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Pairing: Wolfram and Yuuri, others mentioned

A/N: My threatened mpreg story. Well, sort of mpreg. This is the sequel to Forgotten, and will hopefully be mostly fluff, but with some angst in for flavor.

As for the ending of the previous arc; yes, bringing Yuuri's family there was something of a dues ex machina. However, that is exactly what Yuuri gave up. He gave up Earth. He fully believed when he made the contract that is what it would involve- leaving everything behind. Shinou could no longer send Yuuri home, but his family could visit. A happy sort of ending would fit the series, if not my story. shrugs That's how I wanted to end it… And plus, well… I love Miko and Shori too much to write them out.

Yuuri stared at the Giant Book of Mazoku Ritual in front of him, eyes bugging out at the sheer weight of the volume.

In it was every single ritual and holiday, the history of those rituals and holidays, the way they were performed, the reasons behind them, and comparisons to rituals and holidays in adjoining countries. It held, according to Gunter, the meaning of every single piece of flatware in Shin Makoku, the implications of actions taken with said flatware. It included the meanings of various slaps, jabs, and pats. The tome contained every special day from how to celebrate a birthday to Hug the Sand Bear day, and everything in between.

Gunter told him to have it read by next Tuesday.

Yuuri was wigging out.

"But Murata," the Maou whined, shaking his shaggy hair out of his eyes. "How can I have it all read in three days? I've got paperwork, I've got training-"

"A fiancé who chases you around the bedroom at night," Murata added, amused. He leaned over Yuuri's shoulder to peer at the book. It was extremely old, and in horrible shape. From the stains on the cover it had been used for a coaster on more than one occasion- and there were more than a few bug parts stuck to it. Murata whistled.

"Just imagine how many spiders you could take out with that thing…"

Yuuri shuddered.

"But I don't think I could even move this thing, much less read it!" he whined, attempting to pick it up. He did manage to heft it off the desk, but its weight threw him off balance.

"Hey, Shibuya- need some help?" Murata asked, noticing that the king was swaying back and forth.

"Tha-AH-at would be nice!" Yuuri yelped, stumbling backwards. His feet slapped against the floor as he struggled to find his balance-



Attempting to regain his balance, Yuuri grabbed the covers of the book-

Which promptly fell apart, half of it falling into the fireplace- and Yuuri tried to save it by dumping a pitcher of water on the fire. This resulted in, not saving the book, but sodden ashes.

"Ahhh! Gunter is going to kill me! He told me he wanted to see me reading from that book until next Tuesday! What am I going to do?" Yuuri resumed the buggy dance. "I don't know if I can find another copy of that book anywhere!"

"All he wanted to do was see you reading that book?" Murata said, rubbing his chin. "Er… well. I know of a book almost like that…"

Yuuri grabbed Murata's shoulders. "You do? Where? Please, I'll do anything!

"Er… well…" Murata stalled. "Its not really the same book, but it looks similar…" He hemmed and hawed for a few minutes. "But it's not like I can't tell you anything you need to know about the local culture. All you need is to be seen reading a really thick, old book, right?"

Yuuri nodded, still dancing around the wet sodden pile of ancient paper.

Murata smiled and nodded. "I'll go get it for you…er… wait, I'll need to get some help carrying it…"

"What is it?" Yuuri asked, pausing in his dance now that he didn't have to worry about Gunter crying.

"It's my old journal."

"Your journal?" Yuuri was skeptical. Then it dawned on him what Murata might mean by "old". "You wrote a journal when you were Daikenja-sama?"

Murata nodded. "Just poke through it- it might help you learn a few things."

Yuuri's eyes lit up- he was more than a bit curious- before cringing. "Murata… will it mention… who I had been?" He really did not like to be reminded of his being the Sovereign.

Murata shrugged eloquently. "Yes, it does. It also mentions all the ancestors of the keys, and Shinou, and what life had been like back then. You were never an evil person, Yuuri. That thing that had you corrupted your soul. You made an honest mistake, and it was an accident that you found the wrong power to call."

Yuuri sighed, and nodded. "All right… Just don't tell anyone I didn't do my homework, okay?"

Murata snickered. "Just make sure you don't get caught. Ask me before you even think about participating in anything. Got it?"

Yuuri nodded. Considering that he had gotten engaged- the first time- totally by accident…

"Well, maybe it's not a bad thing?" he said absently. After all, now that he had gotten Wolfram through an accident of custom…

Okay, well, he'd resented for the first year. It wasn't until Wolfram had lost his memory and Murata had made it his purpose in life to make Yuuri gay that he had considered Wolfram seriously.

He could feel a silly grin spreading over his face as he remembered what Wolfram had done the other night-

"Whatever you are thinking about," Murata cut in on his happy lecherous thoughts. "I don't want to know."

Yuuri covered his mouth with his hand to hide the cheesy grin.

Two months had gone by since the boxes had been unleashed, and things were settling down peacefully.

It seemed to Wolfram, however, that the last bastion of heterosexuality in the country was fading.

"Mother," he asked, looking at the bombshell blond as she hovered over the smaller form of Flurin. "Ah… Exactly how did you promise to help Flurin-san?"

His mother fluttered her eyelashes at her very unimpressed youngest offspring. "Well, the Blessing of Children is coming up," she said flirtatiously. "I was wondering if I would get a few grandchildren out of it- it only comes every five years, after all."

"Eh?" Yuuri looked at the speakers, who seemed to have begun talking in another language. "You mean there is another time when Shinou gathers the kids for a blessing?"

Wolfram shook his head. "Hadn't you read that part in the book? It's where all the people who want children in the coming years gather to be blessed with fertility."

"And I think little Wolfy should go," Celi-sama piped up. "I want to see little Wolframs and Yuuris running around."

Wolfram blushed. "Mother! We're too young!" he sounded scandalized.

"Right, right, book," Yuuri said with a strained smile. "Yeah, I've been reading it."

Wolfram sighed in relief, though he looked wistful.

Yuuri reached over to rub his back.

"Flurin has to prove that she can bear a child, so that she can reign over Caloria legally," Celi-sama answered. "Apparently…"

Flurin smiled painfully. "We had adopted a child… however, there is a person claiming to be an heir out of wedlock. I need to prove that I am not barren so that I can continue to reign."

This really didn't make any sense to Yuuri, Wolfram could tell. Some of the laws in the human countries were just plain baffling.

"But wouldn't you need to have a baby to prove that-" he started, and Flurin blushed.

"Yes, well, the laws were written for men. I am the first female ruler of Caloria…"

"I have been telling Flurin-san some of the option women have here in Shin Makoku, or the options any couple or person has when they want a child," Celi said serenely, smiling over at Wolfram, who groaned and turned away.

"Mother, please don't remind me."

Yuuri's head was swiveling back and forth between them.

"Is there something here I'm missing?"

Wolfram shot his mother a glare. "It's nothing important."

She giggled. "Well, as I was telling Flurin-chan, there are a lot of options for a Mazoku if they want children. The one she has already taken, and what you two have also done, is adopt. That's popular- especially since there has been so much conflict lately. There are many children without parents, and parents without children. Though apparently Shimaron law will not allow adoptive children to take their parents' titles…" She tapped her chin thoughtfully. "A sad thing. Other options include hiring someone to either sire or bear your child. Yet that can get hairy when bloodlines are concerned."

"I have flouted too many of the laws already, by taking leadership of Caloria," Flurin was apologetic. "I have to give the appearance of following some of them, if to keep the loyalty of my people."

Yuuri frowned.

"Then you want to get married again?" he asked, confused.

Flurin winced.

"I am afraid… that it is true. I am barren. And more to the point, I don't want to deal with marriage again. I loved Norman, my husband, and I am just as married to Caloria. Marrying again would just be too much."

Yuuri blinked.

"That's why I invited her for the Blessing- it grants fertility to all couples- and to those who wish children, they may take a partner that night and have their wish granted," Celi smiled, serene.

Wolfram's eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"I'm happy that you get this chance, Flurin-san," Yuuri said, blithely. "You'll be a wonderful mother."

Wolfram's eyebrow twitched, looking entirely too much like Gwendal listening to one of Anissina's mad schemes.

"What's wrong Wolfram?" Yuuri peered into his face. "Are you jealous?" He smiled slyly. "Its all right- I already think you're a great father. Greta adores you."

Wolfram felt his stomach twist, and he turned away. "It's just that I think I'm too young to fully participate," he muttered, looking down at his feet.

"That's okay," Yuuri said. He was glad he could gloss over his lack of knowledge.

Celi squealed. "You'll come give us your blessing, won't you, Yuuri-heika?" she glommed his arm, earning two angry glares from the bystanders.

"Well, as long as I don't participate," the Maou squeaked, while Wolfram muttered in the background.

"All you have to do is wish us luck," the sexy woman said, turning to pull Flurin to her. Wolfram smacked his face and muttered a little more.

The only phrase Yuuri could understand was "little sister".

"Everything is set! You can join us in three nights!" Celi said- before grabbing Flurin's arm and pulling her away.

Wolfram and Yuuri watched the blond dragging the blue haired woman.


Yuuri smiled and shrugged, turning to Wolfram. "That's Celi-sama for you. I don't think there will be a problem with me going and saying a few words… right?"

Wolfram shrugged his shoulder, jaw working. "No. Nothing wrong at all."

Two night's later, Yuuri was sitting in his room, next to the fire with several candles, totally engrossed in the heavy tome that pinned him to the overstuffed chair.

I scrambled away from the men who surrounded me, thinking only how unfair it was. I did not ask for my hair and eyes to be the accursed color black. Nor did I ever wish to do more than study my books and learn along with the Wincott brothers- yet the village mob had cast me out anyways.

There was a stirring in the water next to me- and I knew that there were no water mages in the mob-

A golden haired figure emerged; the most beautiful I have seen in my life. He was a youth- not quite a man full grown, but he held a sword in his hand.

His eyes met mine, crystal blue, and my throat closed up, a moment before he turned to the horde that had surrounded me.

"Who are you?" the leader asked, and the blond smiled grimly.

"Not one to be trifled with. Let this boy go," he said, gesturing at me with his blade.

They began to posture- and as transfixed as I was with this man, I did not linger. Instead I ran for my life-

It was only later that Crystal Wincott told me that this was the hero we had been waiting for.

Yuuri took a bite of his apple, eyes wide. Daikenja-sama's journal, ancient as it was, had been copied twice since it was first written, and still this book was yellow with age, many of the pages barely clinging to the binding.

He was careful with it, keeping his damp fingers away… But he was still enthralled. There were times when the ancient Mazoku tongue was hard to make out or understand, and many more when he had to find a dictionary to figure out some of the words, and others when he had to make notes to ask Murata about later…

Still, it was fascinating. If he was right, this was the first time Murata had met Shinou… and Murata had not changed.

He made a face. It appeared running away was something he had done in every life.

"Enjoying yourself?" a voice interrupted his musings. Looking up, Yuuri saw the devil he was thinking of: Murata Ken, all in black, with a shit-eating grin on his face.

"I was thinking you hadn't changed at all, Murata."

The Great Sage laughed. "Ah- that part. Well, I found a reason to stand and fight later."

Yuuri made a face. "Is something wrong?"

"Can't I just drop in for a visit?" the Sage said, the firelight glinting off his glasses.

"No," Yuuri replied promptly. He had learned just a tiny bit in his time since he had come to Shin Makoku.

Murata sighed. "I'm going to go back to Earth for a few days."

Yuuri went still. "Ah," he finally said, fixing a smile on his face. "Tell my parents I love them, okay?"

Murata walked over, putting a hand on Yuuri's shoulder. "I'll bring them back with me for a visit, okay?"

Yuuri nodded. While it was great that he could see his loved ones from Earth- he missed the world itself, no matter how much he adored Shin Makoku.

"In the meantime- don't do anything I wouldn't do, okay?" the really old young man chirped. Yuuri snickered.

"Well, there is the Blessing of Children thing."

Murata's eyebrows hit his hair line.

"I'm not going to do anything! I'm just going to go give a speech or say "Good luck" or something like that," Yuuri hastily reassured him.

"Oh good; that's one of the more powerful and eccentric rituals of the Mazoku," Murata said, relaxing. Then he tilted his head, and laughed a bit. "Well, I'll see you in a few days."

Yuuri nodded. "Wolfram will be back- he's been chewing out his mother."

"Celi-sama? Yes, I've heard she's branching out."

With a final laugh at Yuuri's confused expression, the Great Sage turned to leave.


Standing in the inner sanctum of the Palace of the Original King, Murata looked up at the portrait with an amused grin.

"Is there a particular reason you aren't interfering?"

/ I don't feel like it. /

"Well, I have a feeling you don't have to do the interfering this time- you will perform this "blessing" as normal, and let someone else take the credit for the outcome, or the blame."

He was answered with silence.

"You don't want to directly influence this, but you aren't going to stop it, are you?" Murata sighed, and rolled his eyes. "Geeze." Then his eyes softened, smiling up at the portrait. "You could get a headache trying to figure all this time mess out."

His answer this time was a quiet chuckle.

/ They had to make their decisions in the present. No matter what knowledge I have of the future, to tell them the outcome would be unfair. Besides… /

Murata swallowed at the wistful longing in Shinou's mental 'voice'; wishing for once that the bittersweet pain would go away.

"We'll let nature- and bad study habits- take their course then, shall we?" Murata said. There was a feeling of a phantom arm thrown over his shoulders.

/ Ken, you need to get laid. /

"So says the several thousand year old celibate."

/ Semantics. I'm a disembodied spirit, you're not. /

Murata laughed, rubbing his eyes, and headed to one of the fountains.

He still had his best friend- both of them. What did he really have to complain about?

Besides, he needed to start thinking about baby names.

To be continued.

A/N: And here it is: the first chapter of the second arc, which is mainly humor. Yuuri is going to kill me while Wolfram is going to kill me and his mother.