Dashing through the Snow

Chapter Three: White Ghost of Black Ghost Present


"How very interesting." Gloria said. They were slowly cruising back to elf headquarters with Noel sound asleep on her snowmobile. "Three jingle bombs inverse color. Maybe I should hit myself with one and see what happens."

"Why am I here?" Noel demanded, waking up again. "David, I swear to God, I'm going to chop your nuts off and roast them over open coals!"

David only shook his head.

"I have a killer headache; care to explain?" Noel complained. "And what was Jet doing with Mika in that base? Besides, who was that damn nutcase that looked like the worst imitation of the ghost of Christmas past I've ever seen!"

Mika began to laugh insanely again. "That wasn't the ghost of Christmas past! It was the white ghost of Black Ghost present!"

Noel shook her head and took the candy cane off her back. As she prepared to beat Mika silly, she hesitated. Mika was too strange to waste a good beating on.


"WHY THE HELL CAN'T I TAKE THESE OFF!" Scarl screamed. One of his minions sat in the corner. "Oh, shut up. I'll eat you later."

Scarl kicked the lamppost/staff. Suddenly, inside it, something – or more specifically, someone – appeared. It looked slightly like…no way. It was him as a little kid, before he had put the mask on. He was standing on the line to see Santa. He clenched his mother's hand, whining and carrying on.

"Mommy, I don't wanna see Santa!" Little Scarl screeched. His mother pushed him onto the little train that would carry him there. She waved, and when the scrawny elf picked him up, he screamed and kicked until the elf dumped him on the fat man's lap. Then, Santa got the shock of his life. Scarl was screaming loud enough to shatter windows. He was crying, and didn't stop until he was out of the mall.

"I was trying to forget that, you bitch." Scarl said. The gingerbread minion in the corner squealed and ran away in fright of her boss.


"Well Jet, now that we have her taped into bed…what else did you do besides decorate the base?" David asked, holding the duct tape in once had. He had a maniac glimmer in his eyes that gave Mika a run for her money.

"Scarl's planning on blowing up Bethlehem." Jet replied, taking a large gulp of eggnog. David's eyes grew wider.

"WHAT?" David shouted. Jet spewed eggnog all over at the outburst. Fortunately, Noel was sound asleep and Gloria was away with Mika. "That's it. You're going to Bethlehem with Mika and our singer. Mirllyne may as well go with you because she's not doing much around here."

"You called?" The white-haired angel of Riprendere appeared, smiling. Her hair was down, but pulled from her face by two pins adorned with holly. "She's down singing, and I'm supposed to be there. And what is Jet doing here?"

"New recruit, and get the singer. You're going to Bethlehem." David answered. "You look nicer, what did Gloria do?"

Mirllyne noted her normal uniform of black and silver had been changed to one of mulitcolors instead of silver. She nodded. "Yes, indeed. Come along."

Jet was shoved out of the room after the angel. They walked through the long corridors, but there was an omnipresent female voice singing. Her voice was absolutely beautiful and enchanted him. Mirllyne was stamping her feet in rhythm, and when the got out the doors, Jet nearly fell over at who it was.

Her short brown hair was pulled back into pigtails behind her ears, and she wore a Santa hat over it. She was dressed in the same thing Mika had been in, except she had added a pair of elbow-length gold and green gloves. In her hand was clenched a microphone, and in it, Sadie was singing her heart out.

"God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you despair! Remember Christ our Savior was born on Christmas day to save us all from Satan's power when we were gone astray! Oh tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy! Oh tidings of comfort and joy…" Sadie sang. Her voice, lifted up by the microphone, had attracted a huge crowd of elves. It was an upbeat style of the song, and they were captivated by it.

"Oy Jet, isn't her voice pretty?" Mika demanded. The song ended, and wild applause rose. Sadie jumped down off the little stage and high-fived Mika.

"Why's Jet here? I know Mirllyne came with me, but…" Sadie said.

"He's the newbie! We decorated Black Ghost's base together! You should see Scarl and what three jingle bombs do to a guy!" Mika chirped enthusiastically, dancing from foot to foot. Sadie smiled as if Christmas had come early.

"Then let's get going! We should get to…wait. What are we doing again?" Sadie asked.

"We're going to BETHLEHEM!" Mika exclaimed, jumping at least a foot into the air. Jet began to edge away in hopes that the three would forget him.

"No you don't," Sadie said, seizing Jet by the collar. "You're under a contract!"


"Dashing through the snow, on a moldy piece of cheese…over the fields we go, burning up the leaves!" Sadie and Mika sang together. "The snow is turning gray, I'd rather eat some hay, what an awful sight to see because it's my birthday!"

"WOULD YOU TWO SHUT UP?" Jet roared, making a kick for the two. However, he missed marginally. After two hours on a plane, at night, he was tired and irritate. Mika, Sadie, and Mirllyne were not helping by singing carols and just random off-the-top-of-our-head songs. For a while, though, Mika and Sadie were having an interesting tournament of "Candy Cane Wars". It was their version of "tag", played by jabbing people painfully, with you guessed it, candy canes.

"Grandma got run over by a reindeer, walking home from our house Christmas Eve! You can say…" Mika began, but was interrupted by Sadie.

"No, no! You've got it all wrong!" Sadie exclaimed, shaking her head. "Jet Link got run over by a reindeer, walking home from Joe's house Christmas Eve! You can say there's no such thing as Black Ghost, but as for me and Albert we believe!"

"If that isn't the crappiest song you've ruined, let me be struck by Noel's candy cane in the nuts." Jet declared. Seconds later, a giant candy cane fell out of nowhere and began to hone in on him. "AND LIVE!"

The candy cane struck, Jet screamed, but all was well.

"…He'd been drinking too much eggnog, and we begged him not to go! But he forgot his medication, and he staggered out the door into the snow! When we found him Christmas morning, at the scene of the attack, he had shoeprints on his forehead and incriminating Scarl marks on his back!" Mika sang. Jet grumbled something about authoresses, but then turned around to ignore them.

"Jet, the only reason the elves kidnapped you was because you're such a grinch." Sadie snapped at Jet. "If you'd lighten up, you'd probably be done with this faster!"

"How does that explain why the hell you're here?" Jet demanded.

"Well…you can just call it spirit overload." Sadie said, poking Jet with a candy cane. "It really is very enjoyable to jump around a lot and nearly get paid for what you do."

Jet shrugged and took a candy cane out of the basket of them.


"I understand that she's the captain, but this is insane." Holly, the one medical elf on the spirit team, said to David. "You have to admit, her temperature's high for even an elf."

Holly was about Gloria's height and had shiny chest-length blue hair. Her eyes were, as her name implied, holly green. She had her hair tied back into a half-ponytail with holly leaves surrounding it. As all the elves, she wore the standard uniform, only her boots had blue ribbon laced around them and holly leaves.

"What is it now?" David asked.

"199 even." Holly said, glancing back to Noel. "Has someone taken her mission over yet?"

"Yeah. They should be landing in Bethlehem soon." David replied, trying to feign cheer at this news. Holly laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Calm down, David. Noel will be fine." Holly said, smiling. "As long as one of the newbies didn't take it, I'm sure she won't kill us when she wakes up. Right, David? David?"

David had facefaulted and was attempting to convince himself that Holly had never been there.


"SNOW! SNOW!" Mika cried, prancing from the plane. She picked up an armful of the powdery stuff and threw it wherever. Jet shook his head at her as Mirllyne melted a whole ton of snow and waited for it to freeze over.

"That's really not something you see everyday…" Jet muttered, blinking at Mirllyne jumping around on the thin ice. "Come on, morons! We have a mission to cover!"

"Let them play!" Sadie said.

"And why are you so matter-of-fact, Miss I-became-a-Mary-Sue?" Jet asked.

"Because," She replied, throwing a snowball at his face, "THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! Loosen up!"

There was a huge boom noise in the distance and it caught all four of their attention. Mika stood up and threw a jingle bomb at a tree. In seconds, there was a sleigh.

"Come on, it's auto-powered!" Mika said, jumping into the driver's seat. Jet would not have believed it, but what the hell. It was both Christmas and a Mika story. Anything was possible. He climbed into the sleigh after Mirllyne, and they were off into Bethlehem at an alarming rate.

"Mika, STOP!" Mirllyne shouted. "WE'RE HERE!"

"And how would you know?" Mika asked, turning the sleigh off. "Oh, that would help things."

For there, atop a hill, was Scarl and his giveaway staff. He tried to run, but couldn't. He instead hurtled the bag toward the oncoming Mika. She was thrown backwards into the snow and knocked out indefinitely. Jet ignited his rockets and flew to beat the crap outta this idiot.

"NO! NO! I'M TERRIFIED!" Scarl screeched, cowering back. Jet hovered for a second as the overlord whined. "I'M SCARED OF SANTA!"

"Well dude…Santa doesn't live in Bethlehem. Even I know that much." Mirllyne said. "He lives at the North Pole!"

And everything completely froze.

"You're right," Scarl said. He heaved his bag off Mika. "I'll see you there, with a big dead fat man in my arms! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Sadie to David. Be prepared for Scarl. Over." Sadie said. "Well, let's get back there."

"So now what?" Jet asked. "Let me guess. We're going to take down Scarl and force him to dress as Santa, right?"

"No, not really. But what a good idea!" Sadie exclaimed. "Let's do that instead. Sound good, Mika?"

"CHOO!" Mika sneezed rather loudly, blowing all the snow off her body. "Ah…Sadie…I don't feel very good. But that sounds lovely."

"Great." Sadie said. "You carry her and I'll call Holly. But gee golly, Jet came up with a good idea for once! This moment should be immortalized!"


"He's coming here?" Holly squeaked. "To the North Pole?"

"Please don't faint again," David pleaded. "We have now both Noel and Mika gone! We have to at least try!"

Holly began to slowly sink but was caught by Gloria. "No. They need you. We need you. I think even Jet needs you. Right, Jet?"

"Huh?" Jet said, gnawing on two candy canes at once.

"See?" Gloria said, shaking Holly. Holly nodded. "Now, what was wrong again with Mika? I want to know."

Holly acted as if nothing had ever happened. "A human virus known as influenza. She should be better in about a week, if not longer. Noel's fever is finally peaking. I mean, it's about time! 203 isn't exactly low, if you know what I…yes. And Jet, I will tell you now: eating so much sugar will most definitely lead you to a horrible case of…wait, you're human. Never mind."

Jet hadn't been paying her much attention anyway. He was far too busy investing his time in trying to kill Sadie on the Christmas version, created by the elves, of Dance Dance Revolution. Sadie was kicking his ass, whereas Jet was panting for air.

"Maybe taking the candy canes out of your mouth would help." Gloria advised. Jet spit them out but continued to loose. Finally, the song ended.

"God damn it, shut the hell up!" Mika moaned, turning her head to look at them. "If the bastard out there isn't loud enough, you two idiots have to make it worse!"

David, Holly, and Gloria all fell into a heap as they raced to the window. Outside, dawn was just approaching. But that wasn't what worried them.

"Attention. An imitation Santa is approaching. Please evacuate the building. Repeat, evacuate the building to kill him." A voice over the intercom said.

"Mary hit it right on," David said, leaping out the window. "We're going to get him to believe this time!"


Look out for the next chapter!

Chapter Four: You Better Not…

Scarl is loose at the North Pole and two of the strangest, if not most effective believers in Christmas are stuck in bed. Of course, who said that any of these things were true? Find out in chapter four!