La Luna, Mi Amor


Sora sighs thoughtfully. "The moon is beautiful."

Laying in the sand opposite Sora, our heads barely a foot away from touching, I fix my gaze on said heavenly body. "… I suppose."

Sora continues, undeterred by my unenthusiastic remark, "It just … glows, like a lantern in a sea of darkness."

"… But, it could never glow without the sun shining on it. Without the sun … the moon would just be lost to the darkness of the night," I say.

"I guess that's true, but the sun pales in comparison to the beauty of the moon."

I crane my neck backwards to look at him upside-down. He mimics me and our eyes meet. He grins that carefree grin of his, making something warm stir in my chest.

I say, "I think the moon wants to be with the sun, but can't. Have you ever noticed how they're almost never in the sky together? And, even when they are both up at the same time, there's an indefinite distance between them. The sun is some untouchable prize that the moon chases after in a never-ending circuit."

Sora frowns thoughtfully, turning his sights back on the sky. "How do you know that the sun isn't the one chasing the moon?"

I, too, turn back to the sky and get the fleeting impression of looking into a mirror. "I just do."