Watch Your Heads

Summary: The Winchester boys are called to duty when the Headless Horseman rides again.
Rated: T
Disclaimer: Sadly the Winchester's aren't mine. I do own Mark however.
Author's Note: This idea's been floating around in my head for a while now. (no pun intended) After much thought and deliberation I decided that I just had to write it down. I hope you enjoy it, please review! You have no idea what it does for my confidence if I know people want me to continue.


Mark wandered down Main Street with his faithful dog Pepper at his side. It was late and Mark was tired from a long day of working at the discount market on the outskirts of town. He had been more than eager to head to bed but Pepper had suggested otherwise. Mark really couldn't be angry with the dog. When duty call… well you know the saying.

So here he was, well after midnight, walking his dog down Main Street in his bathrobe. Not that there was anyone around to see him in his bathrobe, mind you. The street was completely deserted.
Pepper stopped to sniff a particularly interesting bush. Mark waited patiently, hoping that Pepper would do his business soon so that he could return to his nice warm apartment.

The sound of hooves clattering on the road startled Mark out of his thoughts. He peered towards the sound, trying to catch a glimpse what could be causing the noise. In the distance, he could just make out the outline of a horse galloping down the middle of the rode.

Mark rubbed his eyes. Surely he must be dreaming. Who on earth would be riding a horse down Main Street in this day and age? And at this hour?

He turned toward Pepper to his if his trusty dog had yet to notice the horse but Pepper had disappeared. Mark cursed. So much for his loyal and faithful friend.

The horse was approaching at an alarming rate. Mark squinted at the figure as it drew nearer. Something wasn't right here, if only he could figure out what. As the horse drew closer, Mark suddenly realized what it was.

The person riding the horse was headless!

Mark's eyes grew wide in terror. He turned and began running down the road as fast as he could. His slippers made a flip flopping noise as he tried to race to safety.

The horse was nearing, he could hear the hooves beating on the pavement. He willed himself not to look back, to just keep going.

This is why Mark did not see the blow coming as the horseman raised his sword and with one fluid motion, swung.