Passing - by Willow

Synopsis: Just something Sam wrote on the plane to Leo's funeral.
Rating: PG (angst)
Characters: Josh and Sam
A/N: Nothing I write could be as good as the show's writers. I just wanted to write something to mark the sad death of John Spencer, may he rest in peace.

The secret service drove Sam and Josh across Washington from Dules Airport. Josh was staring out of the window, unable to believe that tomorrow they were going to Leo's funeral. It had been three days since he'd stood in the hospital and learned that Leo was dead. Three days since his world had collapsed.

"I wrote something on the plane," Sam told him. He took a notebook out of his overnight bag and handed it to Josh. "Writing it helped me, maybe reading it might help you. I dunno," Sam offered.

Josh took the book from Sam and started to read.

'We don't understand how such a thing can happen. We don't understand how you could be taken from us so suddenly. We can't believe that you are gone. We mourn for you and yet it doesn't seem real. We pray for you and yet it doesn't seem real. How can a man loved by so many be gone? Did you know how much we loved you? How can we go on without you?

You inspired us to be more than we ever thought we could be. You led us to victory. You raised us up after our defeats. You listened to our worries. You encouraged us to conquer our fears. Without you, none of us would be where we are today. Without you, none of us would have achieved all that we have achieved.'

Sam's words blurred on the page as Josh's eyes filled with tears. "He'd have been proud."

"He'd have hated it," Sam smiled sadly.

"Not inside he wouldn't. Inside he'd have loved it. You should read it out tomorrow."

"I couldn't," Sam replied. "I couldn't say it out loud."

"I'll ask Donna to do it," Josh offered and Sam nodded. Josh continued to read.

'We are all greater for your presence and we are now mourning your loss. We can't imagine a world without you in it. Yet we will continue. We will go on. We will strive to succeed in all our goals. We will continue to conquer our fears. We will aspire to be all that we can be and more. We will do this for you. Because death may have robbed us of your presence, but it can never rob us of your memory and it can never rob us of your spirit.
You will always be with us and we know you are always watching over us.'