Darkness. That's all Laura saw when she turned around. Shaking her head she flipped the flashlight back on. Why did she come here anyway? The dare was stupid anyway.

Hours before Laura had been dared to walk around in the graveyard at night by some kids at school. She wasn't that popular and this would be a good chance they try to do her in. most of the boys picked on her, harassing her in ways that she hated.

Her hair gleamed in the moonlight that shone weakly between the clouds. She had a soft tan that seemed to set her green eyes on fire when she was upset. She had on a pair of torn jeans, a plain shirt under a green jacket and a headband keeping her dull brown hair out of her face. A pair of white gloves covered her hands from the cold.

She turned around sharply, hearing a crunch in the crusted snow behind her. She shined her light at the spot, only no one was there. She was alone, or so she thought.

Her breath puffed in front of her as she shivered. She started on, weaving in and out of the gravestones slowly. She didn't notice the man behind her until it was to late. His arms grabbed her and roughly threw her to the ground. Her head hit hard stone and suddenly all the lights went out.