It was winter. Nick and Dana had been married for almost five years. He was 27 ,she was 25.They where both doctors at Rittenhouse.They had a four year old daughter,Alexis and a five month old daughter,Jen. They had bought a mansionand where getting along great. It was about eight in the morning when Dana woke up. She turned around to see Nick lieing wide awake.

"Is Sleeping Bueaty finaly awake"he said, she smiled. She moved closer to him and put her head on his chest.Hewrapped his arms around her

"Aren'twe suppose to be at work" she asked still asleep

"It's Sunday, we don't have work on weekends remember"

"What do you wanna do today"

"I was thinking today we should go out just me and you"

"What about the kids"

"I asked Lana to babysit"

"Well what do you want to do"

"Watch a movie, have dinner, shop"

"Sounds fun" she replied still in his arm.A few minutes later they got out of bed. Nick took a shower while Dana made the bed. As soon as he was out of the bathroom she raced in and took a shower. He wore a pair of Jeans and a black sweater. Then he went down stairs to watch TV. She came out and got dressed, wearing a tight pair of jeans and a lowcut white sweater. She blowdried her red hair and put make up on, then went to check on the kids.She entered Alexis's room to see that she was awake just lieing in bed day dreaming.



"What's wrong" Dana asked


"Daddy and i are going out today so Lana is going to baby sit you and you sister, okay"Alex looked into Dana'a eyes for about a second then nodded.

"What about my project"she said while getting out of bed.She had brown hair and blue eyes, like both her parents.

"Lana will help you" she said as she walked out the door.
Bu the time they left the house it was 11:00. They went shopping. He bought her 3 paris of the exact same guess as she had on and 5 diffrent sweaters.Mean while Lana and Alex where about to get into a serious talk.

"Whats wrong kid" Lana asked

"Nothing, Lana can you help me with my homework"

"Sure kid but not until you tell me whats wong"

"I hate my mom... She never has time for anything except my stupid sister"she begun to confesse.Lana was shoocked "Even on weekends I hate her, I hate stupid Jen, and I hate living here. I might as well because they hate me too."

"Thats not true.Your mother loves, it's just that she's, um... really busy and she tries to spend time with you as much as possible"

"Is that why she's not with me now"

"Today she went out to have fun with your dad but tommarow she's all yours"

"If she didn't have time for kids she shouldn't have had them." Lana was shock. She had never heard a four year old with such an advanced vocabulary.Mean whileNick and Dana went to a movie around 6 and dinner at 9. They weren't back home until 11:30.When they did get home their kids where asleep, Lana was watching TV.They put all their stuff away and walked into the living room.

"You two look like you had fun"

"We did" Nick answered

"What did you guys do here" Dana asked. Lana thought whether or not to tell Dana what Alex had said.

"Nothing really, um we watched 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'" she repeiled covering the truth

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