A/N: A short Naruto fic for the season. It's still in the same "world" but more modernized. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Naruto is just about everything except owned by me.

This is a little holiday adventure that I got to experience a while ago. Dramatic, funny, romantic, random, anything you want it to be really. It doesn't matter because it's a Christmas story that just needs to be told. It's a little narration to put some spirit in the light of the festivities.

It Was Discontinued…

While everyone else had spent their day shopping for clothes, presents, weapons (yes, they have to be shopped for) and other necessary items for the season, I had spent my day panicking, rushing about, going shopping myself and finally sinking into despair as I found out the spirit of Christmas was not going to be with me through the season.

It all happened when I got out of bed in the morning and went to the bathroom like any normal person. And also, like many normal people, I look in the mirror. It's not like I'm vain or anything but the mirror is right there when I walk in. It was then that I stopped dead in my tracks and gasped as if a rain of kunai pelted me from the sky. Of course, before jumping to conclusions I chose to believe that my trusted mirror was just simply lying. Such a horrible lie that I could not admit to myself right then and there that it could possibly be true.

Cursing the damn company that made that damn product, I spent the day searching around for that damn container. Call me crazy but I was not going to go outside looking like I did. If I had the chance to sue this company, then I was sure as hell going to take that opportunity. The search was futile so I resorted to my last option: going to the mall. Now, I usually liked going to the mall but that day, I was far from enjoying anything. I waited until it was dark to proceed on my murderous journey to the store that sold me that accursed product.

Before I left, I pulled on the biggest sweater I could find, zipped it up, and flipped the hood over my head so that the majority of my face was covered. I must admit, that caused more than a few stares in my direction but I didn't care. It took a while for me to reach the mall. I tried to avoid the busiest streets so as to not meet some of my friends and give them a chance to ask me why I was dressed so strangely.

No one could know.

Through the sliding doors: safe, up the escalators: safe and there was my store. The store that had changed my life so long ago and the store that I still loved until that very morning stood in front of me. It was rather late so there was no one around. I hastily made my way over there and looked at the shelf for that particular item. But then, my heart stopped for quite a few moments as my eyes locked onto the sign that said: DISCONTINUED.

I couldn't help but let out a mournful wail as the words echoed in my mind. Since that wail was substantially loud, the owner of the store, my long time friend, came and asked what was wrong.

Wow, what was wrong indeed?

"How could you have discontinued this?" I asked, still in a state of shock.

"Oh dear, you haven't been by in a while and I just assumed that you…"

"NO!" I cried and finally tore my eyes away from the DISCONTINUED sign. "You know I would never do that! I can't do that!"

The poor lady was distressed to see me like this and offered some tea in the back room but I refused. After bidding her goodnight (which I was sure she was going to have) I started to make my way out of the mall when I saw him.

I froze.

He…well didn't freeze but slowed down and gave me a strange look. Well, I don't blame him now that I think about it. Instead of my usual fitting attire, I wore the baggiest clothes I could find and I was sure that my face wasn't nearly as normal as it usually was. And of course after seeing him, stopping dead in my tracks and gaping at him with my mouth open like a fish, I bet I would have given myself as strange look as well.

He eventually slowed down to a stop and took a step toward me as I stood there like a fool. He was, as expected, holding some newly purchased shuriken and kunai in a package.

"Was that you I heard just a couple of minutes ago?"

Of course it was! But I was never going to admit that. Like I said before, no one and I mean no one was going to find out what happened to me that day.

"No…" I trailed off and bolted out of there like a maniac.

Damn, what an idiot I was.