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A/N: In Targets, Alex went with Bobby to see his mom. Now it's Bobby's turn.

The wind whipped around her when she got out of the car. The passenger door opened and her partner stepped out of the SUV. They met at the front of the car and he let her lead the way. He had not been here before. He walked beside her, careful to keep his gait slowed down to accommodate her much smaller stride. The sky was that solid gray that refused to let the sun peek through. He kept looking toward her, making sure she was all right. "I do this all the time, Goren. Stop looking at me."

"I…all right." He was usually at ease with her, but right now he didn't know what to say. This was new to him, and he wasn't quite sure how to act, what she needed from him.

They continued on across the trim grass that spread between endless rows of marble markers. Finally, she stopped. There was the marble plaque, with his name, his birth date and the date of his death. Beneath that read the words "Beloved husband and son."

He backed away, to give her space. He gently rubbed his side, a twinge of pain reminding him of the ordeal he'd been through…they'd been through…the ordeal that brought him to be here with her.

She had been coming here, alone, for seven years. But there was no reason for her to be alone any more. He would never interfere. This was her time with him, something he could never be a part of. And he did not want to intrude. He just wanted to be here for her. He'd offered to wait in the car, but she had insisted he come with her. So he stood back, close to the next row of graves, and he waited.

She knelt beside the grave, slipping the old flowers from the receptacle in the ground and replacing them with fresh ones. She had missed coming during the month Bobby had been in the hospital, but her parents had come by with fresh flowers in her stead. Last month she had come alone. But today she had not wanted to be alone. She had wanted him to come with her. She wasn't sure he would want to, but he had shown no sign of reluctance when he had agreed. Even now, it wasn't reluctance that kept him back. It was respect.

She leaned down and laid her hand on the grass and the dirt that covered him. She would always miss him. She would always wonder what their lives would have been like if he had lived. But she didn't live in a world of 'what if.' She'd made that clear to the man behind her. She accepted the plate life handed her. And right now, Bobby was on that plate, and she was happy.

She whispered good-bye to him, to her past, and stood up. Turning, she met the eyes of the man waiting for her. With a smile, she held her hand out, and he took it. In silence, they headed toward the car. When they got there and she went to slip her hand from his to pull the keys from her pocket, his grip tightened. She looked up at him. "Are you ok?" he asked.

She didn't answer right away. She looked over her shoulder toward the grave where he rested peacefully amid many others. Then she looked in front of her, at her partner, a man she had nearly lost almost three months ago. It was a terror she never wanted to experience again. She had lived through her husband's death. But this big guy here, with his boyish charm and quirky manner…no, she would never survive if she lost him. She nodded. "Yeah. I'm ok."

She leaned up toward him, and he leaned down to kiss her. It was a gentle, loving kiss. She let her hand caress his cheek, and she whispered, "Let's go home."