Chapter One:The Family

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Naori yawned and stretched her hands out in front of her. She sat in the high trees and watched her mother pull herbs from one of the feilds. Her mother didn't wear clothes as other priestesses, but wore a village yukita with pants. When Kagome waved to her daughter, Naori waved back. She hopped down and went to help her mother. As she crossed the feild she saw her father carrying a water bucket down the feilds path.

"Oi! Daddy!" Inuyasha turned around and saw Naori bouncing up to him. she stopped in front of him,"Need any help?"

"No, I got this. Nothing better else to do, there hasn't been any demon attacks in so long that I'll do anything to do something." He continued down his path while Naori followed beside him.

She giggled at him and he smiled back. They both hated to be bored and loved to fight demons. Kagome said they were so much alike that she would probably go insane with two Inuyashas. Naori put her hands behind her head and yawned.

"Tired?" Inuyasha asked looking at her.

"No, extremely bored. When can we leave this village? We only come here to go to Momma's time and we got all we need. When can we leave?" Naori didn't like this village very much. Kaede kept asking her and Mazuki to help her with so much boring stuff that sometimes they just avoided the old miko. But that wasn't the only reason. The children here weren't allow her to play with them, but loved to play with Kilala, when she wasn't in her demon mode and listened to Shippo's stories, even though they were full demon and she was only a hanyou. Her ears would burn as she heard mother's call to their children to come inside and to "stay away from that half breed". Naori always ignored them and played in the forest with Mazuki or her little brother, Kenta.

"Im sorry, Naori, but Kagome said she wants to stay here a few more days and stock up on supplies. Trust me, I cant wait till we leave either."

Naori looked up at her father. She knew that her father also disliked this village for it's people. He once told her that a long time ago, the villagers would hurry their kids inside saying,'come inside or the Inuyasha will eat you.' She stared at the ground. Her parents taught her to be proud of her blood, both demon and human, and not to listen to what others say. But she always grew jealous of her friend Mazuki.

Mazuki was a year older than her and was her best friend. She was an excellent demon slayer and had mastered her mother's hiraikotsu. The villagers loved her because she was very pretty and different from the other girls. She was strong and sweet, kind yet powerful and knew when to put her foot down. She had long brown hair that she inherrited from her mother and had peircing blue eyes that were entirely her own and was very feminin except when she slipped into her armor and was a strong fighter.

She was everything that Naori wasn't. Naori had an attitude and would only listen to those close to her. She put a strong diffence so she would not let anybody see her soft side because she beleived that it would make her weaker. She had plain silver hair in a ponytail with furry ears like her father. Her amber eyes she also inherrited from her father but it was nothing like Mazuki's. She had long claws that people flinched when they saw them and sharp fangs. Her mother made her the same top as her father from the fur of a fire rat, but shorter and with shorts. Inuyasha was her idol and loved it when people said she was so much like him because he was strong and brave and didn't care what people said to him or about him.

Inuyasha poured some water on the green plants."Why don't you go play with Mazuki and Kenta?"

"They left this morning to go train." She pulled some weeds out of the ground and tossed them aside.

"Why didn't you go with them?"

"They left too early. I was still asleep." She followed her father through the path of greens to her mother.

"Thanks Inuyasha,"she wiped the sweat off her forehead and picked up the basket with different kinds of herbs in them,"I'll take these to Kaede and see what else I can do for her. Naori, you wanna help?"

Naori just about gave her the answer, when Mazuki riding on Kilala's back glided above them,"We just spotted a group of spider demons in the hills. Want to come with me Naori?"

"Yeah, I do! Is it okay Mom?" She turned to her mother with pleading eyes.
Kagome shrugged,"Yeah, go ahead, but be careful." Naori smiled and pulled herself behind Mazuki and waved to her parents as they headed off.

"Mom and Dad are there, blocking them from getting further to the village. It's up to us to cut them down. You ready for this?" Mazuki said, he face was blocked with hiraikotsu.

"Yeah, I'm ready for a good fight,"Naori popped her knuckles. They entered a clearing and about ten demons were shown cutting thier way through the trees,"I'll get the ugly one."

"You take the ones on the right and I'll get the ones on the left. Let's go!" Mazuki held hiraikotsu above her head, while Naori jumped down.
Naori slashed at three and brought them down and heard the slicing of Mazuki's boomerang bone. One by one the demons fell, until there were none left. Kilala landed next to her with Mazuki. She looked around,"There doesn't seem to be anymore. They were too easy."

She grabbed her friend's hand and heaved herself on the two-tailed cat demon and they set off for the village. They never did land in the village, but rather a few feet away so the little kids won't want to ride Kilala. They hopped off and the cat demon transformed to her kitten self. They walked through the village and saw their parents talking and ran up to them.

"Did you guys slay the demons?"Sango asked.

"Yes,it was easy though,I wish it was more of a challenge,"Mazuki sat down her boomerang and sat down between her parents.

"Trust me,you'll soon be happy to get a break later on,"Sango smiled at her daughter and continued to pull off the skin of the corn collected.

Naori sat next to her mother, and Kagome patted her back.She looked at her daughter,"Something wrong?"

Naori shook her head,"I was just wondering when we can leave. This place is so boring." She plopped down on the ground,"Im gonna lose my strength if I don't do something."

"Why don't you guys go hike in those hills, that'll build your strength,"Miroku said,"just remember to bring your brother."

Naori and Mazuki both groaned. Kenta was only four and was too scared to let them go anywhere that looked like fun.

"Come on,lets go,"Mazuki took her hiraikotsu and Naori followed. They approached one of the huts and Mazuki knocked on it,"Hey Kenta! We're going to explore the hills. Dad says you have to come with us." There was no answer, but a little two-tailed black cat came out. The cat was Kilala's talking kitten Kiru.

Kiru did a big yawn and looked up at them,"Do ya have to knock so loud?"

Mazuki ignored him,"Where's Kenta?"

"At the riverbed with Shippo,"he jumped on her shoulder,"Hey if you guys are going anywhere then take me with you."

"Fine." They made thier way across the village and at the riverbed where they saw Kenta splashing in the water and Shippo sitting in the grass watching him.

Kenta came up to Mazuki's waist and had black hair with dark brown eyes. His face barely matched his parents and Mazuki once said they found him in a cave; she got grounded for three days when he ran off crying. Kenta was too young to train in demon slaying and Mazuki said he wouldn't be a good one since he's afraid of everything. Miroku wants to train him to be a monk like him.

Shippo was a tall fox demon. His head came to Inuyasha's neck which means that Naori's ears could almost tickle his chin. He watched over the children and kept them entertained with his fox magic. He told them that he wasn't very brave as a kit and always ranaway, but now he was a strong fighter.

"Hey, you guys want to come exploring with us?" Naori called across the river.

Shippo shouted the answer,"Sure!" and helped Kenta cross the river."Where are we going?"

"In the hills, we have to be back by sundown though or Mom will get worried,"Mazuki strapped her bommerang tightly to her back and Kenta looked at it."Don't worry, there are no demons up there."

"I wasn't worried!" he protested and crossed his arms. Mazuki giggled.

"Come on then."They walked through the forest and passed the trees. They walked for about an hour and Naori climbed one of the trees to look around."See anything?"Mazuki called to her.

"I see a mountain cave,"she pointed in the direction,"Lets go there." She slid down the tree to her friends,"Follow me." They walked to the side of the mountain and climbed up its side to reach the cave.

It was any other cave they had been in. It had spider webs and seemed like small animals would live there. Naori walked closer to the cave and a scent tickled her nostrils, but it was Shippo who said it.

"There's a demon."Kenta looked up at him with wide eyes, and as if it was on cue, a snake demon shot up from the cave. Shippo took Kenta and ducked behind the mountain wall. Mazuki jumped back and Naori jumped up to avoid it. It turned its head to face upward in Naori's direction.She stared at the demons red eyes.Those eyes.

She couldn't take her eyes off of the demon's. Darkness seeped into the sides of her eyesight except for those red eyes,like tunnel vision. She felt her feet land on the ground, but could only stand there until-

"Hiraikotsu!" The boomerang slashed down the demons spine and slicing it straight through the middle. Naori shook her head,no longer in her trance, Mazuki walked up to her,"You alright?"

She nodded and turned to her,"What happened though? That never happened with snake demons before."

"It was a charming snake demon."Shippo came out with a very pale Kenta in his arms,"They hypnotize thier prey with thier eyesight before killing and eating them. It only works on demons so that's why I ducked down."

Kenta was very white,"Mazuki, I thought you said there weren't any demons in here."

"My mistake,"she said with a look of innocents.She walked up to the torn carcus,"Hey the skin could come in handy, I need to fix the strap on this thing."She plucked the strap of her boomerang.

Naori walked up and sliced off as much skin off as possible.Kenta had a disgusted look on his face when she saw her. Naori turned to him,"What?"

"That's nasty, you're gonna use that skin for a strap?" He wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"Most demon slayer armor comes from the bones of recently slayed demons. It protects against other demon attacks and is very durable."Mazuki wrapped the skin in a cloth and carried it like a bag,"Come on lets head back,I can barely see the sun."

They continued down the path they took and could hear their father's calls,"come on guys, dinner's ready."Inuyasha called out.

"Coming!" They all rang and ran down to the village.

Kagome made Inuyasha and Naori thier favorite, ramen, and they ate outside since Kaede's hut was so small. Inuyasha ate his ramen and played with Naori when she were done. Nightfall came and it was time for them to sleep. Inuyasha,Naori,and Shippo all slept outside. Naori and Inuyasha slept in the branches of the Goshinboku tree.

"Hey,father,"Naori called to Inuyasha.

"Hm?" He said sleepily.

"Was it this tree that you and Mom met?"

"Yep,infact, I was under a spell and your mother set me free and we became close friends and soon were married. If you look at that indent,that's where I was with the arrow in my chest and she pulled it out and woke me up."

"What did you do when you saw her?"
"I yelled at her,saved her,and then tried to kill her."

"But she wouldn't let me and soon I fell in love and had the most wonderful daughter ever."He wrapped his arms around her and she snuggled up to him with her head on his chest,"Love you,Naori." He kissed her forehead.

"Love ya,too,"she muttered and fell asleep.

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