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Summary: When Kyuubi tells Naruto that he needs to find a mate, how can things change when he suddenly finds out that foxes die when they can't find a mate after 1000 years? Naruto goes and tries to find a perfect mate. NaruIno. Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi bashing

Finding a mate

By Dominowriter

Co-written with Kaitosouta

Naruto walked to school again, enduring the harsh glares that were directed at him. He continued walking, dodging the trash thrown his way, bubblegum, plastic wrappers, ice cream, ECT. They would never understand what he had to endure and what it felt like to be alone. When he got to the Academy he was ten minutes late. As usual he was yelled at by Iruka again. Life sucked.

He went back to his seat after listening to Iruka's long boring speech about how he was always late, how he was always playing pranks and how he would never learn anything if he didn't go to the Academy on time.

Suddenly, Naruto knelt over in pain. He put his head on his desk to pretend like he was sleeping before talking to Kyuubi.


Shit! Not now!

I need a mate…

Damn! Can't you wait until after school?


A surge of heat ran through Naruto's body. Damn it!

His thoughts became clearer, his senses became sharper as Kyuubi took over and proceeded to look around for a possible mate.

Kyuubi! I'm in school now!

So what kit, I will take over if you do not get a mate.

Why in the world in getting a mate so important?

Quiet you insolent whelp! I will tell you only once, demon foxes are killed immediately if they can not get a mate after 1000 years!

And how come I didn't know this until now?

And let you know my one weakness? Never! But now since you are older and more intelligent and stronger than when I first started teaching you, I figured you might help me.

Oh, so the great demon is going to need my help to find a mate?

Did I neglect to mention that you will die too?

Shit! No one likes me in class at all! What do I do, what do I do?

Now you truly realize the dangers of our situation?

Wait, how much time do I have?

1 year kit, I'm 999 years old

Wow, Kyuubi the old, wrinkly grandpa.

Shut up

So, who do you think would be a good candidate?

I do not know kit, it depends on you

Haruno Sakura is out of the question, she's always after her 'Sasuke-kun' it's a wonder why I chose her to pretend to be in love with. Ahem, next one, Hyuuga Hinata, out of the question too, Kiba would kill me, I mean IF he could kill me. All the other females are were in love with that Uchiha. This was not going to be well.

What about the Yamanaka girl?

She's a rabid Sasuke fan girl.

I do not sense the attraction for Sasuke coming off of her


She exudes disgust when she touches the Uchiha survivor.

But she's a fan girl for Uchiha. Doesn't she always hug him when he comes in? Doesn't she always fight with Sakura for him?

Kit, the one thing that is useful in life that I have not taught you yet is how to notice feelings. I must teach you that soon.


Back to the point please.

But what if she doesn't like me? What am I suppose to do, go up to her and say: "Hey Ino! I'm the demon fox that probably killed a big part of your family! I need a mate; will you please be my mate?" Hell like that will ever work.

Bluntness may work sometimes. Other times it will get you a slap on the face. I sense you already like her anyways.

What! NO!

I am smarter than you, I know more, do not lie to me you whelp!


Kit, you have been denying it haven't you?


Get a move on you idiot! Introduce yourself again and talk to her! And as a form of help, I'm going to make your body use all its chakra. Correctly.

Fine…WHAT! NO!

"NARUTO!" Iruka said with his demon head. The other kids laughed at the 'frightened' Naruto.

"Huh?" Naruto said in his usual stupid voice.

"Since you are sleeping again in class, why don't you come up here and do Henge for us?" Iruka said. The other kids laughed again because they knew that Naruto couldn't do the Henge.

Shit! Thought Naruto. Curse you Kyuubi!

Naruto walked up the front of the class.

"Turn into Sandaime for me, Naruto" Iruka said.

"Henge." Naruto said. Iruka was somewhat worried when Naruto spoke monotonously.


A perfect Iruka appeared. Right down to how many hairs were on the real Iruka's head.

"Naruto…" Iruka breathed out before looking out to the other students. The other students had similar looks of shock and even Uchiha was looking with slightly widened eyes.

"Naruto…how?" Iruka asked the other Iruka in front of him. The fake Iruka remained silent. Naruto canceled Henge and went back to his seat. He then proceeded to give the impression that he was sleeping.

"Naruto, after school stay here." Iruka said to Naruto intent on finding out how Naruto could do the Henge when Naruto couldn't do it the day before. Naruto kept on sleeping giving no indication that he had heard what Iruka had said.

"Okay, class, today we will be learning how to do-" Iruka started to say before the bell rang. Surprised, he realized that the whole class had been staring at Naruto for a great majority of the class time.

Naruto went forward to his sensei's desk before sitting down on one of the chairs in the classroom. He only had to wait for a couple of minutes before Iruka came back from seeing all the other kids that they went back home safely.

"Naruto, how did you do that Henge so perfectly?" Iruka asked Naruto.

"Ask me no question, I tell you no lies." Naruto said before walking out the door.

"Insolent little brat" Iruka thought before going into his 'thinking' sequence. His mother and father were killed by Kyuubi. Why was he worried about Naruto? So many questions, so little time to answer them.

When Naruto was outside, the first thing he did was to search around for Ino's chakra. He quickly zoomed in on the abandoned field of grass near the river that no one ever went to. He ran over tothe riverignoring the looks many villagers sent him. When he got to the fields the first thing he could see was many strings of chakra covering the whole plot of land. The second was that the field looked perfect, the grass was green and the flowers sparkled somewhat in the sunlight. The third thing was that he saw Ino in the field. She was quiet and silently looked out to the river. Her eyes were sad and she didn't look like the Uchiha fan girl she usually was.

'Beautiful…' Naruto thought.

Ino still hadn't taken notice of Naruto until…

"Ino…" Naruto said


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