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Lily Potter was charming ornaments to fly onto the perfect spots of her perfect Christmas tree. Her four and a half month old son was gnawing on bits of a Christmas cookie, while her husband sent out invitations for their Christmas party.

"Sweets?" he called. "Who else do we want to invite?"

"Who do you have?" she asked, making a small snowman fly to a bare patch of tree.

"Uh, Sirius, Remus, Peter, but he probably won't be able to come, he's always busy," James began, "the people from the order and their kids. Did you know the Weasleys have a son around Harry's age?"

"Another one?" Lily asked, rather bemused, the Weasley's had more kids than they could count.

"Yeah," James answered. "There's also your friends, Gen, Sophia, Mary Anne."

"Not Rosie, right?" Lily asked, sadly. Her friend Rosie had died the year before around Christmas.

James ignored that comment. "I also invited your sister, her husband and their kid."

"They won't come," Lily said.

"Yeah, but they're the only living blood relatives you have left, and the closest I have," James explained.

"I wish our parents could see their grandson," Lily died. She felt tears coming, but didn't want to cry.

"Well, it's Christmas, not time for sadness," James said, reading her mind.

"Yeah," agreed Lily. She lightly dusted the tree with non-melting snow. "How does it look?"

James came up to her from behind and put his arms around her. "Perfect," he said, kissing her hair.

Baby Harry suddenly began whimpering a little. "Am I interrupting something?" said a voice.

"Peter," James said turning to his rat-faced friend. "I haven't seen you in the longest time."

"I know," Peter said. "I've been really busy doing… stuff."

James nodded his head. "Will you be able to come to our Christmas party?"

"I don't know," Peter said. "The Da—person I work for may need me."

"You mean Dumbledore?" James asked. "He'll be fine with it, I'm sure, and the ministry almost always gives Christmas off."

"Oh, then I should be fine," Peter replied, voice higher than usual. "I just came by to give you all gifts. Oh, and your tree is so beautiful." He dropped the presents near the tree and left.

"That was… short," Lily said.

"Yeah," James agreed. "He's been so weird lately."

"Well, let's get the house ready for tomorrow, shall we?" Lily proposed.

"Yeah, but we don't need to make anymore cookies," James said, looking at the many trays filled with cookies in the shape of Christmas trees, snow flakes, angels, presents, and other various symbols of Christmas.

Lily slapped him playfully and he started tickling her. They were interrupted by Harry giggling at something. Lily went over and picked him up. She began dancing with him to a Christmas song on the radio.

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