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December 20th

After Blue Christmas, Danny turned off the radio because it was depressing him, but his daughter, Stephanie, kept it on. Amidst all her tears, she was able to hear I'll be Home for Christmas come on the radio. It made her cry even harder.

She dialed the number to the radio. "Hello?" the bored host answered.

"Hello," replied Stephanie. "I'd like to make a complaint. You keep on playing songs like I'll be Home for Christmas and I don't appreciate it! It only reminds me that I won't be home for Christmas this year! It's depressing! If you continue to play songs like this on your radio station I will personally come down there and speak to your manager!" Without a reply, Stephanie hung up the phone. She was satisfied to her the unfinished song be replaced by Rocking' Around the Christmas Tree.

This reminded her of decorating her tree with her family and made her cry again. She picked up the phone and dialed the number of her fiancé, Anthony.

"Hello?" he answered.

"I'm leaving," Stephanie said.

"What?" Anthony asked. "Why?"

"I need to be home this Christmas," replied Stephanie. "I'm driving to San Francisco today, and don't stop me!"

"Babe, calm down," he said. "The doctor told you not to travel."

"I don't care!" Stephanie said.

"I do, they're my babies too," Anthony told her.

"Are they in your body? No!" Stephanie yelled. "They're in mine! It'll be fine if I drive to San Francisco!"

"Fine, fine, just wait, I'll be home in half an hour," Anthony sighed.

"Thanks, love you," Stephanie said. "I'll start packing!"

December 20th

Michelle sighed and picked up her phone. "Brian?" she said once someone had answered. "It's Michelle. I can't go with you this year."

"Why not?" Brian asked.

"Well, I feel guilty about not having Christmas with my father," Michelle said.

Brian sighed, "Well, how about you go to my parents' house for a week, then we'll leave the afternoon of Christmas Eve for Frisco?"

Michelle's eyes brightened. "That's great! Just one thing, don't call it Frisco."

Brian laughed then called the airport about their tickets.

December 23rd

"Why did this case have to be so close to Christmas?" DJ whined to her partner over the phone.

"Oh, you didn't know it was recess until December 26th?" she asked.

"Yes," DJ said, "but it's the 23rd today. I'll never make it home."

"Why not give it a try?" she suggested.

"Aright," DJ sighed. She hung up and called the airport. "Hello, I'd like to book one flight for San Francisco tomorrow?"

"Sorry, all ours are booked," the person told her.

"Thank you anyway," DJ sighed. It looked like she wouldn't be home for Christmas.

December 21st

"Beck, what're you doing?" Jesse asked as he saw his wife packing.

"I had horrible dreams last night after we heard Blue Christmas," Rebecca replied. "I called the airlines this morning and got us all tickets to go back to San Francisco."

"Without telling me?" Jesse asked.

"Yes," Rebecca replied. To her surprise, her husband came behind her and gave her a hug.

"I wanted to go, too," Jesse said, "but I didn't want to break my grandmother's heart. Now, I won't have to, you can break it!"

"Gee, how nice," Becky said.

"Nicky, Alex, Sandra!" Jesse called. Soon he saw his sons and daughter come down the stairs. "We're leaving tomorrow at nine, get packed."

"But why?" Sandra asked.

"Because, your Uncle Danny is all alone," their mom replied. Now do as your father said.

"Yes ma'am," the three said.

"You're going?" came the voice of Mrs. Katsopolis.

"Oh, no," groaned Jesse.

"Please understand," said Becky, "we miss our home."

"I understand," she lied. Hiding her tears, she went into her room and didn't come out for the rest of the night.

December 22nd

"Danny will be so surprised!" his wife, Angie exclaimed. Her father was better and they were flying back down to the states in time for Christmas.

"You've already said that," her father said with a smile.

December 20th

"So it's settled," said Mrs. Tanner.

"Yes, we're going to drive to San Francisco," agreed Mrs. Katsopolis.

"Good," another agreed, and they all got in their car to go to San Francisco.

December 23rd

"Mr. Gladstone, we're stopping in San Francisco soon," said Joey's agent.

"Really?" Joey asked. "Why?"

"Well, you're doing an act there on Christmas day," his agent replied.

"But, I thought we'd be in Florida on Christmas?" Joey said.

"No," his agent said.

"Yahoo!" Joey burst out after a moment. "Do you know what this means? I'll be home for Christmas!"

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