Homework IV

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Pairings: Wolfram and Yuuri, others mentioned.

A/N: The only story I can still find online that mentions Mazoku pregnancy is mousapelli's "Pandabearia" arc. Go read it http/ . It's hilarious. She mentions that the pregnancy would be about two years for a full Mazoku, should be four, because of how slowly Mazoku age.

Good ideas, but here is why I won't be following that. Humans and Mazoku are cross fertile, obviously. In fact, the only real difference seems to be life span and Majyutsu- something related to the soul. Genetics don't seem to be a major factor. I had likened it somewhat to the differences between tigers and lions. They are cross fertile and can produce offspring that are fertile. They just happen to find each other so ugly that they won't crossbreed unless forced. Well, humans and Mazoku don't have to be forced so I'm guessing they are basically the same species with a few mutations thrown in. Or something of the like. So, for the sake of argument: Mazoku pregnancy takes about a year. (If I make it longer, I am likely to have the Maou Bitchslap of Justice delivered upon me.)

Arrangements for a royal wedding were always a hassle, and Yuuri was beginning to wonder if Celi-sama might have the right idea.

"Do I have to wear the dress?" he whined, looking at the abomination his mother was helping Celi-sama design. It turned out that she couldn't bring her old dress from Earth to here.

Yuuri had to wonder if that was a favor or not. Her old dress hadn't been that bad…

He just objected to wearing a dress at all.

In the end, though, no matter how much he protested, no matter how much he complained…

"Mom, I'm a guy! Guys don't wear dresses to get married, even if it is to another guy!" he explained, one more time.

"Mhmm." The ecstatic Miko bubbled as she and Celi-sama stood together, making suggestions to the palace dressmaker as she pinned fabric to Yuuri, who was standing on a stool like a giant dressmaker's dummy.

"But the white looks so good on you, Heika!" Celi-sama added, noticing that the stars in Miko's eyes had pretty much blotted out everything else.

"I don't care about wearing white, I care about the skirt!"

"But it looks so good on you!" his mother finally piped up, clasping her hands together. Yuuri thought it was completely unfair that the two mothers-in-law should get along so well. It meant that he was double teamed any time he objected.

"Mom, it's my wedding and I will wear what I want!" he said, stomping one foot on the stool, making it rock precariously.

Of course, they ignored him.

"Do you think we should add more lace?" Miko asked, tapping her chin. Celi nodded enthusiastically.

"Mom, Celi-sama, I am not going to wear a dress!" he roared- wishing he could deliver the Maou Bitchslap of Justice on them both.

Three things held him back: They were women and family, he didn't know if he could still call his powers like he had in the past (since being de-possessed) and he was starting to bawl like a baby.

"I don't want to wear a dress," he sobbed, hugging himself as tears and snot ran down his face. "I'm still a guy and even if I don't have guy parts right now and even if I didn't wear my homework I don't like wearing dresses!"

Both women stared for several moments, before rushing to his side.

"Oh, there, there, Yu-chan!"

"It's all right, Heika!"

Both mothers looked at each other, nodding. "Poor Yu-chan," Miko said, wiping his face with a handkerchief. "The mood swings have already started, haven't they?"

Yuuri's eyes went wide.

"Yes… poor boy, getting them from the beginning. I remember how it was with Gwendal, my oldest. I would go from teary eyed to laughing in moments… My poor husband had to put up with me blowing things up all the time..."

"I remember how it was with Shori and Yu-chan. Both of them, I had the worst mood swings and food cravings," Yuuri's mother said, eyes distant as she kept wiping Yuuri's face.

Somehow Yuuri couldn't help but want to sink into himself. Was this what parenthood (motherhood) did to a person? He sank into a pit of despair.

"I hate this! I woke up just fine this morning!" he wailed, and his mother held him as he sobbed.

"It's all right, Yu-chan… you don't have to wear the dress," she said, attempting to soothe him.

Celi-sama nodded. "We'll just make Wolfram wear it."

Yuuri stood in front of the mirror, without a top this time, and was chewing his bottom lip.


His fiancé was sprawled out on the bed, peering up at he ceiling like it was the most fascinating thing in the world.

"Why won't you look at me?" Yuuri asked, frowning. He'd noticed, in the past four weeks (weeks where he would rather forget) since his little "change" that Wolfram had shown a distinct lack of interest in…

Wolfram sat up and wouldn't turn around.

Yuuri put on the top of his pajamas.

"Wolfram, what's wrong?"

The blond head cleared his throat.

"There is something wrong, isn't there?" Yuuri could feel another mood swing coming on as he was suddenly sure Wolfram was going to run away with another man. (He conveniently forgot that Wolfram had not only traded memories and Maryoku, but allowed himself to become possessed to save Yuuri.)


Yuuri felt tears start to stream down his face.

"I'm going to get fat and you don't want me anymore because I didn't do my homework," Yuuri sobbed, seeing the horror on Wolfram's face and totally misinterpreting it.

"You're going to leave me! You cheater!" he howled, grabbing hold of the front of Wolfram's uniform and starting to shake him.

"Yuuri!" Wolfram tried to say- though it was hard to get words out from between his rattling teeth.

"Oh god! I'm hurting you!" Yuuri whimpered, and dropped to the bed- and Wolfram just stared at him like he was a wild animal, and he wasn't quite sure if he was rabid or not.

"You're not hurting me," Wolfram said slowly, eyes wide, voice hoarse. "I'm just-"

"Oh god I hurt the father of my baby!" Yuuri was inconsolable, now pulling Wolfram to his chest and sobbing even more.

"Yuuri- Yuuri, I'm all right," Wolfram finally rasped, struggling to get air back into his lungs. He had never seen him this hysterical. "Calm down you-" he swallowed- he remembered someone mentioning how dangerous pregnant people could be- "you. Just calm down, Yuuri." He had never thought he would be the one to do this, not really. "You're still adorable; I'd think you were adorable even if you were having twins!"

Yuuri's eyes went huge and he howled.

"I've been wondering when this would happen," Conrad said, resigned, as he put a cool rag on Wolfram's impressive goose egg.

He had the feeling Wolfram would have glared if he was able to focus his eyes properly.

"Having your memory gone is not going to make you lose your 'open mouth- insert leg' talent that quickly."

Wolfram grunted, even if he did look penitent.

"It's a delicate time and Yuuri's going to need all the support he can get," Conrad said, finally patting his little brother's shoulder. He didn't look like he was taking this very well. Of course, Wolfram was still Wolfram, lost powers and aging and everything. No one liked listening to his brother tell him were he screwed up, especially in regards to his pregnant fiancé. Even worse was when it had taken Gisela, both mothers, Shori, Conrad and Gwendal to get Yuuri to stop shrieking like a banshee and glowing blue.

(Apparently he most certainly DID have power left. Probably a good thing when it was the Maou that kept the bad guys in line long enough to fall in love with Yuuri like everyone else.)

There was a pause as Wolfram mulled over if he actually wanted to listen to Conrad or not, and then nodded.

"I have a feeling this is going to happen a lot, with Yuuri being so unprepared for the ritual and the results," Conrad's tone was dry. Wolfram opened his mouth.

"No- you need to listen. You need to do something to cement, once and for all, that you are his. Something unshakeable, something to prove that without a doubt you want-"

He stopped when he saw the extremely confused and contrite expression on Wolfram's face.

"What's wrong?"

"Conrad… Yuuri's body is female now…"

"I know that, Wolfram."

The prince groaned softly, and put his head in his hands. "Conrad- I have no idea how to deal with women!"

Conrad's jaw dropped. "Uh… maybe you should tell him? Oh shit."

Wolfram groaned more loudly.

"Well… um." Conrad had never really thought of this, and tried to find a properly insightful and wise big brotherly remark to salvage the situation. "This is still Yuuri. I'm sure you'll have no trouble figuring it out."

If glares could kill, Conrad would have still been alive but with all his skin flayed off and being roasted in front of him.

Yuuri was content, snuggled into his favorite armchair underneath the great book of Daikenja-sama's journal, with a small bowl of his mother's coveted miso soup.

He'd begun to crave the stuff, and pickled plums of all things.

Wishing he had one to munch on while he continued reading, he lost himself in the trials and tribulations of the life of the Great Sage.

I have been informed that I take my study of all things mystic far too seriously.

This was then accompanied by a having my under robes drenched and frozen that night.

Perhaps I should not have told the Wincott brothers that my new friend liked pink.

Yuuri wondered, for the umpteenth time, where Shinou and Wolfram were related.

The book was still extremely good- it was hilarious, it was sad, it was breathtaking at times…

He briefly thought about skipping to the end, just to know how it would turn out- but then shook his head. Yuuri knew how it ended- Murata, or rather, Daikenja-sama, died.

He didn't want to skip to that part.

Standing outside of Shori's room, Wolfram fidgeted.

He had a very important question to ask. Conrad had made a good suggestion, but Wolfram knew he would have to ask someone very close to Yuuri to be able to get this right. Someone other than himself or Conrad; and that person had to understand Earth customs.

And that person had to be able to keep a secret, neatly eliminating Miko.

Wolfram had sighed in relief when he'd realized that. He adored Yuuri's mother but she was nearly as insane as his own.

There was the option of asking the Great Sage, but somehow this seemed more appropriate.

Raising his hand to knock, he was nearly pushed over when Shori opened the door.


"Wolfram?" Yuuri's older brother was still unimpressed with his fiancé. "What are you doing here?"

"I have a favor to ask," Wolfram said, trying to keep his hands off his sword. He really didn't want to get strangled again.

"Concerning Yuuri?"

"Concerning Yuuri."

There was a standoff, and Shori had to have heard about the incident yesterday.

"What is it?" the older Shibuya brother kept his face bland.

"I need to ask you how a person proposes on Earth. Conrad mentioned something involving rings, and I need to show Yuuri that I have no intention of leaving him, no matter what… So, I hoped this would be a good way to cheer him up."

Shori peered at him, glaring through his glasses, making Wolfram want to squirm.

"Do you really love my little brother?"

Wolfram nodded.

Shori pursed his lips.

"Usually it's a diamond ring. Come on- I'll tell you about it," he said, and opened the door wider.

Wolfram nodded in thanks.



Yuuri was staring back and forth at his mother and Celi-sama as they stared at lists of the different rituals involved in the different weddings in the two worlds.

"Why do they need to jump over a sword?" Miko finally asked.

"Why do they need to share a drink from a cup?" Celi-sama countered.

It had been going on for hours, as they debated every single aspect of the wedding and the party afterwards.

Gunter had been firmly banished from the proceedings, leaving Yuuri and the two mothers. Yuuri was involved, because the one time they had tried to discuss plans without his attendance, he had flooded the study.

They decided it was safer just to have him there after that.

"But they shouldn't have to do that part naked."

"I agree- it was embarrassing all three times."

"How about breaking the glass?"

Yuuri felt like he was watching a ping pong match as they batted ideas back and forth. He was grateful that his mother had enough sense not to get him involved with some of the more insane Mazoku rituals (like where they would do naked handstands, or jumping over a flaming turkey) and Celi-sama made sure that a few of the important ones remained.

It seemed that no matter where you were, a marriage involved a promise, and the whole group acknowledging that yes, these two people were married.

Yuuri tilted his head to the side when he thought about that.

"You know," he said, when Miko and Celi paused to breathe. "Wolfram and I have kind of been married in our hearts for a long time now."

"You eloped?"

"Oh, Yu-chan, why didn't you tell us?"

Well, considering their little bedroom problem… maybe not…


Maybe eloping wasn't such a bad idea.

To be continued.

A/N: I'm sorry this took so long, but pure fluff drives me batty. Plus, I've been sick as a dog, and other things. I'm also sorry this one was so short, but if I was to go further, it might not have ended. For the record, I'm not thrilled with this chapter, but it goes with the plot. Yay.