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Beast Boy could only stare. He must be going crazy. No, scratch that—he already was insane. To even be considering this was complete madness.

Several times he walked away. Hell would freeze before he went in there. As he was walking toward FYE, however, Raven's face kept popping up in his head. With a sigh of resignation, he would always turn back around and stand in front of it again, trying to convince himself not to go in.

After going through this procedure several times, Beast Boy shoved his pride aside, took a deep breath, and stepped inside. He did not die, as he had expected, or at least succumb to the darkness. The radio station screamed rock music, but it did not consume him. Several people gave him odd looks for standing in the doorway to Hot Topic, but none of them attacked him and tried to turn him into a vampire, as they surely had done to other poor shoppers. Perhaps it was his green color that gave him away, told them he wasn't like everyone else? In that case, it was his only weapon. He shoved his sleeves up to show his skin even more, in case they couldn't already tell it was green, and proceeded through the store, ready to face whatever vampires or ghouls he might see.

He first took a right, and came upon several black shirts with rather obscene sayings written across the chest. He picked up the one that seemed the least offensive and pressed it against himself to see how it would look. Black might not have been his best color, but it didn't look too shabby, if he ignored the, "As soon as you turn around, I'm going to talk behind your back." Beast Boy continued to browse the store, glancing around at the occupants who had finally turned their eyes to their own shopping. To impress Raven, Beast Boy was going to have become one of her kind. He was going to have to dress, act, and talk like a goth. This just wasn't going to be as easy as he thought.

He walked over to a long wall of clothing that stretched to the ceiling and peered up and down the wall. Near the top he spotted a baggy pair of black jeans with pockets going down the sides and straps hanging off of the pockets. He jumped up, but barely nicked the bottom of the leg. He glared up at the pants that looked perfect for a gothic teenager of his size, and then glanced around uncomfortably at his fellow shoppers. With another quick jump into the air, Beast Boy transformed into a bird, gripping the shirt he had already picked out in one clawed foot and using the other to pull the pants from their high position. They fell to the floor with a clatter, and he immediately changed back to his human form in case anyone turned at the sound.

He didn't dare to look around in case anyone had taken to staring at him, but instead picked up the pants and continued down the wall of clothing, picking up other shirts and pants as he went along, ignoring ones that were out of his reach. He perused the majority of the store this way, picking up anything that looked gothicy—which was virtually everything—and adding it to his pile. When he was satisfied that he had enough clothes to last, though just how long they were supposed to last he didn't know, he walked over to the small counter and waited for the woman in front of him to finish paying. He then thrust everything in his arms onto the counter and ignored the look the cashier was giving him as she began processing the tags.

"Trying to get a new look?" she asked.

"Something like that," Beast Boy mumbled. He dared a glance at her face and immediately looked back at the ground again, surprised and terrified by the numerous piercings his eyes had fallen upon.

"You don't strike me as that type," the girl commented again.

Why did she insist upon making conversation? "I don't normally."

"So why the change?" the cashier continued.

Beast Boy hesitated, and then it turned into a long pause. "Girl."

"Oh," the girl said knowledgably, as though this explained everything. "Well, good luck with that."

The girl finished up ringing the clothes. Beast Boy gagged at the digits she tossed his way, and mournfully paid with the Titan's credit card, which was actually paid by the government. Beast Boy never actually saw the money, but he felt the loss. He also felt the nagging and the lecture that was going to come later on when someone called Robin and Robin traced the purchases back to him. That would also turn into quite a long discussion; he had better start coming up with excuses. To think he was only halfway done.

Beast Boy left Hot Topic, grateful to be gone from that chilling atmosphere. He walked by FYE, looking longingly at the windows of entertainment. He refused to let himself walk inside, however, because then he would spend money and be in even more trouble. He needed to stick to his mission.

Having already decided where Beast Boy was going to get all his clothes from, and having the worst half of the shopping done, he felt much better as he walked into Malottens. The shoppers at Malottens were usually very sophisticated and rich. Even with his unrivaled acting skills and his credit card, Beast Boy was neither of these things. He therefore proceeded into the store with caution, taking note of the manner of other shoppers. Beast Boy needed to blend in so as not to attract unwanted attention.

With his green skin and gaudy outfit, however, this was quite a task. Beast Boy awkwardly unrolled his sleeves and stood up straighter, hoping this would better his appearance. His fellow shoppers looked away with disapproval, a few murmuring amongst themselves. The green skin that had saved him Hot Topic condemned him at Malottens.

A suave-looking store clerk walked up to Beast Boy, unable to hide his snobbish air as he said, "May I help you, sir?"

Beast Boy looked at the man indignantly, having noted the tone with which he addressed Beast Boy. With renewed vigor, Beast Boy adopted his best accent. "Yes, sir, you can. I'm looking for only the finest. I assume you've got something worthy my time in this dump." Beast Boy looked around the store. "I'm not seeing anything quite up to par with France. Perhaps I'll take my money elsewhere?"

When Beast Boy turned away, the man seemed to have a change of heart. "No, sir, wait! I'm positive there is something here that will be of interest to you. We are the finest store around."

Everything caught Beast Boy's interest, but he couldn't let this man know that. Beast Boy turned around to face the man, revealing a look of contempt. "Yes, let us hope that you have something worthy of myself to wear."

And so Beast Boy's tour began. The man led him first to the fright, showing him a row of business suits. Beast Boy made it quite clear that that was not what he was looking for. He was next shown slacks and sweaters, which Beast Boy looked over for a few moments. He took a pair of slacks and then ardently expressed his desire to move on.

By the time Beast Boy and the man had gone through the store, the changeling had exercised his self-control a great deal. He had acquired a decent number of new outfits, and was well aware that if he bought any more, the Titans would go broke. He therefore made quite a show expressing that he was ready to leave. The clerk took him over to the cash register at the cream-colored marble counter and began ringing up Beast Boy's items. Beast Boy had prepared himself for the high price this time, well aware that Malottens was more expensive than Hot Topic. Beast Boy hesitantly handed over the credit card when he saw the six digits, but pretended the price was nothing. The man handed Beast Boy the card back, and the changeling shoved it in his pocket, grabbed his bags, and walked out of the store at a fast pace he hoped no one noticed.

"Ha," the store clerk said, watching Beast Boy leave. "As if he came from France when he was carrying around a bag from the black store."



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