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"So, what are you doing for Christmas this year?" her Aunt Hilda asked through the phone.

"I was thinking about going to the Other Realm this year," Sabrina replied. "You know, for the whole year, not to that club I went to one year."

"Ah, yes, the anti-Christmas club," Hilda said. "What about Harvey? He can't travel to the Other Realm."

"He's busy this Christmas," she lied, not wanting to tell her that they'd had a huge fight and broken up.

"Well have fun," she said. "I've always loved the Other Realm at Christmas. It's better than Mars."

"Yeah, I've always been curious about it," Sabrina said. "Well, at least since I've known about the Other Realm."

"I'm going to Saturn this year," Hilda said. "I'm going to ice skate on the rings."

"I thought Saturn's rings where mad up of bits of stuff?" Sabrina asked. She never knew what to be sure of.

"On Christmas they're not," Hilda said. Her niece could practically feel her winking through the phone.

Sabrina shook her head, smiling. "I've got to finish packing, Aunt Hilda."

"Aright, bye," she said.

When the line went dead Sabrina clicked off her own phone and finished folding the sweater she'd been packing when the phone rang. Sabrina didn't know why, but she liked packing the mortal way. The magical way was just much faster.

She picked through other things in her drawers, trying to decide what to pack. Suddenly, her hands came across an old picture of herself and Harvey.

She picked up the photo and hugged it, trying to decide whether or not to pack it. Sighing, she put it down.

Sabrina suddenly felt very tired. With a point of her finger, the packing was done. She decided to take a nap before she went on her trip.

"You've been sleeping long enough, don't you think?" said her magical alarm clock.

Sabrina opened her eyes and looked at the object, it could be quite annoying at times, but she never overslept.

Deciding to teleport the suitcase from the Other Realm, she locked it up and left the bedroom. A concealment spell was placed on her home so no one would come in. Sabrina walked through her tiny apartment to her kitchen. She checked the oven to make sure it was off and had been for awhile. Then, she crawled inside of it.

It was cramped in there, but not for long. As soon as the door was completely closed, she was transported to the Other Realm.

"I need to find another way to get here," Sabrina said to herself, dusting some crumbs off of her sweater. She got her suitcase, then went off to find lodging.

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