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Everything seems back to normal. Or is it? Well, I can tell that it's not the same as before but you know what?

I love it.

Plum for Him...

A gentle tug on my hair brought my eyes away from the current book I was thoroughly engrossed in. My mind immediately stored the newly acquired information about animal chakra control and snapped back to the world around me.

"So, it's back to pink?"

"Naturally. Wow, that's ironic," I closed my book and returned it to my backpack. I smiled and batted my eyelashes at Sasuke who sat on the bridge's railing. "So, what do you think? Is it pretty?"

Sasuke jumped off, landed gracefully next to me and leaned back without one look in my direction. "No."

"But I conditioned it five times today to give it an extra silky, healthy shine! See how the light gives it a pretty glow?"

Sasuke kept his angsty boy look and stewed like how a dark avenger should. "Whatever."

"Hmmm," I was suddenly hit with a strange image. "You know, if I had spilled bleach on your hair…you'd be blond. How would you like that?" Sasuke slowly turned toward me and glared. "Personally, I can't imagine you being all angst-ridden and mysterious with hair as bright and golden as the sun."

I enjoyed taunting him for several minutes and let me tell you, it was so deliciously satsifying. During that time, I'd wondered how he'd fair with the female population if he was a redhead or a brunette with blond highlights or, last but not least, if he was a dashing young man sporting the signature bowl haircut of the one and only loveable: Rock Lee. Sasuke was on the verge of retorting when our favorite natural blond himself came barreling onto the bridge.

Thus, our daily routine started.

Another day, another mission, all done and recorded in Team Seven's completed tasks. Even though it was monotonous and familiar, I felt relived. Sure, Naruto was loud and obnoxious, Master Kakashi nonchalant and laid back as always with that nasty perverted book of his, Sasuke cold and reserved with his eyes looking anywhere but mine, and me telling Naruto to knock it off, something felt different…better.

This feeling even managed to keep me happy during the times when another brawl broke out between the boys or when I would flirt playfully with the non-responsive robot. Somehow, I just gained a content perspective as I finally notice how far we would go together as a family.

These years mean so much to me as I watch my friends live out their lives one step at a time. Although they're rather predictable, I am caught off guard when Naruto declares something that is wise beyond his years or when Master Kakashi is on time for once. Sometimes, I even wonder in puzzlement when the boy who has my heart, blushes lightly when I manage to catch his eye when he's unguarded.

After all, maybe he has a secret too and will tell me in about seven years. Until then, things will be as they always are and our friendship will keep me afloat not only in the holiday season but throughout the many years to come as well.

Was that sappy enough for you all? Just trying to be a little sentimental! I try to make it a little flowery now and then to make it all dramatic. Oh well, that's it then! This is Haruno Sakura signing off! I've got this really nice plum hair dye that I'm about to go test on an unwilling subject who owes me…Heehee. Later!

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