special person, but I found her in the last place I'd ever expect."

Hikari scrunched her nose, frowning. "Her?"

Mimi nodded. "Love has no gender, Hikari."

"But the bible says –"

"Lady Hikari, I know your father is the priest and all, but the bible has nothing to do with it. You can't help who you love, it just happens. When it comes to love, you must forget the teachings of the bible."

Hikari nodded silently, and for a few moments, they sat in silence.

"So who is she?"

Mimi blinked, startled by the question, but then she pictured her true love in her head and felt herself grow warm inside. "Her name is Sora."

"You mean Lady Sora, from the castle?"

Mimi nodded. "She captured my heart a long time ago. But this is just between you and me, alright?"

Hikari nodded, eagerly awaiting the story. She had a new found attitude for true love, no matter what genders it included.


Takeru Ishida had once again snuck out of the castle and the castle grounds. He had done this many times, and knew just how to escape so that the guards surrounding the premises didn't see him. Surely if he was caught, he would be brought back within the castle walls, where he would forced to do absolutely nothing but sit and do Princely things. Being a young Prince wasn't all that easy, so he knew how his older brother Yamato felt, especially now with the marriage set within a week. But unlike Yamato, love wasn't something that he had to worry about, for he had already met his true love, and he had been there the whole time, Takeru had only yet discovered it.

Iori Hida, who he had first befriended on one of his first outings into the town before the castle, and instantly won over his heart, as did he to the other boy. Iori may have been a year younger than him, but he saw no difference between them. They were both teens, one being a Prince and all, but still teens, and to them, they were equal.

It was in these outings that Takeru would meet up with his secret love, which they had agreed upon during the last encounter, and spent their time together, usually wrapped up in each other's arms. There, hidden from the outside world and everyone else, they would talk and confine in each other.

"Iori-chan!" Takeru waved the other boy over from an empty alleyway, which he was hidden in.

At the sound of his name, Iori's face brightened, and he hurried over to where his love was standing, immediately throwing his arms around the older boy. "Takeru-chan, I missed you."

Takeru laughed, returning the hug. "But Iori-chan, we just saw each other yesterday!"

The younger took in a big breath of Takeru's scent. "It seems like it was weeks ago."

The older boy smiled, hugging Iori tightly. "I missed you too. I only wish that these meetings could last forever."

"Maybe one day they could?" Asked the smaller boy, looking up at his love.

Takeru nodded. "Although I doubt my Father would approve of us. But you're the only one for me Iori-chan, I can feel it. Nothing could break us apart, and I surely wouldn't marry someone I didn't love."

Iori finally let go, backing away slightly. "How's Prince Yamato? I heard he is engaged? All so sudden?"

Takeru nodded once again. "It's clearly not what he wants, he doesn't even know the bride, although I gather she's pretty. Father set it up and only told him today, and I know he wants to make Father happy but..," Takeru shook his head. "Will he be happy with this marriage?"

Iori frowned. "Only time will tell, I suppose. Are they to meet soon?"

"Oh, yes, very soon. In fact, I might have to cut our meeting a bit short, because the family is coming to dinner. You don't mind, do you?" Asked Takeru.

Iori pouted, which earned him a quick kiss on the lips. He immediately brightened. "Only if I can have another one of those!"

"Sure thing, Iori-chan." Laughed Takeru, leaning in for another kiss, only making this one last longer. At the first touch of their lips, they set on fire, and Takeru knew that this was the right person, the one he would be in love with for the rest of his life. None other could make his lips burn with such love before. Slowly breaking it off, he smiled lightly. "Sorry, Iori-chan. I have to get going. Same place tomorrow?"

Iori nodded, licking his lips which still burned with pleasure. "Sure thing Takeru-chan."

Takeru gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and set on his way back to the castle.

Iori-chan's right..maybe Yamato will actually like the girl, and all the problems will be over with. Then again, if she turned out to not be the one, then things would be very complicated for Yamato...Oi, and I thought I had problems...will Father ever accept my choice of Iori-chan?

Only time will tell, right?


Taichi Yagami frowned at the sight of his sister, who stood in front of him dressed up as she were some kind of doll.

Father's going ahead with this after all...and there's no way I can stop him..my poor, poor, sister..forced to marry at such a young age, and against her will...

"Taichi, don't be sad."

He snapped out of it to see Hikari, smiling faintly. "I'll be okay." She assured him. "Like Father said, its for the good of the family. Besides, I shall be in good hands, and nothing bad shall ever happen to me."

Taichi pulled his sister into a hug, not wanting to let her go.

"I'll be fine...." She whispered softly, "I'll be fine..." But she wasn't only saying it to comfort Taichi, but to calm herself as well, for the time to leave had come, and once she stepped through the doors of her house, she was never to return. She was to stay in the castle until the marriage, so her and Prince Yamato could get to know each other better. Her freedom had come to an end after a long day, and now she was to leave her home, where she had been born and raised in. "I'll be fine.."

Taichi finally pulled away. "I won't leave your side, I promise you. I don't want to lose my only sister."

Hikari smiled faintly. "You'll be in the castle also," She reminded him. "So please don't worry too much."

Taichi couldn't help but smile. "I guess you're right. Nothing can really happen to you as long as I'm around."

She giggled. "Taichi, you're way too over protective."

Taichi's face turned cold, once again thinking of his father. "Well, somebody has to be."

Hikari turned and looked out a window, frowning. "Oh Taichi..the time is growing short. We'll have to leave soon, wherever is mother and father?"

"I'm here, my child." Stated a voice, and they turned to see Mr. Yagami enter the room, his wife following close behind. "Are you ready to meet your destiny?"

Taichi glared at him. All for the money...nothing else...

Hikari nodded slowly, taking her father's hand. "I'm ready, Father."

"Then let us go."

Hand in hand, Mr. Yagami and Hikari left the house, Hikari looking back one last time, before finally turning her gaze away. Her mother slowly followed, and Taichi brought Hikari's thing to the end of the small walkway. It was there that they were picked up by a carriage, and he loaded their few things on. Of course, they would have to come back and get a few things, for they only had enough for one night, but that was no problem.

Sighing, Taichi looked back at the old house as he stepped up into the carriage. It looked empty and dull, unlike it used to be when it was full of joy and happiness. The happiness had drifted away a long time ago, and now, soon, all there would be were cobwebs.

So, what do you think so far? ^^ The end of Chapter One of the Prologue, but there's still lots more to come! Stay tuned for even more yaoi and yuri goodness, as the Yagami's meet the Ishida's...but what shall happen? Don't forget to read the author's notes..they're super important for the future :P