Title: Do You Know What Your Sin Is?

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Rating: T

Category: B:tVS/A:tS, Firefly

Summary: The Operative runs into a spot of trouble in his quest to recover River. 200 words.

Challenge: TthDrabbles #33 - Seven Deadly Sins

Disclaimer: All things Whedonian are belong to Joss; I make no claim.

Spoilers: B:tVS/A:tS waaay post-series. Fireflyverse mid-SERENITY.

Notes: The moment spankerella put this challenge up, I could think of nothing but that scene in SERENITY when the Operative stabs Mal...

"Do you know what your sin is, Spike?" the impassive Operative asked, sword poised at the beginning of an arc intended to end in the souled vampire's shriveled heart.

Spike snarled and struggled to his feet. The dart-wound in his shoulder burned incessantly, sapping his strength-- the assassin had done his research-- but even under the influence of mystical poison Spike refused to admit defeat.

The sword pierced his abdomen, a cool flash of pain spearing through him, but miraculously the blessed weapon missed its mark. Around the intrusive metal his flesh sizzled slightly at the contact, but Spike was too enraged to notice.

"I'm a fan of all bloody seven," he replied, impaling his body even further on the blade until the man's throat was within his reach. "How about Gluttony for starters?"

The Operative's eyes widened and he let go the sword abruptly, backing away as swiftly as he could.

Too late; Spike lunged, and his fangs sank deep. He'd outlived Angel, Buffy, even Earth-- but there were still Slayers, and he was the only Watcher left. He hadn't got to River in time to rescue her, but he would make sure those bastards never got her back.