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Chapter Thirty

It took Hermione, Dumbledore and Draco approximately one and a half weeks to formulate a perfect way to turn the tides of the war. The light side had the disadvantage because the Dark Lords army was distinctly larger. The plan was to inform him that Dumbledore had come up with a spell that would prevent anyone with the Dark mark from entering Hogwarts ground and that it would be administered during the seventh years graduation since Hogwarts would be most vulnerable due to family attending with out restraint.

She would also tell him that she learned from Flitwick a few of the spells protecting Hogwarts such as the anti-apparition spell and she could try to find a way to break through it. They hoped that the Dark Lord would take the bait and start plotting that date as the final confrontation between himself and Harry. She would be giving him these new developments the coming Friday.

She also hoped she would be able to withdraw information from a few sources and feed them some false memories. After all she never knew about upcoming attacks until they were happening. She hoped she might be able to prevent a few in the future. She was also working on a way to get her and Draco out of going to all of the Dark Lord's revels, but that had pro's and con's all around it.

Hermione and Draco were sitting in the courtyard outside kissing when the Dark Mark burned causing both of them to hiss in pain. When the pain subsided she grabbed his hand and they walked to the Hogwarts gates and disapparated. They took their places around the Dark Lord and remained quiet as the rest of the death eaters arrived. As was usual they were split into groups and left to attack predestined locations. Hermione's nerves were on edge because of the neighborhood that she was to attack was the one she had grown up in. She knew most of the people she killed and it made her want to reveal herself as a traitor just to save them. She was strong though and remembered the greater cause she would be working for tonight. Her confidence soared when she found herself in the second to last house alone with Rookwood. They had killed the single occupant of the house when she approached him.

"Augustus" she purred out as she opened her cloak and revealed her tiny slutty spin on a school girl uniform. He removed his mask as he pursued her body with a hungry look in his eyes. She too removed her mask and she spread her legs wide showing him she wore no knickers.

"Knew I'd get a turn with you" he murmured as he started towards her. She had him in a full body bind in a second and she stared into his wide frozen eyes. She delved into his mind taking any information he had on the Dark Lord and his future plots and hid it behind her wall. Then she planted the image of them having sex in this house before she Obliviated him and unfroze him. His mask was in his hand and she was just slipping her own on.

"Come now Augustus I think we have kept them waiting long enough" she purred and led the way from the house. They exited as the Dark Mark went into the sky and they both disapparated with a pop back to the Dark Lord.

"Excellent work my Deatheaters. We shall meet again soon. Dismissed" he said and his followers began to leave the great cavernous hall that meetings were held in.

"My Lord a word?" Hermione asked keeping her head firmly bowed as the room dispersed of his followers.

"Come forward" he said and Hermione crawled on her knees to his feet.

"What word do you have?" he asked and Hermione took a deep breath clearing her mind and spoke.

"My Lord I have learned from Potter that Dumbledore has created a spell to prevent those with the Dark Mark from entering the grounds of Hogwarts. It is to be administered a week prior to the seventh year graduation. I have begun to research a way to deflect the spell since it will most likely reveal those who carry your noble mark. I have also learned that Dumbledore would be required to remove numerous spells from Hogwarts grounds in order to allow the vast number of family wanting to attend the graduation. I have also learned a few of the spells, including the anti-apparition spell, protecting Hogwarts. Flitwick easily gave the information to me and I may be able to find a way to break through a few of the spells. My Lord I also want to attend an Order meeting this coming Friday. I think I will learn some valuable things if I can sneak in undetected." Hermione told him as he searched her mind confirming the memories of all that she had told him. Hermione was of course ready.

"Excellent. You have been a very informative little Mudblood. I think you should be rewarded." he said and there was something in his voice that frightened Hermione to no end.

"My Lord to me it is reward enough to be able to please you." she said giving him a look of awe.

"Such a good little Mudblood, always ready to please. Take off your cloak." he said and Hermione felt dread creep up her throat.

"My Lord?" she said.

"I said take off your cloak Mudblood and if you disobey me again you will be punished." he said. Hermione swallowed hard and stood up removing her cloak and revealing her scantily clad body to the Dark Lord.

"Such perfection wasted on such filthy blood" he said and she heard him approach her and a second later she felt his finger nails digging into the flesh of her hip. She bit her lip to stifle the cry on her tongue. She felt her skin break as he dragged his nails from her hip around to her back and stop at the other hip. She felt the warm blood running down her back and absorbing into her miniature skirt. He grasped her hair suddenly and ripped her head back.

"Such a filthy little whore" he hissed in her masked face. Against all semblance of sanity Hermione felt her body starting to react to this snake of a man. She moaned deeply when her clothes was easily torn from her body and she stood naked before the Dark Lord.

"Kneel" he hissed and Hermione obeyed. She got on her knees before him her head bent as she stared at his dragon hide boots. Her eyes popped slightly as his robes pulled over his feet and he gripped her hair forcing her to look level with his cock. He was smaller than anyone she had been with but Hermione was in awe at the way his perfectly hairless manhood stood straight out from his body which was pale to the point of luminescence.

"Open that pretty mouth of yours Mudblood" he said and Hermione did as his cock was shoved roughly into her waiting mouth. She kept her hands to her side figuring the Dark Lord would want her completely submissive and she was right as he fucked her mouth brutally hitting the back of her throat, but she was good and sucked for what it was worth.

"Yes dirty little whore, likes cock in her mouth. Such a filthy little whore" he was saying from above her and she chanced a look up and saw he was watching himself fuck her mouth. She let a moan rip her throat and she felt his grip tighten in her hair. He pulled her back a second later and his cock was pulled from her mouth with pop. He pulled her up by her hair and she winced in pain. He dragged her over to his throne and tossed her at its feet. Her hands and knees scrapped the floor and she started to bleed. She heard the Dark Lord hissing in parseltongue and she felt the fear flood her as a rather large snake appeared. She thanked Merlin it wasn't Nagini but she didn't know what the Dark Lord would do or to what extreme he got off on.

"Lets see what your limit is Mudblood. How much can you take. Or perhaps you will enjoy it as much as I do." he hissed to her tilting her head back and her eyes watered as he first licked the center of her throat then bit into her tender flesh. She moaned in delight as the pain from the bite was mix with pleasure as the Dark Lord entered her wet cunt and started fucking her. His nails were in her breasts suddenly and her head fell forward. She jumped back with a scream as she realized it was the snakes thick body that was fucking her cunt.

"What's wrong whore upset that you are enjoying the ministrations of a snake." he said dragging his nails down her stomach and then his hand was between her legs stroking her clit and she moaned enjoying his hand and the body of the snake. He shoved her forward a moment later and with out warning shoved his cock up her un lubricated ass. Hermione screamed out in mostly pain but she felt the beginnings of an orgasm as her body felt so completely filled with darkness.

"Yes you filthy little whore, you like that" he said his nails still in her skin and at her clit.

"Yesss" Hermione found herself moaning out loud, his hand was suddenly at her face and she found herself looking at herself in a mirror. Her face was flushed but it was twisted in pleasure as the dark lord fucked her from behind and a coiling snake moved in and out of her pussy. She meet the dark lords gaze the only thing going through her mind was 'harder harder' as she felt her orgasm starting to build. She was delighted when he seemed to read her mind and he started fucking her harder and the snake mirrored his thrusts. She came with a scream as he slapped her ass hard and dragged his nails breaking the soft skin. Her body clenched down on the snake who started moving side to side wiggling inside of her. The dark lord kept thrusting and suddenly his hand was at her throat as he fucked her and rubbed her clit brutally. Her air supply was stopped and her senses became more acute. The Dark Lord pounding into her as he watched her turn blue and struggle against his hand for her life as she bled. The snake continuing to fuck her cunt and the dark lords hand rubbing her clit. Everything started going black and she was only aware of her body. With a pinch of her clit she came again and she felt the Dark Lord stiffen above her as he spilled his seed in her ass. He released her neck and she sucked in great gasps of air. The snake fell from her body with a whispered order from its master. He kept her bent over as he pulled himself from her ass and she watched him watch her ass as his come dripped from the gaping hole and down her legs and to her pussy. Then his hand was there rubbing his seed all over her ass and into her pussy. When he was finished he sat back on his throne.

"You servant have been honored tonight above all Mudblood filth. You may go" he said and Hermione bowed grabbed her cloak slipped her mask back into place and left the room with a slight limp in her step. She walked directly to the apparition point and disapparated without a single look back. She had just entered Hogwarts ground when another pop sounded behind her. She kept walking even though she knew it was Draco.

"Hermione" he said jogging to keep up with her.

"Hermione what happened" he asked again and grasped her arm to stop her strides. Hermione let out a sob and pulled off her mask before opening her cloak and showing him her bleeding body.

"Merlin" he said and she closed the cloak and continued to walk.

"Did the Dark Lord do that Hermione was he angry?" Draco asked and Hermione shook her head as she neared the green houses.

"I was honored tonight Draco above all Mudbloods he said" she said with a sob.

"Bloody hell he raped you?" he said the frightened look not leaving his face.

"I'm so sorry Draco. So sorry" she said then she broke down. She sank to her knees and cried. He was holding her in a second whispering comforting things into her ear but it only made her cry harder.

"Its okay baby shh. I'll protect you" he said.

"How can it be rape if I got off on it?" she said suddenly as she pulled away and looked him in the eye. Draco looked shocked for a moment as he released her and fell back on his heel.

"You enjoyed it?" he asked quietly. Hermione nodded as tears streamed down her face.

"I didn't want to but he made me and then my body was reacting and then I was coming and then again." Hermione said looking down at her dirty blood stained hands. Draco was quiet for a long moment.

"Its okay" he said and Hermione looked up with hope in her eyes.

"Its Okay Hermione you wouldn't have had any other choice but to cooperate. We are talking about the Dark Lord here." he said and Hermione sniffled and wiped at her face.

"Do you mean that Draco?" she asked softly and he gave her a weak smile.

"I do" he said and she threw her arms around him.

"Come on lets get you up to the castle and cleaned up." he said and he helped her up and they managed to sneak in and up to the heads bathroom. Hermione got into the shower and felt all the blood and tension leave her body and she was suddenly exhausted as Draco gently cleaned her and healed her cuts. He gave her his cloak and took her back to his room. He laid her in his bed and laid beside her just holding her.

"I love you Draco" Hermione said burying her face in his warm chest.

"I love you to Hermione" he said into her ear as she drifted to sleep.

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