Title - The scar
Author - Fullmetal-Alchemist1uk
Disclaimer - I can only wish that I owned FMA
Theme - 40Baisers #15 childhood scars
Fandom - FMA
Pairing - Roy/Ed
Rating - G

Ed always got that strange look in his eyes whenever Roy examined his automail. But how could Roy help but look at it, marvel at it? He slowly ran his hand up the metal arm, taking his time to discover every little detail of it.

"So how does it work?" he asked softly, not quite brave enough to let his gaze meet Ed's.

"It's powered by my own body energy. Surprising huh? You'd think it would be powered by alchemy, but hell it would exhausting to keep an array active like that for years"

Roy let his hand drift upwards, towards the port. Normally the metal would be cold, but they had been lying curled up in bed long enough for it become a little warm. Ed didn't manage to completely hid the little jerk as Roy finally touched the port which joined the arm to his shoulder. Roy couldn't imagine what it must have like to have that i and /i a leg attached at the mere age of eleven. He had heard the horror stories from men returning from Ishbal with automail (some of course with the now famous Rockbell automail) about how painful it was to have it installed, and how long it took to become adjusted to it. Apparently it was normal for it to take up to three years to get fully adjusted to it, yet Ed had somehow managed it - not doubt due to his stubborn Elric pride - within a year. It had only taken him months to do what fully-grown men took years to fully adapt to.

Edward Elric was a far braver man than Roy would ever hope to be.

And though it made him feel sad to see the ugly scar tissue, and it made Ed feel guilty that he only needed automail while Al was unable to feel anything, Roy couldn't help but think that the automail was just another piece in the puzzle that made Ed so unique. It was one of the reasons why the name 'Fullmetal' was known and respected in Central and in the East.

He gently pressed a kiss to the metal shoulder and gave Ed a faint smile. Perhaps one day he'll be able to kiss a right arm made from flesh and bone, but the automail would do for now.