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Danny sighed, this would be the first Christmas without anyone with him. Michelle was on her second year of college, and having Christmas with a guy she'd met. Brian was his name.

Stephanie was around eight months pregnant and couldn't fly out to San Francisco from her home in Washington. Her doctor had told her not to fly. After all, she was far in the pregnancy and having twin girls. What if she went into labor on the plane?

DJ was out of law school and lucky to get an internship, but couldn't make it home. There was a case very close to Christmas at the firm and she wouldn't have time to come.

The widower had remarried, but his wife was in Canada taking care of her sick father. There hadn't been enough money for both their plane tickets, and no one else would have been able to take care of him.

Jesse and Rebecca were in Greece this Christmas. They took their sons, Nicky and Alex, and their daughter, Cassandra, with them. It was the proper thing to do of course, but Danny sat here, wishing they hadn't.

Joey was touring the country for his comedy act. He was with his new wife, Marie, and his infant son, Joseph Daniel Jesse Gladstone. Danny knew he was happy, but he wished his oldest friend were home.

His and father and mother were traveling across the USA in their RV as part of their retirement. They were too far away to make it for Christmas. His father-in-law and mother-in-law were joining them.

Comet wasn't even there. Danny had one a free week of pamper at the pooch salon on the radio. He didn't realize it was for his dog until he'd been presented at the package.

The song Blue Christmas suddenly came on the radio. That was exactly how Danny felt. It was the Elvis version, which was the most emotional.

Meanwhile, that same song was playing all across the country. Stephanie was the first to notice. She had all the pregnancy hormones inside of her, and the song made her cry.

Then, came Michelle's reaction. She was packing up the last of her stuff for her trip. She was folding a sweatshirt when the song caught up with her. The sad lyrics didn't mix well with her joy. She felt a small twinge of guilt for not being home this Christmas, but had to clear it away.

The grandparents of the girls noticed it next. They were sitting in a diner, laughing over something. When the laughter died down, they could hear really hear it. The song saddened them a bit.

Joey was playing with his son when it was playing. He listened to the mournful lyrics and began to long for home, but knew he wouldn't make it.

Even the Katsopiloses heard it, for Jesse had in his Elvis Christmas cd. It just so happened that Blue Christmas was playing on the stereo at the same time the rest of the family was.

"Jess?" Rebecca said.

"Yeah?" Jesse replied.

"Do you think these lyrics are telling us something?" she asked.

"Don't even suggest it," he commanded.

Danny's wife heard the song also, and hoped her husband wasn't too sad this Christmas.

DJ was the final one to react to the song. She'd been pouring over the notes for the most recent case. It was only when she'd paused to make some Easy Mac that she actually heard the song. She was too stressed to feel homesick, though.

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