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this is going to be an extremely fluffy story on how Lily began to see James as a human being. it'll be really short and sweet, only a three chapter piece. if you do not like fluff, do not read this, i repeat, DO NOT READ THIS! that being said, please observe the following guidelines:

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The day had been going very well for Lily Evans. She had woken up charm-, curse-, hex-, and prank-free from the Marauders, managed to find matching socks in time to get to Breakfast, which had been toast burned just enough to make it crispy, but not enough to make it inedible, and had gotten top marks on all of her tests from yesterday so far. And right now, she was looking to be the first one to get the hang of the ancient Latin spell for shape-changing objects so that they actually became the desired object, not just the original with a changed exterior. Her rock was coming along nicely into a potato, in both essence and form. She felt the heady rush of success. Even James—no wait, Potter was having a bit of a struggle.

A messenger came into the room, a Ravenclaw she vaguely remembered, a third year or something like that.

"'Scuse me, Professor, but Lily Evans is to go to the Headmaster at once with all of her things."

Puzzled and a bit annoyed, she gathered up her things, looking back once to see Potter mouthing "Bet you ten Galleons that she's got it now!" to his friends. Indignant, she marched out the door, back ramrod-straight.

In the Headmaster's office, she sat before the desk, staring at her surroundings. She'd only been here once before, when she was to report to a prefects' and head boy/girl's emergency meeting when the Marauders had put the castle in a lockdown state after exploding enough firecrackers and such to smoke up the whole first floor and the dungeons.

"Ah, Lily." Abldus Dumbledore smiled wanly at her, blue eyes hardly twinkling behind his half-moon spectacles.

"Good afternoon, Headmaster," she answered nervously.

"I'm afraid I have some grave news for you. I hate to be the bearer of such tidings, but your father has passed away."

"Come again, Headmaster?" Lily couldn't believe her ears. "He's—he's—d—dead?"

He nodded soberly.

"Was it… was it the cancer?" But he'd been getting better! In her last letter two weeks ago, her family had been celebrating that he only had three months to go before the relapse watching period was over!

"No, it wasn't. When your father went in for a checkup because he'd been feeling poorly, a man came in with a gun and took the hospital hostage. Your father—a police officer, I believe?—was reasoning with him to let some of the older, more vulnerable patients go when one of the nurses had a nervous breakdown and attempted to strike him with an IV tube. The man thought it was a ploy and shot your father instead. I'm sorry."

"So… he died in the line of duty?" Lily still couldn't think straight. She sat there limply, staring at Albus Dumbledore, pleading silently that it wasn't true, that this was all a bad dream or at least a very tasteless joke.

"If you would like, you don't have to go to your classes today. You can be alone with yourself and I can create a Floo connection to your family. Lily?"

One tear glistened in her eye and spilled down her cheek. Angrily, she dashed it off. "It's… okay, Headmaster….I'll be… fine." She got up like a marionette with its strings cut, jerkily picked up her bag and walked out of the room.

The rest of the day passed in a sort of slow moving blur. Apparently the Headmaster had gotten the word out to her professors so none of them went out of their way to call on her. For that she was grateful. She wasn't quite sure she would've been able to talk intelligibly to them. She passed the day like a ghost, turning in to bed early.
Aww.. Lily's daddy died... actually that was a bit of poetic licence on my part, as i have no idea what happened to them. anyway, the next two chappies will be up soon... and for those of you reading "in-laws, that terrible word", my brain has dried up right now, so i'm afraid that may be put temporarily on hold... until another dream comes and beats me on the head! yay!