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A Boyfriend for Christmas

Part Three

"Yeah mom, I'll be there in less than two hours." Kagome paused while her mother responded on the other end of the telephone. "I just woke up, I need to do certain things before I go traipsing around town." She pressed her palm to her forehead and then moved to rub the bridge of her nose. "Alright, I love you. See you in a few." She hung the cordless phone back on its base and went to the bathroom to take care of her daily womanly duties.

She hummed lightly to herself as she walked into her room and towards the closet, a towel wrapped neatly around her body and her wet hair clinging to her back. With a small sigh, she dressed and went back into the bathroom to dry her hair…what a pain.

"Stupid hair…" She muttered darkly as she carefully combed through the strands with the hair dryer following in her hand's wake. When she completed the menial task, she started to go back to her room.

But as luck would have it, she wasn't allowed a nice quiet Christmas morning before having to deal with her parents. The doorbell went off with a most annoying 'ding' sound, making her jump out of her skin while she was in the process of opening her bedroom door.

"What on earth…" She crossed the wooden floors of her living room towards the foyer, where someone had decided to drop her a visit. She opened the oak door to reveal the tall silver haired man she had run into at the shelter the previous night. She shook her head lightly and looked away, then looked at him again.

He stood before her in all his sophisticated glory, black Armani suit with a white button-up shirt beneath, black slacks, and of course, the ever popular, black, shiny dress-shoes. The only thing throwing the whole "sophisticated" look was the big red bow attached to his jacket and the big fir tree beside him.

"You're Kagome Higurashi, are you not?" She raised an eyebrow at him before slowly nodding her head. A look of amusement passed over his features. "Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to come inside and set this thing up. It's quite cold out here." She stood there, dumbfounded, for a few more seconds before standing aside, allowing the man to pass into her domain.

"Who…who are you?" She asked as he made his way over to an empty corner in her dining room, setting down a metal stand before placing the tree inside it. He looked at her and handed her a small letter in a red envelope. "Are you some kind of stalker?"

He quirked an eyebrow and gave her a disbelieving look. "Would a stalker walk around with a big red bow on his chest?" He pointed at the offending bow. She clamped her lips shut to keep from laughing. "I think not."

She quickly tore through the envelope and pulled out a small card. 'As promised, one perfect boyfriend for Christmas.' She read it over again and scoffed. She looked back up at the man, who was spreading out the limbs of the tree, not paying much attention to her.

"Okay, this must be some kind of joke." She said loudly, folding her arms across her chest. A thought clicked in her head. "Did Kagura send you?" His head tilted to the side for a moment and a brow was raised.

"Who's Kagura?" He asked in response, though not intending to wait for a response. "Want some breakfast?" She looked at him with an open mouth before slowly nodding her head, not knowing what else to do in the situation. He walked off into the kitchen and she could hear pots and pans being shuffled.

"Whoa…" She followed him slightly and stood in the swinging doorway. "What's your name?" He looked up from the stove, where he was turning a dial for a pan and went to the fridge before answering her.

"James," Sesshomaru answered as he caught site of a wine-cooler with the name Bartles & Jaymes. He paused for a moment, looking around once more. An egg-carton caught his eye. "James Farm…er…Farmer." He met her eye once before picking up the eggs and proceeding to make her a breakfast she wouldn't forget.

"Well, James Farmer. I need to make a call real fast." She hurried out of the kitchen at his nod and went to her cordless that was sitting on the end table next to her couch. She picked it up, dialed a number and waited while the annoying ringing sound echoed into her befuddled mind.

"Hello?" She let out a deep sigh as she heard Sango's voice come over the phone.

"Sango? It's Kagome. Did Kagura tell you what she was sending over for me to get?" She asked quickly. Sango paused for a minute on the other end.

"No. Why do you ask?" She was starting to get worried over her friend's odd behavior.

"Well, there's a guy in my kitchen, making breakfast, who says he's my Christmas present. I just figured Kagura had something to do with it." She paused, looked behind her to make sure James wasn't anywhere near. "I mean, he's gorgeous. He has to be from some kind of escort service or something." She spoke lowly and had her hand cupped over the receiver and her mouth.

"You think that's what Kagura was getting delivered to you? Some kind of stripper!" Kagome held the phone away from her ear as laughter sounded from the other end of the telephone line. "Not fair!"

"Hey! It's not like I wanted one, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth." She giggled a little. "Honestly, how often do you get a guy to make you breakfast? And it smells delicious…" She trailed off as she sniffed the air coming from her kitchen. "I gotta go." She vaguely heard a goodbye as she followed her nose.

He was just serving up the plates when she walked through the door. She smiled warmly and took one of the delicious dishes. "So, James, since you're going to be here all day, you can come with me to my parent's house." She sat down and paused before digging in. "Maybe now they'll get off my back about being single…" She muttered in annoyance before finally caving into her desires and shoveling the eggs into her mouth.

Sesshomaru smirked before proceeding into his breakfast, at a much slower pace of course. She let out a groan as she sat back in her chair and patted her full tummy.

"That was great." She smiled at him. "Thank you." He nodded while she glanced at the clock on her stove. Kagome's eyes widened a fraction and she jumped out of her seat. "Shoot. Mom was expecting me ten minutes ago. Are you almost finished." He looked up from his plate, which was now empty with an incredulous look.

"Yes. I'm done." She grabbed it and tossed it in the sink along with any other dish that was lying around. She flew to the closet and grabbed her long coat, threw it on, and stood by the door.

"I'm so glad you're already dressed. Come on." She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him outside, ready to hail down a cab if the occasion arose. She was pleasantly surprised to see he had a car parked at the curb for them, a souped up 1965 Mustang GT350 in gun-barrel grey with a modified convertible top no less. She blinked once before he took her gently by the elbow and led her to the passenger side door. "You've got to be a dream." She patted his arm. "But you're a dream I'm going to make the most out of."

He smirked at her odd behavior. "Where to?" She gave him directions while admiring the perfection of the interior of the car she was sitting in. The guy had to have some money in order to keep such an old car in great shape. She stopped her molestation of the car when a big house loomed in front of her.

She sighed as she looked upon her childhood home, the place where nothing ever went right and where chaos thrived to it's breaching point. It was beautiful on the outside, but she knew just what kind of evil was waiting to get out from the inside…her parents.

Sesshomaru held all the boxes she had brought with her, like she had said before, she was going to use her present to her advantage. The hardest part of the whole thing was ringing the doorbell…though it was next to unnecessary. Before her finger even touched the glowing circular button, the door flew open and a young boy came sprinting out, knocking right into the nervous woman.

"Shippo!" She next to screeched out as she was sent sprawling to the ground. The boy giggled from his position on her stomach, a smile spreading from ear to ear. Sesshomaru set down his burden and helped Kagome to her feet, so close to grinning he could already feel his cheeks tense up.

"Sorry, Aunt Kagome. But I knew it was you!" He hugged her around her middle before turning his attention to the unfamiliar man that was standing beside her. "Who are you" The bluntness of the question caused Kagome to roll her eyes. Sesshomaru just smirked, as always.

"James." Short and sweet, just like the child in front of him. She smiled up at his pleasant tone, but quickly lost it as another voice reached her ears.

"Kagome! Long time no see, my dear sister-in-law." She grimaced and clenched her teeth before turning around.

"Inuyasha." She nodded at the dark-haired man before her. "Good to see you could get away from your job and actually be here this year." The guy always managed to get under her skin, but he was always like that. They'd known each other since they were all children and by the time high school rolled around, they were bickering like siblings. It was quite ironic that they were practically siblings now.

"Good to see you could actually bring a date with you this year." He responded with a smart-ass smile. She pursed her lips and shook her head in annoyance…how her sister could stand the man, she would never know. "I'm Inuyasha by the way. Her sister, Kikyo, is my wife." He held out his hand to Sesshomaru.

"James." Sesshomaru shook Inuyasha's hand firmly before following him and his son into the house with a brooding Kagome close behind. They hung their jackets up in the closet and had just closed the door when a middle-aged woman made her presence known.

"Kagome, dear heart. I'm glad you finally got here." Kagome's mother, Kimi, came up and hugged her daughter before turning her attention to the male that accompanied her. "Is this what kept you from me?" She held out her hand and Sesshomaru grasped it lightly and pulled it softly to his lips, brushing them across the back of it politely. "I am Kimi Higurashi. You?" She blushed from the flattery and Kagome rolled her eyes heavenward.

"I am James Farmer." Sesshomaru answered, smiling slightly. Kimi looked appraisingly at her daughter.

"Is this charmer your boyfriend, sweetie?" Kagome blushed and nodded. Her mother looked him over with a critical eye before nodding in approval. "Don't see why you didn't tell us about him earlier. I could've sent a formal invitation." She sighed dramatically. "You should introduce him to your father, he's in the living room watching football…as always."

Kagome watched her mother skip back towards the kitchen and took James by the hand, leading him into the living room to meet one of the hardest men to please. "Dad, this is James." Her father looked up and stood, reaching his full height of 6'2", just an inch below James.

Sesshomaru instigated the hand shake, choosing to be polite over intimidating. "James Farmer." His tone was as emotionless as his face. "Nice to meet you."

"Hiroshi Higurashi." Kagome's father replied, grinning slightly and shaking the offered hand. The man hadn't backed down, he liked that. "Do you watch football?" James nodded and Hiroshi swept his hand across the seat next to him, offering to let him watch with him…a privilege no other man, besides Inuyasha, had ever been offered.

Kagome watched the scene unfold with amazement. Her father hadn't even liked Kouga this much…and they were together for a long time. "I think I'll just go help out in the kitchen." She said, backing away as if she was looking upon a shocking scene…which it was.

"Shippo…you're all dirty again!" Kikyo said loudly just as Kagome reached the door of the kitchen area. She pushed open the swinging door and walked in to greet her lovely sister. Kikyo stopped trying to force the child inside the house when she saw her and automatically ran over to hug her. "Kagome! I'm so glad you're here! You can help me cook now."

"Yes, because I just live to serve your needs." The older girl rolled her eyes as she handed over the spoon that was in her hand and went to try, once again, to get her son to come inside for a bath.

"Umm…I thought you might want to know…I invited Kouga tonight…" She said quietly with a hesitant smile on her face. Kagome froze mid-step and jerked around to look at her sister. "Well…I only thought it appropriate since he's Inuyasha's boss down at the precinct…and he wanted to see you…how was I to just turn him down?" She said pathetically.

"Just tell him no!" The younger girl fumed. "Besides, I brought a date! I don't need someone hanging all over me while I have someone to hang on myself!" Kagome glared at her sister. She sat down at the counter and began peeling potatoes for her mother…what a great Christmas. Kikyo gaped at being ignored, not really soaking in what was said, before turning around and going back to her duties as a mother to a six-year old dirty child.

Kagome ignored it as the kitchen door swung open, still peeling the potato with furious swipes of the knife.

"Kagome, you've gotten even more beautiful since I last saw you." Her eyes grew wide and she slammed the potato knife on the counter with a loud clank, turning around to glare at the man that made her life a living hell not but a year before. "And more violent I see…" Kouga laughed at his own funny…how charming…

"What do you want? If you can't already tell, I'm just a little bit busy at the moment." He walked slowly over to her and she narrowed her eyes, knowing exactly what he was going to do. He leaned over and placed a peck on her forehead, one of his affectionate ways of showing someone he liked them. She turned around before he had pulled back, whipping him in the face with her hair, causing a pleasing 'smack' sound.

"Do I really need to remind you of what I want?" His blues eyes bore in the back of her head since she wasn't meeting his stare. He saw her shoulders move with her huff, and she turned around to face him once again.

"Well, you can't always get what you want." She huffed again. "Besides, I'm here with someone, so lay off." His eyes widened a fraction in amazement.

"Who's the lucky guy?" He asked, jealousy laced into his words of politeness. She narrowed her eyes cautiously.

"His name is James." She answered while raising an eyebrow.

"And what does this James do for a living?" She gulped back a lump in her throat…she had never asked James what his occupation was!

"He's a…well…a…" She trailed off and looked towards the floor, not willing to meet his eyes, Kouga could catch a lie just by looking into someone's eyes. She spotted her nephew's fire truck slung carelessly under the counter, and she, for once, thanked him for his messy habits. "He's a fireman."

Kouga raised an eyebrow. That was unexpected. He opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted by the sound of the swinging door opening once again. He turned around, prepared to make pleasantries with one of her family members, but stopped and frowned at what he saw. Standing in the doorway was a tall man, taller than he at least, with long white hair, looking at them with indifference.

Kagome smiled at the interruption and walked over to James, ready to put on the show. She hugged him around the middle and smiled up at him. "Kouga, this is James Farmer. The fireman." She winked, hoping he caught the drift. "James, this is Kouga Hikano. He's Inuyasha's boss at the precinct…they're detectives."

Kouga held out his hand, ready to assess the man before him. "Nice to meet you." James grasped his hand firmly…a little too firmly for Kouga's tastes, since he could hear one of his bones pop unattractively.

"Like wise." Kouga stared at the emotionless man…Kagome sure knew how to pick them.

Sesshomaru leaned down so that he was level with Kagome's ear. "I will be back in a few moments, I need to go home and change into a more casual outfit." He whispered lightly. She bit the side of her lip, not wanting him to leave her in case Kouga decided to make any moves. "Your father wants all of us to play a bit of football this afternoon. Seeing as how the weather permits it." Kouga looked up at the statement, surprise written all over his features.

"In that case, I must leave as well. Wouldn't want my Armani to get stained." He placed a hand on Kagome's shoulder, seeing as how he wouldn't be able to get her to let go of the man's waist anytime soon.

As soon as Kouga left the room, Kagome breathed a sigh of relief, leaning her head against James's chest. "He's a real catch." He said, the vibrations from his voice reverberating in his chest soothing her oncoming headache.

"He's my ex-boyfriend. From a year ago." She muttered darkly. "My sister invited him since he's Inuyasha's boss." She breathed deeply and let all the air she had accumulated out in a rush. She was getting attached way too fast.

"I will be back, I promise." James pulled her hand up to his mouth, placing a gentle kiss on the back of the appendage. She smiled at his sophisticated ways.

"Oh yeah, sorry I said you were a fireman…I didn't ask you what you did for a living, so I had to make it up." She pulled away from him and went to sit back at the bar, ready to peel more potatoes.

"It's alright. Your father knows I'm a lawyer, though." She looked up and tilted her head to the side, sending a cascade of raven hair flowing over her shoulder. "He asked me." Sesshomaru shrugged lightly. "We'll figure it out later." She nodded and he walked away, intent on getting home and changing and getting back to this wonderful creature…he sure was lucky.

When Sesshomaru re-entered the driveway to the Higurashi residence, he wasn't the only one outside in their car. Ignoring the presence of Hikano, he walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. Kouga stood next to him and looked at him haughtily.

"I have this family wrapped around my finger, you know?" He asked, Sesshomaru shrugged in response. "I won't let you take it all away from me now." The taller man shrugged once again.

The door opened, revealing Mr. Higurashi to them. His eyes lit up and he automatically grasped Sesshomaru's hand with a smile. "James! Glad you could make it back. We were getting worried about you."

"I would never miss this sort of opportunity, Mr. Higurashi." Sesshomaru responded with a nod of his head.

"Call me Hiroshi. You should know that." He pulled the young man into the foyer excitedly. For once, he liked his daughter's choice in man.

Kouga held out his hand after he got over the initial shock. "Mr. Higurashi, it was nice of you to invite me." Hiroshi looked behind him at the one man he had never liked. He shook his hand briefly before turning back around to talk to James.

"Kagome's in the kitchen, still cooking. Once they're finished, we're going to play a little football before dinner. Let Shippo waste some of his energy, eh?" Hiroshi led James to the swinging door, followed by Kouga. "You're perfect, since we have one missing this year. Souta isn't able to make it since he's still at the university." He dropped his voice. "Obviously, he's found a girl to make staying there all the worthwhile." James smirked and chuckled.

"Well, I can understand his need to stay there. If I were still in college and your lovely daughter had caught my eye, I do believe I would be living outside her dorm room door." Hiroshi smiled, it was exactly the kind of thing he wanted to hear, and Sesshomaru knew that. Kouga even knew it, but what they both didn't know was…he really meant it.

The men jumped back as the door was swung open quite quickly. Shippo came running out, hopping from foot to foot, his green eyes dancing excitedly and his auburn hair bouncing up and down. "Can we play now? Are we gonna play? Is James playing?" Questions kept coming from his mouth in all his excitement.

Hiroshi nodded at his grandson and the child swiftly took off up the stairs. A second later, he was back with a brand-new football in his hands. He yelled out a 'Let's Go!' and made his way back into the kitchen to go out the back door. The men followed at a more leisurely pace, passing by the women who rolled their eyes.

"I want to play too!" Kagome offered, gladly giving up her seat as veggie chopper. She ran over and gave James a hug, who happily returned it. "You sure know how to be casual." She said, playfully tugging at his white shirt. He grunted something that sounded oddly like a short chuckle, making her look up.

"You're on my team." He said, grabbing her hand and giving it a squeeze. Kouga watched the exchange with jealous eyes narrowing and targeting the back of James's head.

Kagome giggled slightly. This pretending was coming easier to her than she believed it would…but, she guessed it wasn't all pretend. She was attracted to him, yes, and it was obvious to anyone that he was attracted to her.

"I call Kagome and Kouga!" Shippo exclaimed excitedly, already picking his teammates. Kagome sighed dejectedly while James just squeezed her hand once more. Both teams huddled, ready to play the game.

When they broke, the teams lined up, Shippo as quarterback. The small boy hiked the ball and ran backwards while Kagome and Kouga ran forwards, he threw it and watched as Kagome caught it with open arms, still running towards her goal. Sesshomaru smirked and ran over to her, ready to make his "tackle".

He caught her and spun her around, bring her down to the ground softly while she laughed. "You ruined my touchdown!" She pouted while hitting him on the chest, playfully.

"No fraternizing with the enemy, Kagome." Kouga called out gruffly. She scowled at him and took her place back with her team.

The game continued on with lots of interesting tackles being made, mainly Sesshomaru and Kouga tackling each other with such a force, it knocked them into many of the things in the yard. The final play, that finally annoyed Kagome, Kouga tackled James into the vines. They were gone for a split second before reemerging, neither having the football. They didn't have the football, because it was safely tucked away in Hiroshi's hands…where the pass had actually gone. She huffed and stomped over to them.

"Alright, children. I think it's time you both left. If you can't act like civilized adults during a simple game of football, then you shouldn't be here at all!" She stormed around the side of the house, leaving two bewildered males in her path. Hiroshi walked over to Sesshomaru and set a hand on his shoulder.

"She'll get over it, don't worry about it, James." James nodded and walked into the house. Kouga watched as the family that was supposed to be his said their goodbyes to his new enemy. When he told them he was leaving, all he got was a wave and a hug from Kikyo. He walked out the front door heavily and got in his car to take off…nope, giving up was not an option anymore. He peeled out of the circular driveway.

Sesshomaru got into his car and hit his head against the steering wheel. He had ruined it. The one girl he found that was perfect…and he had ruined it. He jumped when a hand slapped down on his shoulder.

"I knew it would work." He looked over and was met with a pair of twinkling blue eyes. Kagome jumped up into the front seat from her previous position in the back. He quirked an eyebrow and she just smiled. "I knew it would make Kouga leave…that's why I acted like that. Sorry."

"At least I know you're not really mad at me." He smirked and started up the engine to his car.

"Let's just go back to my place, I don't feel like eating dinner here anyways." She buckled herself in just as he took off at an alarming speed.

She decided that she would cook dinner instead of him, since he was the one that cooked her the most delicious breakfast she had ever had in her own home. Sesshomaru sat at the table and watched as she puttered around her small kitchen, getting together all the necessary items she would need. He could've watched her all night.

"Rice is done!" She proclaimed, clapping her hands together at her achievement. He smirked as she piled the rice onto plates, added the chicken, and brought his plate over to him. She smiled before digging into her own plate. She moaned lightly as the chicken hit her taste buds.

Sesshomaru shifted slightly. "It is very good." He complimented, chewing on the tender chicken bits. She smiled at him again, he was beginning to grow used to that.

When dinner was finished, they sat on the couch in the living room, cuddled together under a blanket, watching a movie that was playing on one of television channels. Kagome smiled and leaned her head onto James's shoulder. "Thank you." She whispered lightly.

"What have I done to deserve a thank you?" He asked, slipping his arm under the blanket to wrap around her waist. She pulled her feet closer to her and leaned more into his side.

"You've given me the best Christmas I've ever had." She responded, looking up at him with sparkling eyes. That did it for him…he smiled back, for the first time in a long time, and leaned down, placing his lips gently on hers. He heard a sharp intake of breath before she leaned closer and began moving her lips gently against his.

They pulled away from each other when their lungs began burning for air. He traced the curve of her cheek with the pad of his thumb, and pecked her on the lips before gathering her closer to him, a content sigh escaping his lips.

"Then I should be thanking you as well." He murmured into her hair. She smiled, as always, closed her eyes and began to drift asleep. This had definitely been the best Christmas she had ever had in her entire Twenty-two years of life.

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