Disclaimer: I do not own, or claim to own, or desire to own or make any money off the Power Rangers concepts and characters presented in this story. While the main characters and situation are new, and the timeline of this story differs from the television show, the majority of this stuff is owned by whoever actually owns this stuff (Bandai, Saban, Disney . . . beats me who actually owns any of this anymore). Basically, I'm playing in someone else's sandbox.

Author's note: This is technically AU. I'm using a streamlined timeline. Everything from MMPR through Space is intact- mostly. Beyond that, I've tweaked a few things. All will be explained. Fairly quickly, actually, much to the chagrin of our young protagonists.

Power Rangers: Geo-Force

Chapter 1: 2103

"In 1993 Zordon of Eltar formed the original team of Power Rangers, seen here, in order to battle the threat of first Rita Repulsa, then Lord Zedd," the robot tour guide droned. "The coming of Master Vile required the Rangers to turn to the Zeo Crystal. His defeat also, unfortunately, resulted in the destruction of the original Morphing Grid," it continued, pointing to a holo in the time-line exhibit. "Fortunately, Zordon and Alpha-5, along with the help of former Blue Ranger William "Billy" Cranston were able to utilize the Zeo Crystal as a new power source, creating the Zeo Rangers just in time to face the Machine Empire. Upon defeating this enemy, the Zeo Crystal and its associated morphing technology were given to Prince Trey of Triforia, who established a new Zeo team on that planet. By this point a new Turbo Morphing Grid had been established, which the Rangers used in combat with the pirate queen Divatox, until the Command Center was destroyed a second time just prior to the Great War against the Dark Specter, the culmination of which saw Zordon of Eltar sacrifice himself to defeat evil in 1998." The robot guide affected the Universe's most artificial smile . . . an Alpha unit it wasn't.

"If I wanted a Ranger history lesson, I would have stayed at school today . . . or worse, at home," grumbled Tyler Forge, his green eyes nearly covered by his tousled auburn hair, shoulders hunched, and hands firmly buried in his pockets . . . the image of total boredom.

"Shhhh," was the only response from Andrea Eastman, one of his best friends, as she pushed back her long, strawberry-blonde hair and fixed her blue eyes on the holos in front of them, "this is fascinating, and I want to hear."

"Andy, you think anything involving facts, figures, or data points is fascinating," chuckled Conrad Mason. His hand moved through his short brown hair, his hazel eyes darting around. "When are we gonna get to the weapons display?"

The quietest member of their foursome spoke up, "We will get to it when we get to it . . . Connie." Nia Chen fixed her dark eyes on Conrad as she flipped back her blue-black hair, waiting for his comeback. She knew he hated being called "Connie" just as much as Andrea hated being called "Andy." However, before Conrad could come up with a suitable comeback, a very forceful throat clearing from their teacher got them all to return their attention to the tour guide.

"Several years later, here on Earth, former Blue Turbo Ranger Justin Stewart began developing a morphing technology that, in 2023, would be used by Project: Lightspeed to create a team of Rangers to defeat the attempted demonic invasion of Mariner Bay. After the defeat of the demons, the project's commander, now promoted to Admiral, William Mitchell, along with his son Ryan Mitchell, Lightspeed Titanium Ranger, and Carter Grayson, Lightspeed Red Ranger, began working with defense agencies here on Earth, as well as those on other planets, leading to the development of Space Patrol and Defense, more commonly known as SPD, founded in 2031. Acting as a police force in this half of the Galaxy, SPD and its Rangers have defended innocent lives against all manner of threats. The most famous, of course, being the team under the command of Anubis Cruger that defeated the Troobian invasion of 2092. Now please, enjoy the rest of your day here at the Angel Grove Power Ranger Museum."

"Gods, I thought that would never end!" Tyler sighed as he, Andrea, Nia, and Conrad began to wander through the rest of the museum.

"Ty, what is your problem?" asked a very frustrated Andrea.

"Yes Ty, you've seemed on edge ever since we found out about this field trip," chimed in Nia.

"Try for the last couple of months," added Conrad.

Tyler stopped and sighed. "Guys, you just don't understand. It was bad enough when it was just my dad as a Weapons and Tactics instructor at SPD. Every time a Ranger squad with any member he had trained would be on the vid, all I'd hear about is how he taught them this move or that, then he'd launch into another round of what it would be like when I got to the academy. When Kris got accepted, it only got worse. Now that Kris has made active Ranger status, it's never ending. It's like my dad and my brother have already written my future for me."

"What about art school? Mr. Crrrrshkkkk seems to think you have a great chance," Nia asked.

Andrea added, "Yeah, and it's not like it's easy to paint something that appeals to an Arichnian, with those eight eyes of theirs."

"Yeah, like that would go over so well. 'Dad, I have no interest in joining SPD, I want to go to art school.' If it were still possible for people to have heart attacks that would definitely give him one." Tyler looked at his friends and realized they all looked as depressed as he felt, out of not being able to help him. Just because he was a moody artist, his friends didn't have to share his bad mood. "Guys, thanks. Look, sorry I'm being a downer today. After all, we're not in class, we're hundreds of miles from NTC, and we're surrounded by some really cool stuff. So let's try to enjoy it. Hey, there's the weapons exhibit."

In a place illuminated solely by a putrid greenish-yellow light a dark, hulking figure sat brooding on a throne that appeared to be made out of twisted, mutated plants, with pieces of what may have been skeletons and technology mixed in. The figure was vaguely human shape. However, more was difficult to ascertain, as all the shadows in the room seemed to gather around this figure. All that could really be seen were its glowing yellow-green eyes. It looked up at a nearby wall, and more techno-mutant vines snaked around into a generally rectangular shape. A holographic image appeared in the open space, of the Ranger Museum in Angel Grove. In a deep, thick, growling voice, the figure spoke, "I have always hated that museum. Malika, Crul."

Two figures, male and female, entered the chamber. "Malika, are the Biodrones ready?"

The female stepped forward. Nearly 6 feet tall in her stiletto-heeled boots, she was dressed head to toe in black leather; bracers, bustier, pants that were split and laced up along the sides of the legs, and the aforementioned flared, stiletto knee boots. Her waist-length indigo hair was held back by a flared head-piece. "Yes, Master." Her voice had a low, menacingly fluid quality to it.

"Crul." The male stepped forward. He was nearly 6' 2' and wore almost skin-tight, but highly flexible ebony armor with a skull motif on the chest-plate. His eyes and hair were hidden by the horned half-helm he wore, but the skin on his visible mouth and chin, where not covered by jet black goatee, was a pale blue. "You will take a squad of Biodrones and attack the Ranger museum in Angel Grove. The Rangers response time between the New Tech City command center being alerted and airdropping in should give you 3.85 minutes to . . . amuse yourself. Once those SPD lapdogs appear, eliminate them."

Crul bowed with a smirk and responded in a cold voice, "As you command, Master."

Tyler was half looking at a display case of replica morphers, half listening to Andrea badger a tour robot with questions on the specific differences of the operations of the various morphers when the glass front wall of the museum exploded inward, the force knocking him into the display case, which shattered. Suddenly he heard Nia's voice.

"Ty? Tyler! Come on! Wake up!"

"What?!" Tyler opened his eyes, and saw Nia, Andrea, and Conrad kneeling over him. They were all hunkered down behind the counter the morpher display had been setting on. That's when he realized he could he hear the sounds of battle. "What's going on?"

Conrad jumped in. "Some freak in black armor with all these weird purple and blue faceless guys showed up and started trashing the place. Then the Rangers showed up." Tyler groaned internally . . . "Big brother to the rescue, I'm never going to live this down," he thought. Then Conrad continued, "And now they're getting their butts kicked."

Tyler looked up, "What?!"

"Seriously. The Rangers are getting beat, bad."

Tyler peeked around the counter, just in time to see the Blue SPD Ranger get blasted across the room into a display case full of mannequins in Zeo uniforms. He fell to the ground with a crash, his morph failing, unconscious. The Green Ranger ran over and took up a defensive position, only to be instantly jumped by four of the faceless blue and purple goons. He quickly saw that Conrad's description didn't really cover it . . . the blue and purple came from the fact that they looked to be covered in a full-body bruise. Tyler tensed as he watched the Green Ranger, his older brother Kris, be pounded on. Without realizing it, he had grabbed onto one of the scattered morphers from the destroyed display case . . . a replica of the Red Tyrannosaurus Morpher. Tyler's anger only increased as a black blur appeared in front of Kris, revealing a black armor clad man wielding a wicked looking sword. He backhanded Kris across the room. There was a sickening, audible crack as Kris hit one of the building's support pillars. He landed, hard, on the floor, his morph failing. He didn't move.

Tyler let out a choked "No" as the armored figure walked towards his brother, the other three SPD Rangers kept busy by the bruised-looking goons. He almost didn't notice the red glow coming from under his hand until Nia said his name. Tyler looked down and realized what he was holding. The Tyrannosaurus Morpher was glowing with a red light. As Tyler looked it burst into flames, which promptly wrapped themselves around his left wrist, spreading out and in another red flash, leaving a silver bracelet, inscribed with a pattern of flames, set in the center was a diamond shaped ruby. In the ruby itself seemed to float a symbol looked like a heart-shaped spark of flame.

Tyler turned around to his friends, only to discover they were having weird experiences of their own. A Zeonizer near Conrad glowed green and burst into a million little stones, which wrapped around his wrist, becoming a silver bracelet like Tyler's, this one carved with geometric patterns, set with a square emerald with a circle intersected by a square outline in it. A Turbo Morpher next to Andrea glowed yellow and became a yellow cloud shooting off little lighting bolts, and left her with a bracelet carved with a cloud pattern, set with an oval topaz, in which was a pattern of three lightning-bolts spiraling around each other. Nia, seeing what happened with the others had picked up an Astro Morpher that had been nearby. It glowed blue, becoming water, which snaked around her wrist. Her bracelet had a wave pattern, and a circular sapphire, the symbol in it a stylized raindrop becoming a wave.

Tyler started to ask, "What the . . ." when they all heard a voice in their minds,

"You know what, and what to do. Now, save the innocent and your fellow Rangers, my Geo-Force."

Tyler wanted to stop, to question, to protest. But something inside him wouldn't let him. Then, suddenly, the image of the armored freak standing over his brother's unconscious body popped into his head and Tyler stood up. In the few seconds the transformation from replicas to the bracelets took, the remaining three Rangers had been defeated, and were lying unconscious and de-morphed on the floor around the main hall of the museum. The guy in the black armor was standing over Kris, his sword raised.

"Get the hell away from him!" Tyler shouted.

Crul turned; surprised to see it was a youth, not more than 14 or 15 who was foolish enough to order him about. He smiled cruelly. "Wait your turn boy. I'll deal with you after I have finished dispatching these so-call Rangers."

"I think you'll want to deal with me now," Tyler continued, hoping he sounded braver than he felt, but still listening to the voice inside. He felt, more than saw Nia, Conrad, and Andrea step up next to him.

"Oh," said Crul lowering his sword, sounding amused, "and why would that be little one?"

Acting purely on instinct, Tyler shifted his weight left and forward, bring the bracelet out and up across his body. He sensed the others doing the same. "This is why. Power of Fire!"

Conrad, Andrea, and Nia immediately followed with; "Power of Earth!" "Power of Air!" "Power of Water!"

Red, green, yellow, and blue flashes enveloped the four and when they faded, there stood four new Power Rangers!

Crul took a step back. "What?!"

While a part of him asked what the heck he was doing, Tyler went into a pose, "Geo-Force Red Ranger, the Heart of Fire!" He could see himself and his friends reflected in a sheet of glass behind Crul. His Ranger suit was black across the shoulders and chest, tapering to a point at his abdomen, and a white diamond surrounding the flame symbol on his chest. The rest of the suit was red. His gloves and boots were black, with a silver trim, and a red diamond set into each. The belt was black, with a circular silver buckle divided into four sections, each section inscribed with one of the elemental symbols. His helmet was red with a black, angular visor, and a silver motif around the visor that suggested scalloped wings.

Conrad followed suit, saying, "Geo-Force Green Ranger, the Strength of Earth!" Conrad's suit's black area squared off at the bottom with a white square framing his symbol, and green ones on the gloves and boots. The silver part of his helmet seemed to suggest horns.

Andrea was next with, "Geo-Force Yellow Ranger, the Force of Air!" Andrea's yellow suit featured ovals on the gloves, boots, and around her symbol. The black area finishing off with an ovoid shaped. Her helmet detail looked like bird wings.

Nia closed it out saying, "Geo-Force Blue Ranger, the Flowing of Water!" as she stood in her blue uniform, with its circles on gloves and boots and around the water symbol on her chest, above the rounded off black part of the suit. Her helmet seemed to feature either waves, or fins, Tyler couldn't tell.

Crul shook himself and he recovered from his shock. "5, or 9, it doesn't matter. I shall defeat you, and my Master shall remake the world in his image!" Raising his sword, Crul yelled a battle cry as he leapt at the new Rangers.